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NSW Police are sitting on a recommendation to charge Kristina Keneally’s police officer son Daniel with fabricating evidence

Police Officer Daniel Keneally broke down and confessed to fabricating evidence when he was interviewed by the NSW Law Enforcement Conduct Commission (LECC) who recommended criminal charges against him.

Daniel Keneally’s fabricated evidence led to the jailing of Luke Moore even though no crime had been committed and it has been raised in the NSW Parliament which is waiting for a report from LECC.

My source tells me that the criminal charge recommendation and a report from the LECC were sent to the NSW Police before the federal election but so far they are refusing to lay charges. The delay in charges could be political interference of some type given Daniel’s mother is former NSW Premier and Federal Senator Kristina Keneally or it could be that if the police charge Daniel Keneally it will have a domino effect and other police will face charges as well so the police are refusing to charge him.

There can be no doubt that Daniel Keneally fabricated evidence as I laid out all the evidence in an article in December 2021 that includes Daniel Keneally’s police statement which makes false allegations claiming Luke Moore threatened police in a phone conversation they had. The problem for Keneally is that Luke Moore taped the phone conversation which proves that Daniel Keneally’s claims in his statement are fabricated lies.

The article I published on the 1st of December 2021 which has the phone recording starts off:

Senator Kristina Keneally’s police officer son, Constable Daniel Keneally, has been accused in the NSW parliament (24/11/21) of attempting to stitch up Luke Moore for crimes he did not commit and if proven true Constable Daniel Keneally could be facing more than 10 years in jail. The day after it was raised in NSW parliament, who ordered NSW police to hand over all documents relating to the matter within 21 days, the NSW police offered Luke Moore $170,000 to settle the matter which he rejected.

What makes this article powerful is the evidence below which includes Constable Daniel Keneally’s police statement, the recorded phone call, a video of the NSW parliament discussing the issue, the offer by the NSW police to settle and their apology and admission of wrongdoing and other documents.

Constable Keneally wrote and signed a police statement claiming that Luke Moore made certain threats during a phone conversation they had on the 24th of February 2021 but the allegations in the police statement do not correspond with a recording of the phone call which Luke Moore luckily recorded. Luke Moore was jailed as soon as he was charged with the alleged crimes and ended up serving 3 weeks in jail before he was bailed and the NSW police eventually withdrew the charge as it was obvious that Constable Daniel Keneally’s police statement was fabricated.

The NSW police say they investigated the fabricated police statement and apologised saying it was an “error” by Constable Daniel Keneally. If Luke Moore had not recorded the phone call he could have ended up in jail for quite a few years. (Click here to read the article and listen to the phone recording)

After the police refused to take action against Daniel Keneally, Luke Moore escalated his complaint to the Law Enforcement Conduct Commission (LECC) which I detail in the below video.

I published a new video on Thursday (11/8/22), as per below, regarding the new information:

Not only have the NSW police failed to act against Daniel Keneally but the NSW Law Enforcement Conduct Commission (LECC) has failed to give their report into the matter to the NSW Parliament as they promised to do in the below letter they sent to the Parliament in November 2021:

The reputations of the NSW Police and NSW Law Enforcement Conduct Commission (LECC) are rapidly being trashed on this matter alone so maybe it’s time for the Office of the Inspector of the Law Enforcement Conduct Commission, whose primary role is to provide oversight of the LECC and its officers, to investigate.

I’ll keep following up on this matter.

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  1. Yes, I received a reply from L.E.C.C.
    You lodge a complaint against the corporation “NSW POLICE FORCE” to L.E.C.C., they wont investigate your complaint, then provide this information to the “NSW POLICE FORCE”. 4 weeks later, a Professional Standards Manager of the corporation contacts you and advises “nothing to see here, operating as designed.”
    Acting in a common purpose wasting taxpayers money.
    In this legal fiction system, one will never obtain remedy from these corrupt grfubs. Cockroaches have more honour.

  2. KK: Daniel, you should not have lied.
    DK: But Mum, you lied quite often.
    KK: But that was justified lying.
    DK: What’s justified lying?
    KK: When you lie to protect your arse.

  3. Notice how the Establishment always finds some loophole clause in a law to weave and dodge. Laws that were drafted by lawyers, members of the most corrupt profession in Australia with nearly a thousand practitioners disbarred, fined or censured over the last two decades (and that`s only the ones they caught). Always thought any person in a position of power who has been convicted of a crime (police, public service, politicians, etc.) should have their sentence automatically doubled for misusing their position. One can dream, can`t one?

  4. I’ve got no problem with the political angle or the suspicion of influence being used. But it’s only reasonable to point out that cops do this all the time.

  5. There is an inherent conflict of interest with police investigating themselves in Victoria and this is compounded with a lack of transparency, any whistleblowers have been given compensation through the legal system after Victoria Police investigators dismissed their claims as “unsubstantiated.”

    Police misconduct and corruption is happening in all Australian states and territories. Victoria Police are often failing to properly investigate allegations of police misconduct and corruption, proving the need for an independent investigative body for police misconduct, which the police say is not needed as the Victorian IBAC is sufficient, but more often than not IBAC refer the misconduct back to the police.

  6. IMHO, ” he DK, is a very very naughty boy ” and ” they the NSW Police are even naughtier boys and girls ” – Terry Jones. I bet they sleep well at night knowing that levers and pedals are being pulled and pushed, as we the plebs become frustrated, angry and very very disappointed at the lack of decisive action and integrity currently being displayed. Surely “they can find” another arm of this illustrious NSW police service with a more impressive title that will “investigate” this … But I wouldn’t hold my breath…

  7. Ah a police officer with a sense of entitlement to at the expense of a citizen lie so as have that citizen imprisoned. An officer whom has a mother that is a politician to boot. How extraordinary !!
    Like mother like son many may conclude.

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