WikiLeaks Party Senate candidate Alison Broinowski interview with KCA

The below video is an interview with WikiLeaks Party NSW Senate candidate Alison Broinowski that was recorded on Monday (19/8/13) in Sydney. The interview gives an insight and understanding of the WikiLeaks Political Party and how it differentiates from the WikiLeaks media organisation. We discuss numerous issues and also how this site would benefit from having a WikiLeaks Party Senator in federal parliament.


The WikiLeaks Party website has information on the candidates, their policies, how to volunteer (to hand out how to vote forms on Election Day) and donate etc. (Click here to visit their site) They are also on Facebook (Click here to visit their Facebook page)

I went to Canberra last year and tried to arrange interviews with politicians from the Labor Party, Liberals, Nationals, Greens and two independents. Not one stood up to be counted and agreed to an interview nor did they give me an alternative time for an interview. On that basis alone I thank the WikiLeaks Party and Alison Broinowski for doing the interview. At least someone in politics has some backbone.

I do not endorse political parties. (And if I did I have no doubt all the followers of this site would tell me where to go). Political Parties cover many issues that this site does not deal with and no party at this point has a judicial corruption policy which is the main focus of this site. But I will be voting for the WikiLeaks Party as I believe having one or two of them in the Senate would be good for this site on numerous grounds.

This site relies on freedom of the internet and freedom of the press to achieve its goals and I think the WikiLeaks Party best defends those two issues as WikiLeaks as a media organisation relies on the same freedoms.

Both internet and press freedom come under attack on a regular basis. It was only recently that the Labor Party gave up on the proposed “Internet Black List” where they were going block certain websites and not tell the public which sites were blocked. I have no doubt this site would have been blacklisted as it would have been all too easy, just a stroke of the pen.

Then there was the infamous Ray Finkelstein Media Report which I wrote an article about and said “The recommendations by The Fink would make any communist dictator proud.” (Click here to read the post)

The point I am making with the two examples is that while there is no immediate threat from government, the threats are sure to happen again in the future. So there needs to be a constant focus on defending the threat to freedom of the press and the internet, on which this site and others rely.

Admin: I will be putting some direct focus on judicial corruption in the next week, so keep an eye out for that. This site will be doing more video in the future and yes my performance as an interviewer can do with some work, but given the above was my first interview I will give myself a pass mark of 5 out of 10.

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  1. Good to see your comment about judicial corruption-there’s plenty of it about. Some elements and organisations are claiming they want to make government honest (big call) but none have.

    • Perhaps the Wikileaks Party could take up the Heiner Affair case and subsequent Political and Judicial cover ups.

    • The problem is, any politician who has aspirations must sign the Official Secrets Act. For starters I doubt that with Julian’s history and his confinement in London, he rates? You must not have a criminal record and who wants a person who rightly or wrongly hacks into or displays government confidential material. I really think any vote for his party is the wrong move supporting democratic principles and national security issues. This is not about one individual it is about our country.

  2. Any one who stands up for what they truly believe in gets my vote to, with no lies or deception , just tell it all, as it really is , no hood winking or cover up, just honest grit.

    I will vote for Julian Assange’s WikiLeaks Party at the elections in Sept,

    I wish I could say that about the ones that run this county now (Being Honest to us and for us, ) sorry for the swearing !!! ( HONEST, DIRTY WORD IN POLITICS )

    Labor Party,Liberals, Nationals, Greens and two independents. all tarred with the one brush, all a bunch of power play school boys , no men there in that bunch.

  3. Wiki Leaks has my vote.

    It’s about time some honesty, integrity and foresight infiltrated the realms of politics, give em hell Julian and Co. This country needs a new political direction.

  4. The only concern I have about the Wikileaks Party’s candidates is that will they each remain true to fight for the truth and for justice for We the People after being elected, which is of a concern given that Alison Broinowski just said that one is a solicitor and one is a barrister, that alone already creates further potential conflicts of interests in politics. However if they are honest then they could legislate to clean up the wrongs if they remain honourable to We the People and not loyal to their existing oaths of office.

    • Not sure what happened that got the TV headline today about resignations from Wikileaks Party. Paranoia on my part but smells like our CIASIO friends at work per medium of a compliant government.

      • Thanks, shane. Looks like my paranoia was misplaced. An implosion but one that I hope does not deter Assange.
        By the way, were the helicopter team who shot up the civilians in the first Wikileak exposures ever castigated? Did their leaders ever compensate the wounded and dead? The reprehensible behaviour of the USA seems forgotten amid the post-event machinations and fabrications of some Western Governments. No wonder today’s politicians hate recording devices.

      • I think Actor’s Equity would be more interested in Wikileaks at this point than ASIO. A name change would be a start to moving things along. New Parties always have that interminable period of struggle, and its rare that one gets up to the next level.

  5. Any new political direction needs to ban any party that claims more than 30% of the vote. MPs of parties must toe the party lines under pain of disendoresement and thus cease to be bona fide representative of their electorates. Hence they get apoplectic at the thought of large numbers of Independents who may just put electorate before party.

  6. I am a supporter of the Wikileaks party and am wondering what is going on here in
    Victoria if you know anything. I listened to the outgoing candidate, Lesley and it raised more questions than it answered.
    Was this interference, sabotage by ‘others’ and if so, then surely Lesley and the others that are planning to resign need to wake up to what exactly is going on or else they become those who are also sabotaging Wikileaks

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