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Ralph Blewitt to give evidence at the Royal Commission into Unions on Monday

I have had it confirmed by the spokesperson for the Royal Commission into Unions that Ralph Blewitt will give evidence at the Royal Commission on Monday the 12th of May. It will be a public hearing as per the below media release and this is when things start to get very serious.

Media Release


The Royal Commission into Trade Union Governance and Corruption will hold a public hearing in Sydney at 10am on Monday 12 May 2014 at level 17, 1 Farrer Place in Sydney.

The hearing will deal with matters associated with the Workplace Reform Association, a ‘relevant entity’ for the purpose of Term of Reference (a) of the Letters Patent issued to the Royal Commission.

Chief Executive Officer of the Office of the Royal Commission, Jane Fitzgerald, said people or organisations that have information that might be relevant to this matter are encouraged to contact the Office of the Royal Commission.

“Any person or institution who believes they have a direct and substantial interest in the scope and purpose of the hearing is invited to lodge a written application for authorisation to appear” Ms Fitzgerald said.

“Applications for authorisation to appear at the Royal Commission should be made in accordance with the Practice Direction on the Commission’s website.
“Next week’s hearing has been necessitated by the return to Australia of a person associated with the Workplace Reform Association.

“Further hearings on this matter may take place at a later date and if so, further details will be made available on the website.”

The Royal Commission can be contacted at:,
On the Hotline 1800221245, or write to us at:
Office of the Royal Commission into Trade Union Governance and Corruption GPO Box 2477 SYDNEY NSW 2001

The public can attend the hearing, or review the transcripts which will be available on the Royal Commission’s website. The proceedings will also be streamed via the internet through the website. For more information about Royal Commission or the Terms of Reference, visit

I have written many posts on the Julia Gillard – Bruce Wilson – AWU Fraud and the Workplace Reform Association and have set up a page with the posts that I have published. (Click here to go to the page)

I put the contact details above in case you have information that you want to submit to the Royal Commission. If you have time show up Monday.

Admin: I am back in the Supreme Court of NSW tomorrow (8/5/14) at 10am with Kerry Stokes defamation proceeding. He has filed a third application to have a suppression order put on the matters which is absolutely scandalous. I will update the page above (Kerry Stokes defamation trial) with the details soon.

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    • Interesting, but i believe that when for instance as with the Boxing Day Test, the PM is invited as a matter of course, he cannot very well refuse. The cricket likes the PM there, the PM likes to be seen at the cricket. All Prime Minister do that.

      But what I objected to Mr Kevin Rudd, together with his wife going with 20 journo’s to Afghanistan for a photo-op in the new RAAF jet, costing $ 827.000. That is real
      money i would say! For what?

    • Can’t wait for Ms Gillard’s day in the spotlight. The mess her and Rudd created is in excusable.

    • We are – except that it’s the Office of the FORMER Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard. Enjoy….

  1. That is indeed fantastic news, at least something is moving.

    In regard to you having to appear again tomorrow is astonishing to say the least.
    I did see this Kerry Stokes on the television yesterday, he does look like something the cat dragged in at the last moment.
    As I said to you the other day, the judge is in awe of his money, and will expect something in return, not necessarily money, but other favours I am sure.

  2. Great news and really looking forward to hearing from Mr Blewitt and in
    particular his dealings with the Union.

  3. I heard not long ago (reported on of all things the MSM) that Martin Ferguson had come forward with evidence that showed the slush fund money was spent on the renovation of Julia Gillard’s house at the time. Has there been any more on this that you are aware of Shane? This would certainly put Gillard in a bit of a quandary to say the least. It is past time that these corrupt union officials and their politician cohorts got their come-uppance. I wait with bated breath to see it all come out in the wash.
    Good Luck in court tomorrow. Kerry Stokes and his legal side kicks need taking down a peg or three! Go get em!

  4. Great news that Ralph Blewitt will be the first person to give evidence in the Royal Commission on Monday. Blewitt’s evidence will be very, very big. This Royal Commission will burn many people, and I think Gillard will be terribly worried of what Blewitt will say. This Royal Commission will be a beauty.

  5. Shane, you are to be commended on this, and other topics, exposing those who have committed indiscretions against the populous when the guilty have been entrusted with a status created to serve and protect in a sworn declaration.
    Unfortunately, the general populous complain heartily about politicians creating the downfall of their lifestyles, and yet are apathetic towards interest in the ‘goings-on’ which affect Australia, their main concern being who won and who lost in football and cricket.

  6. Good luck Mr Dowling. Court is a scary place, as they make and break the rules as they go.

  7. I wonder what is a worse offence a corrupt Union official/s stealing from Union dues paying members or a corrupt Politician/s stealing tax dollars from tax paying Australians?? Federal ICAC in due course I pray!

  8. It would be great to see the hidden tie up between GetUp and the ALP / Greens exposed. There disclosure details show a ton of money coming from the unions.

  9. I sure hope that Blewett does a ripper job next week and the media deliver all his words to the Australian public. Blewett knows a lot about the AWU affair and the shannanigans of Wilson and his girlfriend Gillard…so let’s hope noboby has got to him and the whole truth of the matter is aired for the populace to savour. Can’t wait!

    • i wonder what the ABC will report if he does drop a bomb shell on Gillard and co. My bet is NOTHING. Bill as the ex AWU boss might get a mention too this could get very interesting.

  10. There is corruption on both sides of the House. Let us hope that the Royal Commission finds it all so the people who have/had ‘their heads in the public trough’ are ordered to pay it back ! Nothing less will be acceptable

  11. Seems like you may have attracted a few trolls running the “they’re all crooks, bad as each other, next will come ‘what about Abbott getting paid while on his charity bike rides,’ etc.” trying to deflect the spotlight away from the filth that is the Labor Union consortium.

  12. I haven’t felt this excited since I was 7 years old waiting for Santa to come. I am hoping that the inquest will save me hundreds of dollars over the next year or so in buying comic books. There should be more fun reading about the Pollies and their adventures then reading about Dagwood and his. 30 years of dreaming about this adventure has finally come to pass. Now I pray that the whole thing is investigated properly and not brushed over. This going to be fun!!!

  13. I wonder if Mr Shorten, other JG Cabinet Ministers and Judges appointed by J G will get a mention ?

    • I live in hope that Bob Kernohan’s evidence re the AWU workplace reform association scandal leads to him being called to explain what happened and also what was allegedly offered to Mr Kernohan to remain silent and for Mr Kernohan to detail the events after he did not comply.

      • I believe Bob Kernohan will explain everything in the Royal Commission of the crimes done by Wilson & Gillard. Also Iam absolutely sure he will reveal the details of the people who offered him the safe Victorian labor seat of Melton. Plus I think Kernohan will name the people who ordered his bashing some time later when he refused to shut up about the AWU fraud. Kernohan has said on the record that one of the people who offered the labor seat to him after the AWU fraud was Robert Ray, a former minister in the Hawke/Keating governments.

  14. I fear that Blewitt will be set up to take the whole fall. The system will not eat its own if there’s a suitable sacrifice available. Gillard has already had the protective hand of the Globalists (Brookings) extended to her. I doubt she’s too worried yet.

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