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The return of the Labor Party, HSU, stolen money, defamation and a prostitute. And this time it isn’t Craig Thomson

Luke Walladge who says he is a “Media, Campaign and Communications Consultant at ALP” and was recently sued for an outstanding debt of $15,000 by a prostitute has decided to tell lies about this site.

I think it is important to address his slurs as it gives an insight on how the crooks are working online and is a possible guide to how the election campaign is about to be  played out. Dirty tricks and lies will probably become the key strategy given the Labor Party are starting to drop in the polls and a lot of it will probably happen online.

But back to the lying and thieving Mr Walladge who after a quick check has close links to the Health Services Union (HSU) and a number of people recently outed on this site at the HSU for their corrupt conduct.

I will break the post into parts to make it easier to follow the story.

Luke Walladge’s lies

I published a post last week on Kevin Rudd, his wife Therese Rein and their company Ingeus. A follower of this site liked it on Facebook. That same follower also follows a number of people in the Labor Party to see what they are up to which is fairly common. One of those happens to be Mr Walladge. Mr Walladge wrote in the comments section the below:

Luke Walladge slur

I wrote to Mr Walladge and said:

Dear Mr Walladge

Can you please explain the attached screen shot of the comment you made where you state that my site Kangaroo Court of Australia is soon to be the subject of legal action because of defamatory assertions that I have made about people and organisations. Can you please name the people and organisations that you claim are about to sue me and on what basis and the evidence to support it.


Shane Dowling

Kangaroo Court of Australia (Click here for the screen grab of the message that I sent)

I did not receive a response from Mr Walladge. When he says I make “false and defamatory assertions about numerous people and organisations” he is making a statement of fact that I tell lies about people and organisations.

The problem for Mr Walladge is that he has no evidence to support that statement of fact as I have never been sued by anyone for defamation let alone found guilty of defamation. The bottom line is that he has defamed me and my site which he is well aware. As for people about to sue me that is nothing more than dribble coming from a fools mouth and as we will see Mr Walladge has a history of threatening people with defamation and not following through.

Mr Walladge and his connection to the HSU

I published a post on the 14th July 2013 titled “Bill Shorten tried to stab Julia Gillard in the back one last time. Return of corruption at the HSU” (Click here to read) In brief the post dealt with the return of corruption at the HSU.

After widespread corruption at the HSU new elections were held at the end of last year and Diana Asmar was elected as Secretary for the HSU No 1 Branch in Victoria. Her friend Andrew Landeryou used his blog Vexnews to attack Mrs Asmar’s competition while concealing his friendship. Almost immediately after being elected Mrs Asmar appointed Mr Landeryou’s wife, Kimberley Kitching, as the General Manager which is clear cronyism. I also wrote a follow-up post dealing with some of the same issues on the 20th July. (Click here to read the post)

As it turns out Luke Walladge was Diana Asmar’s campaign manager for the union election so his motive to tell lies and attack me and this site is clear.

I also sent an email to Diana Asmar given Mr Walladge’s association with her but did not receive a response. (Click here to read the email)

Mr Walladge and the $15,000 debt to the prostitute

On the 4th March this year Clay Lukas of The Age wrote a story titled “Union secretary asked to cover tab” which says:

“The secretary of Victoria’s Health Services Union has been asked by a West Australian court to pick up the tab for thousands of dollars her former campaign manager owes to a Perth sex worker.”

“Luke Walladge, once a staffer to Victorian Opposition Leader Daniel Andrews, helped former Darebin mayor Diana Asmar win control of the union in December.”

And asked how he could pay the debt “Mr Walladge told the court he was owed $12,800 by Ms Asmar for his work as her campaign manager – a role he claimed last year was unpaid.”

“He also told the court he had been employed by the union ”on a salary which was equal to $100,000 a year” immediately after Ms Asmar won control of the union.”

“Mr Walladge did not respond to questions on Friday about how much he was paid to work on Ms Asmar’s campaign, or how it had been funded.”

“Instead, he threatened to sue over a ”defamatory article” that implied his debt to Ms Soucek was for sexual services.” (Click here to read the full article)

I have been told that Luke Walladge has not sued The Age or the reporter Clay Lucas for defamation and the fact that the article is still on the internet supports that. It is a bit rich for Mr Walladge to threaten others for defamation when he is happy to defame others such as myself and this site.

