Kevin Rudd

Kevin Rudd, Therese Rein and their company Ingeus Ltd. The Obeids of the federal government.

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s wife, Therese Rein, is estimated to be worth over $200 million via her company Ingeus Limited which she started in 1989 with Labor Party government contracts.

The evidence suggests that it was no rags-to-riches fairy tale and that Kevin Rudd had a huge hand in backroom government deals to help their company get rolling. As we know if it’s seems too good to be true then it probably is and some of the evidence leaves one very disturbed.


It says on Wikipedia: “Rudd joined the Department of Foreign Affairs in 1981, serving there until 1988. He and his wife spent most of the 1980s overseas at various Australian embassies, including in Stockholm and in Beijing.”

“Returning to Australia in 1988, he was appointed Chief of Staff to the Opposition Leader in Queensland, Wayne Goss. He remained in that role when Goss was elected Premier in 1989, a position he held until 1992 when Goss appointed him Director-General of the Office of Cabinet.” (Click here to read more)

What does Ingeus do? This is what it says on their website:

“The Ingeus group evolved from a small rehabilitation company that commenced operations in Australia in 1989.”

“Work Directions Australia quickly established a reputation for inspiring people who were cut off from work due to disability, illness or injury, by assisting them to address the physical and psychological aspects of their condition and helping them back to work.”

“In the 1990s, this expertise was adapted to provide individually tailored and enabling services to assist people who were on unemployment benefits back into work. Services were subsequently expanded to include nationally accredited training, labour hire and recruitment services.”

“In 2002, we re-branded as Ingeus and took our unique approach to assisting those people most isolated from the labour market to the United Kingdom.”

In 2007 the Australian business was sold off as it was seen as a conflict of interest for Kevin Rudd.

It is now operating in numerous countries and “In 2011, we re-entered Australia with the acquisition of Assure Programs, a business psychology organisation specialising in organisational development and employee assistance programs throughout Australia and New Zealand.” (Click here to read more on their site)

Background: Historical timeline of Therese Rein’s company now known as Ingeus Limited and relevant political events. (Click here for the abstract of the company details)

1989 – 21st June – Lake Metcalfe Pty Ltd registered. I assume by Therese Rein – ACN: 010948731 – 4 directors – Therese Rein, Frances Edwards, Julie Graham and Rodney Graham. Registered office is 145 Flockton St Everton Park which is the home address of Julie and Rodney Graham

1989 – 20th July – Julie and Rodney Graham cease to be directors and the registered office changes the day before on the 19th July to 549 Stanley St South Brisbane. They were directors for only one month, so what happened? Maybe they decided they did not want their names on any of the paperwork.

1989 – 31st July – Registers business name Work Directions Australia – BN3745685 – I assume uses this as the trading name.

1989 – 2nd August – Company name changed from Lake Metcalfe Pty Ltd to Therese Rein & Associates Pty Ltd. Lake Metcalfe Pty Ltd lasted just over one month, why is that?

August 1989 – Government report published titled “The Workers’ Compensation Board of Queensland report on future rehabilitation services throughout Queensland” for the then Minister for Employment, Training and Industrial Affairs, Vince Lester. I cannot get a copy of the report but one assumes that it recommends the outsourcing of rehabilitation services . I make this assumption given the 1990 Act that follows. It is listed on the National Library of Australia Trove website which gives the August publication date. (Click here to see) I wonder when Kevin Rudd had a copy.

1989 – 2nd December – The Labor Party win government in Queensland in a landslide with Wayne Goss as Premier and Kevin Rudd as his Chief of Staff. It was obvious to all that they would win government as the Fitzgerald Enquiry report was submitted on 3 July 1989.Based on the inquiry’s final report, a number of high-profile politicians were charged with crimes; notably Queensland Police Commissioner (Sir) Terry Lewis was charged with corruption.” I think the Fitzgerald Enquiry report is important to the degree that the then National/Liberal state government were basically finished and Kevin Rudd knew he would have power after the election to help his wife’s business.

