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Kerry Stokes’ attack on free speech

I had to take down the post that was here because of the suppression orders issued Tuesday (17/2/15) (apparently by Justice Hulme) as per below. I’ll fight it as normal.

I beat the first suppression order that Kerry Stokes had taken out against me and I will beat this one as well. In April last year in court with Justice Harrison Stokes barrister Sandy Dawson took out a Suppression Order, which was a Super Injunction. It was so dodgy it only lasted 2 days. (Click here to read the judgement where I won against Stokes’ barrister Sandy Dawson) 

Kerry Stokes obviously learnt from the first Suppression Order failing and as you will see the below Suppression Order has no date for a hearing because they know they cannot justify it. They deliberately drag out the filing until April. Shows what a grub Stokes is.

So why the suppression order? What is Kerry Stokes trying to hide from the public? Sorry, but I cannot tell you as I have been silenced as per the below orders. Kerry Stoke runs Channel 7 and would not stand for the below injunction if ordered against 7 or his other media companies. But he thinks it is OK for him to get the suppression order which undermines open courts and the publics confidence in the judicial system.

I was not there in court when the matter was argued. As per usual Kerry Stokes just goes to court whenever he wants whether vI am there or not and corrupt barrister Sandy Dawson represented Stokes again. And we think we are better than Egypt and Russia etc.

I understand Justice Hulme issued the below orders in Kerry Stokes favour. How does Hulme justify making the orders? Who knows as he has not published his reasons. When he does I will update this post.

Supression Orders - 17-2-15 page 1

Supression Orders - 17-2-15 page 2 Justice Hulme


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  1. Wow Shane – you seem to be having quite an impact – I’m impressed that you consistently work within the framework of the law – something the Judges should be impressed with – you even comply with the suppression orders in a good natured way – keep your cool Shane as you do so well. Kangaroo Court gathers popularity by the day – and before I started reading about Kerry Stokes bibliography launch I didn’t even know about Kangaroo – now I’m enjoying it on a daily basis. A website that supports investigative journalism with great humour thrown in!!!

    • I agree with Warren. I find it even more interesting that a legal document of this nature EVEN has a handwritten note on the bottom of it – and – without a signature – not a common protocol. Is this handwritten note written from someone representing the Supreme Court or someone representing Addisons Lawyers or someone else? It reads like something written by an angry person rather than a legal professional. I laughed that this comment is instructing you not to disobey Paragraph 4 to 10 Inclusive. Does that mean this person is suggesting you ignore the other paragraphs? Does this person believe they hold a higher position than Justice Harrison? Does this person believe they can order instructions over and above the clear instructions from Justice Harrison? What does Justice Harrison think about someone adding handwritten notes to his orders; notes that could appear to be threatening towards you? It’s feels like graffiti on a legal document, without the spray can and flair.

      • Justice Hulme issued the current suppression order. Justice Harrison issued the one last year while I was not even in court on the 15th of April which lasted 2 days. On the 17tn April Sandy Dawson argued that the suppression order should be continued and I argued against it. Dawson lost. The suppression order should have never been issued in the first place.

      • Correction above, I mean Justice Hulme. Surely Justice Hulmes doesn’t want handwritten threats or pseudo graffiti sprawled on his orders.

        Shane, maybe you should get that handwriting analysed – and let us know the typical traits of someone with that handwriting. Would make for an interesting blog!

  2. You started to update with the reasons, but the order prohibit to publish certain parts of the reasons such as relating to O’Connor.
    Perhaps Kerry Stokes may not realise that he might be setting himself up, that if it is good enough for him to get such orders ex parte then what would stop others to do the same onto him? It will be a mere matter of time someone may just pursue the same or similar against him and then well he gets some of his own medicine. then his lawyers may so to say scream blue murder that it is a denial of NATURAL JUSTICE, etc. Time will tell.

  3. Unsigned, hand-written note on a legal document. Sounds illegal in itself. Surely that would invalidate the document?

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