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AFP Commissioner Reece Kershaw colluded with Rupert Murdoch and Bruce Lehrmann’s lawyers to undermine rape trial

Below is a letter from ACT Director of Public Prosecution Shane Drumgold sent to ACT Chief Police Officer Neil Gaughan outlining evidence of corrupt police trying to stop rape charges against Bruce Lehrmann and police colluding with Lehrmann’s lawyers during the rape trial. ACT Policing is the community policing arm of the Australian Federal Police (AFP).

The letter sets out the police conspiracy to help Lehrmann which has led to a Board of Inquiry into the Criminal Justice System in the Australian Capital Territory that has been set up to investigate police attempts to cover-up Brittany Higgins’ alleged rape.

The below letter is a must-read as it sets the background for the Inquiry which will be explosive given there have been numerous leaks of police evidence and documents, regarding the rape trial and investigation, to Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp.

The police leaks to News Corp must have been approved by AFP Commissioner Reece Kershaw given he has taken no action to investigate or stop the leaks.

And right on cue, Murdoch’s propagandists at News Corp have ramped up their attacks on Brittany Higgins in the last few weeks. One of the reasons Murdoch has ramped up his attacks on Brittany Higgins is because of his involvement in the attempted cover-up by publishing the police leaks.

The AFP leaking to News Corp is not new and an ABC journalist complained in July 2022 about the AFP giving News Corp privileged leaks about other stories and I published an article titled “Is Rupert Murdoch bribing police again for stories given an ABC journalist says the AFP are giving scoops to News Corp?”

The below letter is worth looking at again in the current environment, and with the Inquiry starting, as most people haven’t seen it in full and months later after its public release no one from the AFP has refuted the allegations in the letter.

Update 6/3/23: Below is a video where I give detailed commentary and analysis of the above letter:

I will be making submissions to the inquiry regarding my experience with the ACT Police media officer. (Click here to read more) and if you would like to make submissions click here.

Once the ACT inquiry is finished there will need to be a federal Inquiry given the involvement of the numerous federal politicians in the attempted cover-up.

I will continue to follow this story as it will be one of the biggest corruption stories in 2023.

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  1. The AFP need to be abolished. Their history is appalling… allowing the young foolish Australians to be used as drug mules

  2. WOW! Shane Drumgold! Have we finally found an honest lawyer? Now if we can only clone him to build up the numbers. There might be hope for justice in Australia after all.

  3. Clearly the ACT Director of Public Prosecutions is a man the believes in his jobs authentic need to apply the law without fear or favour.
    In the event we ever become a Republic, I would vote for Shane Drumgold in a heartbeat to be President.

  4. Corruption is tolerated when it achieves goals shared by the vast majority of the electorate. Robodebt Royal Commission, Board of Inquiry into the Criminal Justice System in ACT, a silenced NACC etc etc etc etc – all in the public interest in a country of predominantly self-interested individuals. Over and over again we learn that there are no consequences for bad behaviour and no motivation to change. Courage to standup against the system of self-interest exists only in a few. We, the spectators, watch on as they are tortured by those paid to act in the “public interest” and spat out – tut tut terrible terrible. Richard Boyle will never be the same again, tortured by his employer, the ATO for doing the right thing. What happened to him and other whistleblowers is a human rights issue. Brittney Higgins didn’t get justice. Those involved in these events should be prosecuted, but they wont be. Abolishing the AFP wont change anything, it will just be replaced with the same people under a different label. Senior people will be retired out or moved into higher paid jobs. Australia has lost is moral compass, things wont change until the majority vote for better behaviour and start walking the talk. Its a lot worse than you think.

    • No wk, youve just confirmed it IS as bad as I think (know) !!
      When ppl in high places want to silence honest journo’s, its for a good reason. Is there just one govt dept thats not fully corrupted anymore ? I think not !
      Just want to thank KCA for persisting with publishing the facts & searching for the truth. Gives me a glimmer of hope for the future.

  5. Fantastic Story
    Well done
    These people that speak up need
    Bravery awards and the people who help them tell their stories should be commended
    People need to know the truth
    Not sweep things under the carpet
    Or how can we have a better world
    It is becoming more and much harder to do the right thing !
    Thank God for Kangaroo 🦘 Court
    Where we can find the truth
    Keep up the Great work!

  6. “The judiciary must be strengthened and released from political interference.”
    Aung San Suu Kyi
    From my perspective, Australia HAS changed and certainly; Not altogether for the better. I am greatly dismayed
    Thanks KCA

  7. I cannot help but wonder where Brandis has been involved here, BL was his golden staffer, and Paul O’Sullivan was Secretary at AG’s then a Spook after that, with a lot of access to a lot of info and power. BL refers to O’Sullivan as a confidante. They would have worked closely when BL was a Snr Adviser in Brandis’ office. Needs a look.

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