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The sex scandal that is engulfing Scott Morrison’s office and the government and the details the media aren’t talking about

More details of the parliament house masturbation scandal have been posted online by whistleblower Gavin Cuddy and it is more perverted than previously reported by any media. The details also point to one of Scott Morrison’s staffers being involved which would potentially leave Morrison open to blackmail.

Add that to the unchallenged allegations by Mr Cuddy that a former minister and current MP had sex with male sex workers in parliament house and it is a crisis that will likely engulf the government very soon and Mr Cuddy currently controls the situation, not Morrison or the government. Mr Cuddy’s allegations are still being investigated by the government.

Nathan Winn is the person who was sacked and on Thursday (29/4/21) it was reported “the staff member who was sacked for masturbating on the desk of a female MP has made a report to police, alleging he was the victim of revenge porn.” (Click here to read more) This will obviously escalate the matter and it has already with more media reporting on the issue.

It has also forced Mr Cuddy to be more active on Twitter defending himself against alleged false allegations in some media and by federal LNP MP Warren Entsch who is supporting Nathan Winn and who previously employed Winn.

Mr Entsch has been reported as saying “I’m so proud of him for having the courage to do this, to even speak to police,” Liberal backbencher Warren Entsch, who once employed the staffer, said.” (Click here to read more)

Mr Cuddy uses the Twitter account, Tom the Whistleblower @BlowingTom, and Tweeted on Friday (30/4/21) the below message:

Scott Morrison sex scandal 2

So as the above Tweet shows it is worse than just masturbating onto the desk and federal MP Warren Entsch doesn’t believe he should have been sacked. It makes you wonder: Has Warren Entsch been blackmailed? Why is he supporting the sacked Nathan Winn?

Tom the Whistleblower also Tweeted the below message on Saturday (1/5/21):

Scott Morrison sex scandal

The people mentioned in the above Tweet are federal MP Dave Sharma, MP Melissa Price, PM Scott Morrison and MP Tim Wilson. Scott Morrison and the other MP’s would already know if someone in their offices has been involved in the sex scandal but they have not said anything at this point which suggests a cover-up is in progress.

Mr Cuddy seems to have caught federal MP Dave Sharma making false public statements about the matter. Mr Sharma was previously quoted as saying: “Liberal MP Dave Sharma said he was disgusted and horrified by the reports. He said he discussed the matter with his staff and was confident none were involved.” (Click here to read more)

Mr Cuddy Tweeted on Saturday (1/5/21) the below attachment he sent to Dave Sharma:

Everything above is in the public interest and irrespective of what people may or may not think of Mr Cuddy he is a whistleblower and should be treated as such because as it stands numerous federal MP’s and/or their staff are open to being blackmailed which is a dangerous situation for the country. Luckily, it doesn’t look like Mr Cuddy will stand for a cover-up and he will use social media to make sure the public know what they have a right to know.

Mr Cuddy originally did not want his name mentioned in the media but The Age and The SMH outed him against Mr Cuddy’s request, which was disgusting, because they claimed he was not a whistleblower. I have named Mr Cuddy above, although previously I haven’t, because he has named himself in the attachment to his latest Tweet as per above which he has obviously done now because the horse has bolted with The Age and The SMH naming him.

Gavin Cuddy is the most dangerous person in Australian politics as it currently stands so it will be interesting what happens next. One leaked photo or video could bring down the Morrison government.

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  1. “One leaked photo or video could bring down the Morrison government.” The sooner the bloody better for all of Australia.

    • I hope he has copies stored in several different physical locations – winter fires just happen so they say.

  2. Well lets hope nothing happens adversely to Mr. Cuddy but its altogether possible he could suddenly expire from a particularly nasty strain of Stupid 19 if he’s not careful……

  3. Morrison may need another ‘miracle’ or will he just off-load this to ‘the evil one’ and his minions on social media?

  4. This now seems to be well beyond what could be regarded as a “normal sex scandal”. The sooner all the squalid details come to light, the better. Our country is being governed by rabble and misfits. IMHO, the greatest stench is coming primarily from the head of the fish and should be discarded forthwith, ASAP.

  5. Will the revenge porn police investigation result in the police raiding Mr Cuudy’s home and seizing his electronic devices and any other material? Hooe he has made arrangements for a burner and a secret hard drive off premises! I am perplexed by his level of trust in the sneaky, self interested PVO. He would not want Morrison Govt brought dfown…

    • Possibly just needs to bury the USB devices in a child’s lunchbox in the back yard… seems to have worked (for awhile) for a certain ex-SAS soldier.

  6. Scott Morrison himself has been mentioned as a member of the Liberal’s Swinging Dicks.
    I cannot understand how Australia’s regulatory authorities have let this matter remain to exist?

    Each and every priveliged person of high official appointment…cares not that they turn a blind eye to the dumb-goofery that underlays today’s reckless & morally reprehensible dick swinging ministerial incumbents.
    The low behaviors within the Liberal/National coalition party itself, then the covert goings-on in and beyond Australia’s Parliament House, should be broadcast across the World.
    Better that the people of other countries can read about the depravity and the degradation of duty and conduct tolerated by this current Australian government.

    Certainly not a worthy leadership government of Australia.

    Notwithstanding the failure by this political ratbag party to govern in the best intertests of the Australian people.

    The world need’s to know about the above scandalous goings-on as well as the additional shortcomings and failures ever-presenting, due to the deplorable governance by this political party whose duty is owed to the Australian people.
    Wherer to now for Australia? A nation becomingly as evil and corrupt, or even worse than the USA.

  7. And where do Scomo’s religious beliefs stand in all these scandals which continue to ooze out of the woodwork recently. He has a long history of lies & deceit. When will the sh.t finally hit the fan.We, the paying taxpayers, have waited a long time for action & truth, whatever the result maybe. The opposition won’t pursue these matters & they too are afraid what may be exposed in their present & past history.
    P.S.: I’m mainly a Liberal voter

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