1990 – The Queensland government legislate the Workers Compensation Act 1990 which has provisions for the outsourcing of the rehabilitation of injured workers to companies such as Therese Rein’s. What month in 1990 I do not know, but one would suspect Therese Rein and Kevin Rudd would have been very keen for it to pass through parliament and legislated as it meant big dollars for them and their business. What was Mr Rudd’s involvement in having the Act legislated? Did Mr Rudd tell his boss Wayne Goss he had a conflict of interest? (Click here to read the Act) The key relevant part of the Act is section 152 which says:

Board’s liability for cost

152. If a rehabilitation program is accepted by the general manager as necessary for a worker in respect of whose injury the board has accepted a liability under this Act, the board is to pay such cost of the program as the general manager accepts to be reasonable, having regard to the injury, in addition to compensation under this Act otherwise payable.

Bingo. Therese Rein is up and running with her company and Kevin Rudd is in a position to influence who gets the business/contracts. Would Kevin Rudd and Therese Rein do something like that? We will have a look at some of the things that they have done later in the post.

Is this the Smoking Gun?

Interview with The Australian 15th March 2013

“In 1989, the then 30-year-old mother of two resigned from her job over a difference of opinion about the way the business was being run. She talked to Jane Edwards, a physiotherapist and former Catholic nun who had a practice in the same building. “She asked me if I had ever thought of starting my own company,” Rein recalls. “She said: ‘Southeast Queensland needs a high-quality, ethical, rehabilitation provider and I think you could do that. And if you were prepared to do it, I would be prepared to invest in it.'” A stunned Rein returned to her office and took out some paper.”

“I landscaped it,” she says, taking paper and a blue pen and redrawing the diagram she did more than two decades ago. “I went: OK, if you have a psychologist and an occupational therapist with access to a physiotherapist, what are the services that each of them can provide and what services can they provide together? Who would benefit from those services and who would pay for them?”

“Rein scribbles furiously, recreating the conceptual map (or “meme”, as she calls it), with three people in the middle and lots of squiggly lines stretching out to thought bubbles. The most likely client, she decided, would be the Workers’ Compensation Board of Queensland, but she could envisage other clients down the track.” (Click here to read more)

“The most likely client, she decided, would be the Workers’ Compensation Board of Queensland” How did she know they would be looking to outsource the rehabilitation of injured employees when she registered her company in June 1989? Kevin Rudd would have known as “The Workers’ Compensation Board of Queensland report on future rehabilitation services throughout Queensland” report was published less than two months later in August 1989 and he quite possibly had a draft copy at the time Therese Rein registered the company. At the very least Mr Rudd would have known what was coming in the report as he was Chief of Staff to Wayne Goss and it was his job to know these things. Are we to believe he never discussed it with his wife when she says she decided to set up the business? And what about the Workers Compensation Act 1990, did he discuss that with his wife? Of course he did.

Goss Government Contracts?

What contracts Therese Rein did or didn’t get from the Goss Labor government is unknown. But the above quote “The most likely client, she decided, would be the Workers’ Compensation Board of Queensland” seems to suggest that she did win contracts. Did she declare that Kevin Rudd was her husband when she tendered for business. Did she have to tender or were contracts given to her?

An article on on the 8th July 2013 says; “Therese Rein’s significant wealth comes from her multinational business Ingeus, which she founded with her late business partner Frances Jane Edwards in 1989 (it was then known as WorkDirections Australia). The company’s main business was helping those with injuries or disabilities enter or re-enter the workforce — a business built on Rein’s earlier career as a psychologist counselling injured workers.”

“It was a good time to kick off — governments were outsourcing programs to private providers. Rein won her first government contract from the Hawke government, and went on to execute major contracts for the Howard government’s Job Network agency.” (Click here to read more)

If that is correct and Therese Rein won her first government contract from the Hawke Labor government then that is not much better as we have a Labor girl getting business from a Labor government.

.(Click anywhere on the above video to watch) 

The key thing that I find odd in the video is when Therese Rein says that the Commonwealth Bank lent her money to buy shares in the company that she started. If she owned the company then why is she buying shares in it? Were there hidden shareholders such as Julie Graham and Rodney Graham?

