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President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Anthony Albanese exposed for hypocrisy on Julian Assange and US journalist Evan Gershkovich

US President Joe Biden has been exposed as a hypocrite for continuing with the persecution of Julian Assange based on trumped-up espionage charges while at the same time Biden is accusing Russia of fabricating espionage charges to justify jailing American journalist Evan Gershkovich.

Biden’s hypocrisy hasn’t gone unnoticed in the US as per the below video where a White House journalist asked Biden’s spokesperson about Biden’s double standards with Julian Assange and Evan Gershkovich. Biden’s spokesperson refused to answer the direct question and rambled on which is like what Prime Minister Anthony Albanese does when asked about Assange.

Julian Assange – Some of what we know about his espionage charges and his treatment by the UK and US governments

  1. Julian Assange has been charged with espionage for exposing war crimes by US soldiers in Iraq.
  2. Editors & publishers of the five media organizations who first partnered with Julian Assange – The Guardian, New York Times, Le Monde, El País and Der Spiegel have called for his immediate release as his prosecution “is undermining press freedom”. None of those editors, publishers or journalists have ever been charged with espionage even though they have done the same thing as Julian Assange. Why?
  3. The CIA plotted to kidnap and kill Julian Assange.
  4. The CIA bugged Julian Assange’s residence when he was at the Ecuadorian Embassy in the UK. This included bugging his meetings with his lawyers which makes it impossible for Julian Assange to get a fair trial. (Click here to read more)

In the below video there is a White House journalist asking Biden’s spokesperson about Biden’s double standards. Also in the video is Anthony Albanese talking in 2019 about journalism not being a crime, defending whistleblowers and talking about the need for government transparency all of which Albanese seems to have forgotten since he became Prime Minister..

Evan Gershkovich – Some of what we know about his espionage charges and his treatment by the Russian government

The Russian government don’t have any creditability given the invasion of Ukraine but when it comes to protecting journalists neither does President Joe Biden. So, it is hard to know whether Evan Gershkovich was spying on Russia in his role a Russian based journalist for The Wall Street Journal.

This is what Joe Biden has said:

Joe Biden has praised the “absolute courage” of Evan Gershkovich, the US journalist detained in Russia on espionage charges, and reiterated calls on Moscow for his immediate release.

The US president said the Wall Street Journal reporter, who is the first correspondent since the cold war to be detained in Russia on spying charges, sought to “shed light on the darkness” of the country and said American efforts to get him home would not cease. (Click here to read more)

Joe Biden has a history of being accused of hypocrisy

In January 2023 the Guardian reported:

Joe Biden has been accused of hypocrisy for demanding the release of journalists detained around the world while the US president continues seeking the extradition of the WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange from Britain to face American espionage charges.

The campaign to pressure the Biden administration to drop the charges moved to Washington DC on Friday with a hearing of the Belmarsh Tribunal, an ad hoc gathering of legal experts and supporters named after the London prison where Assange is being detained.

The hearing was held in the same room where Assange in 2010 exposed the “collateral murder” video showing US aircrew gunning down Iraqi civilians, the first of hundreds of thousands of leaked secret military documents and diplomatic cables published in major newspapers around the world. The revelations about America’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, including alleged war crimes, and the frank assessments of US diplomats about their host governments, caused severe embarrassment in Washington.

The tribunal heard that the charges against Assange were an “ongoing attack on press freedom” because the WikiLeaks founder was not a spy but a journalist and publisher protected by free speech laws. (Click here to read more)

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s fake support for Julian Assange

I published an article on the 9th of April titled “Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s fake support for Julian Assange is the canary in the coal mine for all Australians’ which starts off:

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s fake support for Julian Assange is identical to Albanese’s fake support for the open and transparent government which he came to power in May 2022 declaring would be part of his Prime Ministership.

Albanese isn’t the only one and his fake support is backed up by Foreign Affairs Minister Penny Wong and the Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus with some Assange supporters directing their focus at them. But Albanese is the main man and all correspondence and petitions should be directed at him and his office because he is the weakest link given he has by far the highest profile in the government.

If you want to know if the Albanese government is open and transparent you don’t have to look any further than how they are treating Julian Assange as he is the canary in the coal mine for all Australians who want an open and transparent government. (Click here to read more)

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese is in the UK for King Charles coronation and once again he is doing a lot of big talking when it comes to Julian Assange but that is all he’s doing, talking and talking and talking. In his latest interview he says, “In an interview with the ABC in London, Mr Albanese said he had made his position very clear to the US government about the Department of Justice’s pursuit of extradition proceedings against the WikiLeaks publisher.”

