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There is a stronger case of Dyson Heydon being biased in favour of Labor than the Liberals

Bill Shorten, the Labor Party and the Unions have unloaded on the credibility of Royal Commissioner Dyson Heydon demanding he resign or be sacked for actual bias and the Royal Commission should be terminated. The problem is there is no evidence to support actual bias and very little to support perceived bias.

Although it would not be strong there is better evidence to support a case that Heydon is biased in favour of the Labor Party given what some say is his kid gloves treatment of Julia Gillard. Bill Shorten and crew have also been slapped down by Labor’s own Shadow Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus who says they are not claiming any actual bias by Dyson Heydon. This starts to paint the true picture of the desperation of Shorten, Labor and the Unions.

The alleged reason for the attack on Dyson Heydon is that he was invited to give a talk at a Liberal Party function for lawyers. This was reported by Fairfax Media on Thursday (13/8/15). (Click here to read more) An hour or so after the story was published Dyson Heydon issued a statement that he would not be attending the function. He also released emails that show he said he would not attend the function if it could be construed as a Liberal Party function. No real damage done.

The Labor Party and Unions have been busy telling lies saying this shows actual bias by Dyson Heydon which it clearly does not. At least one Labor politician said in the media Heydon went to the Liberal Party function which is also a lie because it is not scheduled for another 10 days on the 26th of August.

The below video shows federal MP Tony Burke saying that Commissioner Heydon is “biased and conflicted” and needs to stand down or be sacked. Then it shows Shadow Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus contradicting Burke and saying “it is not being suggested that Dyson Heydon is actually biased”. That made both of them look stupid. It is worth watching for the look on Tony Burke’s and Tanya Plibersek’s faces as they are sitting directly behind Dreyfus when he says it.


Shorten needs to prove the bias

At this point Bill Shorten and the Unions have failed to produce any evidence of actual bias by Dyson Heydon yet have been happy to defame him in the media and say he is biased. But Bill Shorten is happy to defame Heydon as my last post shows. (Click here to read)

The ACTU and others are threatening legal action if Dyson Heydon does not resign which has boxed themselves in. Because if Heydon and the federal government stand their ground which I expect they will then the ACTU will have to take legal action or shut up.

The ACTU issued a statement which says:

Unions call on Abbott to terminate Royal Commission

The ACTU is calling on Tony Abbott to immediately terminate the Royal Commission into trade unions given the appearance of bias by Justice Dyson Heydon’s acceptance of a guest speaker role at a Liberal Party fundraiser.

ACTU Secretary Dave Oliver and President Ged Kearney have written to the Prime Minister calling for immediate action. (Click here to read more)

What they do not say is that they themselves are both biased because they have skin in the game so to speak. Ged Kearney is paid about $50,000 a year as a Director of Cbus which the Royal Commission has found to have acted corruptly. Dave Oliver took a bribe off Julia Gillard in 2013 and had his wife Suzanne Jones appointed a judge of the Federal Circuit Court of Australia by Julia Gillard. Gillard was trying to shore up support at the time as Kevin Rudd was trying to oust her as Prime Minister. I wrote an article in 2013 titled Prime Minister Julia Gillard bribed ACTU Secretary Dave Oliver to keep his support” (Click here to read the article)

In court you do not need to prove actual bias for a judge to stand down, proving perceived bias is enough. The problem for the ACTU is there is not even enough evidence to prove perceived bias let alone actual bias so they will not take the legal action which would do nothing more than highlight the corruption they are trying to hide. It is likely the bias of Ged Kearney and Dave Oliver would be exposed further in court and/or the media which is another reason they will not take legal action.

One point for Dyson Heydon’s defence in any bias application

There are plenty of people who are not happy with Dyson Heydon’s findings regarding Julia Gillard. They believe Heydon went too soft on her and that is what I think as well.

Heydon cleared Gillard of any criminal activity but said Gillard at “times gave “evasive”, “excessive” and “forced” evidence to the commission”. (Click here to read more) To me Heydon’s findings of Gillard giving “evasive” and “forced” evidence shows her trying to conceal criminal activity and Heydon failed to say that in his report.

