Governor-General David Hurley

Scott Morrison and Governor-General David Hurley conspired for the secret multi-ministry appointments. How much money did they make?

Scott Morrison and Governor-General David Hurley conspired to secretly appoint Scott Morrison to numerous cabinet positions, as a secret second Minister, while Morrison was Prime Minister, and we all know the only motivation for Morrison to do that would be for financial gain.

Morrison and Hurley have a history of fraud and previously conspired to steal $18 million and give it to an alleged charity. I wrote in April 2022:

“Scott Morrison was exposed on Thursday (7/4/2022) as being the key decision maker, in collusion with Governor-General David Hurley, for giving $18 million of taxpayer’s money to a charity, The Australian Future Leaders Foundation Limited, that doesn’t exist except on paper.”

“What makes this matter so scandalous is because we have 2 witnesses that have identified Scott Morrison as being personally involved and the decision maker to hand over the $18 million and one of those witnesses is Governor-General David Hurley. Normally Scott Morrison would duck and weave and blame others, but he won’t be able to get out of it this time unless he blames Governor-General David Hurley and then we probably have a constitutional crisis in the making if we are not already there.” (Click here to read more)

The multi-ministry appointment scandal only broke on Monday (15/8/22) and so far there are limited details. But it seems that Scott Morrison at least appointed himself as a second Heath Minister, Finance Minister and Resources Minister which he used to “overrule then-resources minister Keith Pitt, before intervening to stop PEP11, a licence to find oil and gas off the NSW coast including near Sydney that Liberal MPs in nearby seats opposed.” (Click here to read more)

It’s likely Morrison also appointed himself as a second Minster to other portfolios as well. While intervening to stop the oil and gas exploration off the NSW coast was clearly a political decision, I have no doubt when other decisions are revealed they will be mostly financial decisions to benefit Morrison and his friends because that’s how he operates.

But it will take days, weeks or probably months to investigate and unravel exactly what Scott Morrison has been up to in the private government operations he secretly ran for at least 2 years.

In the interim, while we wait for more news about what Scott Morrison was up to, we should be calling for the sacking of Governor-General David Hurley who has a history of cover-ups. 

Update: I just published the below video on YouTube today titled “Fraudsters Scott Morrison and Governor-General David Hurley – Why we need a Royal Commission”

In 2012 David Hurley who was then the Chief of Defence was up to his neck in covering up the Skype sex-tape scandal at the Australian Defence Force Academy. (Click here to read more)

I published an article in 2019 and said:

In April 2011 the “Skype sex scandal” engulfed the Australian Defence Force Academy in Canberra (ACT) and made headlines around the country. It involved an 18-year-old female cadet being filmed, without her knowledge, having sex with a male cadet. It was also live streamed via Skype onto a computer into a nearby room where there were 6 other cadets watching. They also took pictures and showed them to other cadets.

The ADFA went into a full-blown cover-up mode and started lying and deceiving like there is no tomorrow. The lies by the ADFA were backed up with even more lies by the Federal Police including by the then Commissioner of the Australian Federal Police Tony Negus.

The Defence Force told the 18-year-old female cadet that they had spoken to the Federal Police and were told what happened would be illegal in any of the Australian states but it was not illegal under ACT law so virtually nothing would happen.

When the story hit the media the federal police said after further review the incident happened on federal land so it is also covered by federal laws so they would investigate further. That was scandalous and such an obvious attempt at a cover-up as all of Australia is covered by federal laws whether it is federal land or not and the AFP always had the ability to investigate and the AFP and ADFA knew it. (Click here to read more)

And then there are the alleged war crimes that happened on David Hurley’s watch when he was Chief of the Defence Force (2011–2014). I published an article in December 2020 titled “Powerful prima facie case to charge Australia’s Governor-General David Hurley with concealing war crimes” which starts off:

Australia’s Governor-General David Hurley was formerly a General in Australia’s Army and he was Chief of the Defence Force from the 4th of July 2011 to June 2014. I wrote about his lack of credibility regarding the war crimes cover-up only a few days ago but further evidence has come to hand which starts to build a powerful prima facia case that he has knowingly covered-up war crimes in Afghanistan. (Click here to read more)

Governor-General David Hurley has aided and abetted Scott Morrison in his crimes and should do the right thing and resign immediately.

Scott Morrison and David Hurley seem to have a lot in common such as covering up sex crimes against women and financial fraud but their partnership in the multi-ministry appointments will likely be their undoing.

Scott Morrison didn’t have himself secretly appointed as a second minister in numerous portfolios for nothing. So, once it is revealed what decisions Morrison was making secretly, I suspect it will have plenty to do with the awarding of tenders and grants which is where the big money is to be made for fraudsters like Morrison. 

