Malcolm Turnbull

Malcolm Turnbull’s lies, crimes and alleged affair which he forgot to put in his new book

Malcolm Turnbull should be in jail for the multi-million-dollar frauds he committed during his time as a federal minister and Prime Minister. But instead, Turnbull is about to publish a book next week titled “A Bigger Picture” which I have no doubt will be full of lies sprinkled with some truth.

Just the frauds and thefts we know about are bad enough such as the $10 million Rainman fraud just before the 2007 federal election. Also, there is the alleged affair with Debbie Huber who previously worked for the Federal Director of Public prosecutions in the 1980’s at a time when authorities were investigating Kerry Packer who was Turnbull’s client.

In this article, I will focus on detailing some of Turnbull’s frauds and thefts as it will help put his book into some context of who and what he is. Even if you do not buy and read his book there are already enough extracts and opinion pieces on the book to get a good idea of what is in it and what isn’t.  

While I have not read Turnbull’s new book which is due for release next week it is almost certain his frauds and corruption will either get no mention at all or very little mention at best although a number made the media when they were committed.

What has been reported so far is that Malcolm Turnbull seems to attack everyone such as Scott Morrison, Tony Abbott and the Member for Manila George Christensen while Turnbull positions himself as some sort of moralistic hero who tried his best for Australia. A lot, if not all, of the criticism of Morrison, Abbott, Christensen and others would likely be justified. But that doesn’t excuse the many failings of Turnbull which he likely avoids like the plague in his book because I haven’t seen any reports saying Turnbull has confessed his crimes.

Malcolm Turnbull’s fraud and theft

Just days before John Howard lost the 2007 election Malcolm Turnbull used his position as Environment Minister to try and steal $10 million via a dodgy grant for his friend Matt Handbury which wasn’t approved by Turnbull’s department. Mr Hanbury claimed his company Australian Rain Corporation could make it rain.

Matt Handbury, who personally donated Malcolm Turnbull’s election fund known as the Wentworth Forum and lived next door to Turnbull, is a nephew of Rupert Murdoch so you wouldn’t have read much about the scandal in the News Corp papers or seen it on Sky News. 

There was no evidence that Australian Rain Corporation could make it rain and in fact, there was a lot of doubt. I published an article in September 2012 titled “Malcolm Turnbull the rain man who speaks with forked tongue” and quoted Hansard where Tony Burke raised the 2007 $10 million rainwater scandal in parliament in 2009 when Malcolm Turnbull was the leader of the Liberal Party in opposition: 

But in the end the department recommended that the member for Wentworth provide them with $2 million for a trial, which was arguably a generous offering, given what had been said about the technology. What did the Leader of the Opposition, as a minister, do with a recommendation to give them $2 million? He wrote to the Prime Minister seeking a lazy $10 million for the Australian Rain Corporation. You have to ask: What would be the circumstances of taking a departmental recommendation for $2 million and turning it into $10 million? Why would the Leader of the Opposition have done that as a minister?”

“This is where we discover that an executive of the Australian Rain Corporation happened to be a next-door neighbour of the Leader of the Opposition. The same person, the same neighbour, was a member of his electorate fundraising committee, the Wentworth Forum, with membership costing a cool $5,000 to get yourself into the room. If you want to find deals for mates, there are stories of deals for mates and there are stories that rest very squarely with the Leader of the Opposition. 

At one point the Rudd government were talking about having an inquiry into the $10 million grant to Australian Rain Corporation but it never eventuated. As it turned out when the Rudd government came to power in November 2007 the new Environment Minister Penny Wong cancelled the grant but $2.97 million had already been paid and there were likely other costs in terminating the funding agreement. (Click here to read more)

There are a lot of unanswered questions that Malcolm Turnbull needs to answer about the Australian Rain Corporation grant which to this very day he never has. I doubt it gets a mention in his book but if it does how truthful would it be given, he has avoided answering questions for over 12 years?

Based on media reports Malcolm Turnbull attacks Rupert Murdoch’s and News Corp’s reputations in a major way in his book which is fair enough but it was Turnbull who used $millions of taxpayers money to grovel to Murdoch when he was Prime Minister. This I assume was to try and get favourable media coverage.

In July 2018 I published an article titled “Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull personally linked to a second multi-million-dollar fraud of taxpayer’s money” which started off:

Malcolm Turnbull has been caught sticking his hand in the government till for $12 million dollars for some dodgy outfit called the United States Studies Centre which directly benefits his wife, his son-in-law James Brown and the Murdoch Family. This is not the first time that Malcolm Turnbull and the Murdoch Family have personally conspired to fraudulently rip-off taxpayers for millions of dollars for their own benefit.

