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Mark Weinberg QC the corrupt former judge appointed by Scott Morrison to cover up Australia’s alleged war crimes

Mark Weinberg QC believes some people such as judges are above the law and accountability and I know this for a fact because he was filmed on video in 2017 in court saying as much as per below. He is also the person appointed by the Scott Morrison government to cover up the alleged war crimes in Afghanistan committed by Australian troops.

I published an article in June 2017 about Mark Weinberg titled “Australian judges attack political free speech and try to cover-up judicial corruption” and wrote:

“The Supreme Court reserved its decision on whether or not to proceed with contempt of court charges against federal MP’s Health Minister Greg Hunt, Human Services Minister Alan Tudge and Assistant ­Treasurer Michael Sukkar.”

“Judicial bribery was also raised in court on Friday and implied it should not be reported in the media which is amazingly brazen in an attempt to cover up judicial corruption.”

A journalist and The Australian newspaper are also potentially facing contempt charges and they were represented in court by a barrister named Mr Houghton on Friday for the contempt of court committal hearing. Justice Weinberg asked him a question as per below:

Justice Weinberg asked Mr Houghton whether The Australian would have published a story where judges were alleged to have been bribed and were corrupt.

“It would depend on the context,” he answered.

“Is that a serious answer?” the judge responded. (Click here to read more)

Why would a judge ask a question about the media reporting judicial bribery and then say, “Is that a serious answer?” when he got a response he didn’t like. Of course, the media should report judicial bribery. Fairfax Media and the ABC’s Four Corners reported in 2015 that the Australian Mafia bribed NSW judges $2.2 million. (Click here to read more) Was Justice Weinberg suggesting judicial bribery like that shouldn’t be reported? From what he said it seems so. (Click here to read more)

Below is the video of Justice Mark Weinberg trying to intimidate the News Corp barrister about reporting judicial corruption.

Mark Weinberg is also the former Victorian Appeal Court judge who found George Pell not guilty which some might say was supported by the High Court judgment. But the High Court did not support Mark Weinberg’s reasoning and came up with their own arrogant and ignorant reasoning in that they in effect found juries are a waste of time and can’t be relied on.

Whatever the case, if you wanted to get to the truth in the alleged war crimes, Mark Weinberg is the last person you would want as the newly appointed “special investigator” to examine the findings of the Brereton inquiry into the alleged Afghanistan war crimes. (Click here to read more)

Why have the AFP been leaking evidence to the media? Is it because they have no confidence in Mark Weinberg as the special investigator?

Over the last few days, Nine Entertainment owned media such as 60 Minutes, The SMH and The Age have been running stories with newly leaked evidence of new alleged war crimes and other crimes such as concealing evidence by Ben Roberts-Smith. This seems to suggest that the AFP are trying to rattle people or I think more likely the AFP also realise that Mark Weinberg has been appointed as a special investigator to cover up the war crimes.

Ben Roberts-Smith, Kerry Stokes and Mark Weinberg QC

Ben Roberts-Smith, Kerry Stokes and Mark Weinberg QC

Ben Roberts-Smith is now being investigated by the AFP for further alleged crimes

The Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions already have a brief for evidence from the AFP to charge Ben Roberts-Smith with war crimes but now the AFP are investigating him for further alleged war crimes and crimes committed in Australia. (Click here to read more)

The SMH reported (13/4/21):

The Australian Federal Police is launching fresh investigations into former special forces soldier Ben Roberts-Smith and has already seized evidence implicating the war hero in an alleged conspiracy to silence witnesses.

The new evidence includes letters Mr Roberts-Smith allegedly placed in sealed envelopes and planned to send anonymously to SAS soldiers he feared would testify against him at a war crimes inquiry.