Kevin Rudd and Therese Rein’s form guide

Ingeus Limited expanded to the UK in 2002. In 2011 in partnership with the accounting firm Deloitte it won a massive contract with the David Cameron led UK Government valued at $1.4 Billion in controversial circumstances.

“David Cameron has been accused of cronyism after a City firm which bankrolled the Tories was handed contracts worth £773.5million.”

“Deloitte won the deals as part of the Government’s work programme. The firm has given the party £700,000 since Mr Cameron became leader in 2005 including a £28,000 donation in kind to Welfare Minister Chris Grayling.”

“It has a 50% stake in Ingeus Deloitte, which will pocket the £773.5million if it meets targets on cutting jobless figures.” (Click here to read more)

Ingeus is clearly in breach of their own statement of ethics. It says on the Ingeus website:

Statement of Ethics

Ingeus does not tolerate, permit, or engage in bribery, corruption, or improper payments of any kind in our business dealings, anywhere in the world, both with public officials and people in the private sector.

  • We will not give or offer any money, gift, hospitality or other advantages to any foreign public official with the intention of influencing them to our business advantage.
  • We will not use intermediaries or contractors for the purpose of committing acts of bribery. (Click here to read more) But Therese Rein will go into partnership with them.

Ingeus has hit a few hurdles with their business in the UK lately as it failed to deliver on promises and there are some questions about the level of taxes it pays.

Wayne Goss, Ingeus and Deloitte 

It is worth noting that Kevin Rudd’s former boss Wayne Goss was a director of Ingeus from 2003 until 2007. Was it payback for helping the company get started? Mr Goss was also Chairman of the Australian firm of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu (commonly known as Deloitte) for 8 years until his retirement in May 2013. Did Mr Goss help and/or benefit from the partnership between Therese Rein and Deloitte?

During Kevin Rudd’s last tenure as Prime Minister he had a long history of looking after Labor Party boys and girls. So would he look after his wife’s company which in reality is his as well. Of course he would.

There is no doubt that Therese Rein went on to grow the business way beyond anything Kevin Rudd did to help and she did win business from the Liberal Howard government. But that is quite often the case. People rip off others then make money in legitimate businesses like the Mafia do. Just ask the former NSW politician Eddie Obeid who was a master of using government inside information to make a fortune and he was not the first.

If the wife of the Chief of Staff of any Premier or Prime Minister was to set up a business and win government contracts today there would be a call for a royal commission and rightly so. Unfortunately it is so far back the document trail is hard to find but I will keep on the job and see what I can find. In saying that the above alone raises many questions that could and should be answered by Kevin Rudd as he is the Prime Minister of Australia and the public have a right to know.

Update: I have written another post on the above subject which has a video interview with Des O’Neill who is a former Executive Member of the State Public Services Federation in Queensland. He was able to shed further light on how Kevin Rudd, Therese Rein and their company Ingeus (then known as Work Directions) was able to get its start to mega riches which now stands as an estimated $210 million. (Click here to read the post and watch the video)

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  1. This reminds me of the rapid success of Bob Carr’s wife in the printing industry; as you might all recall this happened at a time when other printing businesses were closing down. What a coincidence that they both married women who are brilliant businesswomen.

  2. This is very well put together shane ,great work ,I have also been following this ,I read that therese said she asked kevin if we could borrow 10,000 to start the company? there is a lot of things very smelly about this as always with labour, but when, will we see some action, and from who? (Moderator: Rest deleted as heading off topic.)

  3. This the is investigative journalism of the highest order. How can we get he the msm TO PUBLISH THESE FACTS. THEY JUST PANDER TO RUDD AND LABOUR JUST LIKE IN ZIMBABWE…WHAT A SHAMEFUL GOVERNMNET WE HAVE….

    • Really? There does not seem to be much real evidence, just suspicions? We could probably make such aspertions about many politicians who have connections with business. But then what does one expect from a kangaroo court.

