Prime Minister Scott Morrison

Prima facie case Scott Morrison committed fraud, while impersonating 5 other ministers, is growing by the day

Scott Morrison is in serious trouble as there is a powerful prima facie case starting to build that Morrison committed fraud when he impersonated 5 ministers during the previous federal government.

Scott Morrison held a press conference on Wednesday (17/8/22) thinking he could fool the media and public that what he did was justifiable, but he only managed to dig a deeper hole for himself.

I watched the whole media conference, and it was classic Morrison where he played the hero who saved the country during the pandemic and then he played the victim because people expected him to be accountable as the Prime Minister.  

There are two key points from the press conference which I published in a video as per below.

  1. Morrison was asked if he or any of his staff used his power as one of the 5 self-appointed Ministers to sign off on grants and/or government contracts and Morrison refused to expressly deny it. On three separate occasions, he ducked and weaved eventually saying not to his recollection.
  2. Scott Morrison continually referred to “we” when talking about the decision to appoint himself to 5 ministerial positions but when asked who “we” were he stumbled and said the government. But he had kept the 5 appointments secret so how could “we” mean the government? 

The below video is Scott Morrison telling the lies I outlined above at the press conference:

Scott Morrison refusing to give a guarantee that he or his staff didn’t sign government contracts or grants etc, in the 5 ministerial roles he secretly appointed himself to, ties in with the article I published on the 15th of August 2022 titled “Scott Morrison and Governor-General David Hurley conspired for the secret multi-ministry appointments. How much money did they make?”. In that article I said:

“Scott Morrison didn’t have himself secretly appointed as a second minister in numerous portfolios for nothing. So, once it is revealed what decisions Morrison was making secretly, I suspect it will have plenty to do with the awarding of tenders and grants which is where the big money is to be made for fraudsters like Morrison.” (Click here to read more)

I also, published a video later that day, as per below, outlining Morrison’s scam and his likely motive. 

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese is scheduled to receive legal advice on Monday (22/8/22) as to whether or not it was legal for Scott Morrison to appoint himself to 5 ministerial positions. But whether that was legal is one thing and it’s totally another thing if he did approve grants or other government contracts etc in those portfolios which to me could have been his only motivation for doing what he did.  

There will possibly be more leaks regarding what Morrison did or don’t do before Monday’s legal advice. But whatever happens, there has to be an open and public inquiry to get to the truth as today’s press conference by Scott Morrison raised many more questions than it answered.

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  1. The Australian Constitution cannot be altered except by a referendum. How could David Hurley bypass the Australian people and authorise the constitution be overridden by the Bio Security Act Amendments 2015?

  2. Morrison refers to the powers “given” to him under the secret portfolios. Not so. He seized those powers and Hurley was complicit..

  3. Hurley is dusted.

    After his poorly-judged endorsement of a home renovation, this!?

    Even Cosgrove, his predecessor, (who, incidentally is a hypocrite and bullshitter of the highest order) would have had a moment of doubt when the divine-sent waste of space requested to become all-powerful.

  4. Morrison said the portfolios were given… he took them himself he uses the phrase I don’t recollect, what he means is I’m not going to recall it from my memory
    so often people in court use I don’t recall instead of I don’t remember… they are not going to recall it from my memory

  5. Three questions when did the MURDOCH JOURNALISTS find out about it? And why didn’t they say something before the election if they knew?
    And will The LABOR PARTY do anything here? My bet at this stage NO. Albanese is already showing that he is weak and hopeless at present.

    • Labor doesn’t have to buy in to this as Slomo digs an ever-deeper hole and drags his enablers with him.

      There’s no political capital to be made from piling-on. Labor might as well get on with fixing the neglected environment, workplace culture, low wages, etc.

      And you are seriously surprised that “News” limited does not have investigative journalists prepared to dob on their own side?

  6. IMHO, Morrison and his gang (inc. GG) have been TRULY HORRIBLE “servants” / representatives in the way they have “served” the constituents of their electorates ,,, lying, corrupting, falsifying, manipulating, bastardising, depriving, subverting, vitiating, etc. I really could go on at length … Oh did I mention total lack of transparency and accountability. IMHO, Morrison and his gang (inc. GG) have done a “ripper” job at destroying the fabric of our Australian society and institutions and ALL need to be prosecuted and sentenced to the full extent of the “law” (?) …

    • Let’s ask the queen … he’s her “man” here in the colony. I wonder if these new developments, when they occurred, were ever reported back to royal central control, as apparently they MUST be? The report probably got lost in amongst the brown paper bags of cash … being delivered to the castle(s).

  7. News today – Sunday – is that the “liar from the shire” signed off on $800+ million of grants to industry all by himself! So what was the percentage going to him?
    At least mainstream media is finally catching up!

  8. Shane, the MSM (including the ABC) is not touching suspicions (by you) that scottie and the GG must be running a racket. One only has to backtrack to the French Subs contract to be suspicious, after scottie sent one of his henchmen (from the PMO) to France, to act as French negotiator, to get the contract finally signed. Beyond comprehension, a PMO official negotiating with the Australian government on behalf of the French.

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