Scott Morrison and Scott BriggsPrime Minister Scott Morrison

Scott Morrison’s Covid scam to help a third friend, Scott Briggs, become a millionaire via government contracts and fraud

Scott Morrison has recent history of helping his close mates make $million from government contracts such as David Gazard and Nine Chairman Peter Costello but the new Covid scam also involves another friend Scott Briggs. Mr Briggs is also the president of Scott Morrison’s Federal Electorate Council in his Sydney electorate of Cook.

Given Scott Morrison was sacked as Managing Director of Tourism Australia in 2006 for deliberate lies and deception in relation to the awarding of government contracts worth $184 million it should be no surprise that Morrison is funnelling as much money as he can to his friends while he is Prime Minister. (Click here to read more)

Scott Morrison and Scott Briggs

Scott Briggs (left) is the president of Scott Morrison’s federal electoral conference in his Sydney electorate of Cook

Before we look at the new Covid scam let’s have a look at the Submarine deal where David Gazard and Nine Chairman Peter Costello made a profit which I suspect was in the $millions. What is odd about the Submarine deal is that the media are now looking into the Covid scam because it involves Morrison’s friends, but the old media have never touched the Submarine scam, except for one story by the ABC in 2019, even though it also involves Morrison’s friends.

I published an article titled “France had Scott Morrison’s mate David Gazard on their payroll for the $90 billion Submarine scam. Has Morrison pulled off one of the biggest stings ever?” which sets out the background. While the submarine deal was announced in 2016 by the then Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull the contact was still not finalised until 2019.

The ABC reported (11/2/19):

A long-awaited contract for the $50 billion Future Submarine program will be signed in Canberra today by France and Australia, following months of tough negotiations and the recruitment of a high-powered lobbyist.

The ABC can reveal one of Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s key political confidants was recently hired by the French state-owned shipbuilder Naval Group to help improve a rocky relationship with the Defence department, and to secure a crucial Strategic Partnering Agreement (SPA).

ECG Advisory Solutions“, a lobbying firm founded by former Liberal party candidate David Gazard, has been advising Naval Group since last year on how to handle the difficult SPA negotiations with Australia.

Mr Gazard, who was chief of staff to former New South Wales Liberal leader John Brogden, began his friendship with Mr Morrison when he was the Liberal Party’s State Director for the 2003 election.

In a statement, Naval Group confirmed the arrangement but did not disclose how much Mr Gazard’s company was being paid for its lobbying services.

Mr Morrison discussed progress on the SPA with French President Emmanuel Macron at the G20 summit in late November and told reporters they had agreed to elevate it “back up to leader-level to ensure it’s finalised in the near term”. (Click here to read the article)

David Gazard seems to have resigned from ECG Advisory Solutions since I first published the article about him although he might continue to be a shareholder but Peter Costello is still a partner which you can see on their website. Mr Gazard registered a new company called DPG Advisory Solutions, which he owns 100% of the shares, on the 26th of June 2019 which is the company that has been used for the Covid scam.

A key point about the Submarine deal is that Scott Morrison’s mates make $millions from government contracts with no government tender. It says above “Mr Morrison discussed progress on the SPA with French President Emmanuel Macron at the G20 summit in late November” which was November 2018 and then all of a sudden the French employed ECG Advisory Solutions, then owned by David Gazard and Peter Costello, and likely paid them $millions to finalise the contract negotiations. The Submarine deal has Morrison’s and his friend’s fingerprints all over it and the old media won’t report it. (Click here to read more)

I published the below YouTube video on Wednesday (8/12/21) covering the issues this article raises titled “Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison helps his mates become rich from government contracts”:

The Scott Morrison Covid scam 

The ABC reported last week (Thursday 2/12/21):

Prime Minister Scott Morrison says it is a “disgraceful slur” for the opposition to suggest he had any role in the Home Affairs Department awarding an almost $80,000 contract to a company run by two of his closest friends.

Last month, the ABC revealed the limited tender contract was given to former deputy NSW Liberal Party director Scott Briggs, who is also the president of Mr Morrison’s federal electoral conference in his Sydney electorate of Cook.

Quarantine Services Australia (QSA) was officially registered as a company on August 30 by Mr Briggs, with the aim of bringing up to 160,000 foreign workers and students a year into Australia via a private hotel quarantine system.

Two weeks earlier, another company linked to Mr Briggs, DPG Advisory Solutions, was awarded a $79,500 “limited tender” contract by the Home Affairs Department to provide “consultancy services” to help develop the proposal.

DPG Advisory Solutions was founded and run by former Liberal Party candidate David Gazard, who previously worked as a Coalition ministerial adviser and journalist and is also a close confidant of Mr Morrison. (Click here to read more)

With the changing travel restrictions and after being exposed in the media Quarantine Services Australia might not be viable which means DPG Advisory Solutions might not make any more money from the Home Affairs Department. But if Scott Morrison wins the next election I’m sure that his mates will make plenty of more money from government contracts.

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  1. Well done, we have always known party politics involves unlimited corruption, but as usual they are very adept in covering up or concealing their fraudulent activities. Keep up the great work.

  2. Have faithfully always (except for 1 election ) been a Liberal voter & thought that Scott Morrison would continue my belief in the Liberal tradition of honesty, & conservative views . I have since lost my trust in the PM due his recent lies,deceit, supporting his crooked politician mates, his largesse of giving his mates public moneys, etc., etc. I will be voting independent at the next election & I think a lot of voters are disillusioned & will do the same. The current leader of the opposition won’t garner too many votes with his current economic plans should they win Government .

  3. I disagree. Labor is now well ahead of the IPA/Liars 53/47 & Albanese is now well ahead in PPM polling. This is a very ominous sign for the Liars. I doubt there’s an honest one amongst them.

  4. Morrison had to rort the system to even get pre-selected. His local branch of Cook did not want him. What another loser, he has never been a success in the real world of commerce, Now with luck and the honesty of a rat he represents Australia shame shame

    • Well said Damian…..what he did to even get preselected was downright despicable. And Tourism Aust & NZ didn’t want him either. Shows the morals of the man….he has none! And to think he portrays himself as a Christian… them a bad name. Hope he gets kicked out of Cook as well!

  5. We need a whole new political system. And a federal ICAC separate and not accessible by any political party that is paid to scrutinise every political party member and leaders who are elected to sit in Parliament.
    We the people can never trust the human aspect of leadership, related to power, corruption, weakness of character, money spending addiction. This culture is so entrenched in the political arena that now no longer can they hide this behaviour from we the people. These people are our servants they spend our money and they represent our country around the world.

    • The problem is that the government knows they are corrupt, so they are doing whatever it can to delay an ICAC as long as possible. If one was established already, then Taylor would have served 10 years in jail for forgery. This shows that the government is treating us and our democracy with contempt, and must be kicked out of office next year.

  6. I have always voted for the party and not the man however this time unless there happens to be a leadership change before the next election the Liberal Party may not be getting my vote.

    • When you vote for a politician of any flavour, you have lost, despite their promises, the corruption is so deeply entrenched….

  7. The Kangaroo Court reviews have exposed extensive corruptions by our major political parties that involve lies and deceits on behalf of crooked politicians.
    Politicians promise to serve us , but the reality is once they are in, they serve themselves.
    We need a whole new political system that will ensure complete political trust by politicians who are elected to serve the people of Australia.
    These people are our servants who are elected to serve the people and spend our money in the best possible way for the good of the people they serve.
    We need an efficient and unbiased ICAC to clear all our poitical dead woods.

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