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Samantha Maiden uses frivolous rumour to shame Brittany Higgins on the orders of Rupert Murdoch to protect the Liberal Party

Rupert Murdoch’s propagandist Samantha Maiden published an article on Tuesday (9/5/23) in a deliberate and calculated attempt to publicly shame Brittany Higgins.

Ms Higgins is a good chance to be called to give evidence at the ACT Inquiry, into the police cover-up attempt of her alleged rape, which Murdoch and Maiden would know and they were clearly attempting to intimidate and/or harass Higgins not to give evidence by shaming her.

Rupert Murdoch has a long history of protecting rapists and alleged rapists when it suits his business interests and if the ACT Inquiry finds that there was a police cover-up conspiracy then that would damage the Liberal Party which is Rupert Murdoch’s cash cow.

For example, Rupert Murdoch’s business made hundreds of millions from Jobkeeper which the Liberal Party set up to be rorted by the likes of Murdoch and his businesses.

The evidence Samantha Maiden relied on to publicly shame Brittany Higgins was an alleged unverified rumour about Brittany Higgins sex life that a police officer noted on a piece of paper. The rumour seems to have come from a supporter of Bruce Lehrmann which gives it even less credibility. Samantha Maiden redacted the name of the person who allegedly detailed the rumour to police but Maiden was happy to name Brittany Higgins.

I say above that “the rumour seems to have come from a supporter of Bruce Lehrmann” but given it was an unverified rumour, which makes it some of the weakest evidence you could have, maybe the police just made it up to justify their attempt to cover-up the alleged rape.

It must be remembered if the allegations the inquiry are investigating are proven true then police and possibly others will likely go to jail so there are desperate people at the inquiry prepared to make up lies left, right and centre to attack Brittany Higgins who is one of the key witnesses against them.

The bottom line is the rumour had no creditability at all and there are laws protecting sexual assault survivors from having their past sex lives raised for reasons like this when baseless rumours are raised to discredit them. The media know this which includes Samantha Maiden.

A few other journalists such as Channel Seven, The Canberra Times and The Daily Mail jumped on the bandwagon and published stories about the same issue as well.

Seven journalist Isabelle Mullen’s story on the issue claimed that police believed the allegation which there is no evidence to support it. Who is the police officer who believed it? Ms Mullen even claimed the allegation was raised at the Inquiry on Tuesday (9/5/23) which is also a lie as it wasn’t and I know because I watched the Inquiry for the whole day.

It was scribbled notes that Samantha Maiden described as a rumour and admitted the rumour was unverified. Maiden should have never written the story and Seven’s Isabelle Mullen’s went further by making up more lies to support her attack on Brittany Higgins. Seven is owned by Kerry Stokes who is also a big Liberal Party fan.

The Inquiry is about serious allegations that police tried to cover-up an alleged rape and media are attacking a complainant with unverified rumours which only helps the police and the Liberal Party as the alleged rape happened on the Liberal Party’s watch.

The grubby reporting was raised at the ACT Inquiry on Wednesday morning (10/5/23) and the Chairperson Mr Walter Sofronoff KC put an immediate non-publication order on it. After lunch the issue was discussed further and Chairperson Mr Walter Sofronoff KC lifted the non-publication order and requested the media to take down the publications.

Mr Walter Sofronoff KC also noted the publications and media, which would include the journalists, were likely in contempt of the Inquiry and defamatory of Brittany Higgins as per the below video. At the start of the video Shane Drumgold SC who made the police corruption complaint asks: “Was this a Government Minister exerting pressure through the federal (AFP) Commissioner onto ACT Policing to make a matter go away” and he goes on the explain why he thinks it might have been a cover-up attempt:

Samantha Maiden, along with Lisa Wilkinson, were the journalists who broke the Brittany Higgins alleged rape story on the 15th of February 2021 which makes Maiden’s hit piece on Brittany Higgins so much worse.

But when a journalist works for Rupert and Lachlan Murdoch they have to do what they are told and the Murdochs worked out some time after the Brittany Higgins / Bruce Lehrmann story broke that it could do damage to their cash cow the Liberal Party. So, the Murdochs ordered their propagandist attack dogs, including Samantha Maiden, to go after Brittany Higgins.

I’ll keep following up on the ACT Inquiry as it goes to the heart of political corruption.

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  1. Nothing should surprise us with suggestions involving the ‘old Media’s attempts to smear those who go against their interests, not surprised citizens of the ACT want to jettison the AFP and revert to their own police service, the suggestion that the AFP Commissioner personally made contact with the ACT DPP rather than follow protocol of ACT policing Chief conferring with ACT DPP give rise to suspect corrupt behaviour, previously AFP Commissioner stated he wanted all reports of sexual assaults within Parliament House to be directed to AFP in the first instance, these latest revelations are more evidence that AFP are a political arm of Government, seperation of powers does not exist between AFP and LNP. Statistics show AFP ACT policing have the lowest clear up rates for sexual assaults in Australia, combined with ACT Chief Justice sentencing a convicted rapist to a non custodial sentence makes you wonder what goes on in the national capital.

  2. Australia needs to break the power of News Ltd as they are a large influence on the rest of the Media.

    And for all the journos that Murdoch employs and those desperate to get under the umbrella and into the trough. just remember Murdoch’s actions in 1986 when Murdoch introduced new technology and moved his Presses to Wapping with the resulting strikes.

    Now with AI almost mature, I suspect he will have no compunctions about offloading as many journos as he can to increase his profit.

  3. Murdoch is despicable, he has no moral compass and no compassion for the lives he destroys in his equally despicable Newspapers.

  4. There is no justice in the court system. Truth is thrown to the ground and what is evil is said to be good and vice versa. Some of the judges are worse than the one’s standing before them and the most vile criminals are among the police. I will never forget the images of them firing upon innocent protesters and knocking old ladies to the ground then pepper spraying them in the face. Most politicians are also corrupt bought and paid for traitors. I have no faith in the police or court system whatsoever. The media is a disgrace and whatever they say the opposite would be true. Whatever the Govt says the opposite would be more likely to be true also.
    Kangaroo Court is a refreshing bit of true journalism in this country. and should be supported. They try to shut him up but he keeps reporting the truth.
    Murdoch and his son should be in gaol.

  5. If the allegations the inquiry are investigating are proven false, would this imply that Walter Sofronoff KC is also corrupt and in on the deal to protect the Liberal Party?

  6. I’ve been following Kangaroo Court publications of the emails and evidence that Shane Drumgold DPP has put out regarding AFP & Police trying to stop prosecution.
    I thought it was clear to see, and I also thought political interference.

    Yet, last night ABC news were reporting a “backflip” by Mr Drumgold on both political & police misdemeanors, after seeing statements.
    WTF, where did these groundbreaking statements come from, what did they say ??
    I immediately thought, he’s been threatened in some way but I may be wrong.

    I hope you can help clear this up Mr Dowling, please.
    Thank you.

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