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Australian media companies want to be exempt from being investigated for corruption by the National Anti-Corruption Commission

Australia’s TV media companies have told the National Anti-Corruption Commission committee that they should be exempt from being investigated for corruption by the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC). I captured it on video, as per below, and it is amazing how brazen the media companies are thinking they can publicly demand to be above the law.

Free TV Australia CEO Bridget Fair, who represents and lobbies on behalf of Channel 9, 7, 10 and regional TV station owners, was asked on Thursday (20/10/22) by Labor Senator Glenn Sterle why she wrote in her submissions to the NACC committee she believes that the TV companies and their staff should be exempt from being investigated for corruption by the NACC.

Bridget Fair argued, in the below video, that all the TV stations do is provide a service to the government by selling air time and that they don’t want to be “caught up” in the scope of the bill.

(Click here to see Free TV Australia’s submissions. Page 7 is where they ask for an exemption)

Any debate about whether old media companies are corrupt is now dead and buried with the above video. The media are meant to keep governments accountable and expose government corruption but the old media don’t want to be accountable themselves.

Bridget Fair previously worked for Seven owner Kerry Stokes and the attempted “get out of jail free exemption” has his fingerprints all over it.

The reality is that a large percentage of government corruption is with companies that provide goods and/or services to the government corruptly getting those contracts.

In the picture above are Channel 7 owner Kerry Stokes, News Corp owner Rupert Murdoch and Channel 9 Chairman Peter Costello. The reason I added Rupert Murdoch even though he is not part of Free TV Australia is that if the TV Networks were to get an exemption, then Rupert Murdoch and News Corp would be next to get an exemption.

In fact, if TV Networks get an exemption, then most companies such as Banks and Mining companies etc would and the NACC will be totally undermined.

I didn’t watch all the National Anti-Corruption Commission hearings over the last four days, but I did watch some and I’ll read some more of the submissions. But based on what I saw there were crooks all over the place trying to manipulate the NACC legislation to protect themselves by making sure they are never investigated and if they are, it won’t be in public.

This is not a long article but given how scandalous it is for the TV Networks to ask to be above the law it had to be reported. From what I can see no other media have reported the above scandal which is in the public interest so please read below and share.

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  1. As expected, the (alleged) new Federal anti corruption body will be a toothless tiger, a waste of taxpayers funds, will protect the guilty and assist in the prosecution of whistleblowers and used to silence dissent.
    This current government is heading in the same direction as the gang they deposed.

    • How dare these media moguls think they are above the law! The sooner we get a Royal Commission into the media here the better. Ms Fair is something else!

      It seems to be heading that way TC. I had great hopes when Dreyfus dropped charges against Bernard Collaery but since then it’s been downhill. Boyle case is still proceeding unfortunately. Said they would be instituting a Federal ICAC with teeth but not looking promising at this stage.

      You are correct in asserting they are all the same…..I now don’t hold much hope that ALP are going to be any better which is unfortunate as Albanese was promising so much. Hopefully the Indies can hold them to account because we are going to need to push the Government all the way.

      Saw the documents Rex Patrick received under FOI yesterday….never seen so much redaction!! Said his printer nearly ran out of ink printing off a couple of pages!!

      ALP and LNP both the same regarding energy too…..both under control of big companies so don’t expect any reduction in prices….EVER!! Unless Govt take back control of OUR assets for making prices cheaper for the people who vote them in!

  2. I think the NACC should focus on federal elected representatives. Opening the net too wide lets them all slip out. Everybody knows those free to air TV networks are the propaganda wing of the LNP but somehow it didn’t work last time. So what is changing?

    • They are focused on the politicians and bureaucrats but it is a waste of time if they do not also investigate the people who are bribing them.

      As you say “Everybody knows those free-to-air TV networks are the propaganda wing of the LNP” and the reason they do that is because of the financial benefits they get which is corruption that the NACC should investigate.

  3. Thanks for your voice of sanity in these ridiculous days. Fox/Sky act as if they are beyond the law already. Fight against the status quo boys club doing deals in ICAC hearings held in private. I have always had the feeling that the Federal police are heavily right wing and I wonder who is going to do the investigation work or will it be all down to our much loved Whistle Blowers?

  4. Looks like the Fed Anti-corruption Commission will have teeth, but they will be dentures, taken out when their mates come up for investigation. All the more reason to abandon the mainstream media and fund the people`s media like KCA, etc. Eventually the big guys will try to strangle the minors, but, like pimples, they can spring up elsewhere. And pimples always get your attention.

  5. From what I read on this website and to my knowledge, it looks like Labor’s version of the NACC will be another kangaroo court similar to the one Morrison proposed but then dumped, judging by the failure to stick to public hearings and that it would be independent from government. The fact that Dutton asked for private hearings when he did a deal with Labor in regard to the NACC proves that he is a hypocrite.

    As for whistleblowers, you would think Dreyfus would order the CDPP to drop the prosecution against Boyle and McBride given that he already did this for Collaery. But no. The AG has agreed with the Liberals that they should be made an example of when they call out corruption in the public service.

    Mr. Albanese, you made a commitment before you were elected that you want to ensure integrity within government. Prove it.

  6. Albasqueezie is full of BS like all politicians. If the ICAC doesn’t include public hearings, doesn’t include politicians & public service personnel being investigated & doesn’t protect whistleblowers, doesn’t include the media companies then the whole idea of a Federal ICAC is a sham.
    A another load of bull dust that makes the pollies appear doing something, but in reality, NOTHING !
    “Keep the plebs in the dark & feed them bullshit “

  7. What more can be said at this point? … You’re on to it KCA … Your good work is appreciated. Thank You
    I like the “NACC-ered” comment HA!

  8. Politicians, government and bureaucrats have always used media to palter truth. Corporations have always used politicians, government and bureaucrats to get what they want. No matter what political party or what type of corporation the people are always the ones who will need to deal with the fallout of the dishonesty.

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