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Old media forced to name Brittany Higgin’s alleged rapist Bruce Lehrmann after running a Liberal Party protection racket for months

Brittany Higgin’s alleged rapist Bruce Lehrmann was served by the ACT police on Friday (6/8/21) with a summons, via his lawyers, to attend court on the 16th of September 2021 where he will be charged with rape. Until just after midday Saturday (7/8/21) the old media were still running a protection racket for the Liberal Party, which they had been running for months, and were refusing to name Lehrmann even though there was no legal reason to not name him.

All the old media were in on the protection racket with some grubby journalists going next level by telling lies and using social media to try to intimidate social media users by telling them they could be charged with contempt of court if they named Lehrmann. What is extremely disturbing about that is it promotes the silence culture which has protected all types of sexual predators for decades but more on that in a minute.

I have named Bruce Lehrmann in numerous articles over the last six months and named him in social media posts on Friday for being summoned by the police to face rape charges and the website True Crimes News Weekly published in article on Friday naming Lehrmann. But some trolls on social media started attacking us for naming Lehrmann and some journalists jumped on board as well saying not to name him as it might put the trial at risk which is just lies.

And you only have to look to Thursday (5/8/21) to realise that. Hillsong’s Brian Houston was summoned, via his lawyers, on Thursday to appear in court in October as well and all the media reported that and no one attacked me on social media for reporting it. So, what is the difference with Bruce Lehrmann? The answer is Lehrmann has the potential to do a thousand times more damage to the government as government MP’s and staffers are certain to be called as witnesses to the trial which could include Brittany Higgin’s former bosses one of which is current Attorney-General Michaelia Cash.

Any court case will be the ultimate humiliation for the Scott Morrison government as many lies by the government regarding their handling of the scandal will be exposed.

All states including the ACT have laws that you cannot name victims or alleged victims of sex crimes and that is to protect the alleged victims not to protect the alleged offender but some in the media were claiming differently on Friday and have been for months since this matter was first exposed.

Channel 9 gave in and named Lehrmann in a short article just after midday on Saturday (7/8/21), just after 2pm named Lehrmann in an article and just after 5pm the SMH website named him. Other media if not all will be certain to now follow and name Lehrmann.

It is worth having a look at what has happened with the media not naming Lehrmann for months and especially the 24 hours after the police media release on Friday were lies, threats and intimidation were used to try and silence myself, True Crimes News Weekly and social media users to not name Lehrmann.

Other media not naming Lehrmann has never been about the law it has always been about protecting the Liberal Party because it does not matter whether Lehrmann is guilty or innocent the Liberal Party still have a lot of questions to answer about their attempted cover-up over the last 2 years. Only Brittany Higgins and Bruce Lehrmann know if he is guilty or not, but a jury will look at all the evidence and make a decision. But the Liberal Party did not care about his guilt or innocence, they went straight into cover-up mode when the alleged rape happened over 2 years ago.

And one thing is for certain and that is Scott Morrison’s media people and advisors have been leaning on the old media over the last six months not to name Lehrmann because they did not want to give the issue oxygen which is what will happen now more media are starting to name him. Potentially other witnesses or victims will now come forward but what is worse for the Liberal Party and what they are really worried about is potentially other witnesses to the Liberal Party’s cover-up will come forward.

The fact that many reporters were and some still are aiding and abetting the Liberal Party in keeping his name out of the media shows how much the Liberal Party are able to influence the media to help conceal their dirty laundry.

Why it is important to name alleged criminals including alleged rapists – Open justice

“Open justice is one of the fundamental attributes of a fair trial. That the administration of justice must take place in open court is a ‘fundamental rule of the common law’. The High Court has said that ‘the rationale of the open court principle is that court proceedings should be subjected to public and professional scrutiny, and courts will not act contrary to the principle save in exceptional circumstances’.” (Click here to read more)

Culture of silence

Old media not naming alleged criminals is the same pattern that lead to the widespread rape of children in institutions as exposed by the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. If you watched the Royal Commission, you would have heard the same story over and over again from different victims about how they were silenced to not name the priest or carer who abused them. Their parents told them not to name the priest, the police told them not to name the priest and other priests told them not to name the priest, so the priest kept on abusing more children.