      • That’s right. There is no evidence at all that Kevin Rudd was the Chief of Staff to Wayne Goss. There is no evidence that Rudd’s wife started winning government contacts as soon as Goss came to power. Nope, just suspicion’s. If that happened today then the Chief of Staff would be sacked and there would be a police investigation or government inquiry, probably both.

      • maybe you can tell us what a kangaroo court is ? like all of today s educated you have no idea what half the words you use mean , in the original kangaroo courts in the 1840s usa goldfields everyone that went before them was guilty anyway !!!! and of course they were all Australians that’s why they coined the word kangaroo court , and im sure its news to u Harding as you have no idea what you are saying… just keep talking and sound important

      • I can’t let anyone get away with that comment, Harding! I’m a 72 year old Queenslander, and I was living in Brisbane at the time referred to. Anybody who had any interest in what was happening during the years of the Goss Govt. will tell you that there was decidedly a bad smell surrounding some of the dealings of K Rudd! He was just as cute then as he is now and weaseled his way through, just as he’s doing now!

      • Plus it has recently been reported that Wayne Goss has been calling Kevin Rudd a weasel. Now we could fill in the blanks ourselves but it does sound awfully suspicious especially after severing ties as a director in Therese Rein’s business. All things being equal the most obvious answer is more than likely the right one. Sounds suspicious, looks suspicious, smells suspicious, circumstances definitely suspicious, timeline suspicious. The hardest part though is proving what every sane person knows to be the truth

  4. Is Kevin Rudd a hypocrite?

    Will his own words come back to bite him?

    “The Australian” July 31 reported –

    The Prime Minister said today he was “disgusted” with the revelations to have emerged in the ICAC, which today recommended criminal charges against former NSW Labor mining minister Ian Macdonald, Labor Right powerbroker Eddie Obeid and his son Moses.

    “Anyone who is responsible for corruption, for illegal behaviour, should face the full force of the law,” Mr Rudd said, shortly before the ICAC recommendations were released.

    “That’s what I want to see happen.”

  5. Good to see you bring Ingeus to the forefront of the Rudd Shonky Shop. I have been reading the reports in UK newspapers and The Guardian article was sent to me by a UK friend containing information of Ingeus being caught trying to rip off the UK government.
    Quote :- THERESE Rein faces multi-million-dollar contractual problems with the British government after her jobseeker company, Ingeus, failed to deliver on promises to get sufficient numbers of long-term unemployed back to work. -: Unquote.

    • Yes Jonde – I read an Australian newspaper article on this a few weeks ago – Rudd was questioned at the first time of his PM stint about his wife’s business and he said he had absolutely nothing to do with it – and implied that he didn’t have a clue about any of its day to day running. But, we all knew about her company over a decade ago and put two and two together with rudd put his hand up in 2006 to run for federal government PMship. And yes, like the problem she now has in the UK, there was a similar problem around the time Rudd became PM in 2007 – the whole thing stinks – and yes, we all knew about Carr too – the whole labor party seems corrupt!

  6. At last someone has woken up to this rort and is prepared to speak out. Well done and thank you Shane. Blind Freddy should have sniffed this out years ago. In the late 90’s there were a couple Qld Labor Ministers happy to talk about this albeit behind closed doors.

  7. Great work Shane. I call BULLTISH! on Rudd every chance I get. This is one of my main beefs. Rudd has managed to claw his way to the top of the heap twice. You don’t become king of the crap in a party made up of the likes of Williamson and Eddie unless you’re the biggest baddest rat in the whole outfit.

    Also of interest:

    1) Rein claims her tax return saying she’s a UK resident is a mistake she has just become aware of and will rectify. Don’t they have to sign tax returns in the UK? If for tax purposes Rein wasn’t a UK resident did she lodge an Australian tax return and pay tax as an Australian resident?

    The Reining Rudd family is all FIFO. Mum and the kids flown in first class just for the election. All flying out first class on the taxpayers teat when the election is over.

