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Lachlan Murdoch and News Corp thrown under a bus by their barrister Sue Chrysanthou

Lachlan Murdoch’s own barrister Sue Chrysanthou has thrown him and his company News Corp under a bus, not once but twice, in his defamation claim against news website Crikey.

Firstly, Sue Chrysanthou contradicted her own written submissions which was not missed by the judge and not on a minor point but an issue that could cost Lachlan Murdoch the whole court case.

The Guardian reported (21/10/22):

Lachlan Murdoch’s application to have parts of Crikey’s defence about Fox News’s role in the January 6 riot dismissed has failed in a pre-trial hearing in the federal court.

In August the co-chair of News Corp filed proceedings for defamation against the Australian independent news site over an article by its politics editor, Bernard Keane, headlined “Trump is a confirmed unhinged traitor. And Murdoch is his unindicted co-conspirator”.

Justice Wigney said Chrysanthou’s assertion that it was obvious that the topic of Keane’s article was in the public interest “appeared to be entirely at odds with” her formal submission “which states in unqualified terms that Mr Murdoch denies the Crikey article concerned an issue of public interest”. (Click here to read more)

In the video below I also point out that if Sue Chrysanthou’s claim that the new “public interest defence” won’t work at all in any matters then it could cost News Corp big dollars in the future as they won’t be able to use it as a defence in the numerous defamation claims they have to defend every year.

The below video also has an extract from the latest US 60 Minutes show about voting software company Dominion suing Fox News and Fox Corp for $billions for defamation.

Could this be the beginning of the end for the Murdochs and News Corp?

Not only are Fox Corp and Fox News being sued by Dominion for $billion for telling lies on Fox News but they are also being sued by another voting software company Smartmatic for $billions for the same reason. (Click here to read more)

If either or both Dominion and Smartmatic are successful in their defamation claims against Fox Corp and Fox News then the floodgates could open up for many lawsuits against Fox, and potentially the Murdochs, because their whole business model is based on telling lies. 

The 2 key dangers in the Crikey defamation case is that evidence that comes out about News Corp could be used against them in other court cases here and in the US. Also, Lachlan Murdoch will have to give evidence under oath which could also be used against him and News Corp in future court cases.

In 12 months from now, it’s likely that the Murdochs and their companies Fox and News Corp will be in a lot of legal trouble and the likes of their barrister Sue Chrysanthou won’t be able to help them.

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  1. I have the champagne on ice for the announcement of the demise of Rupert I also will toast the demise of the whole Newscorp family, May they all burn in hell.

  2. They had to do a uturn on in the public interest because that is going to be their one defence for broadcasting the multitude of lies and biased reporting in all the defamation cases against them and if they establish a precedent against using it in this case they themselves will be unable to use it when they need to, which will be a lot in the coming years.

  3. That Tucker Carlson or Sean Hanity (or both) have publicly admitted that they KNEW there was no issue with the voting machines, but that they continued to spread the fiction that the election was ‘stolen’ and the machines were the issue…. Means Uncle Rupert has already lost the case in the US. He just doesn’t know how much its going to cost him yet.

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