Luke Walladge and Mike Smith News

The same day The Age published the above story (4/3/13) Mike Smith put a link to it on his site Mike Smith News so people could comment. A few days later (7/3/13) Mike Smith published an apology and said:

“I have withdrawn the link to The Age article and I apologise to Luke Walladge…” and

“I have now made fairly extensive enquiries as to the status of the court proceedings referred to in The Age article.”

“I am satisfied that The Age’s report is incorrect. The Age report states that a court in West Australia has asked the Health Services Union Secretary to “pick up the tab” for a debt owed by Luke Walladge. That assertion is false.” (Click here to read the post)

The apology by Mike Smith one has to suspect was done after a complaint or defamation threat by Luke Walladge given Walladge’s previous form. Taken at its highest that is only one element of the story that is incorrect, so the rest must be true. I also suspect that Mike Smith would have taken Mr Walladge on face value and believed what he said and would have apologised in part based on information supplied by Mr Walladge. Given we now know that Mr Walladge is a compulsive liar, I think it is fair to say that The Age story is highly likely 100% accurate.

It is worth noting that Andrew Landeryou commented on the Mike Smith apology post stating:

Hi Michael,

“Am remarkably impressed that you would take the time to actually look at what happened here in detail and make it clear exactly what happened.”

“The Age employs a few decent folk but is – at its core – a disgrace to journalism. This appalling incident is just one of many examples where it lets its agenda get in the way of reporting the truth.”

“Clay Lucas’s truth-distorting effort on this story was incredibly hurtful and cruel to a very talented young bloke with a bright future ahead of him.”

You have to laugh where he says “it lets its agenda get in the way of reporting the truth.” Anyone who has read my previous post would know that Mr Landeryou is one of the biggest criminals on the net. At the time Mr Landeryou wrote that comment his wife was already the HSU payroll as General Manager yet he did not declare that in his comment.

Mr Walladge also made a comment on the post where he says “There are of course numerous other falsehoods, inaccuracies and misrepresentations in the Age’s story, from which legal and other actions will arise.” As I have already stated I have been told that no legal action has been instituted by Mr Walladge so it is just him big talking again. And he fails to state the other “falsehoods, inaccuracies and misrepresentations” which most people would have.

Luke Walladge and the ALP

It says on Mr Wallage’s Linkedin page: (Click here to go to the page) (Click here for the PDF screen grab in case he changes it)

Luke Walladge’s Overview

Current:   Media, Campaign and Communications Consultant at ALP

Past:         Deputy Chief of Staff at Leader of the Opposition (Victoria) – Media & Campaign Consultant at Australian Labor Party – Senior Media Adviser at Department of Justice, Victoria, Australia

Why the ALP have not ditched Luke Walladge is unexplained unless of course they have and Mr Walladge is lying on his Linkedin page. If the above type of tactics is where the election is heading it is going to be a wild time from here on in.

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  1. Andrew L has been doing dodgy stuff for years-way back into the mid-90’s. I’m glad you are exposing him. Thanks a bundle.


  2. I think that the rank and file members of the HSU really need to reassess their memberships to the point that they need to meet and perhaps decide whether some kind of audit be done to the Union

  3. It will take a complete wipeout of the Labor Party at the coming election to rid them of corrupt activity. Hope the ‘Young Labor’ movement is different, so that Labor Party will be a credible opposition truly representing Australians, not just themselves.
    Thank you Shane

  4. No surprises here ! These people think they have rights the rest of us don’t have. So far it would appear this is true. They can lie, defame, steal and worse AND get away with it.

    A great majority of our MSM assist with their lack of spine and the cowardly way they do not report the facts. As so many of these slime bags are becoming exposed one would think those in the media defending them and covering up for them would realise the public will see THEM for the incompetent, traitorous cowards they are as MSM is not do the job and is letting Australia down.

  5. As the old saying goes, Shane, they can’t “defend the indefensible”! My bet is you won’t get a response from the twit!

  6. Liars and cheats must be exposed, no matter their walk of life. They try to bully people to keep quite with threats of legal action. Media bullies gain strength when victims scurry away, regardless of the veracity of the accusations. I’m glad to see you are standing your ground and exposing the corruption in our political and judicial system. I look forward to your interviews. Thank you for being a vanguard of truth in online blogs.

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