    …In a return lodged last December for her international job placement agency Ingeus UK, Rein, one of seven directors, states that the country in which she is usually resident is the United Kingdom. Clearly, unlike her spouse, Rein does not fear life under Tory policies…

    2) Why is Rein allowed to operate her company again in Australia while Rudd PM?

    …Potential conflicts of interest as Mr Rudd rose through the political ranks prompted Ms Rein to sell the Australian arm of the business in late 2007…

    • With an Ego the size of Kevs she probably does spend the majority of her time in the UK because there just would not be enough room left in the Rudd/Rein household. When you think about it though why else would she (Therese Rein) like Bob Carr’s wife be using their maiden name for business purposes?? So on face value it cannot be connected to the name Rudd/Carr and favours done. In fact when you do a bit of research the majority of Labor MP’s wives use their maiden name for business purposes….makes one wonder what they are all hiding!

    • Good one Michelle.

      Pleased to see you added the info relating to Therese Rein and UK residency, taxes and the family on the gravy TRein.
      The plot thickens when it comes to light that Wayne Goss was involved with Igneus.

      Shane, ’tis unfortunate that a substantial amount of Australian people are blind to the skullduggery in the Rudd & Co camp, and your efforts in exposing the perpetrators is appreciated.

  8. Top stuff KCA, – This is what I call real Investigative Journalism.
    Go to top of the class.

    I always did get a fishy smell when I read about the $200million the Rudds were reported to be worth.

  9. Gonski appears to be on a number of boards that are linked to Labor party member’s families as do a few of the others listed. It is past time that someone has investigated the link between Therese Rein’s company and her husband’s (Rudd) connections and knowledge within the Labor party in Qld and federally that precipitated her success. I suggest you contact the current LNP government in Qld to see if further information can be gathered. You, Shane do an amazing job in bringing these corrupt transactions to our attention. A true investigative journalist…some thing that sadly Australia is lacking badly. Keep up the great work. This old pensioner will in the next few weeks make a small donation that I hope can help towards showing this Rudd Labor government for the corrupt, useless and self serving lot of crooks that they are.

  10. I am rapidly forming the view that Australia is one of the most corrupt business places on the planet. We point to Indonesia, Malaysia, Africa and PNG but if you want patronage, advantage and insider trading we set the benchmark.
    This story has legs. Keep at it Shane!
    Unmask the rorters!

  11. There has never been a time when one has ever believed Krudd and this makes it even more so. Well written article and if correct it should be explained to the whole voting public – in more simple terms perhaps but it should be out there.

  12. Why do you think she uses her maiden name?????? I am told prior to this business being set up she was very happy to be called Mrs Rudd.

  13. Rudd is such a control freak that I couldn’t imagine him letting his wife start a business without him micro managing it to ensure it was successful. It could only be successful if Work Directions got its foot in the door first with the Qld Workers’ Compensation Board to secure the work which is something Rudd could organise because of his position as Chief of Staff for Premier Goss. Thus Therese’s mention of this government department. If Qld government officials handing out the contracts at that time were not aware that Therese Rein was Kevin Rudd’s wife then there would be no reason to check further but just to follow their Chief of Staff’s recommendation. All the ASIC paperwork looked gosher to anyone doing a search.

  14. It was smart of Therese Rein using an ex-nun as her partner as it would be most unlikely for Government officials to challenge her creditibility. The lady has now passed away so “dead men tell no tales.” Her family was screwed when it came to Therese getting control of her shares after her death for next to nothing when the company was worth millions. Hopefully they might be aggrieved enough to give an insight into their understanding of the birth of the company/business and the involvement of Rudd and the Grahams.

  15. Shane, wonderful article, I have read it a couple of times and have tried to find some more, I did this some time ago too and it has always puzzled me, how she managed to get
    all these enormous contracts as quickly as she did, but your article explains a lot.
    Did she also have contracts in China? Please stay on this Shane, especially now!

  16. ” Ingeus in Australia, the Rein company chaired by education policy wonk David Gonski.”
    Info from The Australian link given in a comment above.

    Is it possible to get all this information into the mainstream media? Especially now, as there is a danger that Mr Rudd might win the election on 7th September.

