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Suspected spy federal MP Gladys Liu to front High Court of Australia next week accused of electoral fraud

The High Court of Australia will hear allegations next Wednesday (18/9/19) that suspected spy Gladys Liu was involved in electoral fraud in her seat of Chisholm at the 2019 election so it looks like Liu’s bad run in the media is about to get a whole lot worse. From what I can see it is an open and shut case of electoral fraud and Gladys Liu will be facing a by-election soon but more on that in a minute.

Scott Morrison says that Gladys Liu had one bad interview but that is a garden variety Scott Morrison lie as Liu has a lot of questions to answer and the issue is far greater than just Gladys Liu anyhow. Chinese interference in Australian politics has been going on for years as all the Chinese political donation scandals over the last 5 years or so have shown.

Gladys Liu’s hidden links to Chinese government bodies was first raised by the ABC on the 16th of August 2019 in an article titled “Australian Liberal MP Gladys Liu’s links to secretive United Front Chinese influence arm” but for some reason it never received much media attention until Andrew Bolt interviewed Gladys Liu this week and it has been driven hard by all media, including News Corp, since.

It is odd for News Corp to run stories that do damage to the Liberal Party but their motivation might have more to do with the fact that former News Corp journalist Anthony Klan resigned from the company in May 2019 and tweeted when he left: “a month ago I resigned from The Australian after 15 years. I had, and have, serious misgivings about the direction that is now being taken. Australia faces unprecedented external threats. To do otherwise, I felt, would be treasonous.”

Mr Klan has since written 2 articles outing a secret deal between Virgin Airlines and Chinese Communist Party linked companies which Mr Klan said News Corp played a part in trying to cover it up. The first article was titled “Mayday: two shadowy Chinese corporations behind Virgin’s plan to control Australian airbase” and the second article published this week (12/9/19) is titled “How Premier and News Corp muzzled Virgin’s secret China flight school story

Some have tried to downplay the Chinese government’s influence and attempted influence in Australia but you don’t have to look far to realize it is on the rise. The retiring ASIO chief  Duncan Lewis said recently that “state espionage and foreign interference poses an “existential threat” to Australia in a way that extremist terrorism does not.”

Scott Morrison played the racism card to try and stop the Liu scandal gaining traction, as per the below video, and implied the Labor Party is full of racists for raising issues about Gladys Liu but that has backfired as half the country want answers and we aren’t all Labor voters.

The response to Scott Morrison’s dodgy claims is best said by federal Labor Party Senator Penny Wong in the below video who’s background is reported on Wikipedia as being “born in Malaysia to an Australian mother and Malaysian father ” and the “first Asian-born member of an Australian cabinet”.

A question was put to Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Friday (13/9/19) about the racism allegation as per the below video: “Prime Minister why was it racist to question Gladys Liu’s connections to China but it wasn’t racist to call Sam Dastyari ‘Shanghai Sam’?” the reporter asked. For his response Morrison went straight to page one of his playbook which said lie, lie and lie some more.

The current position of most voters would be what independent MP Rebekha Sharkie said in parliament on the issue on Thursday the 12/9/19. “If the Member for Chisholm has nothing to hide, if the Member for Chisholm has nothing to fear, then she will come to this place and make a statement” as per the below video.

Liberal Party leaks

The greatest issue facing both Gladys Liu and Scott Morrison is not what the Labor Party are or aren’t saying but leaks that are coming from within the Liberal Party. Over the last couple of days it has been revealed that Gladys Liu:

  1. Did not disclose membership of Chinese Government-linked organisations before Liberal Party preselection which had to have come from someone in the Liberal Party as the article has a copy of her Liberal Party preselection form. (Click here to read more)

  2. Lui pushed an unusual motion within the Liberal Party to relax foreign investment laws prior to her becoming a federal MP. Again, this leak had to come from someone within the Liberal Party.
  3. Liu in her preselection application, boasted of having raised more than $1 million for the Liberal Party at a series of dinners where VIP guests bought seats for $1,000 each. “However, in February 2018, ASIO director-general Duncan Lewis gave advice that then prime minister Malcolm Turnbull should not attend a function organised by Ms Liu in Chisholm because of concerns about the guests invited to the event. (Click here to read more)

Add the Liberal Party leaks to other allegations that Gladys Liu is not properly declaring donations and running dirty trick campaigns online at the last election etc then a huge problem is growing for Liu and the Liberal Party.

Another issue is a company called AUSTRALIAN ACCESS CAPITAL COMPANY PTY. LTD.  which Gladys Liu is the sole director and shareholder as per ASIC records. Yet Liu failed to declare it on her parliamentary declaration of interests until mid-August 2019 and “that is around the time media were beginning to probe her business affairs and associations” tweeted Senator Rex Patrick who uncovered the problem.

