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Federal ICAC trial run as John Barilaro prepares to perjure himself like there’s no tomorrow at NSW Parliament Inquiry

John Barilaro, former NSW Deputy Premier, is due to give evidence under oath at the NSW Parliament Inquiry on Monday (8-8-22) and anyone who has watched the inquiry to date knows he will be perjuring himself like there’s no tomorrow because that’s how he rolls.

The old saying that the cover-up is often bigger than the original crime is well in play in this matter, and it will take down Premier Dominic Perrottet the same as it has already taken down Stuart Ayres who was Deputy Leader of the New South Wales Liberal Party and Minister for Enterprise, Investment and Trade, the Minister for Tourism and Sport, and the Minister for Western Sydney.

I’ve watched all the hearing days for the parliament inquiry, so far there have been five hearing days over the last 5 weeks, into John Barilaro’s dodgy appointment to the $500,000 New York job and it is a must-watch for anyone who has an interest in a Federal ICAC.

What is fascinating is that a lot of the evidence goes to the heart of government corruption but the old media fail to report key facts. But don’t worry there are a few videos of some of the witnesses below which will lead to a wider corruption probe and numerous NSW ICAC inquiries.

On Wednesday (3/8/22) Investment NSW CEO Amy Brown again gave evidence and dug an even deeper hole for the government by in effect admitting that the UK Trade Commissioner role appointment process was just as dodgy if not dodgier than John Barilaro New York appointment.

I published the below video (4/8/22) on YouTube titled “Did Premier Dominic Perrottet help Stephen Cartwright blackmail Amy Brown for $94,000 in extra pay?”. The video covers Amy Brown’s admission that Stephen Cartwright was likely a captain’s pick and he threatened to go to the Premier or Deputy Premier if she didn’t give him a better financial deal for his position as the UK Trade Commissioner.

Also on Wednesday (3/8/22), the Nationals Wes Fang made it obvious that the NSW Government plans on attacking Jenny West as some sort of defence of John Barilaro and I published a video titled “NSW Dominic Perrottet government admit their strategy is to trash Jenny West to defend John Barilaro”. (Click here to watch the video)

Regular readers of this website know I have been leading the reporting on John Barilaro and his former staffer, mistress and current girlfriend Jennifer Lugsdin and the implications for possible perjury by John Barilaro at the NSW ICAC and John Barilaro abusing his position when he was NSW Deputy leader and a Minister.

On Friday (5/8/22) the NSW Parliament Inquiry members started asking John Barilaro’s former Chief of Staff Siobhan Hamblin, who gave evidence under oath, questions about a former “senior media officer” who left John Barilaro’s office in August 2021 and went to work for Investment NSW. While they did not name Jennifer Lugsdin, she is the “senior media officer” they were talking about.

Very early in the questioning about the “senior media officer” Siobhan Hamblin, as per the below video. asked if they could take the questioning “in camera”. In camera means they have a private hearing and the public and journalists can’t watch.

On Friday (5/8/22) I published on YouTube the below video titled “Questions asked about John Barilaro’s girlfriend Jennifer Lugsdin at NSW Parliament inquiry”.

Without a doubt, the Inquiry will be asking John Barilaro a lot of questions regarding his relationship with his former media advisor Jennifer Lugsdin. The groundwork has been laid for the Parliament Inquiry to destroy John Barilaro’s credibility when he is questioned under oath on Monday (8/8/22). 

As I said in the previous article on this subject, I have set up a John Barilaro – ICAC page with my previous articles and videos on the matter which give the background information and a lot of details that you won’t read in other media. (Click here to see the John Barilaro – NSW ICAC page)

I have kept on following up on this matter as it will either take down the NSW government or lead to them being destroyed at the state election which is only 8 months away in March 2023. I think it is also a trial run in many regards for a Federal ICAC and how it should or shouldn’t work given an inquiry into one dodgy political appointment by the NSW government is now growing into a huge corruption scandal.

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  1. It appears the NSW Libs are heading for a train wreck – it will be interesting to see after all this mess they created how many are “left standing”.

  2. What is the link for today’s proceedings please? I cannot find it! Appreciate any assistance.
    Like to see what this “bloke” has to say! Thank You KCA

  3. Isn’t Barilaro what the Liberals and most politicians of all colour term a Good Bloke” it sort of has a mafia connotation !

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