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John Barilaro’s girlfriend Jennifer Lugsdin is under investigation by NSW ICAC for alleged corruption & NSW Police for assault

John Barilaro’s girlfriend Jennifer Lugsdin is under investigation by NSW ICAC for alleged corruption & NSW Police for assault. Below is video of Jennifer Lugsdin assaulting the same cameraman that John Barilaro assaulted and also a letter and documents from the NSW ICAC naming Jennifer Lugsdin.

NSW Police investigating Jennifer Lugsdin

While the old media have openly reported that John Barilaro is under investigation by the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) and NSW Police for assault for some reason they have been protecting his girlfriend Jennifer Lugsdin. 

In the below video Channel 7 says, “Mr Barilaro’s friend. Believed to be a former media officer. Also jumped in” referring to the person who attacks the cameraman. But it is Jennifer Lugsdin who was John Barilaro’s mistress when he was married and she is now his girlfriend since he left his wife and Channel 7 and all the old media know that.

The below video is self-explanatory, but I have set up a John Barilaro – ICAC page with my previous articles and videos on the matter which give the background information and a lot of details that you won’t read in other media. (Click here to see the John Barilaro – NSW ICAC page)

(Click anywhere on the below picture to watch the video)

Channel Seven reported last Tuesday (26/7/22) that NSW Police had visited the Channel Seven office and seized all the footage Seven had of the assault by John Barilaro. 

Monday last week (25/7/22) I published another video just after it became public that John Barilaro had assaulted a cameraman (Click here to watch the video).

How can the old media keep a straight face reporting that John Barilaro is under investigation by the NSW Police for assaulting a cameraman but they fail to report his girlfriend Jennifer Lugsdin is also under investigation for assaulting the cameraman for the same incident?

NSW ICAC investigating Jennifer Lugsdin

The below letter is from the CEO of the NSW ICAC confirming they have received a complaint about Jennifer Lugsdin and the process they are taking.

6 July 2022 - Letter received from ICAC CEO

For the key questions sent to the NSW ICAC relevant to the above complaint click here

In a previous article I published on the 1st of July 2022 titled “Smoking gun evidence: John Barilaro’s mistress Jennifer Lugsdin worked at Investment NSW at the time Barilaro stole the $500,000 New York job” I said:

Jennifer Lugsdin worked directly for John Barilaro for 2 years then moved to Investment NSW for 5 months from August 2021 until December 2021 when her affair with John Barilaro was exposed in the media and she left immediately. Below is a screenshot of her LinkedIn page:

JB One

A few questions:

  1. When Jennifer Lugsdin worked at Investment NSW, which is the department that gave John Barilaro the $500,000 New York job, from August 2021 to December 2021 did she help or communicate with John Barilaro regarding the New York role?
  2. How did Jennifer Lugsdin get her role at Investment NSW and was anyone there aware that she was John Barilaro’s mistress? Who in the government was aware that it was blatant corruption for Jennifer Lugsdin to take the role given she was in a relationship with John Barilaro?
  3. Was Jennifer Lugsdin going to benefit financially if John Barilaro had gone to New York? E.g. Would she have gone with Barilaro and would she have been employed by Barilaro, on the government’s payroll, in the New York office?

(Click here to read the full article)

There are obviously a lot of questions that only an inquiry by the NSW ICAC could hope to answer.

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  1. Pity these two didn’t pack their bags and depart Australia permanently, somewhere like Iraq should suit their needs perfectly, sure the locals would welcome them with open arms…would be wishful thinking that NSW police would take any action against either.

  2. Most of our problems of governance would disappear if –
    1. Political parties were made illegal (independents only).
    2. Political terms were 4 years.
    3. Politicians were allowed 3 terms in office only.
    4. Donations to politicians were made illegal.
    5. A highly qualified and independent public service was nurtured.

    • You forgot a few
      1. Ban lobbyists.
      2. Politicians are forbidden to be employed by companies that they had portfolios on.
      3. Politian’s must follow apply for cushy appointments after their political career not just handed to them.

    • That would make a damn fine start, Peter. I would still incorporate a TOTALLY INDEPENDENT body the likes of an ICAC to keep the independent bastards honest!

  3. Jennifer “Bonnie” Lugsdin & John “Clyde” Barilaro. It’s quite fitting that this thug Barilaro is the spitting image of Al Capone. I think Barilaro suffers from little man syndrome.

  4. I want to hear from Judge Steven Rares about Barilaro’s reputation, how he lost it, and whether he still thinks it was the fault of Jordan Shanks.

  5. All above are spot on. It’s so obvious.
    And in NSW Stuart Ayres has resigned his position. But not from parliament. Who’s next?

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