Senator Patrick also pointed out that Gladys Liu was also involved in legal proceedings with the company in 2016 so it was a massive oversight not to declare it on the parliamentary declaration of interests. A quick search and the court matter was Australian Access Capital Company Pty Ltd v Orio Mortgage Finance Company Pty Ltd [2016] FCA 534 (16 May 2016) where Liu was awarded roughly $1.8 million for some financial deal gone wrong with a finance company from what I can gather. The judgment has little detail on what the actual issue was and does not say whether Liu ever received the many as paragraph 24 of the judgment suggests the owner of the finance company went bankrupt.

What is a bigger issue for voters is what did the company actually do and why didn’t she declare it until mid-August 2019. Two other curious aspects of the company are that it was registered in 2008 but also cancelled it’s ABN in 2008 which seems odd and also that on the 1st of August 2019 Gladys Liu made an application to ASIC to deregister the company which is about two weeks before she declared it in parliament. Maybe by then the media had already started snooping and Gladys Liu panicked? The company sounds like a slush fund / money laundering front to me which might explain why she cancelled the ABN in 2008.

To my knowledge, only very small companies can trade with no ABN, which if that is the case then how did Liu manage to get a court judgment in her favour for $1.8 million which suggests it is a reasonably large company. Maybe an accountant reading this might be able to have a better-educated guess of how the company did or didn’t work and could write it in the comment section below.

Senator Rex Patrick is pushing for a “parliamentary inquiry into Australia’s relations with China” in part because of the Gladys Liu scandal and I think a lot of voters would support that. It must be remembered that Sam Dastyari only resigned on the 25th of January 2018 “because he took bribes off Chinese government officials and was caught committing treason by warning a Chinese official that his phone might be tapped by the Australian spy agency ASIO.” And in June 2018 federal Labor Party Senator Kristina Keneally was accused of being a puppet for Bob Carr for the benefit of China. (Click here to read more)

High Court of Australia problem for Liu and the Liberal Party

The High Court of Australia, sitting as the Court of Disputed Returns which hears challenges regarding the validity of federal elections, will hear directions on Wednesday 18/9/19 for the challenge against the elections of Gladys Liu and Treasurer Josh Frydenberg. Both are being challenged for electoral fraud.

The ABC reported:

The challenges centre on Chinese-language Liberal Party posters that appeared at voting booths on election day, which they said were designed to deceive voters.

The posters, which featured the AEC’s distinctive purple and white colouring and were written in Chinese, instructed voters at polling stations that the “correct way to vote” was to place a “1” next to the name of the Liberal candidate on the ballot paper.

They were officially authorised by the Liberal Party’s Victorian state director in small text at the bottom of the poster.


The AEC has previously ruled the posters were not in breach of the Electoral Act because they were properly authorised and the AEC “does not own the colour purple”.

But the applications argued the posters were deceptive because they led voters to believe that “in order to cast a valid vote, the number ‘1’ had to be placed on the green ballot paper that was next to the Liberal candidate”. (Click here to read more)

Gladys Liu and Treasurer Josh Frydenberg will struggle to win the High Court challenge to the validity of their election wins with the likely outcome of 2 by-elections. But we’ll wait and see what the High Court judges decide.

Scott Morrison and the coalition only hold power with a 2 seat majority and if Gladys Liu is forced to resign or the High Court order a by-election the chance is good that Labor will win Liu’s seat of Chisholm given Liu only won it by 1000 votes in 2019 and that is what Morrison is most worried about.

Senator Rex Patrick is right, we do need a parliamentary inquiry because as I said at the beginning of this article the issue is a lot bigger than just Gladys Liu and covers all sides of politics. The Labor Party forced Sam Dastyari to resign and Scott Morrison needs to take tougher action with Gladys Liu and at the very least force Liu to address all the issues in a statement to the parliament.

This scandal won’t be going away anytime soon with the next stop federal parliament on Monday where Gladys Liu will be sure to get a grilling and then she’s off to the High Court of Australia on Wednesday for the directions hearing for the electoral fraud allegations.

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  1. Scott Morrison should be helping Aussie bush-fire victims instead of puncing around with crooks and spending our hard-earned $250 million on a ‘plane which will hardly be used, unless tax-payers have a right to use what they are paying for.
    $259 million would by 5 Air-Crane Helitankers to fight Australia’s regular bush-fires and can be used for SES rescues, medical transport and many other purposes.
    Morrison is already becoming unpopular with the majority of innocent, tax-paying, hard-working Aussies who find the C.O.L is greater than the money earned after taxes, thanks once more to an incompetent servant, the Prime Minister.

  2. Wouldn’t the letter of Section 44 concerning loyalties apply to her as well as to (((certain))) others in our Parliament who appear to remain exempt from the words of our Constitution?

  3. Looks like the account was opened first supplying an ABN to the bank then canceled without informing the bank that it has been canceled. Smells like fish heads to me !

    • Companies legitimately do not require an ABN if they trade under a certain revenue threshold ($75k or thereabouts) and do not require an ABN to operate a bank account.

      A very valid question in the article re being awarded $1.8m to a company with low revenues. Perhapds should be the subject of an ATO review and more.

  4. Well may the *shady* AEC say that it “does not own the colour purple”, but the poster written in Chinese characters constitutes what is (kn)own as “a purple passage” (full of elaborate and pretentious effects).

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