Prime Minister Scott Morrison appoints Australia’s most ethically bankrupt lawyer to advise on Federal ICAC

In December 2018 Prime Minister Scott Morrison appointed Australia’s most ethically bankrupt lawyer the recently retired NSW Deputy Senior Crown Prosecutor Margaret Cunneen to advise on a Federal ICAC.

Margaret Cunneen’s appointment doesn’t get any grubbier as she has a long history of lying and deceiving in public office, associating with criminals such as murderer Roger Rogerson and even perjuring herself at the Child Sex Abuse Royal Commission to try to conceal her involvement it getting alleged paedophile Scott Volkers off charges.

Add that NSW ICAC’s own investigation into unsettled corruption allegations against Cunneen and she is the last person in Australia who the government should have advising on how to set up a Federal ICAC. So why has she been appointed? Firstly, the Liberal Party in NSW have had to sack numerous MP’s, and others resigned, in recent years because of NSW ICAC investigations and Scott Morrison and the Liberals don’t want a repeat of that at the federal level so they want a toothless tiger for a Federal ICAC. And secondly, as payback to help Cunneen, to try to restore her destroyed reputation, for her dirty work over the years in helping her corrupt Liberal Party connected mates such as Alan Jones, News Corp journalists and others.

Cunneen has a long history of corruption and most of the below I wrote in 2015 (Click here to read the article) but is worth repeating with some updates given her Federal ICAC appointment.

Interviews with Fairfax Media and The Australian and the big contradictions in answers

In 2011 Margaret Cunneen gave an interview with journalist Kate McClymont at the Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) and gave certain answers in relation to her personal association with major criminal Roger Rogerson. In February 2015 Cunneen gave an interview with 2 journalists from The Australian and gave a different answer. (Click here to read)

This was not a one-off lie. Cunneen has also been caught lying about her relationship with Stephen Fletcher who is facing criminal charges for allegedly paying off over 10 NSW Police Officers to use their betting accounts. (Click here to read the Police Integrity Commission report – Operation MontecristoOne has to wonder, given Fletcher was allegedly paying the Police Officers to use their betting accounts, was he also paying them for anything else more sinister?

Stephen Fletcher and Margaret Cunneen

Margaret Cunneen lied about her relationship with Fletcher in 2011 and implied she would have nothing to do with him again. But last year Fletcher went on holidays with Cunneen’s son Stephen Wyllie and his girlfriend Sophia Tilly after the infamous car crash. So why was Cunneen lying? The ABC last year reported Stephen Fletcher was Margaret Cunneen’s long-term boyfriend.

Roger Rogerson and Margaret Cunneen 2

Roger Rogerson is a former corrupt police officer sentenced in 2016 to life in jail for murder. He is a major league crook and always has been. When he was a police officer he took bribes to protect every type of criminal from murderers to drug dealers. He was kicked out of the force in 1986. Rogerson was charged in the late 1980’s for drug dealing and attempted murder amongst other crimes and he has killed at least two people and probably more. (Click her to read more)

So the question is: Why was Margaret Cunneen at Roger Rogerson’s book signing helping him profit from his crimes in 2009?

When asked about it in 2011 Cunneen said: ”But I know Roger independently. I’ve known him since he was a detective … He was never convicted of anything while he was a police officer.” (Click here to read more)

Is Cunneen for real? Roger Rogerson is and was a major criminal and she should have never been anywhere near him and she knows it. In February 2015 Cunneen had changed her story to that she decided not to:

“continue to snub people who have gone to prison and paid their debt to society. I, and other prosecutors who attended, thought it important that prosecutors don’t subscribe to lifelong punishment.” (Click here to read more)

What dribble! She is trying to hide her scandalous friendship with Rogerson. But her answer raises some very serious questions such as: Who were the other prosecutors who attended the book signing? And: Is the prosecutor who convicted Roger Rogerson of his murder charge one of prosecutors who attended his book signing as a fan? Has Cunneen ever used her position to leak information to Rogerson or helped him in any way?

Based on what Margaret Cunneen told the journalists about the other prosecutors being at the book signing then all the staff at the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions need investigating by ICAC just to be safe.

Scott Volkers

In 2004 Margaret Cunneen gave extremely dodgy legal advice that helped the Queensland Director of Public Prosecutions justify not re-charging swimming coach Scott Volkers on paedophile charges. The Queensland DPP could not justify why the charges were dropped against Scott Volkers in the first place and needed dodgy legal advice to make sure he was not re-charged otherwise the Queensland DPP would be looking very stupid if not corrupt.

