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Australia’s new export. Corruption!

I have been approached a couple of times recently from overseas in relation to the appointment of former Australian judge and well-known bribe taker, Michael Francis Moore, as a judge at The Administrative Tribunal which is part of the International Labour Organisation in Geneva.

It is the same Michael Moore who is a former Federal Court of Australia judge who retired as nothing more than a joke in the courts in 2011. The same former judge who will highly likely get a start at the Royal Commission into unions given he was appointed by Bill Shorten as an administrator of the Health Services Union (HSU). As we know the HSU is one of the key focal points of the Royal Commission as they are mentioned in the terms of reference.

The reason I was approached is quite simple. It is because the people who are reliant on judgements from the International Labour Organisation (ILO) are concerned that one of judges (Mr Moore) has very serious allegations made against him that have gone unchallenged.

International Labour Organisation (ILO)

It says on Wikipedia “The International Labour Organization (ILO) is a United Nations agency dealing with labour issues, particularly international labour standards and decent work for all. 185 of the 193 UN member states are members of the ILO.”

“In 1969, the organization received the Nobel Peace Prize for improving peace among classes, pursuing justice for workers, and providing technical assistance to developing nations.”

“The ILO registers complaints against entities that are violating international rules; however, it does not impose sanctions on governments.” (Click here to read more)

The ILO website says “The ILO was created in 1919, as part of the Treaty of Versailles that ended World War I, to reflect the belief that universal and lasting peace can be accomplished only if it is based on social justice.” (Click here to read more)

and “The International Labour Organization (ILO) is devoted to promoting social justice and internationally recognized human and labour rights, pursuing its founding mission that labour peace is essential to prosperity. Today, the ILO helps advance the creation of decent work and the economic and working conditions that give working people and business people a stake in lasting peace, prosperity and progress.” (Click here to read more)

The Administrative Tribunal 

In relation to Michael Moore’s position as a judge at the ILO “The Tribunal examines employment-related complaints from officials of the International Labour Office and of the other international organizations that have recognized its jurisdiction.”

“The Tribunal is composed of seven judges who must be of different nationalities, as was the case for the Administrative Tribunal of the League of Nations. They are appointed by the International Labour Conference on a recommendation of the Governing Body of the International Labour Office for a renewable period of 3 years.” 

“The Tribunal meets twice a year, in spring and autumn, for a period of 3 weeks, at the headquarters of the ILO in Geneva. At each session it delivers approximately fifty judgments.” (Click here to read more)

On the ILO website it says the below about Mr Moore:

Mr Michael F. Moore (Australia)

Judge of the Court of Appeal of the Kingdom of Tonga
Former Judge of the Federal Court and of the Industrial Relations Court of Australia
Former Additional Judge of the Supreme Court of the Australian Capital Territory

If the ILO were to ask my advice I would say they should add things such as Mr Moore is one of the dirtiest, lying, conniving scoundrels to ever depart Australia’s shores.

I think it is embarrassing that someone like Moore has been appointed to a UN body as Australia’s representative.

Michael Moore is Bill Shorten’s and the Labor Party’s puppet

I have written about Justice Moore on this site a couple of times and of course he is the one I refer to on the cover of my book where I am holding the sign saying “Justice Moore Federal Court of Australia Takes Bribes”

Moore resigned as a judge of the Federal Court of Australia in July 2011. In February 2012 Bill Shorten appointed Moore and 2 other Labor boys to review the Fair Work Act which I wrote a post titled “Bill Shorten appoints two stooges to review the Fair Work Act.”

Then in June 2012 Bill Shorten had Moore appointed as administrator of the Health Services Union (HSU) and I wrote the post titled “Corrupt former judge appointed as administrator of the HSU East Branch by Justice Flick.”

Unknown to me at the time, in March 2012 Mr Moore was appointed as judge of The Administrative Tribunal at the ILO. The person who would have had responsibility for appointing Moore is Bill Shorten given he was the Minister for Workplace Relations at the time.

So lets recap and in order this time.

