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Is the Victorian government silencing prisoners such as paedophile George Pell and murderer Craig Minogue to cover-up the Lawyer X scandal?

Convicted paedophile Cardinal George Pell is reportedly being investigated in relation to a letter he sent supporters that was published on Twitter. Victoria is the only state with regulations to stop prisoners from having others publish online communication on their behalf. Everything points to authorities wanting to cover-up unrelated government corruption.

The Pell letter is below, and he did not ask people to publish it on Twitter and he does not attack victims so there is no basis to stop him sending letters like it nor is there anything stopping anyone from publishing it. I think publishing the letter is actually positive because it shows Pell has no remorse and it also proves there are still a lot of people in the Catholic Church prepared to support convicted paedophiles like Pell. So, the Church has a long way to go before they can say they are really addressing the issue like they should but that is really a separate story to prisoners being stopped from publishing on social media via others.

I find the letter hard to read but from media reports is says Pell compared himself to Jesus:

“My faith in our Lord, like yours, is a source of strength. The knowledge that my small suffering can be used for good purposes through being joined to Jesus’ suffering gives me purpose and direction,” the letter believed to be from Pell reads.

He told supporters in the letter to make their voices heard, and that they “need not expect the worse”. (Click here to read more)

The government corruption that I believe they are trying to conceal is predominantly the Lawyer X scandal as well as leaks from prison staff and the police that led to convicted drug dealer Tony Mokbel being bashed in February 2019 after it was reported in the paper he was bragging about being released because of the Lawyer X scandal. Tony Mokbel is a key player in the Lawyer X scandal as his lawyer was also Lawyer X (Nicola Gobbo).

Victoria only recently moved to stop prisoners having others publish on the internet and it seems to be motivated by Victorian authorities desire to cover-up evidence of the Lawyer X scandal after the convicted killer and Russell Street bomber Craig Minogue tweeted the below on the 12th of February 2019:

Craig Minogue also had his friend Tweet other tweets about the Lawyer X scandal such as the below:

To me below is one of the most damming Tweets by Craig Minogue as it shows he knows exactly what he is talking about.

IBAC in the above Tweet refers to the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission which is Victoria’s anti-corruption agency. The number in the Tweet, 3838, is the code that was given to Nicola Gobbo when her name was supressed she was known as “Informer 3838”. What Mr Minogue is saying in the Tweet is that Gobbo did not give evidence to Victoria’s anti-corruption agency 2015 inquiry into the Lawyer X scandal and she also won’t give evidence to the current McMurdo Royal Commission so it is all just a huge cover-up.

The Lawyer X scandal is now being investigated by a Royal Commission which largely relates to the Victorian Police using high profile barrister Nicola Gobbo as an informant to rat on her clients to the police while she was still representing her clients. A lot of Nicola Gobbo’s clients were high profile criminals such as Tony Mokbel and there are literally hundreds of cases were criminals might walk free from jail or get compensation so the government wouldn’t like someone such as Craig Minogue Tweeting about it from jail.

Craig Minogue obviously has had access to prisoners like Tony Mokbel who could tell him what to Tweet about the Lawyer X scandal and maybe the government thought Mr Minogue might breach the many suppression orders that the Royal Commission is issuing. If that happened it would have been interesting from a legal viewpoint. What would they do, put him in jail? And how could they prove he even knew what the suppression orders were?

Craig Minogue had the Twitter account, @minogue_craig, set up in his name in April 2018 and which tweeted 473 Tweets until he was stopped earlier this year which was not long after the above Tweets.

SBS reported on the 7/3/19:

Minogue has been tweeting for almost a year via proxy, including about the jail stabbing of drug lord Tony Mokbel in February.

Corrections Minister Ben Carroll said Minogue’s contact was no longer on the approved callers list, and other prisoners trying the same thing would face similar bans.

“Prisoners do not have direct access to the internet, but we have found a loophole where they can use their telephone rights to then ask an independent third party to upload information to the world wide web,” Mr Carroll told reporters.

“Right now we’re updating our corrections regulations to insert a new offence, where prisoners using third parties independently to access social media will have certain privileges taken away, whether it be phone access or their outside prison time in the general yard.”

Mr Carroll has also written to federal Attorney-General Christian Porter and Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton, who oversee the national criminal code, asking to create an offence targeting those third parties assisting prisoners from interstate.

Prisoners will still be able to phone and write to people but the problem with social media is publishing on the internet.

In February, opposition corrections spokesman David Southwick tweeted, and since deleted, a screenshot of Minogue’s Mokbel tweet: “That in Daniel Andrews’ Victoria, we are relying on convicted killer Craig Minogue to tell us what is going on in our prisons, speaks volumes.” (Click here to read more)

Mr Minogue is appealing to the Victorian Supreme Court and MSN reported on the 21/4/19:

Notorious Russell Street bomber Craig Minogue claims he is being unfairly treated because he can’t tweet behind bars.

The convicted cop killer has taken his fight to the Supreme Court saying the ban denies him his ‘basic human rights.’

