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Further pieces of the puzzle that Malcolm Turnbull abused the law in covering-up crimes by Kerry Packer

Further pieces of the puzzle have been revealed of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s corrupt conduct in the 1980’s trying to conceal the crimes of Kerry Packer from the Costigan Royal Commission and later from the CDPP. Putting the pieces together it now seems certain that the former and first Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions (1984-1989) Ian Temby QC is the one who ultimately covered up Kerry Packer’s crimes.

And other key details previously reported last week have been confirmed by the below newspaper article published in 1989 in The Sydney Morning Herald. This is on top of corruption allegations that I published last week that were made against Malcolm Turnbull and his partner Bruce McWilliam in the 1980’s in their attempts to cover-up the criminal conduct of Kerry Packer. (Click here to read more)

The below newspaper article confirms that Malcolm Turnbull’s alleged former mistress Debbie Huber worked for the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions Ian Temby at the time he would have been considering criminal charges against Kerry Packer.

The article below says in relation to Debbie Huber after her time at University:

“She then joined the Sydney law firm Stephen Jacques and Stephen, as it was then called. Later she became a prosecutor for the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions, Mr Ian Temby QC, handling such cases as the Tina Wong prosecution and a number of narcotics trials.”

“I loved prosecuting” she said. “It was fun work but there comes a time in every litigation solicitor’s life when they get sick of telling barristers of what to say and then having to listen to them say it.” 

Ms Huber thought about going to the bar, but instead joined Malcolm Turnbull’s legal firm, handling such clients as Mr Geoffrey Edelsten, Mr Alexander Barton and Mr Kerry Packer.

Ms Huber stayed with Mr Turnbull for a while after he formed the Whitlam-Turnbull investment bank, but not seeing her future in that field, left to join Russell Reynolds. (Russel Reynolds was a recruitment firm for law firms.)

As I said in the last post the reason my sources told me she left Malcolm Turnbull’s investment bank was when there were questions asked about her “personal trades”.

(Click here to see the full page)

It was huge conflict of interest for Debbie Huber to work for Malcolm Turnbull’s law firm Turnbull McWilliam and their client Kerry Packer given Ms Huber had just recently left the CDPP who at the time were considering criminal charges against Kerry Packer resulting from evidence uncovered during the Costigan Royal Commission.

The Costigan Royal Commission which ran from 1980 to 1984 “was established by the Australian government in 1980 to investigate criminal activities, including violence, associated with the Painters and Dockers Union

During the Costigan Royal Commission Fairfax Media published a news story on Kerry Packer: “In 1984 Fairfax newspaper The National Times published leaked extracts of the Commission’s draft report which implicated a prominent Australian businessman codenamed the “Goanna” in tax evasion and organised crime, including drug trafficking, pornography, and murder. Australia’s richest man, media magnate Kerry Packer revealed himself to be the subject of these allegations which he strenuously denied. (Click here to read more)

When the Royal Commission ended the evidence was sent to the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions who did nothing with it. As I wrote last week:

“Much of the Goanna material was, as Packer described it in an 8000-word statement crafted by Turnbull and issued in 1984, “grotesque, ludicrous and malicious”. But the tax findings were not lightly based, nor easily dismissed. Even though the then attorney-general Lionel Bowen declared that Packer had been cleared of all allegations against him, Meagher later revealed that briefs for prosecution were prepared against Packer in relation to tax evasion after the commission was wound up. Costigan had told him three “very senior counsel” based in Sydney “each looked at them independently and recommended prosecution”, but it didn’t occur.”

“Packer was a man of great influence,” Meagher said. “He wasn’t cleared. Not at all.” (Click here to read the full article)

So with the new details about Ian Temby QC being the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions from 1984 to 1989 we know he is the one who had the final say on whether or not to prosecute Kerry Packer. So why didn’t he prosecute Packer given: three “very senior counsel” based in Sydney “each looked at them independently and recommended prosecution”, but it didn’t occur? Was a favour called in or did money change hands?

Did Malcolm Turnbull communicate directly with Ian Temby regarding Kerry Packer after the Royal Commission finished in 1984 or did Debbie Huber do that on behalf of Kerry Packer?

A lot of questions still need to be answered but the above article was a good find from a KCA supporter as it confirms many details and sheds new light on other areas. I’ll keep investigating. And just for the record I haven’t received any answers to the questions or allegations that I emailed last week to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Bruce McWilliam, Nicky McWilliam or the questions I sent to Debbie Huber on Facebook.

As a side issue I ran into the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions Sarah McNaughton SC in the lift as I was going to serve court paperwork on Friday (16/3/18).

I said: Hi Sarah.

Sarah McNaughton replied: Do I know you?

I said: Yes I’m Shane Dowling & I sent you an email & you didn’t respond. I’m going to your office to serve court documents.

Sarah McNaughton got off at Level 1 instead of her office on Level 10. I had a look out the door of the lift on Level 1 and saw it was a Telstra office. So, unless Sarah McNaughton was upgrading her mobile phone she did a runner. She was probably worried I would video her, ask questions and upload it to the internet which I have done to lawyers in the past. McNaughton is currently involved in trying to stitch me up with criminal charges for an email I sent in September 2016. But it’s going pear-shaped for them to say the least.

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  1. It is absolutely MIND BLOWING when you start connecting all of the DOTS.

    I think it is fair to say, that unless you have been involved in corruption and fraud then you might not be fit to become a PM…

    Not sure what dirty laundry Abbott and Rudd have, but Gillard and Turnbull certainly have plenty to hide.

    While out Governments and Commissioners are run by former Legal Practioners, what HOPE do we have.

    They are PATHOLOGICAL liars and will go to extreme lengths to protect their colleagues, clients or themselves we they are caught out..

    Put simply, they should’nt be allowed in government 🤨

    • I think John Howard worked for Stephen, Jacques and Stephen as they used to be known in 1960’s.. 

      In 1987, became Mallesons Stephen Jaques. Stan Howard was Chairman partners in 90’s. Michael Kingston partner also, then Head Legal ASIC now Aust Solicitor General…

      • yep and stokes right hand man, known as the most aggressive lawyer in Australia is Turnbull’s best mate. they went to uni together and play sport together each week. No, can’t possibly anything untoward going on.

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