  17. A small donation just posted, Shane. Hope you can give a lot more time to your great efforts and bring this hound to heel!

  18. Shane,chase up the lead from Enough Of The Lies regarding her 50% partner who passed away
    I read in a 2007 article that Rein got the other 50 % of shares in a most dodgy circumstance, i think her partner was very ill when she ‘gifted’ them to Rein or something like that

  19. Did you mention Shane Ingeus is under investigation in UK. Seems their dealings with the unemployed are not ethically speaking politically correct. It seems they make the unemployed work with out pay or lose their benefits? With no guarantee for a job after wards. And there is a taxation problem too, as she reckons she is a permanent resident of UK? Also did you know David Gonski is a chairman on her board too? I don’t know which international board, maybe you can investigate? With this and their house in Canberra up for sale for $2.25 million, the labor movement in UK are questioning whether they are true believers in the basic Labor ideology? Now he is employing his two sons in his campaign. Bit nepotistic, eh? Moderator: Rest deleted as heading off topic

    • you might remember when they bought a investment property together and sold it after a short time for a profit , they never rented it, the neighbors remember the air conditioner running the whole time but like all tree huggers they never put their beliefs in to practice when it involves themselves
      they claimed they lived there , when a bris newspaper pointed out they lived 2000 miles away , they sent a cheque for the capitol gains tax , they had fraudulently claimed they lived there , they were not charged or jailed !
      this is when he was a member in qld
      now think about it , everybody knows u must pay capitol gains tax and everybody knows you will be detected when u live 2000 miles away
      now can you see this woman as forming a million dollar company when every smart person i know is struggling to make a living ???? no she is as dumb as him , the capitol gains tax fraud proves that ! her only claim to fame is that although she is married to the pm she still is to ashamed to take his surname making her the only wife in the world married to a pm to have another name ,no matter how far these man haters go back their maiden name will be the name of a man anyway so whats the point ? /

  20. This article “The making of Kevin Rudd” published by the SMH in February 2007 makes interesting reading, especially his closeness to Wayne Goss.

    I took particular note of the comment by former Goss Ministers that Rudd would kill off submissions before they got to cabinet. So does that mean he would give life to submissions that he supported to ensure that they got pushed through like the government paying for rehab service providers as outlined in the Workers Compensation Act 1990. “Rudd had no intention of getting beaten up. He had the premier’s imprimatur, and the office was the gate-keeper of the government’s policy program. Its role was to review all submissions to cabinet, seeking comment from other departments where necessary, then advise the premier of any points of dispute as well as a suggested way forward.”

    Another thing that popped out in this article was about Rudd being appointed a Qld government consultant –

    “Rudd’s departure paved the way for Glyn Davis to succeed him as director-general in 1995. In a move courting condemnation from Opposition ranks, Rudd then worked to Davis as a consultant while building his election platform.”

    All is not as it appears to be with our Mr Rudd. Control, control, control is the name of game.

  21. The tax laws were changed by Wayne Swan that any Australians working overseas and spending more than so many days per year in Australia had to pay tax to the ATO as well as paying tax in the overseas country. That may be the reason that Therese had a UK address.
    Many people,especially those working on oil rigs and large mining companies were caught in this net.

    • Annie, the British Taxation office will get on to this. Normally any money earned overseas for an Australian owned company and an Australian employed person is taxed in Australia, but – In England if you are a British resident and spend less than six months living there, you are exempt from British tax. A lot of English sports and entertainment celebrities, do this. I hope they throw the book at her and her company. Yes Shane you are correct, the Rudd family are up to the hairlines with financial rorts. Can’t people see this?

  22. God Bless YOU Shane and here is my donation I promised you months ago.
    I was able to save more to donate during this time, as being on an age pension it’s not easy to give money to anyone or any worthy charity cause at all.
    I can’t express in a few words how grateful I am to have found this site (AND YOU) that helps me reinstates to some degree my faith in my fellow Australian.
    Australians in general are a nation of fighters for REAL JUSTICE from way back– hence our ANTI-Britishness from long ago that is still a big and bad sword in our sides and lives today–LAW WISE.
    But some where along the line ordinary and important Australians have become too afraid to speak out and too gutless to stand up for our God given rights to these “LOW LIFE” of the Australian exclusive and totally rotten and untouchable so called high society” that we have to share the same air with.

