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Time for Bill Shorten to stop lying about the Emma Husar bullying – fraud investigation

Federal Labor leader Bill Shorten is in a lot of trouble with his claim that he was only made aware of the bullying and fraud allegations against federal MP Emma Husar when he was approached recently by BuzzFeed News journalist Alice Workman. It is totally unbelievable, and it has already been reported he knew last year.

The Emma Husar bullying allegations have apparently been known by many federal Labor members for over a year. If that is the case, then why didn’t any of old media in the Canberra Press gallery break the story? Did they sit on it like they sat on the Barnaby Joyce story because they say it was a personal issue?

With Emma Husar the writing was on the wall so to speak (actually on Facebook) back in 2016 just before the federal election when Emma Husar was caught deleting embarrassing posts. One Facbook post said:

“politicians, I want to be one, you can lie, steal, cheat and use other people’s money to go on holidays – the best job in the world”. (Click here to read more)

If you are not up with the story it broke on Thursday (19-7-18) with the headline:

Federal Labor MP Emma Husar is being investigated over allegations of workplace bullying and misconduct within her Western Sydney electorate office after a number of former staff members came forward with complaints against her.

The investigation — which was commissioned by NSW Labor and has been running since March — is being led by barrister John Joseph Whelan and is expected to be completed in coming days.

The scope of the Husar investigation has included allegations of bullying, harassment, verbal abuse, intimidation, and misuse of staff.

Husar told BuzzFeed News she was horrified to learn that complaints had been made about her and claimed that no staff member had raised issues with her.

“The assertions that have been made do not reflect who I am or how my office operates,” Husar said.

Husar did not respond specifically to any of the allegations put to her by BuzzFeed News.

BuzzFeed News understands nearly all witnesses have given evidence anonymously, out of fear of repercussions from the powerful Right faction of the party, which is led by NSW general secretary Kaila Murnain.

At least one former staff member has told investigators they are considering taking further action against Husar over her alleged conduct towards them.

A number of former Husar staff told BuzzFeed News they have cancelled their membership with the United Services Union (USU) after the union refused to represent them at the investigation. The secretary of the union, Graeme Kelly, is a powerful member of the NSW Right, closely aligned to Murnain, and sits on the state branch’s administrative committee.

It is no secret in Canberra that Husar’s office has seen high staff turnover. During her two years in federal parliament, she’s had more than 20 employees through her electorate office (in four full-time equivalent positions).

Former staff have given evidence to the Whelan investigation about what they saw as Husar’s inappropriate management style and staff expectations — including requiring staff to babysit her children during and outside work hours. They also allege staff were instructed to walk her dog and clean up its faeces.

Husar currently has a staff member living with her who performs household and nannying duties.

Sources with knowledge of the arrangement questioned whether it was an appropriate use of a taxpayer-funded employee under parliamentary guidelines. (Click here to read more)

In an attempt to stop the bullying story growing Bill Shorten sent out lines for the Labor MP’s to use in media interviews as per below.

Labor frontbencher Anthony Albanese parroted the lines on the Today show Friday morning.

“I know she is a single mum, works incredibly hard, represents her electorate very strongly. I find her a terrific person to deal with,” he said. “I had not met her frankly before she ran for Lindsay, but I find her a very good local member of parliament.”

The investigation is only probing Husar’s behaviour in the workplace over the past two years, although evidence about her conduct outside the office has also been presented. (Click here to read more)

The latest news on the issue is:

Labor Is Considering Whether To Disendorse Embattled MP Emma Husar Before The Next Federal Election (Click here to read more)

Social Media has also stepped up with stories as per the below story by Grace Hu in the comment section on BuzzFeeds Facebook page.

Shorten is in trouble

Bill Shorten wants the public to believe that the Labor Party enquiry into Emma Husar’s alleged bullying has been going for 3 months but he only found out this week on Wednesday when he was asked media questions. It’s the old case of the cover-up will be a bigger scandal than the original problem. If Bill Shorten had’ve ordered an investigation when he found out last year he wouldn’t have the problem he has now but old habits die-hard and he went for the cover-up routine.

Shorten’s lie is one of the reasons that could see this issue escalate to the levels of the recent Barnaby Joyce scandal. What’s for certain is that many people in the Labor Party will be working overtime trying make sure that issue doesn’t get much traction with the media, but it is too late for that as social media will keep on driving it and it will become a huge distraction and embarrassment for Bill Shorten and the Labor Party until Emma Husar resigns.