Making sure the priests or carers were not named was a deliberate coordinated strategy to make sure the priests were never exposed, and it allowed them to keep on raping children. The same thing happens with rape and sexual assault where there is pressure on victims not to name predators.

I thought the cycle of not naming alleged rapists and paedophiles was over with the Royal Commission, but it has reared its ugly head again with Bruce Lehrmann and the media are the worst culprits. Why? The Liberal Party connection is the obvious answer.

By the media not naming Lehrmann, whether he is guilty or not is irrelevant, means we were heading back to the days when certain people are protected from being exposed if it suits those in power. Everyone else gets named as that is how the justice system works. It’s called “open justice” and it is meant to make sure the legal system works how it is meant to and make sure the legal system is not abused by the rich and powerful.

Not only were the old media refusing to name Bruce Lehrmann, and some still are at this point, when there is no legal basis not to, but some journalists have been going onto social media, making up lies, and telling others they should not name Lehrmann as well which is very grubby stuff. If the media had legitimate reasons not to name Lehrmann they wouldn’t need to make up lies and use scare tactics claiming people could be charged with contempt of court.

The below message on Twitter was posted on Friday (6/8/21) and is by ABC Four Corners journalist Lucy Carter and was supported by Louise Milligan who is also an ABC Four Corners journalist.

Lucy Carter was lying by telling people they could be charged with contempt of court if they named Bruce Lehrmann and Louise Milligan helped promote the lie. That helps promote the silence culture and they should both know better especially Ms Milligan who has written extensively on paedophiles, sexual assault and how victims don’t get justice. The good work Ms Milligan does not justify her telling lies and promoting lies whether it is deliberate or not.

Lucy Carter replied, and I sent follow-up questions as per below:

Yes, Lucy Carter says “I prefer caution” so she lies and tells people they could be charged with contempt of court if they name Bruce Lehrmann and they risk the outcome of the court case. Many people would believe the lies told by Lucy Carter and Louise Milligan because they are Four Corners reporters. Both should apologise to the public and not speak out of school when they clearly have no clue.

Channel 10’s Lisa Wilkinson who broke the Brittany Higgins story tweeted on Friday:

“On the issue of the 26 yo man summonsed for an alleged sexual assault of a woman in Parliament House in March 2019 can I implore everyone to respect what’s in play here. Naming the man on social media & passing judgement could have dire consequences for the outcome of any trial.” (Click here to see on Twitter)

Lisa Wilkinson tells the public not to name Bruce Lehrmann, but Wilkinson is the one who has been naming Brittany Higgins every chance she gets and telling the public all the details of the alleged rape.

Is she for real? Where do these people get off telling social media users what they can and can’t say based on lies they are telling about the law? I wonder what Lisa Wilkinson, Lucy Carter and Louise Milligan will say now that Nine, News and the SMH have named Lehrmann?

Everyone watches TV or uses the internet and we can see the media naming alleged criminals every day but as soon as the old media don’t want someone named, they jump on their social media accounts and start lying and trying to intimidate people into not naming alleged criminals. A couple of other journalists did the same thing and told Twitter users not to share my article when I named Christian Porter on the 2nd of March as the minister who allegedly raped Katharine Thornton. That article went viral and forced Porter to have a press conference the next day to out himself as the minister.

One of the journalists who told Twitter users not to share the Porter article was Lisa Wilkinson’s husband Peter FitzSimons. The “we are smarter than everyone else so we can tell people what to do” mentality seems to be a family trait. Most old media companies and quite a few old media journalists do not like new media journalists changing the status quo and for whatever reason Lisa Wilkinson and Peter FitzSimons seem to be two of them.

Others in the media were saying they were not naming Lehrmann because of legal reasons but that is the same media who openly named Hillsong’s Brian Houston the day before in exactly the same circumstances. It is the same media who are happy to name Brittany Higgins even though she is the one the law is meant to protect. If the media are not going to name someone it is Brittany Higgins they shouldn’t name not Bruce Lehrmann. But as we know Brittany Higgins has outed herself so there is no reason not to name her and no reason not to name Bruce Lehrmann.

