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ABC boss David Anderson threatens to sack staff like Louise Milligan and Lucy Carter who were caught lying on Twitter

ABC boss David Anderson sent an email to all staff on Monday (9/8/21) threatening to sack staff who breached the ABC’s new social media guidelines and the timing could not have been any better given it was only a day after I published an article exposing the lies on Twitter of ABC Four Corners journalists Louise Milligan and Lucy Carter. The irony is that Milligan and Carter told lies trying to silence social media users and now there are accusations that ABC staff are being silenced with the new social media guidelines.

Lucy Carter told Twitter users they could be charged with contempt of court and put the court case at risk if they named alleged parliament house rapist Bruce Lehrmann, who has been summoned by the police for alleged rape, which was a blatant lie and Milligan backed up Carter’s lie. On Sunday (8/8/21) Milligan doubled down on her original lies with more lies so she is consistent, I must give her that.

Lucy Carter and Louise Milligan

Lucy Carter and Louise Milligan

Background – If you have not read the previous article it is worth reading for the full background (Click here to read)

I published an article on Sunday titled “Old media forced to name Brittany Higgin’s alleged rapist Bruce Lehrmann after running a Liberal Party protection racket for months” which starts off:

Brittany Higgin’s alleged rapist Bruce Lehrmann was served by the ACT police on Friday (6/8/21) with a summons, via his lawyers, to attend court on the 16th of September 2021 where he will be charged with rape. Until just after midday Saturday (7/8/21) the old media were still running a protection racket for the Liberal Party, which they had been running for months, and were refusing to name Lehrmann even though there was no legal reason to not name him.

All the old media were in on the protection racket with some grubby journalists going next level by telling lies and using social media to try to intimidate social media users by telling them they could be charged with contempt of court if they named Lehrmann. What is extremely disturbing about that is it promotes the silence culture which has protected all types of sexual predators for decades but more on that in a minute. (Click here to read more)

The article went on to talk about Lucy Carter and Milligan lying on Twitter:

Not only were the old media refusing to name Bruce Lehrmann, and some still are at this point, when there is no legal basis not to, but some journalists have been going onto social media, making up lies, and telling others they should not name Lehrmann as well which is very grubby stuff. If the media had legitimate reasons not to name Lehrmann they wouldn’t need to make up lies and use scare tactics claiming people could be charged with contempt of court.

The below message on Twitter was posted on Friday (6/8/21) and is by ABC Four Corners journalist Lucy Carter and was supported by Louise Milligan who is also an ABC Four Corners journalist.

Lucy Carter was lying by telling people they could be charged with contempt of court if they named Bruce Lehrmann and Louise Milligan helped promote the lie. That helps promote the silence culture and they should both know better especially Ms Milligan who has written extensively on paedophiles, sexual assault and how victims don’t get justice. The good work Ms Milligan does not justify her telling lies and promoting lies whether it is deliberate or not.

Lucy Carter replied, and I sent follow-up questions as per below:

Yes, Lucy Carter says “I prefer caution” so she lies and tells people they could be charged with contempt of court if they name Bruce Lehrmann, and they risk the outcome of the court case. Many people would believe the lies told by Lucy Carter and Louise Milligan because they are Four Corners reporters. Both should apologise to the public and not speak out of school when they clearly have no clue. (Click here to read more

On Sunday after I posted the article Louise Milligan responded on Twitter and told more lies:

Milligan defends herself using the old routine of refusing to address the key issue which is the lie about being charged with contempt of court if people named Bruce Lehrmann. Milligan says she has been reporting on courts for 20 years and has a law degree to impress people and make it sound like she knows what she is talking about but what that really says is she has no excuse for telling her lies because she has the knowledge and experience to know better. As I say in my response Louise Milligan had no issues naming and reporting on George Pell way before he was ever charged. 

ABC boss David Anderson’s email to ABC staff – Monday 9th of August 2021

The SMH reported: ABC boss David Anderson has warned staff they risk being sacked for social media posts that compromise the public broadcaster’s independence, with the company updating its employment contracts to make this clear.

