Bill Shorten

Bill Shorten and Michael Danby accuse Commissioner Dyson Heydon of supporting rape in marriage

It is widely known in politics and the media that Bill Shorten uses online trolls to trash the reputation of anyone he sees as a threat or competitor to his interests. What is not widely reported is that Mr Shorten is also defaming the reputation of Royal Commissioner Dyson Heydon and using his Parliamentary Secretary Michael Danby, at the taxpayer’s expense, to assist.

There would probably be enough evidence below to charge Bill Shorten, Michael Danby and their main troll Andrew Landeryou with attempting to pervert the course of justice. It also raises questions regarding the character of Bill Shorten and gives a guide to what he would be like if he was elected Prime Minister.

The allegation Shorten and Danby are making is extremely serious and false. They claim that Trade Union Royal Commissioner Dyson Heydon supports rape in marriage. They do this via Twitter Troll Andrew Landeryou who is their friend and aligned to them in the ALP Unity faction. Danby is Bill Shorten’s Parliamentary Secretary and has made the mistake of also using his Twitter account to support the defamatory Tweets which leaves a trail of evidence directly back to himself.

The purpose of this is very clear given it also happened when Bill Shorten was in the witness stand on July 8th 2015. It is a blatant attempt to harass and intimidate Royal Commissioner Dyson Heydon.

Bill Shorten claims how stressful it was on him and his family to have “abhorrent” rape allegations made against him yet he is more than happy to do something very similar to Dyson Heydon, Heydon’s family and others.

The false claim

The basis of the false allegations is a deliberate misinterpretation of a judgement by Dyson Heydon when he was a judge of the High Court of Australia.

A man was charged in 2009 for raping his former wife in 1963 when they were married. What Dyson Heydon and the High Court had to decide was if rape in marriage was a crime in 1963, not if it is a crime now.

“Most countries have criminalized marital rape from the late 20th century onwards; very few legal systems allowed for the prosecution of rape within marriage before the 1970s.” (Click here to read more)

Even one of the articles quoted to justify the defamatory comments about Dyson Heydon actually supports Heydon when you read it. (Click here to read more)

So a High Court decision about whether rape in marriage was a crime in 1963 is being used to falsely say that Dyson Heydon supports rape in marriage now.

Twitter messages (Tweets)

The attacks started last year including the “supporting rape” allegations. This was clearly done with the full support of Michael Danby and as Bill Shorten’s Parliamentary Secretary Danby would not have acted in such a way without Bill Shorten’s approval. And there is no way Landeryou would have Tweeted what he did when Bill Shorten was in the witness stand without Bill’s approval.

The below message was published in on the 19th December 2014 and Michael Danby helped promote it as you see his photo at the bottom of the message next to where it says “FAVORITES”.

Landeryou - Dyson 19 Dec 2014

Michael Danby Twitter

Michael Danby’s picture on his Twitter account.

There are a number of other Tweets to the same effect that make the same allegations against Dyson Heydon which Michael Danby also supported by either Retweeting and/or Favoriting. (Click here to see)

Andrew Landeryou says that “In 2012 judgment Dyson Heydon thought a husband ought be legally free to rape his wife #turc” and then puts a link to the judgment. That is a total lie and Landeryou knows it.

Very few people, if any, will ever read the judgment and Landeryou puts the #turc in the message so everyone following the Trade Union Royal Commission on Twitter will see the message. With Danby’s photo from his Twitter account at the bottom of the message he is letting everyone know he supports the defamatory message.

Other Tweets

Landeryou - Dyson 18 Dec 2014


Landeryou - Dyson 21 Dec 2014

Two Tweets when Bill Shorten was in the witness stand on July 8th 2015

Landeryou - Dyson 8 July 2015

Landeryou lying about being an ALP member. His wife Kimberley Kitching ran for ALP preselection for three seats and a Senate seat at the 2013 election. She lost all of them.

Landeryou - Dyson 8 July 2015 - 2

Landeryou even lied last year on Twitter about knowing his wife Kimberly Kitching. Both are good friends of Bill Shorten. (Click here to read more)

The point regarding Landeryou’s lies about being an ALP member and not knowing his wife is that he is a compulsive liar which supports the fact that he is knowingly lying about Dyson Heydon.

Bill Shorten’s Crime Gang

Bill Shorten and his supporters are in a lot of trouble with the Royal Commission quickly closing in on them and they will do anything to try and survive. The problem is that are not overly intelligent and their time is almost up. The financial base for Bill Shorten’s behind the scenes political activities over the last few years has been the HSU Victoria Number 1 Branch and it is almost bankrupt.