Why did the old media take 24 hours after the police media release to start naming Lehrmann? The old media were left with little choice except to name Bruce Lehrmann as they were losing a lot of internet traffic to this website, True Crimes News Weekly and a few smaller websites. Also, I Tweeted the below on Saturday morning which meant the old media were about to be ridiculed online for not naming Lehrmann and lose a lot of internet traffic at least until Lehrmann’s court date next month.

The media, which is all the old media, who fell into line and did not name Bruce Lehrmann when there is no legal basis not to were helping Australia head back to the silence culture days that allowed thousands of children to be raped which the Royal Commission exposed. And the same can be said for rape and sexual assault. All the old media should be ashamed and that is why it was important to do this article to try and make sure it doesn’t happen again in the future.

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  1. Well it’s been a great weekend for the coal ition …. and may they have many more …. I can’t wait till these vile people are removed from office and placed in a cell somewhere. Who’s a lying cow now Ms Reynolds?

    • David. And replace this vile lot with.?, another vile lot like the ALP maybe, who will also take more and more of the peoples freedoms until there is non left. This whole corrupt political system needs to change and unless masses of people start changing their mind set,nothing changes.

      • Oh yes here we go. May I remind you that the present government is a Liberal Nationals government. The freedoms you mention what would they be ? Exactly how will the ALP further reduce our freedoms Johnny? Oh and check your negative gearing and tax avoidance while you’re at it…..

      • That’s the usual trope and the one that is spread every election. Yet watch Labor in Senate estimates and inquiries every day and you’ll see something far different to the obsessively obfuscating, pork barreling, crony loving Liberals and Nationals. If they didn’t have such a pro-Liberal press then they would have been chucked out years ago. They also a willing to construct a federal integrity commission with teeth and retrospective powers.

        If the Coalition stay in power we are all going to be forced to play their now alleged corrupt tune. Car park rorts anyone? Sports rorts? Failure of vaccine rollout and quarantine etc. etc.

        Tell me what long list of highly questionable behaviour in the last 8 years (or even before) can you compare with the Liberals where new scandals are popping up nearly every week? And their ultra-partisan nature means they are spreading their virus into every port in this land and even world wide.

        In my view, anyone that votes for the Liberals, or helps them to win must have Stockholm Syndrome.

        Full marks to KCA.

      • And what ‘political system’ would you be replacing it with David? It’s easy to tear down… a lot more difficult to build something up.

      • Labor and the Liberal might as well combine to form the Communist Party of Australia, judging by the way Labor agree with every legislation that puts us in line with China.

        I agree with Johnny Kay. I thought Labor stood for something, but they also support the taking away of our freedoms lately. Take the “Assistance and Access Bill 2018” which is designed to kill encryption on the Internet and kick out any tech companies that are based here that rely on encryption, Labor said they would not pass any rushed legislation and actually listen to the concerns of tech companies addressed in the public submissions. That was a lie. Both parties decided that those submissions were not worth the paper they were written on.

      • Nice little ad-hominem, assumption-based partisan attack there David. Great for the personal political dopamine hit that is partisan (team-based) politics.

        You could learn a bit from KCA about holding both sides to an equal standard, not just your preferred side.

      • Given Labor has only been in government federally for six of the last 25 years – and three of those were in a minority government eleven years ago – I don’t know how you can be so certain Labor would take away our freedoms. Have you assessed their current policies?

  2. I see in the MSM that Lehrmann is denying he even had sex with Brittany Higgins. Well, he would wouldn’t he. He has form, as we know, and one wonders how he is going to explain away the facts that Brittany Higgins was found naked and drugged in a ministers office. Surely she didn’t do that to herself, did she?

      • Yes the strenuous bit ….I can picture Porter strenuously denying the allegations with that look of pretend innocents and the faint scent of bullshit wafting in the background….

    • I sometimes wonder why we even bother to elect these corrupt politicians to do more damage to our country’s reputation and image in the modern world, and we seem to be proceeding down very similar paths to the way that politics is practiced in America!! I think that we need to seriously rethink the way we do things in our government.

    • I have not read anywhere in media reports that she was drugged; only that she appeared intoxicated. The difference here is that ‘drugged’ insinuates someone ‘got to her’ where intoxicated might mean she made some poor choices that night. Doesn’t change the outcome, but your language needs to be accurate.