High-profile ABC journalists Louise Milligan, Sally Neighbour and Laura Tingle have come under scrutiny for their comments on Twitter in the past year, with Mr Anderson grilled about the rigour of the broadcaster’s social media policies by Coalition senators at consecutive estimates hearings. (Click here to read more)

A lot of the complaints about the ABC aren’t justified as most come from News Corp who attack the ABC as part of their policy and strategy to control the media. But that doesn’t mean the ABC are faultless. 

David Anderson’s email said in part:

Most personal social media activity has no bearing on the ABC and there is no intent to constrain anyone’s activity outside the workplace.

The primary concern is when personal social media activity reflects badly on the ABC’s independence and integrity, or when a poorly judged post or series of posts or “likes” compromises perceptions of the impartiality of someone in an ABC role where maintaining impartiality in the public eye is crucial.

So, to protect yourself and the ABC, I offer this simple piece of advice: If you are posting, liking, or sharing something on personal social media that is work related or about a matter of public controversy – ask yourself if it’s something you would also say, write, or share on an ABC platform. This is particularly important for those who have a high profile or senior role within the ABC.

Based on responses from social media users they regard the ABC’s new social media guidelines as being an attack on free speech.

Louise Milligan and Lucy Carter could have and should have apologised

Milligan and Carter should have apologised and moved on, but they decided to double down and tell more lies. What their motive is who knows but it’s worth noting that the ABC and Milligan agreed in the Porter v ABC defamation matter to have part of their defence and Porter’s reply removed from the court file which they should never have done. And that also has the effect of suppressing import information from voters the same as Milligan and Carter were trying to do on Twitter.

I’m considering making a complaint to the ABC regarding Louise Milligan’s and Lucy Carter’s lies given their lies are still up on Twitter and we’ll see how well the new social media guidelines work.

The old media have their voices on TV, radio, newspapers and their websites and I find it absolutely disgusting when they act in a criminal and corrupt manner to try to silence others from having their voices on social media and independent news websites. 

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  1. Lehrmann will be entitled to the presumption of innocence if the matter proceeds to trial.

    Prime Minister Morrison is involved and not in a good way in this sexual offence, as well as the Christian Porter rape, and the Brian Houston pedophile coverup. He appears to be supportive of all of them, as he manipulates the law to suit his own ends.

  2. Don’t shoot the messenger. Louise Milligan has done some outstanding work in calling slimy public figures to account. I think it is sad, and dangerous, to call Posting erroneous information on Twitter re confidentiality “lying”, when Louise Milligan has been incredibly brave in calling out the really despicable lying antics of Christian (sic) Porter, George Pell and others

    • She had the opportunity to correct her lies but she didn’t. She doubled down and told more lies.
      And as I say in the article she has done some good work but that does not justify her promoting the silence culture by trying to silence people on social media

  3. The media including the ABC reported many months ago that Brittany Higgins may not have been the only alleged victim of Lehrmann.

    Does the KCA know anything about what happened to those reports and whether they have been subjected to investigation as well ?

  4. Have you never believed something emphatically only to find out later you didnt have correct or updated information? Or that the circumstances may indeed be different in a workplace for different people in different circumstances? There is a big difference in believing something to be true even if you are wrong, and lying. We dont know the full circumstances here. Also has there not been pressure in the past from outsiders to abc reporting and threats of defunding or law suits to the abc and journalists? Perhaps the issue here is where those threats lie in these different cases.. This is not an issue worthy of the emphasis you give it when there is so much other corruption in the world of politics and the impending death of the environment around us. For me I feel you diminish your general purpose with this persistance of accusations of “lying” in this circumstance. Thank you.

  5. The problem, Margaret, is that many who comment on social media (and even MSM) think they are an ‘expert’ and their opinion must be accepted without question. We can`t stop their postings or declarations unless we force them to accept that they are wrong. An apology might be expecting too much.

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