The secretary of the branch, Diana Asmar, has lost legal cases in the Fair Work Commission and the Federal Court of Australia regarding criminal conduct by her and other staff members at the branch. Criminal charges have also been recommended against Asmar and 6 other staff by the Trade Union Royal Commission. Asmar is playing for time and continues to waste member’s money on appeals she knows she will lose. But Asmar is only the puppet for her husband David Asmar and Andrew Landeryou. Bill Shorten is the ultimate power behind the HSU Victoria Number 1 Branch.

Once Diana Asmar and the HSU Victoria Number 1 Branch crumble so will Bill Shorten’s credibility as he is the one who had them installed and they are his supporters.

Shorten’s displeasure with the Royal Commission lifting the lid on the corruption at the HSU Victoria Number 1 Branch and recommending criminal charges against some of his supporters is another motivator for the defamatory Tweets.

Michael Danby

Michael Danby was in the audience at the Royal Commission on the 8th of July for no reason other than to support Bill Shorten. Should taxpayers be paying for Danby to fly to Sydney and sit in audience at the Royal Commission for the day and to be on Twitter helping defame Commissioner Dyson Heydon?

Andrew Landeryou

Shorten has form on the board for this type of tactic. Last year I wrote about Bill Shorten using Trolls to defame and harass journalists and witnesses at the Royal Commission. (Click here to read more) And last month Fairfax Media wrote about Bill Shorten’s main Troll Andrew Landeryou and said this:

“Shorten’s watchdog”

“Shorten is renowned for editing friends and allies as politically required, but one key player has remained close throughout his ascendancy – old Melbourne university mate, notorious former blogger and sometime business consultant Andrew Landeryou.”

With keen political instincts honed from childhood at the feet of his Labor Right stalwart father, Bill, Landeryou is Shorten’s unofficial adviser, wordsmith and watchdog.

“Bill’s muse” is how Stephen Conroy, Shorten’s joint Right faction chief, is known to describe him.

“As Shorten worked towards a seat in Parliament and then the Labor leadership, Landeryou ran vicious blogs The Other Cheek and VEXNEWS, turning his ire on anyone who challenged his friend’s political interests: politicians, unionists, business figures and journalists were targeted. He was relentless in his attacks on Sercombe during Shorten’s move on Maribyrnong.” 

“In July 2013 ahead of the September federal poll and Shorten’s elevation to Labor leader, Landeryou finally closed down VEXNEWS. His old friend had offended so many in the ALP he was now in danger of becoming a political liability.”

“But the pair still talk often and socialise regularly. Landeryou spends time with Shorten at weekends; he helps with tactics and speeches, and plays the role of a backroom factional fixer.” (Click here to read more)

Just for the record Fairfax did get a few things wrong. The only consulting Landeryou does is when it relates to committing fraud at unions such as the Melbourne University Student Union and in recent times the HSU Victoria Number 1 Branch. Other than that Landeryou is nothing more than an alcoholic Twitter Troll going nowhere.

Landeryou is also the Grim Reaper of the Australian Labor Party because wherever he goes political careers die. Best example of that is Landeryou’s own wife, Kimberley Kitching, whose political career has been destroyed because of Landeryou’s corrupt and criminal habits. Landeryou’s “skills” are also playing a huge part is destroying Bill Shorten’s career as well.

In legal proceedings it is a game of strategy – Bill’s Big Blunder

Bill Shorten Royal Commission

Bill Shorten made a huge mistake in demanding to give evidence at the Royal Commission earlier than the RC had requested. (Shorten wanted and received a July hearing instead of the initial date of August or September the RC planned) Shorten did this hoping the Royal Commission were not as prepared as they might be. Problem for Bill is that the Royal Commission have in effect used it as an excuse to call him a second time if need be which is 99% guaranteed of happening. (Click here to read more) The Royal Commission is currently investigating all the perjury that Bill Shorten told on the 8th and 9th of July when he was in the witness stand. (Click here to read more) They will use the evidence they are currently collecting to question him a second time.

The Royal Commission should be asking Shorten when he is next in the stand about the “rape in marriage” allegations being published on Twitter by Andrew Landeryou and promoted by his Parliamentary Secretary Michael Danby.

It is the constitutional right of every Australian to make allegations of corruption against government officials (see Coleman v Power – HCA) but making deliberately false allegations in an attempt to harass and intimidate a Royal Commissioner is another story.

