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Kevin Rudd, Therese Rein and Ingeus. How did they really make the $210 Million?

Kevin Rudd’s wife Therese Rein started and built their $210 million company Ingeus (then known as Work Directions) on the back of government business in 1989. Therese Rein herself has stated her initial targeted customer when she set up the company was a Queensland government department.

Kevin Rudd, as Chief of Staff to the then Premier Wayne Goss, was in a position to influence the government to give Work Directions government business. Did he do that? As you will see in the video interview in this post a witness has come forward.

This is important because if the same situation arose today the Chief of Staff would be sacked and there would be at the very least a police investigation. Why no one has investigated at all to date is very disturbing and a failure of democracy given Kevin Rudd is the Prime Minister of Australia.

I went to Brisbane on Saturday the 10th of August and interviewed Des O’Neill who is a former Executive Member of the State Public Services Federation in Queensland. He was able to shed further light on how Kevin Rudd, Therese Rein and their company Ingeus (then known as Work Directions) was able to get its start to mega riches which now stands as an estimated $210 million.

Background to the video

This is a follow-up post to the last post which is more detailed and worth reading as it ties into the content of the video. (Click here to read the post) Broadly though, Therese Rein set up business helping injured workers with rehabilitation in July/August 1989 when Kevin Rudd was then the Chief of Staff to the Queensland Opposition Leader Wayne Goss.

A few months later on the 2nd December 1989 the Labor Party won the election and then Kevin Rudd was Chief of Staff to Queensland Premier Wayne Goss. In 1990 the Queensland government legislated the Workers Compensation Act 1990 which has provisions for the outsourcing of the rehabilitation of injured workers to companies such as Therese Rein’s.

The question is if Kevin Rudd used his power and position to help Work Directions get business from the state government and if so to what degree?

The below video interview was filmed outside Kevin Rudd’s electoral office in Brisbane. It is direct and to the point and goes for 2 1/2 minutes. 

(Click anywhere on the video to watch)

I will continue to follow-up with this and have more leads. Hopefully others will start to come forward as well. When investigating something like this, which is going back over 20 years, it is a game piece by piece. But if I keep at it and with the help of others I am sure the true story will come out. And thank you to Des O’Neill for coming forward.

The main purpose of going to Brisbane was to interview Des O’Neill but I also recorded two other videos which are on the new KCA 2013 Federal Election page which is in the second menu bar above or click here to go to the page. Both are short and worth a watch.

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  1. It does not surprise me at all that there were favours offered via Rudd to his wife to kick-start their enormous wealth. Obviously she is a smart cookie in her field and would have taken full advantage that husband Kev was probably calling the tune as Chief of Staff to Premier Goss.
    We have to thank Mr. O’Neill for coming forward, albeit 20+ years later to shed light on this, no doubt corrupt use of public office.

  2. Our very own PM caught up in a scandal like this with so much money at stake, and so blatant! So I do hope more true Aussies come forward to lend a hand with some information for us all .

  3. Hmmmnnn. Let’s see if the MSM media picks up on this. Probably not, I’m guessing. Maybe krudd with do another one of julia’s famous acts and contact the media and put a stop to it all.

    Beautiful timing though to bring this out just before an election. Well done Shane.

  4. Just as well the self-disbarred-for-cause slip-n-trip ‘lawyer” looter, rorter and launderer of the AWU and God alone knows who and/or what else was booted as Labor’s “leader” and replaced by an … um … looter, rorter and launderer of the Queensland, Australian Commonwealth and UK governments and God alone knows who and/or what else.


    • Since the second World War each PM has left the job a wealthy man. Most came to the job without undue wealth, did their party tricks and came out well off with new friends. Kevvie and Therese were impatient and did it differently just in case he wasn’t given two shots at the top of the corrupt ALP family.

  5. Shane, thanks for pursuing this further.

    Rudd cheats in the debate with Tony Abbott, so I wouldn’t put it past him to cheat in getting contracts for his wife’s business? According to Des O’Neill in his interview, there would appear to be outside interference in awarding the contracts.

    Following the introduction of the Workers Compensation Act 1990, the workers compensation board appointed ten rehabilitation counsellors to oversee the workplace rehabilitation program. Was Workplace Directions the appointed counsellor for South East Queensland?? Hopefully more can be discovered of the first steps on the ladder to multi millions for the Rudd family.

    Here is a llink to the Workers’ Compensation Board of Qld’s first annual report (1990-91) under the new Act with the introduction of the Workplace Rehabilitation Program and its ten newly appointed counsellors (unfortunately not named) –

  6. I am at a loss to understand why many hardworking Australians approve of Rudd and his associates. Nothing but a pack of thieving, low-lifes ripping off the system. Then again, the people who approve of him must love being shafted by Rudd’s narcissistic methods.

  7. Jonde, the reason so many Aussies approve of this or that politician is because they don’t know the history. And they don’t know the history because apart from sites like this, no-one has told them. I didn’t know the first thing about Rudd or his wife, or the history of their wealth until I saw a hint of it in an online forum. Most people don’t even go to online political fora. Our complicit media keeps them distracted with faux news before the average Aussie falls exhausted to bed. And that’s how both major political parties get away with protecting their own and each other’s dirty secrets

  8. Aussies are so gullible. If some african dictators wife becomes independently rich we would not believe, but if its an aussie prime ministers wife we think it is all above board. You follow this up mate and you could be the first blogger with a walkey!

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