This will be one of the biggest stories of the decade and possibly the biggest constitutional crisis since the dismissal of Prime Minister Gough Whitlam by Governor-General Sir John Kerr on the 11th of November 1975.

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  1. I’ve always said – the truth eventually comes out, one way or another, but I think there is more to come on this matter. I heard he gave himself another 2 more portfolios, so watch this space…once a crook, always a crook. A leopard never changes its spots.

  2. A brilliant, stunning, sensational article. I have shared it on Facebook, Twitter, and sent it to Mark Dreyfus and Bill Shorten!
    Kangaroo Court is fantastic.

  3. Amazing how some current Opposite members are denying any knowledge of these matters even though at the time this was happening they were in actual fact Government Ministers, certainly raises serious concerns and time for those involved to immediately resign, the position of Governor General looks very shakey and time to abolish that position and move forward with the Republic Referendum.

  4. And we point the finger at other countries for various transgressions of corruption & lack of proper process.
    Under Morrison & his government we too became a failed democracy.
    Fortunately electors recognised this & turfed the out in May 2022.
    Let’s hope that’s where they stay for a very long time.
    But let’s also learn the lesson here that we electors have to keep the elected in line.

  5. Money is a massive motivation for Scomo, yes, but personally, I think it was about self-glorification. Good article though. I’m currently blocked on Fb so can’t share it but will do so on Twitter.

  6. The issue here is NOT how much money or what corrupt decisions he made… the major issue is that he appointed himself all powerful leader for everything, and how the Aussie public reacts to it so that they know they can get away with it next time. This was just a test to see if the Aussie people storm the corrupt polls with outrage. Get ready for an ever bigger “supreme leader” takeover next time.

  7. Just when you think you have heard it all . Hurley must be hurled out on his arse and Morrison put before an ICAC .

  8. The Question i have is how long were the Murdoch press waiting on this story, and how did they find out about it?

  9. There should be a thorough investigation about the relationship between Morrison, his happy clapper church and a delusional Oil and Gas wannabe mogul, Tasmanian based CEO of Empire Oil and Gas, Malcolm Bendall. Google him. Empire has recieved huge amounts of taxpayer funding to explore for gas. God told him oil is to be found in the tasmanian highlands that would make Tasmania “the next Saudi Arabia”. He belongs to a weird religious sect based in the USA and is a fraud who has built his career on the crazy visions of a delusional Rabbi in NY.

    • We all know that Church and State don’t mix, highlights this with enormous transfers of funds from Treasury to the Churches under Morrison and dodgey deals in NSW..

  10. Thanks KCA: Once again kca is more on everything, he reported about Hurley a while ago. Morrison is a snake in the grass, and the story does not end here, not sure if hes gone underground, but it will not do him any good. Wait till you find out exactly what the pray room in Canberra was really used for: The so called church he was associated with: All the information is being dripped out, slowly but not sure if Australian public will be able to deal with the truth, there will be no more police/firemen/hospitals/ etc; Morrison did not lose the election/Labor did not win either, it was rigged so all this would be able to be exposed for the public to see.

  11. Why didn’t all this come out before the election?
    Two guys write a book about it…that takes time…editing takes time…getting legal clearance takes time.. printing takes time…
    This was brewing for ages.

    Why didn’t it come out?
    Concetta’s speech to the Senate was just dismissed as sour grapes on Liberal Senate Preselection.

    Didn’t any journo think to look a bit deeper?
    Well they did.
    And wrote a book afterwards….
    Something fishy is going on.

    It seems that the MSM were protecting Morrison, hoping for the LNP to win the election. But now he is not needed, and they are supporting another nutter. Dutton the Dud.

    • The, ahem, journos – Murdoch’s boy (and Slomo’s mate) Benson and some other nobody were not going public with the skinny on the then PM’s outrageous behaviour because of who and what they are and who they are beholden to.

  12. All their bank accounts … All their Pensions, wages, monetary benefits of any kind should be frozen – only an allotment of ‘living expenses (I’m hesitant to concede this) should be allowed under strict supervision, until they come to justice.

  13. Just wondering if appointing himself to various positions means that Scomo shares the salary of each, or gets paid the equivalent of existing Ministers. After all, he wouldn`t be working for nix, would he?

  14. It is dictatorship and both should be thrown in jail no trial required the signing of the documents is proof beyond reasonable doubt that they are guilty..It also proves that that the commonwealth is dead.. and that the Queen is no longer… wake up Australia

  15. No surprises here KCA has been consistently exposing this grub Morrison.
    Remember Morrison was a complete commercial failure in everything he touched in the real world of business. What a way to go politics his own Liberal Party branch would not endorse him as a candidate ! He had to use vilification of his competitor and resort to court action to claim preselection ! What a worthless grub now a wealty one because the blind greater populace believed the Liberal Dribble.

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