1. February 2012 Bill Shorten appoints Michael Moore to review the Fair Work Act

2. March 2012 Bill Shorten appoints Michael Moore as a judge of the The Administrative Tribunal at the ILO

3. June 2012 Bill Shorten appoints Michael Moore as the administrator of the Health Services Union (HSU).

Bill Shorten sure likes Michael Moore. Three cushy government appointments in 5 months. It is bad enough that Bill Shorten forced a corrupt fool like Michael Moore on the Australian public but Mr Shorten even had the arrogance to export the corrupt Mr Moore to Geneva so the whole world could get the treatment. 

One of the amazing points is that Michael Moore did not even have the time to be Administrator of the HSU and a few days after his appointment they had to appoint at least 1 and I believe 2 assistant administrators to help Mr Moore. From what I hear Moore did bugger all work at the HSU except cover-up further corruption and send in his regular invoices to be paid for work he had not done. Bill Shorten knew Moore did not have time to do the job before he had him appointed. So the question that the Royal Commission into unions might want to ask is why did Bill Shorten appoint Moore in the first place?

And yes, there is more. Michael Moore has plenty of knowledge of the Julia Gillard – Bruce Wilson – AWU fraud and theft in the 1990’s. As regular readers would know the Gillard / Wilson /AWU is currently the subject of a police investigation and more importantly one of the areas that the Royal Commission into unions will be focusing on. I found this out when I was at the Federal Court NSW registry in December 2012 inspecting some of the AWU files. Those being the files that weren’t stolen. 

I wrote in a post at the time in relation to the AWU fraud: “During the inspection of the files I came across a familiar name that has not been mentioned in the scandal as of yet. None other than the former federal court judge Michael Moore. The same man who gets a mention on the front cover of my book. In correspondence from Robert McClelland to his client Ian Cambridge on the 14th August 1995 he mentions that “In late February 1995 proceedings were commenced before His Honour Mr Justice Moore in the Industrial Relations Court of Australia alleging certain irregularities in respect of the establishment of the National Construction Branch” At the time Moore was also a Federal Court judge as he had been appointed as a judge in 1994. I have not been able to find any judgement by Justice Moore in relation to this either.” (Click here to read the full post)

For me the most important point to this post is that no matter who you are or where you are you will be brought to account. Michael Moore is up for re-appointment as a judge at the ILO in March 2015. By outing and highlighting him now I am sure he will not slip under the radar and the new federal government will make sure he is not given another 3 year term at the ILO.

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  1. Hi Shane, I’ve no idea how many judges and lawyers are in the slammer but there should be a lot more

  2. Hi Shane. Pity we cannot export a few more of these crooked judges especially the ones that Gillard and Shorten appointed to keep themselves out of the garbage. Allan from Myalup WA.

  3. How do people like Moore get put forward for these exulted positions. Surely there has to be some checks and balances when they are considered….and this bloke does not seem to have the runs on the board. Or is it just the old pals act? Can you please enlighten me Shane if you know….Thanks.

    • It can happen if they are compromised by sordid secrets in some way, or if they have been bribed r blackmailed, promised lucrative deals down the track or have promised to pave the way for other things not yet on the table. It’s a club and we aren’t in it. (George Carlin RIP)

  4. well… at least it’s better having him overseas doing his funny business rather than here!

      • so we should hide him then? no, in fact let’s show the world EXACTLY the sort of corruption that happens here too. IMO this is a huge positive to expose and potentially reduce corruption.

  5. Well, Mr. Moore seems to be involved in the HSU corruption and could be investigated just as Williamson and Thomson have been. I am not suggesting he RORTED the HSU, but as the Administrator appointed by Shorten, he will have questions to answer, just as Shorten should have to EXPLAIN why Moore was chosen for a top job with HSU!

  6. There is the worry that the LNP and establishment is also infested with lawyers who may have connived with Shorten’s mob at the outset.

  7. This has just been another “Jobs for the boys” deal/decision by Shorten for Labor friends!!
    Shorten is a disgrace as a politician!