  3. Very odd that some alleged perpetrators are charged by summons via their legal representative, others are arrested by police, immediately named and shamed by ‘old Media’s.
    Who decides which method shall be instigated in the first instance?

    • Toby, who knows ? But it seems reasonably clear that anyone from the left gets dragged through the court of public opinion but those on the right ie, Porter, Taylor, McKenzie, Joyce, Dutton, Morrison, Roberts…get off scott free. They can rip off the public purse they can steal water to the value of 80 million dollars, they can use an illegal software program to bully Australians into suicide, nearly 2000 Australian lives were lost to ROBODEBT, which the High court ruled Illegal… No one gets any consequences at all…. None …. If you’re poor you are going to jail …. if you’re poor and black you are probably already in jail or on the way very soon…. That’s Australia now. A country divided by wealth and lack of opportunity. A desert wasteland populated with a a stupid population lacking in morals, ethics and compassion run by a pack of criminals who enjoy fraud and theft.

  4. I noticed Channel ten news was another one who wouldn’t name him and at the time I was thinking why the f would they not?

  5. This fellow is a slimy grub but he must have someone higher up mentoring him. I would not hold out much hope that Higgins can prove he took advantage of her. She is an adult who went to our Parliament House out of hours and into a Minister’s office with nefarious intent and without mentioning to people encountered that she was being coerced. Someone must be mentoring her too. What will be hardest to prove is that she went willingly and later changed her mind.

    • Whyn Carnie , Surely you miss the point. Ms Higgins may have been drunk. She may have made “bad judgment calls’ . You said ‘she is an adult who went to our Parliament House out of hours and into a Minister’s office with nefarious intent”….. BUT none of any of this is important. She said she DIDNT consent to sex. Thats rape. AND again, being so drunk that you are NOT capable of giving ‘informed consent’ means that ….Yup she didnt give consent …so was raped….

    • What was the ‘nefarious intent’?? I thought it was his suggestion they stop off at the Minister’s office because he had to pick something up.

  6. What is a fair trial in Australia’s justice system, one which would happen if KCoA were controlling the system.
    KCoA digs deep to obtain the facts and truth relating to all the corrpt Australian perpetrators, from that the obstacles are created by judges, lawyers, politicians and media members to try to silence KCoA with disagreements, lies and written attacks, then include illegal imprisonment.
    It will be interesting to witness the outcome of the trials of Houston, Porter and Lehrmann, a fair trial. or foul.

  7. Lets consider this fair trial, Furphy or not ? The parties names are besmirched for a period of time however the public is quick to forget. A jury is to decide on the facts presented to the court unless of course it is one of those famous judges that KCA boldly expose as having been bought. That judge will mislead and or lie to the jury so as to get the decision he has been directed to get !.Thus the need to have some reasonably educated intelligent jury members. An example of this travesty of the justice system is patently clear in Tasmania in the murder trial of Sue Neil-Fraser for the death of Bob Chappell her partner.

  8. Yes, Warren I smell a rat, however protection, success makes that type believe they are invincible and less cautious Why not him? Let’s see if other complainants come forth? Bill Cosby might be an example. All those girls cannot be liars!

  9. Thanks for your endless truthful information. Someone needs to make them accountable, as to many people just let things slide. In Australia we really need to dismiss all of our politicians and elect, honest real people is what we need those who live by the truth and for the people. Once again KCA many thanks for your relentless research.

  10. This naming and shaming BEFORE a trial reminds me another fairytale pushed by courts and lawyers–‘Innocent till proven guilty’.

  11. Lehrmann denies he had sex with Brittany Higgins.
    Brittany Higgins was unconscious at the time.
    The prosecutor will need physical evidence of sex with Lehrmann.

    • John If Brittany was unconscious at the time
      1. Whom removed her clothing ?
      2. How then does she make an allegation against this male ?
      3. Whom drugged her and how?
      4. As an unconscious person or one falling into that state, did she not only gain entry to parliament
      house but also a ministers office.?

      A reasonable person will conclude that she had company at each stage. The court will need to beyond reasonable doubt show whom this party or parties were and what they did.

      • ‘Who drugged her?’ She drank too much and Lehrmann took advantage of that situation. Please don’t embellish the alleged facts.