Scott Volkers was accused of abusing 3 girls between the ages of 12 and 14 but charges were dropped in 2002. He was re-investigated by police but the QLD DPP decided not to charge him again.

Margaret Cunneen gave some scandalous advice to the QLD DPP that attacked the evidence of the girls and said “a conviction would be difficult to achieve because the girls were unlikely to have had developed breasts and thus the groping allegations would be difficult to substantiate.” (Click here to read more) 

and: “She also questioned whether a female abuse victim could have experienced an orgasm while being abused.”

“It is difficult to accept that Gilbert could have been sufficiently relaxed for orgasm to occur,” Ms Cunneen wrote in legal advice to the Queensland DPP.” (Click here to read more or watch the 7.30 Report interview)

Margaret Cunneen’s advice was disgraceful and there was obviously no legal or medical evidence to support it. It was a clear and pathetic attack by Margaret Cunneen to discredit witnesses and justify not re-charging Scott Volkers.

I think the Volkers matter is important because it really pulls back the curtain and we can see what Cunneen is like behind closed doors. She clearly does favours for friends and gives them the dodgy advice they want to justify their decisions if need be.

The Cunneen / Volkers scandal was uncovered at the Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse last year and Cunneen should have been sacked then. Cunneen tries to make out she is some sought of hero for victims of sexual abuse. What a lie that is, which the Volkers matter shows. How many other criminals has Cunneen helped walk free?

Scott Volkers charged 9/11/18

On the 9th of November 2018 Australian swimming coach Scott Volkers was committed to stand trial on five counts of indecent treatment of a child. (Click here to read more)

Margaret Cunneen and her mate Eddie Obeid

Margaret Cunneen not only had a secret meeting with jailed former NSW Labor MP Eddie Obeid behind the court while his trial was afoot but has also used the media to defend a corrupt coal deal he was involved in. (Click here to read more) For Cunneen to have made public statements defending Eddie Obeid it clearly raises the suspicion she was on his payroll. Then to have a secret meeting with him at the courthouse when his trial was in progress is a scandal. Did she pass on a message to her fellow prosecutor on behalf of Eddie Obeid to go easy on him?

Crown prosecutor Margaret Cunneen shaking hands with corrupt former MP Eddie Obeid outside the NSW Supreme Court in Darlinghurst in February 2016 while Mr Obeid was on trial for corruption.

News Corp, 2GB’s Alan Jones and other media support Margaret Cunneen

You won’t hear to many Australian media outlets criticise Margaret Cunneen’s Federal ICAC appointment. In December 2015 I wrote an article titled “Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp caught bribing Australian Crown Prosecutor for news stories” which started off:

Rupert Murdoch and News Corporation are heading for another major scandal regarding bribing government officials and this time it is in Australia and involves NSW Crown Prosecutor Margaret Cunneen.

Murdoch’s News Corp has a long history of bribing government employees for stories. This was exposed by the UK phone-hacking scandal which also revealed the bribing of UK police and other officials. (Click here to read more)

In the same article I wrote about Alan Jones involvement in supporting Margaret Cunneen and said:

Alan Jones and Chris Merritt on 2GB Monday April 20, 2015 (Click on the audio below to listen)


Alan Jones interviewed The Australian newspaper’s Legal Affairs editor Chris Merritt a couple of days after the High Court handed down it’s judgment in the Margaret Cunneen / ICAC matter.

They went hard attacking ICAC and defending Margaret Cunneen. In the tape you will hear Alan Jones refer to journalist Janet Fife-Yeomans as a source who we now know is one of the beneficiaries from Margaret Cunneen’s leaks.

Channel 7 and Ray Hadley on 2GB are also Cunneen supporters

Interviews with Ray Hadley on 2GB and Channel 7

In April 2015 Cunneen did soft interviews with Ray “Jelly Back” Hadley and Channel 7 News. She did not get asked any tough questions nor did “Jelly Back” raise Stephen Fletcher, Roger Rogerson or her disgraceful conduct in the Scott Volkers matter.

Margaret Cunneen complained that “murderers and terrorists” would not be treated the way she was. Well she should know, look at the above photo of her and Roger Rogerson and how well she treated him. She looks like a love struck groupie with her big smile not a Senior Crown Prosecutor who should have nothing to do with criminals.

If you want the truth about Margaret Cunneen and how scandalous her appointment to advise on a Federal ICAC is you have to go to online websites or social media because half the old media are in bed with her.

When you hear Prime Minister Scott Morrison talk about the Federal ICAC just think of Margaret Cunneen because it shows what a fraud the whole Federal ICAC plan is?