And “I continue to say in private what I said publicly as Labor leader and what I’ve said as Prime Minister, that enough is enough,” Mr Albanese said. and Albanese says “he is frustrated his government has not been able to find a diplomatic solution to Julian Assange’s ongoing incarceration and that he is concerned about the 51-year-old’s health.” (Click here to read more)

PM Albanese claims he has done this and that, but he has provided no proof of doing anything.

If Prime Minister Anthony Albanese made a public statement calling on President Biden to drop the fabricated espionage charges then Albanese could claim he is actually doing something to free Julian Assange.

Joe Biden is due to visit Australia in a couple of weeks and he will be in Sydney on the 24th of May for the Quad leaders’ summit. (Click here to read more) That is a great time to protest, in person or online for interstate people like me, President Biden’s and Prime Minister Albanese’s scandalous treatment of Julian Assange which has been exposed as hypocrisy of the highest order.

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  1. Credibility rating of both Biden and Albanese borders on zero, his predecessor Morrison scored a negative when it came to credibility, seems being untruthful is a prerequisite for these positions of high office.

  2. One only has to remember how quickly Albanese colluded with the Liberals to water down his signature anti-corruption commission, to see how committed he is on transparency.

    • Recently when Albanese was asked — whether he would raise Assange directly with Joe Biden when the U.S. president visits Australia later this month, Albanese said: “The way that diplomacy works is probably not to forecast the discussions that you will have or have had with leaders of other nations.” Where is the transparency he speaks of when he can’t answer with a simple yes or no.

      If Albanese is serious about changing the way politics happens, he needs to lead a government committed to responding to what Australians say, and many are requesting for Assange to be set free. Some media never express the people’s demands. Our democracy must remain fair and just for everyone.

  3. The mechanisms that power our world must change. Julian is a threat to the economics of the war machine. A machine that has been created from centuries of exploitation. A machine we all pay for, but for what benefit. In the photo below it looks very much as if Julian is representing the interests of the public, the community and those families who live in the village. The exploitive, unaccountable colonial judicial model acts in the interests of the war machine and those vested interests who personally benefit from it. This is the reason the judicial process has been able to put him into a jail.

  4. Both Biden and Albanese were elected because they were the only permitted candidates against the truly terrible Trump and Morrison. They won not because they were good, just not quite as bad.

    • We in the West have totally run out of good political candidates for the office of managing Representative Democracy. Most of the politicians nowadays are career types who have allowed Party idealogy and dictates to poison the original concept of Democracy.

    • There are very few political candidates today who understand what the Constitutional job of MP entails.
      Most are career politicians following Party room instructions. This unhealthy situation has developed since Federation. Instead of tinkering around the edges, Albanese could devote himself to revisiting the tired old Australian Constitution with a view to bringing it into line with the needs of Australians living in a 21st century Representative Democracy.

  5. It’s a shame more of our fellow citizens don’t get to follow alternative media like KCA and other similar outlets who are brave enough to publish items of truth, all the comments as above show that at least there are similar minded citizens who accept the truth rather than accept the ‘old Media’s published propaganda which unfortunately is accepted by the many many uninformed and ignorant…


      One could only laugh at the UK yesterday, and 4 legged king charley demand that people swear loyalty to his in bred whacko family.

  6. Surprise, Surprise, politicians say one thing prior to election and say anything that suits after being elected, sadly lies or “untruths” are the nature of politics these days.

  7. Albanese couldn’t be any more of an hypocrite re the Julian Assange case than (a) accepting an invitation to the Coronation event of King Charles when he is a staunch republican & (b) watering down the Federal Corruption Commission investigations by exempting politicians & open court cases. Typical two-faced politician like all of them will a small case of exemptions.

  8. This is without doubt, an act of hypocrisy on the grandest scale, within an international arena, that one could possibly witness.
    For this act to involve the USA does not surprise me one iota. For Australia to be an equal partner, makes me feel, as an Australian born citizen, totally ashamed.
    There has been much and continuing hypocrisy enacted by Australia, in history and indeed today.
    Clearly demonstrated in this instance is the reverence corruption pays to virtue.
    Individuals, including the PM as our world representative must comply and acknowledge a clear adherence to a nationally (the people) accepted code of ethical standards.
    The PM does not. In my honest opinion, he IS indeed a hypocrite.
    All is not lost yet but he will have to move quickly, drop the pathetic double speak, overcome HIS FEAR and take charge, as one would expect from the Office of Prime Minister.
    My next federal vote has once again, become even more expensive.
    Good article KCA!

  9. Just as well for all of us that hypocrisy doesn’t get a mention in the Ten Commandments (No sign of Thou Shalt Not Commit Hypocrisy) nor is there any fine or jail sentence for hypocrisy in any laws.

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