Justice Lucy McCallum

Powerful prima facie case to charge journalist Lisa Wilkinson with contempt of court for interfering in the Bruce Lehrmann – Brittany Higgins trial

Lisa Wilkinson was warned last week by the Director of Public Prosecutions Shane Drumgold, in the Bruce Lehrmann – Brittany Higgins matter, that anything she said publicly could be used to stop or delay the trial.

Yet Wilkinson shot off her mouth on national TV at the Logie Awards on Sunday (19/6/22) anyhow which has resulted in the trial being adjourned to a later date to be decided.

But that’s only half the story and when all the evidence is collated as per below, I believe Lisa Wilkinson should face contempt of court charges. 

  1. Lisa Wilkinson is a witness in the case and has been called to give evidence because she was the first journalist to interview Brittany Higgins on TV last year. As a witness and a journalist, Lisa Wilkinson should and would have known that she should not make any public statements about the case.
  2. Lisa Wilkinson’s husband Peter FitzSimons has been subpoenaed in the matter to give evidence and/or hand over documents for his “role in securing a lucrative book deal for Brittany Higgins”. (Click here to read more) That is another reason why Lisa Wilkinson should not have made any public statement about the case.
  3. In August 2021 Lisa Wilkinson warned people on TV and Twitter: “On the issue of the 26 yo man summonsed for an alleged sexual assault of a woman in Parliament House in March 2019 can I implore everyone to respect what’s in play here. Naming the man on social media & passing judgement could have dire consequences for the outcome of any trial.” (Click here to read more) Lisa Wilkinson ignored her own advice.
  4. Last week (Week beginning the 13th of June 2022) “The court heard there had been a briefing between Ms Wilkinson and the prosecutors last week when she raised the matter of her nomination for a Gold Logie. Part of the evidence included an exchange where the Director of Public Prosecutions Shane Drumgold warned her that the defence might use anything she said to reinstate a stay application. Chief Justice McCallum said instead Ms Wilkinson openly referred to Ms Higgins, praising her courage. (Click here to read more) Lisa Wilkinson ignored the advice of the Director of Public Prosecutions Shane Drumgold.
  5. The case will be back in court on Thursday (23/6/22), when the prosecution is considering making an application for a restraint on commentary by Ms Wilkinson, The Project, Amanda Keller and Brendan Jones, and Ms Higgins, ahead of the trial. 

Why did Lisa Wilkinson ignore so many red flags?

I published the below video (21/6/22) a couple of hours after Justice Lucy McCallum’s judgement and a fill in a lot of the details.

Bruce Lehrmann was due to stand trial in the ACT Supreme Court next Monday but now that has been adjourned indefinitely although Justice McCallum did say she hoped that the matter would heard before the end of this year.

I have no doubt if the roles were reversed and myself or another independent journalist did what Lisa Wilkinson did that the old media would demand I was charged with contempt, which they’ve done before. So, why aren’t old media journalists like Lisa Wilkinson ever charged with contempt? 

Sadly, the case is turning into a bit of a circus because of the old media.

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20 replies »

  1. Lisa has no regard for the victim in this case. All she cares about is her own aggrandizement. What a moron.

    • David S Wilkinson long ago lost the plot. In all my years I cannot recall her ever holding others in regard. It’s always about her. Similarly, her mate.
      Shooting her mouth off in this manner makes a mockery of the law, of every trial judge and the legal process itself as she publicly hangs a man who has not even gone to trial.
      It’s people like her who take advantage of their media roles who cause miscarriages of justice and who hang innocent people and who get away with such crimes.
      Imagine being charged with a crime you didn’t do and having her shoot her mouth off like this.
      You might never see the light of day while she is applauded.
      Another decent human cashing in on and destroying lives and thinking she is above the law.
      I never read his books. I will never support arrogant opportunists who think they are above the law and everyone else and are untouchable.
      So much for Australia’s legal system to condone such (premeditated) actions by allowing it to pass without penalty. Another female bully in disguise.

    • What Wilkinson has done is completely shameful, she has done to Miss Higgins the same as the man in question, only to feed and fuel her ego,hold the Lisa’s to account as well as the male mockery! To never acknowledge honestly what she’s done was wrong & that is dangerous! That, a journalist without shame is dangerous!

  2. This matter may show if the ACT Supreme Court has any genuine interest in maintaining the law and charge Wilkinson or simply ignore the matter. Money on the former! Confidence in the Judiciary, very little when it involves certain people/groups, happy to go along with the prosecution and exclusion of basic rights/evidence in the Bernard Collary matter.

  3. Contempt of court is a weapon used by those in authority to demonstrate their power over us. When was the last time COC was applied to dodgy lawyers? Or judges who bent the law?

  4. Lisa? WHY?
    Couldn’t you have just said Thank You and walked away… Lisa you leave me and I’d estimate millions of others … TOTALLY + UTTERLY GOBSMACKED!

    Could you not have just let the law takes its course first and THEN said something?

    This is Only My Opinion


  5. Judge Lucy McCallum is at fault and should pay personally.
    She was warned by the prosecutor to issue a suppression order.

  6. I agree entirely agree with the last commenter!
    Lisa, you were well aware this was an open case. You can’t blindly say your heart was in the right place at that podium, thinking you were doing a good thing.
    Did you have a momentary lapse of Self Flagellation and Importance over Brittany Higgins’ future?
    You have made things worse. I hope you realise this was the wrong thing to do.
    An apology is most definately due.

    Be Human.
    Not a story chaser grub.

  7. I didn’t watch the Logies so I don’t know what Wilkinson said. It can’t have been as simple as naming the accused (Shane does that in this article) so what was so controversial in her speech? Anyone prepared to give us a summary?

  8. Now the Judge hopes to find a Jury of Intelligent Fair minded people, who have never heard of either “Party”…good luck with that….they must be living on another Planet…How long before the Judge considers enough time has passed to hold the Trial?..How long before another “mention” by a prominent person “”gains”” another stay…….Absurd beyond words…

  9. If you know that you will be called as a witness in any legal proceedings then you are also very aware that you are required not to discuss the pending court case with anyone … not your colleagues, not at a dinner party, certainly not to a public audience. Whatever the truth behind this court case is, and not forgetting it is in an alleged status at this point in time, everyone … everyone … is entitled to a fair trial. Unfortunately, Ms Wilkinson either forgot her responsibility as a potential witness, or she just blundered on mindlessly with little or no thought to the person she has been supporting through this whole sad saga.

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