  8. These corrupt judges lecture and cast sentence on those who presumably break the law while they themselves have committed in many instances worse crimes. Crimes against Australia and All Australians with their cover ups, corruption, acceptance of bribes and collusion with those of the left persuasion in parliament and their union cohorts.Lying and cheating those who pay their over inflated wage..US the taxpayers.
    The only good thing to come out of the past 6 or so years is that it has opened my eyes to what a bunch of criminals the majority of those in the Labor party, the Unions and those in the judicial system are, convincing me that I will NEVER again vote for Labor/Greens or join a Union again (currently being nastily pestered to join). I feel that I have been well and truly duped and wasted a lifetime of voting (60yrs young). Once again the question needs to be asked…Where are the MSM in this?? I now refuse to watch/listen to the ABC or read any paper that covers up for this bunch of blood sucking, self important, self aggrandizing, thieving, degenerate bunch of CRIMINALS who have no conscience or moral compass starting with Shorten, Moore, Gillard, Conroy, Howes etc…and the list goes on and on and on…….How do they live with themselves?? Are the above characteristics on the questionnaire to join the Labor party/Union heirachy, only the dishonest can join?? As a parent I would be ashamed to admit that any of these were my child. It would make me cringe! I hope this RC outs them all and they end up where they all belong JAIL!

    • Suse, I agree with your comments wholeheartedly and in particular about the ABC. They never give up supporting Labor and its no wonder they get no support from the general populace.

  9. I find it extremely puzzling that articles of this nature are confined to sites such as KCA and never seem to have airplay in the mainstream media. Shane Dowling speaks with authority, citing facts and naming names with apparent impunity, and has done so for a long time (which I read and absorb avidly).

    If Mr Dowling can access this information from the public domain, and not be censured for providing, in print, specific allegations of corruption against many powerful persons in Australian public life, why then is it not splashed across the front page of The Australian? Surely there are many political and media commentators wanting to promote justice for Australians.

    How do people like Shorten and Moore get away with it?

    • Those who work in Mainstream know what the terms and conditions are. That’s why you never see this sort of thing there. If they stray from the party-line, they don’t get to stay.

      • If the journalists (what they call themselves anyway but very few know the meaning of the word) are too gutless to write the stories and the editors/owners unwilling to print it or report in the news makes them just as guilty as those directly involved in the corruption, bribes, cover ups etc. and should be treated with contempt. The only way to hurt these criminals by association is to hit them where it hurts the most, their hip pocket, by refusing to read the newspapers/listen to radio station/watch the TV station. In the case of the ABC bombard them with complaints about their bias and lies in reporting. making your feelings known via direct contact or your local member of parliament demanding a response and the action that will be taken .For commercial stations contact the station manager directly, if no action taken contact advertisers and make your feelings known, refusing to use the product/service and telling them you will spread the word.. After enough complaints the sponsors/advertisers would have to seriously consider their position. If we stand by, do nothing and accept the status quo we are telling the MSM that we accept their behaviour ,bias and lack of honesty in reporting. What does that then say about us??

  10. meanwhile….exactly what are the Liberals going to do with these corrupt judges?… The Liebor Party has been stacking the benches and putting ‘their’ people into key postions for years. This is impartible corruption.

  11. Hi Shane,
    I sure hope you have forwarded all copies of your articles to those who have asked questions of you about Mr Moore. I am sure we would all like to promote this post…who could we send it to that this information would make a huge difference to whether Mr Moore and others get the attention they rightly deserve!

  12. I agree with you Shane that Australia’s new export is corruption. It’s not just Michael Moore, others are Julia Gillard, Kevin Rudd and many more, past and present. The list never stops.

  13. Shane, another one, yes I can remember Shorten using Justice Moore, to close down the HSU scandal into administration.
    I think the MSM does not enter into these manipulations, as they all belong to the Union and anyone belonging to Labor is exempt from discussion.
    I would have thought that as it now has been years that you have written about the judges, Bill Shorten, Gillard, etc.etc.something would have become more public.
    Let us just hope, that with the upcoming Royal Commission, this will become the talk of the day…… If not we all have to migrate, but where to?

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