  23. The matter of Rein/Rudd claiming on an important document in the UK to reside predominantly in Britain is really worth further investigation. It was reported a few weeks ago and then denied by Rein/Rudd as being the work of a staffer. Nothing further was ever said publicly. How could a staffer working for Rein/Rudd state on a form Rein/Rudd lives in Britain predominantly if she doesn’t ? Would voters go for Rudd as PM if they knew his wife lives mainly in the UK ?

  24. Legislative Assembly
    Page 3245
    29 August 1990

    Workers’ Compensation Act
    Hon. N. G. WARBURTON
    (Sandgate—Minister for Employment, Training and Industrial Relations)
    (2.37 p.m.), by leave: Today, I am releasing a discussion paper in relation to proposals for revision of the Workers’ Compensation Act 1916-1988. A new Act is proposed. It will be a comprehensive, modern statute with mining diseases being incorporated into it……….

    • Very interesting. Yes seems that there was something just for the taking.
      That was just the right time too.
      Hope some people start to remember a bit more. thanks for this.

  25. Folks,
    I suggest you do a search of the Queensland Parliament’s Hansard records on “Rudd” and the number of times he is mentioned in the Parliamentary Sessions from the 1990 onwards as being the man who pulls Wayne Goss’ strings.

    Here is the site

    Advanced search will appear as the heading on the page. Then there is a box that will show Hansard (click on that) then there is a box showing years. Click on 1990 being the first year Rudd was Chief of Staff to Goss. Something like this will come up.

    Your search for ” Rudd ” found 15 hits in 12 documents.

    Sort By: Best Match | File Type | Hit Count | Title | Date
    Results 1 to 10 of 12
    1 . Hansard 1 March 1990
    Mr Borbidge: Did Kevin Rudd meet them? M r W K G …O S S : Mr Rudd did not meet them, either. M

    900301ha.pdf – 126.3K – 1/12/2004 1:56:42 PM [Outline] [Similar]

    2 . Hansard 30 March 1990
    adviser to the Premier, Mr Kevin Rudd.I am extremely suspicious of what

    900330ha.pdf – 128K – 1/12/2004 1:57:16 PM [Outline] [Similar]

    3 . Hansard 6 December 1990
    Begley, my press secretary; and Kevin Rudd, my private secretary, …only description of himself that Kevin Rudd objects to is ”

    901206ha.pdf – 274.5K – 1/12/2004 1:59:52 PM [Outline] [Similar]

    Then click on (Outline) to see the speech in context. You will be able to expand up or expand down. I did it for 1990 and 1991 and it is interesting the number of times his name came up and what the Opposition members thought of him. The Goss Government was in power until 1995 so there are a few other years you can check out. Instead of Hansard checking in that box, you can also check “Entire Website,” “Committees” etc if you are interested to see if Rudd’s name is mentioned in dispatches elsewhere. You’ll need a bit of time. We are lucky to have this archive service – the truth can’t be hidden.

  26. Hi Shane;——–” the Obeids of the Federal Government “—–sure looks like it. Where there is influence [ check the board of Ingeus ] one can see why this couple love Labor [ allegedly ]. What a protective shield, having been a member of the Federal House of Representatives and this applies to Ms Gillard as well given AWU matters, legal costs if instigated whilst they were both have been serving means the public maybe would have had to pay their legal bills.

  27. A few more links on the unholy billion dollar alliance between Kevin Rudd, Therese Rein, Deloitte and the British Conservative Party:

    But what’s Kevin’s take on all of this?

    The Australian Liberal Party leader Tony Abbott must be stopped from winning the election, he warned, because he would adopt the same ideas as Mr Cameron.

    “His alternative economic policy,” Mr Rudd declared, “is to copy the British Conservatives — launch a national slash-and-burn austerity drive and drive the economy into recession, as happened in Britain.”