The new revelations of sealed envelopes and burner phones come as Mr Roberts-Smith’s employer, the Seven Network, is standing by him in his role as a senior executive. Mr Roberts-Smith and Seven released a statement saying the former soldier denies new allegations that he attempted to thwart police and military investigations by burying USBs. (Click here to read more)

And further evidence has been revealed (14/4/21):

Accused war criminal Ben Roberts-Smith kept more than a dozen Department of Defence drone videos of Afghanistan military operations buried in his backyard, including videos watermarked as “secret” and only to be shared among certain NATO forces.

Access to classified information is supposed to be strictly limited to people who are authorised to view it, and unlawfully having access to it is a serious criminal matter. The Australian Federal Police has previously taken high-profile action against former Commonwealth officials and journalists over allegations they possessed secret government files. (Click here to read more)

Ben Roberts-Smith did respond today to the new allegations and issued a statement (Click here to read his statement) although it said little except to deny everything.

Journalist Nick McKenzie, who has done a lot of the reporting into the allegations against Roberts-Smith, responded on Twitter to Roberts-Smith statement today and said the below: (Click here to see on Twitter)

Kerry Stokes, Ryan Stokes and Seven West Media Directors involvement in the alleged war crimes cover-up and concealment of evidence by Ben Roberts-Smith

New evidence was published on 60 Minutes on Sunday and The SMH yesterday with key evidence of recorded conversations that supports allegations that billionaire Channel 7 owners Kerry Stokes and Ryan Stokes are knowingly helping Ben Roberts-Smith cover up alleged war crimes:

Mr Roberts-Smith also reveals how he talks to Mr Stokes on “encrypted” phone applications and “intelligence agencies cannot recover it”.

“So if I am talking to KMS for example – Kerry – we only talk on Telegram and then delete the messages after … People use them so it can’t be intercepted,” he says.

There is no suggestion that Mr Stokes uses the applications to avoid interception by Australian authorities, but multiple sources told The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald that Mr Roberts-Smith has used such applications to avoid interception by the ongoing AFP inquiries. (Click here to read more)

In October 2020 I published an article titled “Did Billionaire Kerry Stokes bribe AFP police with the help of former Commissioner Mick Keelty?

In November 2020 I published an article titled: “Scott Morrison and Kerry Stokes lead the charge to cover-up war crimes exposed by the Brereton Report

On the 13th of April 2021 The SMH said:

Minority shareholders of the Kerry Stokes-chaired Seven West Media have been kept in the dark about how $1.87 million of company funds was lent to executive Ben Roberts-Smith to fight war crime allegations.

A secret agreement, signed by Mr Stokes’ son Ryan, reveals the shareholder funds were lent to pay Mr Roberts-Smith’s private legal expenses, including for top barristers to contest the grave accusations the ex-soldier faced before Australia’s military watchdog. (Click here to read more)

Kerry Stokes, Ryan Stokes and the Seven West Media board could find themselves at least giving evidence in any criminal charges that Ben Roberts-Smith may face for intimidating witnesses given he is alleged to have typed letters at a Seven regional office. Given that Roberts-Smith has been financed by Seven it could also mean that Kerry, Ryan and the SWM Board could also face possible criminal charges.

Kerry, Ryan and the Seven Directors are playing a dangerous game and there is no justification as to why they haven’t stood Ben Roberts-Smith down while the CDPP decides whether to charge him or not and while the police investigate the new allegations.

Before this scandal is finished it will engulf many people who thought they were protected or thought they were too big and powerful to be held to account. 

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  1. Lawyer Weinberg did not find Pell “not guilty” as stated. Pell could still be retried in the unlikely event further evidence is found. Unfortunately time will see all evidence lost. The media regularly make the “not guilty” claim as part of Pell’s renaissance. Looks like Weinberg will get away with clening up the SAS matters too. Watch for his appearance on the Bench.

  2. Nah you are all wrong. ‘THE SPUD’ will save the day for them all. Now ‘THE SPUD’ is Defence Minister and combined with THE COVERUP-ER Greg Moriarty will run make the prosecution difficult

    • He sure has saved the day, Dutton now meddling with the medals, they will end up having as much integrity as the one Trump gave his mini me Morrison and Bush gave his mate Little Rodent Howard.

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