In 2007 Malcolm Turnbull and Matt Handbury, who is Rupert Murdoch’s nephew, were involved in an $11 million rainwater scam but more on that in a minute. And of course, there is the $30 million that Turnbull’s government gave Rupert Murdoch’s Foxtel to further broadcast “women’s and niche sports”. The problem is that nobody knows exactly what the money will specifically be spent on.

The SMH reported in February 2018 “News Corp is refusing to explain exactly how it will spend taxpayers’ money more than six months after the Turnbull government granted Foxtel $30 million.” (Click here to read more) And nothing seems to have changed. But back to the latest scam.

Malcolm Turnbull’s new scam

The financial review reported on Monday (23-7-18) that:

The United States Studies Centre, a foreign policy think tank with close links to the Turnbull and Murdoch families, has been given $12 million by the federal government.

The think tank, based at Sydney University, was established by the American Australian Association to promote the US alliance, train students, develop policy and provide an intellectual counterweight to American critics in Australian universities.

The grant, which was announced on Sunday, will be provided through the AAA, which was co-founded by Rupert Murdoch’s father, Sir Keith Murdoch. (Click here to read more)

Malcolm Turnbull’s alleged affair with Debbie Huber

Malcolm Turnbull’s alleged former mistress Debbie Huber on the right with her sister

In March 2018 I published an article titled ” Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull refuses to deny sexual affair with staff member” which raised a number of issues relevant to his new book and started off:

Malcolm Turnbull is refusing to deny allegations he had an affair with Debbie Huber when she was an employee of his in the 1980’s. Ms Huber’s family are currently involved in an ongoing tax-fraud battle worth over $100 million with the Australian Taxation Office and Debbie Huber seems to have been given favourable treatment so one wonders if the Prime Minister intervened on her behalf?

The third element to this article is that Debbie Huber worked for the Federal Director of Public prosecutions in the 1980’s at a time when authorities were investigating Kerry Packer who Malcolm Turnbull worked for and who was later a client of Turnbull’s law firm he set up with fellow Packer employee and lawyer Bruce McWilliam. Debbie Huber went on to work for Turnbull when he set up the law firm.

On Friday 9/3/18 I emailed questions to the Prime Minister, Bruce McWilliam, Nicky McWilliam and sent questions on Facebook to Debbie Huber and no one has responded which is standard if people have something to hide. Both Bruce and Nicky read the emails as they sent read receipts, but the Prime Minister’s office refused to confirm when I phoned them asking if they intended to respond. (Click here to read more)

Debbie Huber and Lucy Turnbull in the 1980’s

I followed up a week later with another article on the same issue titled “Further pieces of the puzzle that Malcolm Turnbull abused the law in covering-up crimes by Kerry Packer” which started off:

Further pieces of the puzzle have been revealed of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s corrupt conduct in the 1980’s trying to conceal the crimes of Kerry Packer from the Costigan Royal Commission and later from the CDPP. Putting the pieces together it now seems certain that the former and first Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions (1984-1989) Ian Temby QC is the one who ultimately covered up Kerry Packer’s crimes.

And other key details previously reported last week have been confirmed by the below newspaper article published in 1989 in The Sydney Morning Herald. This is on top of corruption allegations that I published last week that were made against Malcolm Turnbull and his partner Bruce McWilliam in the 1980’s in their attempts to cover-up the criminal conduct of Kerry Packer. (Click here to read more)

The below newspaper article confirms that Malcolm Turnbull’s alleged former mistress Debbie Huber worked for the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions Ian Temby at the time he would have been considering criminal charges against Kerry Packer. (Click here to read more)

An article I published in June 2016 is relevant to the 2 previous articles above I quoted from and is titled: “Malcolm Turnbull: The frivolous litigant who “poisoned the fountain of justice” said Justice Hunt” and starts off:

In 1984 Justice Hunt in the NSW Supreme Court said Malcolm Turnbull had “managed effectively to poison the fountain of justice” in relation to defamatory statements Mr Turnbull had made in the media while representing Kerry Packer during the Costigan Royal Commission. Some say it probably also helped end Turnbull’s career in law.

Malcolm Turnbull likes to portray that he was a young super barrister who won a huge case (Spycatcher) and then moved on to business with his career but the reality seems to be different and it is worth reviewing his short legal career.


The real story is that in 1984 Malcolm Turnbull and his corrupt mate Bruce McWilliam instituted frivolous and vexatious defamation proceedings on behalf of Kerry Packer against Douglas Meagher who was counsel assisting the Royal Commission. They used the media and lied, deceived, ducked and weaved and trashed the reputation of Mr Meagher to help legendary tax cheat Packer dodge prosecution during the Costigan Royal Commission.