Shorten has bush fires all over the place as more and more people line up to dump on him and his corrupt empire starts to unravel. This will likely come to a head in the next 4 or 5 weeks when Bill Shorten is back in the witness stand at the Trade Union Royal Commission and they put the blowtorch back on Shorten’s dodgy past.

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  1. No wonder people are so disillusioned with the Political Leadership in Australia (on both sides of Politics), the sooner that the Old Guard of the ALP are extinguished the better and the sooner Bill Shorten is deposed as the Leader of the ALP the better everyone will be… !!

  2. Shorten is not smart enough to first create a strong foundation on which to build his fabrications, and the sooner the RC earthquake starts the better to break him into small, useless pieces.

  3. We all agree that Shorten is a grub and a hypocrite but according to the opinion polls he will be the next Prime Minister. The Australian public or at least 53% of them are masochists or suffer from amnesia. If he gets in I, for one will emigrate to Bangladesh, In some respects I would like to see Shorten win the election and let the people get what they deserve. I just hope there are enough cupboards in the lodge to house all his baggage and skeletons. One thing that has worked out good for Shorten is they got rid of Bronwyn Bishop which was the object of the exercise, poorly disguised as a stone throwing practice for hypocrites who live in greenhouses. She was so delightfully biased it was obvious she would not last long. It is quite refreshing to see Shorten and his mob stirring up garbage to discredit the Abbott team and then getting bitten in the bum for their efforts. Allan Usherwood from Myalup WA.

    • Bill Shorten and his criminal gang have already been exposed for what they truly are Allan. This recent development on their unspeakable attacks on Justice Dyson Heydon shows that Bill Shorten is a disgusting person who will try any dirty trick in the book for political advantage. I have no doubt now that Bill Shorten’s political career is slowly dying of a thousand cuts. Even if Shorten becomes PM he will become even more unpopular than Abbott. If Shorten wins the election it will not be an endorsement of him, it will be a voter backlash against Abbott. But Shorten’s expected appearance for the second time in the Royal Commission will almost certainly trash his reputation and will make his leadership terminal. Shorten will eventually be replaced as leader down the track. The clock against Shorten is slowly ticking.

  4. Personally I find the twitter-world disgusting and I will not be part of it.

    I agree with you Shane that Landeryou is ‘a piece of work’ I actually thought he would be in jail by now.

    I watched Bill Shorten in the Royal Commission and I would agree that the commission would have plenty to question him on.

    It is well-known that Shorten is very friendly with Landeryou, well perhaps some truths will come out in the coming weeks, I hope so.

  5. Yep – if you hover over the first picture in the Retweets / Favorites section it says “MichaelDanbyMP” (Verified account):

    Looks like he’s tried to cover his tracks by deleting all of his old Tweets, but the Internet never forgets:

    If he was in any way “honourable” he would apologise to Dyson Heydon, but I think we all know that’s not going to happen.

  6. What a filthy lowlife pack of dirty scum this lot are. To try and destroy the reputation of a great Judge and decent human being to try and salvage a few points relating to their own disgusting lives.
    Shorten is a dirty putrid rapist and I hope to see him destroyed.

  7. The current polls show Bill Shorten leading Tony Abbott for PM. People can’t possibly be that stupid, Can They ? Here we have a Prime Minister who will sacrifice his job for his country, & an opposition leader who will sacrifice his country for the top job.
    Haven’t the voting public learned a a big lesson from the 2 previous ALP PM’s, Rudd & Gillard who near destroyed this country, socially & economically ?
    Wake up Australia before it’s too late !!!

    • was getting rid of Bishop his aim – or getting rid of Bishop and Burke who was seen by many as his “Julia” first impression was he’s not smart enough – second thought – he’s sly n devious enough to do it

  8. “The problem is that are not overly intelligent”. I think that sentence perfectly sums up people like Shorton et al.

    Scum does rise to the top but it’s supposed to be skimmed off and thrown out. Clealy not in the Labor Pardy.

  9. Danby. No more need be said. Treasonous filth, only interested in somewhere other than Australia (along with his mate Dreyfus) as outlined (perhaps unwittingly) by Bob Carr in his much slagged but surprisingly informative book.

  10. There is an old saying “The best form of defence is attack” which is exactly what the creepy, slithery labor grubs are doing.
    I sincerely hope the royal commission gets a move on, and gets all labors dirty linen aired before the next election. Then hopefully the Australian voters finally wake up to the unceasing corruption in the labor party.

  11. Labor’s recent attacks on Heydon suggest they know that charges are coming. This is a classic “shot across the bow” move.

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