It could be argued that this shows bias by Heydon in support of the Labor Party and Julia Gillard. While others might argue it is not strong evidence it is more than Bill Shorten or the Unions have produced regarding Dyson Heydon being biased against them.

Be that as it may, Heydon gave Gillard a pretty good run and that could be used to show Dyson Heydon is fair and balanced in any application of bias against him.

Most analysed RC ever because it is broadcast live and because of Social Media – even if some MSM do not report it much

The Royal Commission is being watched by thousands around the country and the Labor Party and Unions would have to have at least 50 lawyers watching it. Maybe a lot more given many of their politicians are lawyers are as well.

Any hint of bias by Dyson Heydon, real or perceived, lights up social media and there have been a few occasions when that has happened. Yet to date Labor and the Unions have failed to publish any evidence of bias by Dyson Heydon or institute court proceedings. Why? Because any court proceedings would fail badly and an invite to Dyson Heydon to give a speech won’t change that.

Is the Royal Commission politically motivated?

The Royal Commission is politically motivated without a doubt as are almost every decision politicians make. But there are many in the Labor Party and Union movement who wanted the Royal Commission as well.

One example is that if it wasn’t for Union whistleblower Bob Kernohan we probably wouldn’t have the Royal Commission. And the only thing that validates the decision to have the Royal Commission is if it finds corruption and anyone following it (except the Unions and Labor) will tell you it has found plenty of corruption and has been money well spent.

The bottom line is that Dyson Heydon is doing a good job and the attacks on Heydon by all the crooks is proof of that. If they weren’t complaining then we should be worried.

Bill Shorten’s and the Union’s true motives

It must be remembered that Bill Shorten and his supporters are crooks on the run and will do anything to avoid jail and being exposed. Bill Shorten is facing a lot more bad news in the near future when he is back in the witness stand at the Royal Commission and he knows it.

Then there is the fact that some of Shorten’s supporters like Diana Asmar and Kimberley Kitching have already had criminal charges recommended against them by Dyson Heydon. They will be thinking that if they can get rid of Heydon that will also get rid of the likelihood of criminal charges against them.

If Bill Shorten argued that there is perceived bias and Dyson Heydon needs to be replaced then that argument might have some credibility, although it would still fail in court. But their real agenda is their campaign is to get rid of the whole Royal Commission not just Heydon.

Legal action would do nothing more than maybe hold up the RC a few weeks or months which would push it closer to the election which Bill Shorten and Labor would not like. So it will not happen irrespective of the huffing and puffing.

The Labor Party and Unions have put the Royal Commission back in the media spotlight just a few weeks before Bill Shorten’s next stint in the witness stand. It is a move they will probably regret.

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  1. Bill Shorten is the one that needs to go and sooner, rather than later, with the rest of his Cronies along with him.. !!

    You can’t have an Effective and Functional Democracy, with an ineffective and self absorbed Opposition, sadly a lot of taxpayers money is being spent on this Royal Commission and like everyone of the Old Guard of Australian Politics (on BOTH sides of the House), they will use every tactic under the sun to Pervert the Course of Justice.. !!

    We seem to have the Ultimate Dysfunctional Inbred Family of Politicians on record, with not one that I can see being worth his or her salt, as the Band on the Australian Political Titanic, plays right up until the whole ship finally sinks and the Country goes down with it…!!!

  2. It was a liberal fund raiser- so money was going to the liberals which of course show bias Mark Dufus ( aka the shadow attorney general) enables more crimes than he stops knowingly and he was fully aware of the judicial corruption and has never done anything to stop it or out it

  3. When you are due back in the witness box soon, attacking the Commissioner is not a smart move. But then, Shorten definitely could not be called smart anyway. Cunning, corrupt, lowlife, sh#*house rat, yes, but smart, no way. As a thought, isn’t it an offence to attempt to discredit/defame a royal commission anyway? Are those who have been stupid enough to do it outside parliament now going to have a knock on the door?

    • Agree. The day Billy-Bob goes back into the box may top viewing numbers when Gillard made her appearance. I watch daily when the commission is running. Some days are low-energy…yet some you can cut the atmosphere with a knife, eg when George Alex was being grilled by Adam Morison. High drama, Justice Dyson Heydon is doing an awesome job and any suggestion he steps aside for a bunch of low-life crooks is laughable.