    Writing last week in The Australian newspaper, former trades union adviser Kevin Morgan observed: “Conflicts of interest have a moral dimension and no more so than when Rudd denounces ‘Cameronite’ policies while his spouse seeks to profit from them.”

  28. Did you read in the national newspaper, he has the cheek to criticize the conservative government in UK? This issue has been kept under raps, the Australian, Andrew Bolt, the Armidale Independent and your own blog has mentioned this? Seems it is a hot potato.

  29. When Bob Carr was NSW Premier there was a constant flow of brochures, booklets, pamphlets with the heading ‘Work Directions’ being sent to the NSW Govt promoting their business in recruiting public servants and bureaucrats into State Govt depts. It is possible that all State Govts were receiving the same type of material from the Rudds business ‘Work Directions’. Of course the Rudd name would not have appeared in the printed brochures but Labor insiders would have been aware.

    Therese Rein was one of the first private business owners to address the G20 Summit in Paris. Why? Is it because her husband is the Australian PM?

  30. How dare you implying corruption in our Free Democratic country!
    Corruption only exist in Asian Nation like Malaysia, Indonesia,Burma, ect..ect.. But NEVER in Australia. All our retired Labour leaders on retirement becoming
    multi-millionaires is due only through HARD WORK.

    • HAHA.. Yeah, right.. Julia just purchased a $2million plus house…Tough work being a polie.. Depends on which pie you have your fingers in I guess..

    • I suspect you are being sarcastic. But they don’t become multi-millionaires on retirement, they generally are well off before retirement. Not all. I have no argument with politicians making money if they declare it, but I do have objections regarding politician’s wives making money at the expense of the Australian and British government and taxpayer for a service they can not deliver properly or ethically. Then saying she is a British resident. I may not be corrupt in the legal sense like the Obeids, but it stinks of profiteering and jobs for the boys.

  31. The Labour Party has only :mates!
    The LNCP has only cronies!
    The LNCP lie!
    The Labour Party only telling untruth!
    From slums to multimillionaires!Guess which party?

  32. Her apparent “success” seems out of proportion to the kind of services she produces. No-one gets rich in human services unless they know (or are) the right people. Not to anywhere near the extent that she has anyway. Someone’s receiving rewards for services all right.

    • Is there not any Royal Commission Enquiry that can force Kevin Rudd, Therese Rein/Rudd and their company Ingeus Ltd and their siblings to produce all of their past and present bank accounts opened by and or for them not just opened within Australia, including copies of all other financial transactions, also all bank accounts and financial dealings engaged in and or opened internationally from say 2006 forward to-date and for all money trails to then be followed if any exist to then establish if any corrupt payments, bribes or kickbacks or commercial instruments were monetised etc, to establish were or were not any wrongs procured, paid or received by and or for any of the said Rudd family to financially benefit, if which ought not have been paid and or received?

      That way they could be either cleared and get on with their lives in peace or they or some of them may then be charged and held accountable to the full extent of the laws applicable if wrongdoings are established, could they not?

      • I’m now in my 70s, and I want to see this happen before I meet my maker, but it’s taking far too long!

  33. Therese Rein, worth over $200 million for Ingeus Limited. which started in 1989 with Labor Party government contracts.
    And Rudd sent good home insulation business Broke.
    We got the wrong one to run the counter we should have got Therese.

  34. To shed a little light on the incorporation of the original Rudd/Rein company, the first directors, Rod Graham and his spouse ran a business of incorporating companies and then selling them to persons requiring a company, from their home at Flockton Street, Everton Park, Q. Such companies were known as ” shelf companies ” and were available at a moment’s notice and were much cheaper than going to a solicitor and much quicker. The vendors of the company usually had a number of companies already incorporated under various unusual names, so in many cases the purchaser later changed the name for one they liked. All this entailed the original directors resigning and new directors being appointed, usually on the day of sale. The vendors provided a certificate that the company had never traded. I believe Rod Graham is long deceased.

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