  12. … watch how the godfather of Australian media engineers a palace coup re the leadership of the Liberal Party … can’t go to the next election with Morrison running a sinking ship … can we?

  13. KCA Lisa Wilkinson a former journo for a woman’s entertainment magazine,hardly a purveyor of hard facts nor a need for knowledge of criminal law. Her current status being that of a panellist on
    a program loosely termed from a Google search as current affairs, Australian talk show. As to her partner whom you mention wasn’t he a footballer ? Thus please be gentle and not so harsh with her. KCA has by comparison the experience and some of the best knowledge of law along with common sense that the media has to offer.

  14. Through my brother, a journalist (retired), I gained an insight into the political aspects of how the administration and management of papers proceeded with stories. Garnering a headline, article placement in the paper, “spiking” a story”, etc. All relatively tame 40 years ago. Unfortunately, most of todays papers are just direct newsletters for certain political parties and lobbying groups. One can only get investigative NEWS from independent papers now.

    I do not read or heed any of those papers anymore. I have not for some decades now.

  15. I believe in “innocent until proven guilty”. I also agree with Jeremy Cordeaux (radio jock who was sacked by his radio station) Brittany “was a silly little girl who got drunk “. So drunk that she carried her shoes when entering Parliament house at 2 :am. What was she doing entering Parliament House at that hour with Lehmann. Where’s the statement from the Parliament House security guard who allowed them to enter.? What reason did they give for that visit ?
    Surely the blame is applied 50 % to Brittany putting herself in that position in a drunken state !
    We can only wait till we hear all the evidence & until then “innocent until proven innocent !!!

  16. Sam The Man, the security guards give unfettered access to Parliament at all hours to anyone who has a legitimate pass. They would know many MPs and officials who will enter while intoxicated but they do nothing about it because it is officially none of their business.

    “Surely the blame is applied 50% to Brittany putting herself in that position in a drunken state!”

    Oh spare us! — she was drunk so it was ok to rape her. Perhaps she had a plunging neckline and a short skirt to boot. Seriously?

    And of course, the unstated persistent lie that women just make up rape allegations. It’s in their genes.

    There are only two questions to be answered. Did sexual intercourse take place there that night? And did the woman consent?

    The case for conviction is strong in my view.

    • And wasn’t the sofa in the Minister’s office taken away for cleaning when it was a putative crime site?

  17. I agree with KCA. Court proceedings against Bruce Lerhmann can only have devastating consequences for the Morrison government and their cover-up and concealment of the rape of Brittany Higgins and their trashing of her reputation. The MSM have shown themselves increasingly to be gossip merchants of Canberra political posturing while real facts go unattended and real crimes are treated as mere social gaffes, to be concealed and passed over. Empty little fraudsters. No wonder the populace is so accepting of corrupt LNP politicians when real politics and real crimes are dismissed so easily.

  18. It is still astonishing that the security guards even let them into the building, in the state they were in. She gave up even trying to put her shoes on, she was so drunk, or drugged!

    If I was the security guard I would have refused to let them in, or if I had no authority to refuse them entrance, then I would have called a superior. I would have at least said to the girl that you are going straight to the cafeteria for coffee and biscuits and to sober up! What a state that building must be in if this is how it is run!

  19. We replace them with as many independents and minor parties as possible who will do the will of the people, bring the changes needed to be made to the people so we can vote,but is that wishful thinking, I pray not.

  20. To the writer of this article, SPOT ON!

    I have male and female children in their mid to late 20’s. This behaviour needs to stop being hidden by the patriarchy like domestic violence was ignored boy the police in the 1960’s, 1970’s and on. When I was a child in the 1960’s I would see televisions smashed in and mothers black and blue up at the school. I knew as a child this was wrong, therefore so did the police at the time and our patriarchal political parties.

    This is so important that this is in the public eye so us parents can keep educated and reinforcing to our daughters and sons regularly about such. This starts in their early life and on.

    Peter Fitzsimons please stop pushing your content republican views onto our kids when you bump into them at events etc. The kids are polite but they cannot stand it. Lisa Wilkinson is a top human being, she is obviously just being a supportive partner to Peter. Lisa you have your hands full with that guy!

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