Admin: I was in court for the Capilano Honey and Ben McKee appeal on Thursday (19-7-18) where they are appealing against the lifting of the suppression orders in their injurious falsehood and defamation case against me. I thought the appeal went fairly well. The judges reserved their decision.

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  1. Anyone who can burn through 20 employees in four full-time equivalent positions in two years is clearly not a manager or a leader worthy of parliament.

    • Have to differ a tad having taught leadership in a former guise. She might be a manager, poor one at that but agree she isn’t a leaders…

      Regrettably there are too many like her ilk sitting in the nations Parliament. I have seen precious few leaders in Politics for probably 20 years now…

  2. I have had dealings with this person as a constituent and have been left with a foul taste in my mouth..
    As far as The USU …I was an active member of this Union during the the acendancy KeIiy, nothing surprises me here.

  3. A paid-by-the-taxpayer staff member living in to look after her three children? It would seem single mother of three Ms Husar has taken lessons from both ends of the spectrum – her ever ready to drink at the trough politician mates AND many of her new-to-Australia constituents with their “you look after my kids and I’ll look after yours and we’ll both get paid by the taxpayer” scam.

    You might even say she has taken these rorts to a new level.

    But you can’t say she didn’t clearly telegraph her plans – she told the world on Twitter what she was planning to do before she even boarded the gravy train.

    One last question. How many fathers are involved in paying maintenance (as he/they obviously are – … aren’t they?) to single mum Ms Husar’s three children?

    • It would seem Ms Husar thinks she has reached her Nirvana… she’s joined the ranks with necessary characteristics in operation… her underlying motto must be, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em… re: her description of pollies…”politicians, I want to be one, you can lie, steal, cheat and use other people’s money to go on holidays – the best job in the world”.

    • Definately it is time that Parliamentary Priviledge was scrapped.
      All this sort of going on’s leaves me totally Disgusted with all Politicians. State and Federal, even Local.

      They continually Thumb their noses at the Taxpayer.
      Our right to Vote is being insulted by the People we are expected to vote for, so why cant we have optional Voting , these politicians have no Conscience. They are all in the ” Game ” to line their own pockets, IT STINKS.

      If any outside Persons were to Carry on like these Politicians we would get arrested.

      Are there NO POLITICIANS LEFT that will stand against all this corruption ?
      That will stand up for the reasons I assume They enter Parliament in the first place, to represent their constituents and listen to the will of the people and should actively inform the public of of what is happening, Honestly.

      I for one would prefer not to vote.
      But I would get fined for the priviledge, Where is the fairness?

      I also disagree with Politicians having to Vote along Party lines, they should always vote with their conscience and not be led like sheep along Party lines.

      I am bitterly disappointed with Modern Day so called Democracy. It Is a disgrace.

      I don’t know how they can sleep at night.

      • You don’t have to vote.You are only compelled to attend the voting station and have your name crossed off. An informal vote – i.e., “none of the above”, is quite acceptable if you honestly believe that there is no candidate on the ballot worthy of your vote. The next best option available if you don’t want to do that is to give your primary vote to one of the minor parties or an independent.

        But be aware that because of the preference system, your vote will eventually bleed down to one of the two major party candidates (the one you placed second last on your voting slip).

  4. I noted the comments as set out by her old Landlord and it appears she makes her own rules. She is a disgrace to be a member of the Aust Parliament.and should be setting an example not being difficult as a tenant!

  5. It appears to be the case in our current society that honest, hardworking, law-abiding Australians are the cause of all the problems in Australia and life in general because the dishonest,lying, cheating, law-breaking, thieves,perpetrators, welfare cheats and disloyal inhabitants have to endure a pathetic, weak slap-on-the-wrist punishment which allows them to snub loyalty to fellow Australians and Australia and continue the life they lead without remorse.

  6. The government plan for the new immigrants is they will have to pass Australian Values test, Our way of life test, Our democracy and Assimilation test. All very good but what about our numerous morally bankrupt politicians failing badly in what they expect form others? Millions of ordinary people have better values and morals than those that are elected to represent them is my view. Our country is no doubt on the path that is of serious concerns to the ordinary people. If there was an excellent Whistle-blower protection neither Mr Shorten nor Ms Husar and for that matter our PM will be in their jobs is my view.
    Those who want to question my views about Mr Shorten and Mr Turnbull please put your hands up and ask why I am saying this.
    If we have only the choice between Mr Shorten and Mr Turnbull we will be better off without having any choice.
    Wake up Australia.



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