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  1. No surprises here then, the Federal ICAC will be just another window dressing exercise to keep the “proles” (us) thinking Governments are all honest and trustworthy. Shorten and the ALP will be fully behind this extended theater since they are lock step with their partners in Government, the LNP. Its all so predictable.

  2. Absolutely unbelievable that this woman can get away with this! Roger Rogerson is a criminal of the worst kind. She should not be anywhere near him. What a lame excuse she had for attending his book launch. She along with our government think the Australian people are stupid. We’ve got news for her and her corrupt colleagues,and it’s all bad! To quote Clive Palmer. “Aussies ain’t gonna cop it no more”

  3. The ICAC 2014 Operation Spicer inquiry found 9 of ten politicians interviewed had broken the anti-corruption laws. The outcome was that then Premier Mike Baird had the law changed so that corruption is no longer corruption. None of those identified by the inquiry have been prosecuted. As expected the ICAC chairperson resigned. Mike went onto manage in the banking industry.

  4. ‘most ethically bankrupt lawyer’? I think there might be a few challengers for that title. And what do the members of our most corrupt profession do? Naught.

  5. Look to the UK government as usual and continue following in their footsteps since Captain Cook arrived.
    “The Will Of The People” continues to be ignored by legal people and politicians in every country in the world, why, because they can and they do so.
    Keep this at the forefront of the mind when reading, hearing and seeing anything related to judges, lawyers et al and politicians.

  6. Sco Mo and his ‘bugger the Australian people party’ are in desperate survival mode. Oppressive governments can only thrive off the energy and product of the honest proletariats.

    • What is the alternative?

      Not Shorten Union controlled Labor, surely.

      The cooperative of corrupt politicians are spread from side to side but weighted to the left side of politics.

      • There’s no alternative. Shorten is a dangerous grubby individual who will run Australia into the ground.

  7. Timely piece Mr Dowling.

    Today is the final day for public submissions to Scomo’s Commonwealth Integrity Commission Review Panel, cobbled together just prior to the Xmas break.


    Is there no end to their evil genius?

    Here the C’wealth A-G Christian Porter has the gall to politicise an official document by spruiking MC’s bona fides: ‘Margaret Cunneen SC is a longstanding figure in the criminal law fraternity with firsthand (sic) experience of the failings of state integrity bodies at a state level (sic).’

    This ungrammatical little bit of newspeak cunningly disguises the fact that Ms Cunneen had reason to bring an already besieged NSW ICAC to its knees to save herself from awkward revelations of longstanding associations with the criminal fraternity.

    If you can traduce a state integrity commission you are halfway to propagandising why a fed icac should never get up: the statutory regulator is insidiously stripped of its powers then depicted via the Murdoch press, organ of the IPA, as ineffectual and compromised.

    So who better than the highly motivated ex-prosecutor to assist Morrison and his cronies in this mutual project of self-preservation cooked up by a government desperate to ensure the construction of a toothless tiger no matter who wins govt at the next election? An exemplary strategist in the neutering of the state integrity body, the racy lady prosecutor had/has Hadley, Jones, and the rest of the murdochracy on side since the get-go, rendering her skills set invaluable to the crooked Morrison Government in heading off the now pressing electoral matter of an independent federal regulator. Straight to the short-list indeed.

    The media seem to be asleep at the wheel on this one. But then, the barrister-at-law was always one step ahead of the media on the subtleties of the criminal and defamation law, and her dedication as a member of the judiciary to a proactive evasion of justice rather than fighting the good fight for it (see above) certainly warrants some kind of custodial award.

    Given a fed icac is a Labor promise and is becoming a fraught electoral issue, the Morrison Govt has sprung out of the blocks ahead of the parliamentary recess – and while families are on holidays – to simultaneously propose and scarper their CIC policy whilst making themselves look like they are listening. Devious stuff.

    Pressure should be brought to bear on Labor – notwithstanding perceived electoral risk or getting pinged by their own policy (this challenge might be met by ditching the ‘retrospective’ dimension to get it up as a kind of amnesty) – to provide details of their proposal for an independent regulator, a matter of urgency at juncture in the global meltdown.

    By all accounts, a concerned public want an independent Federal ICAC, so that royal commissions – banking, child abuse, aged care, unions, racing industry, etc – do not require establishing after the facts of massive economic and personal injury. Surely no person nor entity should be immune from the law in their corporate or political conduct; the principles of integrity and independent regulation implicitly acknowledge the moral and economic wisdom of averting a car crash rather than mopping up afterwards. The post-democratic bankrupt state will be all that remains once the merging of legislative, executive and judicial powers is achieved at the behest of rapacious business as usual in Oz – and a complacent electorate may be staring right into the abyss on this one.

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