Angus Taylor

Federal fraudster Angus Taylor MP, the man with the power to bring down the government. Scott Morrison gives fraud by government MPs the tick of approval

On Tuesday the Labor Party called for the sacking of federal MP Angus Taylor for lying in parliament and to the Australian public. It could be argued that Mr Taylor carries the title of Australia’s most corrupt politician in parliament as he still has many questions to answer regarding his $80 million Cayman Island fraud and other suspected scams involving Taylor are starting to surface.

The issue for Prime Minister Scott Morrison is he is giving Angus Taylor’s crimes the tick of approval by failing to take action.

The Guardian reported:

A Guardian Australia investigation revealed in June that Taylor met with senior environment officials and the office of the then environment minister Josh Frydenberg in 2017 to discuss the listing of the natural temperate grassland of the south-eastern highland as critically endangered under national environment law.

The meeting took place at the same time investigations were under way into whether the company Jam Land Pty Ltd illegally cleared land containing the grasses in the Monaro region of New South Wales. Richard Taylor is one of the directors of Jam Land and Angus Taylor himself holds an interest in the firm via his family investment company, Gufee.

After Angus Taylor’s lobbying, Frydenberg’s office sought advice on whether protection of the grasslands could be watered down and if that change had to be published. (Click here to read more)

They followed up Wednesday (11-9-19) and said:

The department also revealed in responses to questions from a Senate committee that the meeting took place in Taylor’s office at Parliament House and that no notes were taken by officials present. (Click here to read more)

I wonder who’s idea it was not to take notes at the meeting?

Taylor said the meeting was to discuss the grasslands listing because it was an issue for his constituents but he has been caught out lying and deceiving on the issue many times and has always refused to name the constituents as per the below video where Tony Burke chronicles the lie.

In the video, Angus Taylor doesn’t address the issue of all the lies he told which is raised by Tony Burke but points the finger back at corruption in the Labor Party. That’s the old look over there routine and has toi be taken as an admission by Angus Taylor that he has been caught out again lying and deceiving in parliament and to the Australian public.

What is just as bad as Taylor’s conduct, if not worse, is that “Frydenberg’s office sought advice on whether protection of the grasslands could be watered down and if that change had to be published.” They didn’t want it published so they could conceal it from the public which gives a good indication of treasurer Josh Frydenberg’s ethics and integrity.

It’s also been revealed that Angus Taylor set up a government agency IPFA in 2017 that no one knows if they’ve ever actually done anything but they have three executives earning in the $400,000 range. It sounds like a slush fund for the boys and girls. (Click here to read more)

Then there is the $80 million watergate fraud involving federal MP’s Anguis Taylor, Barnaby Joyce and David Littleproud that will keep festering at least while the drought continues. (Click here to read more)

To prove the current dislike for Government at the moment amongst many country voters only a few days ago on the 5th of September around 3000 farmers, children and business owners marched across the Murray in Tocumwal before an effigy of federal water minister David Littleproud was thrown into the river. (Click here to read more)

David Littleproud effigy

David Littleproud effigy being thrown into the Murray River

It is rare to see that many voters protesting only 4 months after an election. Every day the drought continues the more it will magnify the government’s failings in the eyes of the voter, especially those living in the country. And the voters will start having a closer look at David Littelproud’s own family links to the $20 million Murray-Darling Basin Plan fraud and then turn to have another closer look at Angus Taylor’s $80 million fraud.

Angus Taylor is on target to be the man that brings down the government as his crime spree knows no boundaries and he has been an embarrassment to the government for the last 6 months. Angus Taylor’s handiwork is on track to match the Craig Thomson scandal that plagued Julia Gillard’s government but Scott Morrison won’t take any action. Over the next 2 years or so Taylor’s crimes alone could make the government unelectable.

Admin: I was in court one day last week for the Seven West Media matter and 2 days the week before for the Jane Doe defamation matter final hearing and I had written submissions due on Tuesday which has taken up a lot of my time over the past few weeks. I should be back on track to post more regular for the short to medium term at least.

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  1. I like your post and agree, if the allegations are proven, action should be taken against Angus Taylor, and it may end the LNP Government, but at what cost to the Australian electorate. If this controversy were to end the LNP Government and then obviously, the Union-Labor party would be the next Government of Australia and it’s full of questionable characters, some may even surpass Angus Taylor’s performance. It appears the electorate-voters are being thrown from one Shark tank into the next Shark tank, after decades of problamatic LNP & Union-Labor governance and poor behaviour, we are in desperate need of a new Government, as far away from these characters as possible, and hopefully with a credible interest in the Australian people. Rob.

    • We could do a whole lot worse than having what you described as a ‘Union-Labor party’ government. This current Morrison government has brought Australia to its knees with its blatant lies, arrogance and unbelievable disregard of the poor, marginalised and disenfranchised. And not to mention climate change policies! The Labor Party has always upheld a strong sense of social justice, something that has always been lacking in conservative government, and which is even more evident under Morrisons ‘rule’, even though he calls himself a ‘Christian!’

  2. Sensible people are aware that in almost every country in the world every MP is ‘bent’ in one way or another.
    I fail to understand why we seek honesty from government members when every elected member swears on oath to serve the people and in office continue to ignore the oath because there isn’t any retribution from above, below, behind or beyond.
    Scott Morrison is a typical example of the hypocrites with his supposed dedication to his ‘faith’.

  3. I agree with Roberto. But the answer is we need a new form of governance and parliamentary system. In this day and age, it is unbelievable that we still have this system of governance that allows vested corporate interests to install criminals into the two major parties who prioritize decision-making not on what’s best for Australia but who gave them the biggest bags of cash. In the face of all scientific evidence that the world is spiraling into a climate crisis needing urgent action to mitigate environment destruction, our current governments are accelerating the destruction process. Its like the Nazis but with far greater consequences world-wide and for generations. Things are going to have to change and pretty soon. A federal ICAC with retrospective powers would be a first big step which is why it is being fought against with such ferocity in parliament.

  4. Agreeing with Metadatalata in everything (other than climate change-note:the earth is cooling)
    It is the form of governance which is the problem, which stems from the ability of the banksters to install cronies to further their interests(and make a few illicit millions on the way).First step is an audit of the RBA, then end it once and for all. Then a full audit of every member of parliament(past and present). Then judges, senior bureaucrats, etc. Anyone notice Katherine Keating being filmed leaving Epstein’s mansion, waving to Prince Andrew 10 years ago. I wonder how long his place was under surveillance..Not looking good for her dad.
    Good work Shane for shining the light on these scumbags.

  5. Taylor used to be a shareholder in Derwent Recruitment and their Chairman. They still do most of the recruiting for his Department. You should look into that!

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