Corrections authorities have recently cracked down on Minogue’s tweeting, which he has done by relaying messages to a contact outside of prison who then posts them to the internet.

The state government is currently trying to implement laws that would bar all prisoners using social media via third-parties outside of prison.

The laws were sparked after details about the prison stabbing of Tony Mokbel was leaked via the Twitter account of Minogue.

His account, which has been active since 2018, is focused around his prison term and other high profile cases such as Mokbel’s and the informer Lawyer X.

State Corrections Minister Ben Carroll pushed for federal changes to restrict prisoners using contacts on the outside to post to the internet after it was revealed Minogue’s contact lived interstate. (Click here to read more)

I am no fan of Craig Minogue and if he spends the rest of his life in prison, I have no sympathy. But all his Tweets have been about legal issues such as his High Court appeal and are also issues of public interest so he shouldn’t be stopped.

What is of greater importance are the issues that Mr Minogue raises in his Tweets into the cover-up of the Lawyer X scandal by the Victorian government. Mr Minogue Tweeted for almost a year before they stopped him, yet it was only a few days after he started Tweeting about the Lawyer X scandal.

Mr Minogue was probably being briefed by prisoners who had been stitched up by Nicola Gobbo and the Victorian police and being in jail Mr Minogue could ignore the suppression orders the Royal Commission was issuing to cover-up the full truth. The government and Royal Commission would have seen Mr Minogue as a huge threat and danger, and he had to be silenced. The below Tweet suggests that Mr Minogue had a lot of information he was possibly preparing release:

While I do not have sympathy for Craig Minogue, I believe we are all entitled to natural justice and Mr Minogue has won in the High Court at least once so his legal knowledge is at least fair and reasonable which gives some credibility in relation to his Tweets about government corruption.

It says this about Craig Minogue on Wikipedia that Minogue “is an Australian convicted murderer responsible for the 1986 bombing of the Russell Street Police Headquarters in Russell Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Minogue was sentenced to life imprisonment, with a non-parole period of 30 years.”

In 2016, after it was revealed Minogue had applied for parole and following media and public pressure on the Victorian government Daniel Andrews, the Premier of Victoria, legislated to eliminate parole for persons convicted of killing a police officer. The law was applied retrospectively and impacted Minogue’s application for parole. In 2017 Minogue sought to challenge the validity of the new legislation.” Minogue won that battle as the above Tweet shows but the government legislated again to keep him behind bars indefinitely and he has appealed again.

Minogue has since been charged with rape: The 57-year-old was charged in May 2019 with 38 offences, including abduction by force and aggravated rape, relating to two separate attacks on young women in the 1980s. (Click here to read more) His chances of getting out of jail aren’t looking good.

But back to George Pell and the so-called investigation into his letter. It is just a by-product of the Victorian government trying to silence Craig Minogue on social media to cover-up government corruption, so they have had to silence all prisoners on social media and make it look like they have legitimate reasons to do so.

Other states haven’t brought in the new regulation to silence prisoners because it would waste prison guards time for no real benefit which also points to the Victorian government bringing in the new law solely to silence Craig Minogue Tweeting about government corruption such as the Lawyer X scandal. The reality is the whole truth about the Lawyer X scandal will never be known by the public and there are plenty of people in government who want it that way.

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  1. Most people I know who have a doctorate do not publish their “lesser” degrees after their name. That is, you omit the BA (Hons) and just have PhD.

  2. Victoria is the strongest leg of the Australian Judicial Spider. A spider with eight legs, six state and two territory jurisdictions, and a federal head that weaves its dastardly web over the people of this nation. Gobbo, the ex-governor`s daughter, the mob, the police, the disappearance of the head of Barwon Prison after Karl was murdered the government concocted plan that allowed heroin to be sold freely on Smith Street culminating in the highest death toll for any one municipality for overdoses in 2001 are all symptoms of its evil. The so called legal regulators, the Attorney General, The Victorian Legal Services Commissioner, The Victorian Ombudsman, The law reform Commission, Court Services Victoria are all part of this web who work together to protect the harvest that has been stolen from the people. It is a state where if you complain to the legal regulator about fee theft by a large law firm during a serious accident case and refuse to accept the regulators finding of no case you end up getting criminal charges placed upon you. When you go to defend those charges you find the courts protect the legal industry, because they are all part of the same web. Australia law does not respect family or community as it is spawned from piracy and without a treaty with the original people of the land that is based upon respect of family and community the spider will be left to continue its campaign of rape and plunder of the citizens of Australia. Note there are nine letters that form the word Australia and there are nine components to the Australian Judicial Spider.

  3. Yes the ALP was hijacked by Hawke & Keating and the policies introduced by Hawke & Keating were straight from a Liberal white paper created by British Controlled Think Tank. So there is no real opposition to Australia being turned into a police state and the worst of the police state legislation that was quietly passed through Parlament with the full support of Shorten.

  4. All that Craig Minogue and his cohorts need to do to continue tweeting with impunity is to use a nom de plume like, for example: “The Inside Man”.

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