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Bruce Lehrmann’s trial judge Lucy McCallum gives rapist Thomas Earle community service instead of jail time

ACT Chief Justice Lucy McCallum has given rapist Thomas Earle community service because, in part, he was of “good character”. McCallum was Bruce Lehrmann’s trial judge and I have accused of her of criminal offences including taking bribes in published articles and books.

It makes me wonder if Chief Justice McCallum would have given Bruce Lehrmann a light sentence if he had been found guilty, but more on that in a minute.

Chief Justice Lucy McCallum did not make an error in law by giving rapist Thomas Earle community service instead of jail, she broke the law and it has judicial corruption written all over it.

Thomas Earle rape conviction – Director of Public Prosecutions v Earle [2023] ACTSC 93

A jury found Thomas Earle guilty of “committing an act of indecency without consent” and “sexual intercourse without consent” and Justice McCallum sentenced him to a total of 3 1/2 years jail but then ordered that it be “served by way of intensive correction in the community”. The bottom line is no jail for Thomas Earle and he has to do 300 hours of community service and “20 hours of counselling” instead of jail. (Click here to read the full judgment)

The ABC reported (29/4/23):

The judge pointed to evidence of Earle’s “good character”, having read several character references, including from his employers. She also noted he was from a “loving and supportive family” and had little to no chance of re-offending.

Chief Justice McCallum said the prosecution had argued Earle had “no remorse” and a “lack of insight into the offending”, and that weight should be given to general deterrence over the possibility of rehabilitation in sentencing.

Earle’s victim, Emily Campbell-Ross, said she was devastated by the result. “The women of the ACT were just told that if the right to their own body is removed, community service is a justified punishment,” she said in a statement.

“The men of the ACT were just told that they can rape a woman and never see the inside of a prison cell. (Click here to read more)

The jury heard all the evidence from the witnesses and found Thomas Earle guilty to 2 serious crimes which should attract jail time no matter what the circumstances are and no matter the level of “good character” the person has or if a person comes from “loving and supportive family”.

It is Chief Justice Lucy McCallum who should also be getting jail time and counselling for deliberately and knowingly failing her duty as a judge. There is no doubt in my mind Justice Lucy McCallum has deliberately abused the law for the benefit of others and likely herself.

Bruce Lehrmann rape trial

Chief Justice Lucy McCallum is the same judge that heard the Bruce Lehrmann – Brittany Higgins rape trial in 2022 and would have sentenced Lehrmann if he had been found guilty. The first trial for the Bruce Lehrmann rape charge was aborted after juror misconduct and the Director of Public Prosecutions decided not to have a second trial to protect Brittany Higgins mental health.

Given Chief Justice Lucy McCallum’s sentencing of Thomas Earle for rape and taking into account the police cover-up attempt and inquiry was Lucy McCullum planning on giving Bruce Lehrmann a suspended sentence if he was found guilty on the basis that he was of “good character” and he has a “loving and supportive family?”. Put another way, did Chief Justice Lucy McCallum pre-judge the case and did she do it with the help of others and for her personal or financial benefit?


I have seen Justice Lucy McCallum abuse the law first hand in court myself when she was aiding and abetting Kerry Stokes in his numerous SLAPP lawsuits against me. I have published articles about it such as here and her corrupt conduct gets mentioned in 2 books I have published in 2020 and 2022.

I don’t want to get off topic too much, but it’s worth noting an article I published in 2018 is titled “Serial rapist and alleged sexual predator protected with suppression orders by Justice Ian Harrison and Lucy McCallum”. (Click here to read the article) That article by itself shows Chief Justice Lucy McCallum has form when it comes to protecting sexual predators and that is why her protection of rapist Thomas Earle is no surprise to me.

ACT Inquiry into the Bruce Lehrmann AFP cover-up – Should it be extended to cover Chief Justice Lucy McCallum and her conduct?

The ACT Inquiry into the attempted cover-up of Bruce Lehrmann’s alleged rape of Brittany Higgins was due to start public hearings last Monday but has been delayed a week and will now start public hearings on Monday the 8th of May starting at 9.45am which will be livestreamed on their website here.

I have no evidence of misconduct by Chief Justice Lucy McCallum during the Bruce Lehrmann trial but given the above, the juror misconduct and the fact that the police were trying to cover it up I think the ACT Inquiry should be expanded to cover Justice McCallum, the conduct of the trial and the juror’s misconduct.

I also think, given the Thomas Earle sentencing, the ACT government should review Chief Justice Lucy McCallum’s appointment as Chief Justice which she started on the 8th of March 2022.

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  1. Welcome to justice Australian style, if the guilty party was say a footballer or a person without references from dubious citizens who choose to assist a convicted rapist, than those ‘lesser’ convicted ones would be in the slammer…

  2. It makes me wonder how, a person of ‘good character’, can also be a convicted rapist. Surely, these traits are mutually exclusive.

  3. What is happening here in Oz when men get no jail time for rape… We really need do investigate these Judges and fix this system..

  4. “When we overlook the errors of people we like and favour. We are crippling the society, because others look up to them and are copying from them. They will copy also their errors. One day we will be complaining why things are like this.”
    De philosopher DJ Kyos

  5. I recall an Australian child sex abuse abuse couple just a few years ago who received minimal sentences for their outrageous abuses. Their online US counterparts got 25 years a piece. We continue to be a nation of children holding public office, with insular, protected life experiences that make them incapable of grasping the harsh realities of crime and the need to protect the public. Instead, we have cossetted idiots who seek to play the role of a healing psychologist or an absolving priest in order to feed their compassion addiction. Dangerous imbeciles.

  6. Fair dinkum, no jail time, really.!!! In America or Britain he’d be looking at 5 to 15 years minimum.. Do we want all these unfortunate victims of crimes to have to just live with their pain & not report & seek help because the judges are weak & corrupt.? Australia is fast becoming as corrupt & immoral as some countries overseas that we used to frown upon.. Aussies are better than this, a country built on a FAIR go & care for each other, where the hell is the fair & care for victims.???? Bullshit & disgraceful, no one’s above the law especially corrupt judges….AJ..👎

  7. Over in the West, the old boys network would have Judges changed on Friday evenings after a game of Masters Hockey or whatever.

    These were for cases listed for the next Monday morning.

    Then defending barristers wouldn’t push the defence. Why “Because I live and have to work in this town”.

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