The proceedings were so frivolous and vexatious they only lasted a couple of days and it backfired badly as the Judge hearing the case unloaded with both barrels mostly directed at Malcolm Turnbull. (Click here to read more)

There is a whole chapter in Turnbull’s book about Kerry Packer and Turnbull’s time representing Packer at the Royal Commission in the 1980’s so it might shed some light on the issue or try and blur it further. Turnbull Tweeted the 2 pages with the chapter titles and you can see chapter 4 says Packer: Defending the Goanna.  (Click here to see page 1 of the chapter titles and click here to see page 2 of the chapter titles.) 

I haven’t even scratched the surface with Malcolm Turnbull’s dodgy history but I wanted to put some of it on the record that most people wouldn’t know or can’t remember to see if any of it makes it into the book. Of course, there is also recent corruption like the Great Barrier Reef Foundation $444 million fraudulent grant that never went to tender but there is so much I probably need to write a book about it as it’s too much for one article.

The media are reporting on the content of Turnbull’s book as a few already have copies but are failing to raise Malcolm Turnbull’s fraud and corruption which is an embarrassment to all Australian media and helps explain, at least in part, why the old media companies are struggling.

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  1. This just shows how ineffectual we, as a nation are. That people in high places are not held accountable, to us,the oil to keep the cogs of greed in power. Carl Williams was an amateur criminal, compared to this criminal greed

  2. The people who are in higher positions of power are the biggest criminals and make the laws and own the police. They never arrest themselves. This is the “democracy” that we are told is so much better then anywhere else in the world.

  3. Yet again well done. Further research is Mrs Turnbull’s pharma companies. And links to Auscann. And more. Happy to supply the info for your further excellent research

  4. I & many, many others, wish that Malcolm would finally “get over it ” & move on. Can’t he see that people are sick of his whining of loosing his PM-ship. He set himself & wife (and his mates) up for life with all his crooked deals while on the taxpayers payroll (& he still is). He is so bitter & now he’s throwing mud at everyone that had a part in his downfall & some..

  5. I will certainly never read Turnbull’s “A Bigger Picture” book. Turnbull is a grub, crook & a liar who has gotten away with so much crooked behaviour over the years. He has made so many enemies because he knows how to screw people & throw them under the bus when it suits him. The stuff he has done that has been mentioned above in the article is more than enough for him to go to jail. Compared to Morrison, Abbott, Christensen & other Turnbull enemies that Turnbull hates, well those Turnbull enemies are not as two faced or slimy as Turnbull is himself. It disgusts me that Turnbull has so many supporters in the media who have basically aided & abetted Turnbull in his corrupt behaviour. The ABC have been Turnbull’s biggest media supporters, and must be held accountable for aiding & abetting Turnbull’s corrupt behaviour. There are many people who have dealt with Turnbull in his professional life, and I think it’s safe to say that those same people want nothing to do with him. Ever wonder why Turnbull finally got replaced as Prime Minister by his own party?. Many of us know the true answer.

  6. Corruption at its worst. The 1% of richest ripping off 99% of Australia. Every single lawyer should be kicked out of Canberra, none of them should be in any party. Criminals.

  7. Australians need only look at how Turnbull got himself into becoming the Liberal member for the Wentworth electorate (after Labor rejected his advances) Yup he bought his way in by introducing
    some 200 paid-up members whom all just voted for him. Thus rolling the sitting member. Legal yes honourable hardly. Morrison is no better !

  8. “In 2007 Malcolm Turnbull and Matt Handbury, who is Rupert Murdoch’s nephew, were involved in an $11 million rainwater scam but more on that in a minute. And of course, there is the $30 million that Turnbull’s government gave Rupert Murdoch’s Foxtel to further broadcast “women’s and niche sports”. The problem is that nobody knows exactly what the money will specifically be spent on.”

    Obviously, this kind of money does not evaporate so easily. When reading things that do not add up, the default assumption should always be espionage networks like the 5eyes. Their agents and operatives need money, too, but cannot always get it openly. When you read Brian Crozier’s book Free Agent, it becomes quite apparent that the Murdoch network was part of the loop. They support those from the circle and smash those who have an independent mind. Turnbull’s failed gold venture north of Irkutsk is not in the book? That’s easy, blame Russians. How Allianz was slotted in here by snuffing hih – wasn’t either? Method: People change jobs, Allianz to Goldman & Sachs and the other way round, and other companies. Easy peasy to get recommendations for deals.

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