  4. We are on the edge of a political and industrial catastrophe. The Industrial Royal Commission under Heydon is a lifeline to sanity and truth. No level of devious double-talk from Labor and its union henchmen can stop it now, however much they want to wreck the enquiry. For the sake of all our families and futures, let us ignore the stench of corruption that poisons our atmosphere. Heydon is a distinguished and honest man. If Labor tries to poison his reputation, we are gone forever and a day.

  5. Well lets face it….just because one does not visibly attend any functions doesn’t also mean they have no connection or bias. Once upon a time telephone lines used to be visible and of copper but now it is being moved underground and replaced by fiber optics so to speak. What I mean is open visible bias is better than hidden underground bias !!!

  6. More proof that unions ‘think’ they can run Australia, “The ACTU is calling on Tony Abbott to immediately terminate the Royal Commission”. Who died and made them the boss, believing they could ‘stick their noses in’ to any governmental investigation or commission, royal or otherwise.

  7. yesterday, Saturday, in my area we had some Labor Party faithful on the street corners with their posters for their local member. Waves for everyone. Methinks another distraction effort from various findings and MUA etc action.

  8. There is an awful big bundle of rhetoric drivel and garbage coming out of the mouths of politicians and others regarding this,”Storm in a teacup” fiasco which is only a ploy by labor to prevent their filthy washing getting into the public arena. The first thing we must realise which seems to have escaped the people concerned and that is no-one can sack the commissioners no-one can close down the Royal commission once it has been started.Anyone who has any doubts on this statement should study the law. Refer to GOOGLE Royal Commission act 1902 section 60. .”If you read this section you will see that the only persons that are in contempt are the stupid Labor members who have emerged from the safety of parliamentary privilege and blabbered and violated this 1902 law including that bigot Dreyfus who should know better if he had done his homework.It would appear that the perpetrators of this slur on the commissioners would like to the status quo being maintained. eg. beating up of union officials and others by the Shorten bully boys, corruption of the union bosses by fraud and other means of lining their pockets with members funds,example Thomson, Williamson,Wilson,Gillard,the list would fill a skip. The CEFM union practices are known throughout the world, as was quoted to me in England recently “what do they do when they get sacked from the union” but they don’t get sacked they just get applauded by their bent associates. Allan Usherwood from Myalup WA

  9. It was not a smart move even to go to a Lib function even if it was a totally ok in this especially important circumstance.
    The Commissioner needED to reflect what this would entail on his reputation as Independant as a Commissioner, not sure why he did not even think this ahead. It’s in any way very obscure.

    • Open your eyes and ears.He was invited to give a talk on the law for an event later this month,he declined citing that if in ny way connected to Liberal fundraising he could not and would not be able to accept said invite.

    • Yes Con Dassos the invitation was made by a NSW Liberal member who is as I write his name has not been disclosed to my knowledge. i would add that he is probably not flavour of the week at the moment.

  10. Bill Shorten and his Union Cronies, (All the red-Backs) are running scared. There is a real concern that their illegal dealings will be brought out into the light of day. This mob will do any thing to get this Royal Commission closed down. But unfortunately I have the feeling it will be another one of those episode’s where the evidence will be contaminated and those who are responsible will fade into the distance with innuendo and rumor being the only accusations following them. If the Government moves and brings in laws where the Union Movement is required to present a set of audits each year along with an annual report in line with all commercial organisations and clubs this would have the effect of cutting of the money stream to those who are siphoning the system. Although Shorten would be devastated to see this happen, he would support it as it would be in his favor to. He has his, and now wants all the threats to stop.

  11. Is or has the good Justice been a member of the Liberal Party? And does he hold shares in any building or construction companies? There seems to be a long family association with the Liberal side of politics. Perception of bias undermines the work of the Commission.

    • Bill Hughes, you really spoiled my reading. Like the labor party who are at this time trying desperately to throw grenades into the Commission, you really are a splinter of a said Grenade.

      • Yes, I was reading the emails (hope they’re genuine) printed in the press that showed that Mr Burton SC confirmed Justice Heydon’s speech presentation…..I think the date was only about a month after Justice Heydon had been put in charge of the current Royal Commission….

        And it all followed so soon after Justice Heydon left the High Court of Australia…..and I believe from what has been quoted in the press, (Hope it’s accurate) with a parting blow to what he perceived as the “tribal thinking,” and “lack of independence” amongst others in the High Court. Boy he really stood up for his beliefs and his values didn’t he. You might say, he left his mark!. Mmmm.

      • If the Unions do force Justice Heydon to step down, they may just end-up with some one who is really biased against the Unions and the scheming of the Labor Politicians who siphoned of cash from the Union funds. It just may work out that what they now have is safer then what they are going to get. It is time any way that all these thieves paid the Piper for their crimes.

  12. In the decades of having been in the courts I had ample of judges disqualified for bias or perceived bias, and do not hold that Heydon acceptance of an invitation in itself is so to say a hanging offence where he cancelled the same. considering his overall conduct as a Royal Commissioner that I am aware of I cannot perceive any bias.

  13. Frank Scargill I would like to see every corrupt office holder prosecuted, regardless of their political persuasion. Shorten is just a numbers man and the AWU a terrible union which regularly does deals to the detriment of their members. I think some of the employers may also have acted in a less than honourable fashion. The credibility of the Commission is the immediate problem.

  14. Surely when one analyses an issue, the evidence is what should be followed in a rational manner. I can’t understand why Justice Heydon was even offered the invitation.
    This was a very dangerous invitation to him.

  15. Charges are likely coming Shorten’s way which he himself probably knows, and this is a desperate shot across the bow.

  16. Look – Bill Shorten, in my personal opinion, has more ‘front’ than a Carlton pie shop – I hate the dwarf featured twat that abuses poor Asians whilst working in their honest business, but he does (although it sickens me) have a point.

    That point is called ‘Procedural Fairness / Natural Justice.
    Dreyfus, even though he is only an SC knows this and is playing it for all he (the bent little fudgepacking supporting prat) can.

    Natural Justice is justice, seen to be done.
    In the eyes of the common man (or the man on the Clapham Omnibus as it used to be called) –


  17. The fact that your article here is bias in itself blows all your arguments out the window.. The admission of his own negligence in not realising it was a Liberal Party function and fundraiser and the fact that he stated that he would be available to attend the same function at a date after the RC had completed, at least gives the impression of perceived bias.

  18. I agree totally Shane that the reason why that Shorten, the Labor party & the ACTU are accusing Justice Heydon of favoritism & bias is that the Royal Commission is exposing so much union corruption in a short space of time, & that the labor/union power base is crumbling around them. Labor & the unions will make up any lie to manipulate the media & the Australian people that Justice Heydon & the Royal Commission are liars. There is no stopping this Royal Commission now. By the end of the year, this Royal Commission will be causing major destruction against the labor party & the unions. This whole thing against Justice Heydon is a non-story, defamatory & totally false which will achieve nothing for the labor party & the unions. Shorten, the labor party & the unions are going to lose on this. Justice Heydon has done a great job as the Commissioner. The clock is still slowly ticking against Shorten & others.

  19. Kurt, if the email confirmation(dated 11-4-14) from Justice Heydon accepting the offer to speak at the Sir Garfield Barwick lecture doesn’t create a conflict of interest for the judge then “living is easy with your eyes closed” (John Lennon).
    This is the issue.
    Anyone want to offer a suggestion as to how an intelligent ex High Court of Australia judge fell for that??

    • Good point. Heydon & his supporters couldn’t explain it then and in 2021, having since learned so much about the judge’s creepy private behaviour, no one would give him the benefit of any doubt on any question of personal integrity. Heydon’s 10 day withdrawal writing 20,000 words to acquit himself of a perception of bias which was visible from deep space, was utterly disingenuous & risible to any lay person not mesmerised by lawyer’s claims to authority and said it all for Heydon & his LNP lickspittles back then. In 2021 John Howard has not yet faced any inquiries for his children overboard & Iraq lies, the Aust Wheat Board scandal, Tampa, bugging Timor Leste. In that context the insinuation that Heydon might lean left is as childishly uncritical as journalism in Australia ever gets.

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