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ABC Managing Director David Anderson admits to helping promote Rupert Murdoch’s propagandists and lies

Rupert Murdoch has been trying to force the government to privatise the ABC for years, which has failed, but he has done the next best thing by having his propagandists on various ABC shows on a daily basis which has had the effect of turning the ABC into a megaphone for Murdoch’s lies.

In the video below ABC executives, Director of News Justin Stevens and Managing Director David Anderson give evidence at a Senate Estimates hearing, admit they are Murdoch fans and are almost falling over each other grovelling to Rupert Murdoch, but more on that in a minute.

Rupert Murdoch’s takeover of the ABC is complete with the promotion of Murdoch’s puppet David Speers to Canberra

Three weeks ago, the ABC sacked political editor Andrew Probyn who filed political reports for the ABC News and ABC online from the Canberra press gallery and he “said he was “pretty flabbergasted” to be told by the national broadcaster that they no longer needed a political editor for TV news.” (Click here to read more)

No one could work out why Andrew Probyn was sacked. But it is now obvious why Probyn was sacked after it was announced on Wednesday (5/7/23) that Rupert Murdoch’s puppet David Speers has moved to Canberra with his propaganda show on the ABC, Insiders, and Speers has also been given a new role at the ABC as the “National Political Lead”. It means Speers will be popping up on various ABC news shows on a regular basis as well as hosting Insiders. (Click here to read more)

David Speers worked for Rupert Murdoch at Sky News for almost 20 years from 2000 to 2019 promoting Murdoch’s lies and propaganda. Journalists in senior roles don’t work for Murdoch for that long without being morally and ethically bankrupt. An example I have written about recently is Samantha Maiden who Speers has as a guest on Insiders on a regular basis.

The Insiders show on the ABC is full of crooks and criminals from Rupert Murdoch’s stable of propagandists and liars and any self-respecting journalists would have nothing to do with the show.

The journalists who do have some credibility and go on Insiders are allowing their own credibility to be used to prop-up the show to allow Murdoch’s propagandists to push their lies onto the public. Their argument would be if they don’t go on the show there will be no one to contradict Murdoch’s lies which I think is a weak argument.

It’s not just Insiders that Murdoch’s stable of propagandists go on, they also appear on shows like QandA, The Drum and radio shows etc.

In the below video Senator Sarah Hanson-Young grills ABC executives, Director of News Justin Stevens and Managing Director David Anderson for not speaking up sooner regarding attacks on Stan Grant even though “NewsCorp have been attacking the ABC for years” and she asks why the ABC give a platform to News Corp journalists when they have “such disdain for the public broadcaster”.

Managing Director David Anderson says News Corp have some very good journalists and the ABC want their views and opinions for the ABC shows such as QandA, The Drum and Insiders. As I point out in the video everyone in Australian media, and global media, knows that Murdoch’s journalists push Murdoch’s propaganda and lies so it is in effect David Anderson admitting the ABC are happy to push Murdoch’s lies.

Rupert Murdoch’s companies have been exposed for committing crimes such as phone hacking for years and are still in court in the UK over the matter and recently Murdoch’s Fox News in the US paid almost $1.2 billion compensation in a defamation case and are likely to pay the same or more in a similar defamation claim soon.

Yet the ABC keep on promoting Murdoch’s lies by giving his propagandists a platform on the various ABC TV and radio shows allowing them to promote Murdoch’s lies.

But now at least, as per the above video, we have concrete evidence that the problem goes all the way to the Director of News Justin Stevens, Managing Director David Anderson and given their open support for Rupert Murdoch and his propaganda they would also have the approval of the ABC Board and Chairperson Ita Buttrose to promote Murdoch and his lies.

The bottom line is the Managing Director and all the Board members at the ABC have to go as the ABC has been badly stacked by the previous government with Murdoch supporting cronies.

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  1. Given Labor’s policy of copying or adopting previous Liberal policies on climate, defence, foreign affairs etc., I really can’t see Albanese rocking the boat on the ABC.

  2. Perhaps this is just about lining up an opportunity/ succession, as in ABC MD to Murdoch Infotainment …

  3. Hostility to the ABC is a trans-generational obsession for, at least, the male line in the Murdoch dynasty. Rupert’s father, Walter, fought tooth and nail against the establishment of the ABC in 1932. Both James and Lachlan have attacked a public broadcaster, the BBC and the ABC respectively. Having lost that round, Walter again waged a campaign to deny the ABC an independent news gathering authority. That battle, too, he lost.
    Australia’s political leaders of the times, having experienced the dominance of the privately owned newspaper empires, and wary of a national privately owned radio network, acted in the national interest and created the ABC and enabled it to be an independent source of news for the nation.
    If only modern leaders on both sides of the chamber, gave Australia’s interests in the media the same priority.

    • Confusion of names here. Keith Murdoch was Rupert’s father and Walter Murdoch was eminent in another field.

  4. Why weren’t we told Andrew Probyn was being sacked? Sounds like he has a good case for unfair dismissal to me give his role is now being filled (albeit under a different title) by David Speers.

  5. Don’t know why Labor don’t make it a priority to make major changes in the ABC board. I presume they’re too scared too.

  6. I stopped watching and listening to the ABC a long time ago. It is stacked with the left wing and greenies

    • You know that Gina Cass-Gotleibb (Chair of ACCC) has vowed to step away from all private appointments, including acting on behalf of Lachlan Murdoch in the trust that manages the family’s multibillion dollar stake in media companies Fox and News Corp….just sayin’…..

  7. Are we going to allow the Murdoch empire to own the truth??? Because that’s what’s happening 😢

  8. I must be in a parallel universe for I don’t know where the left wing bias of the ABC is. Please enlighten me. If oonly.

  9. Increasingly so-called experts on the ABC today have links to think tanks funded by US military contractors. ASPI for example is one of the ABC’s main go-to sources for foreign policy commentary. ABC Commentators Peter Hartcher, Stan Grant, Mick Ryan and many others have links to ASPI. The end result is an unrealistic talking-up of military threats and a call for ever-increasing levels of military spending. The ABC has become a mouthpiece for the military.

  10. These people claiming left wing bias must be watching another a b c for all I see is right wing biased.every show about politics is always heavily weighted in favour of the right wing ,just look at the number of guests they have eg coorey,mundine,Henderson and his daughter who is on s b s ,savva ,kenny ,morrow all get far to much air time on the a b c .now let’s talk about air time for politicians liberals have much more air time ,liberals are usually given ample time to have their say ,labor more often the not are at times cut off in the middle of speaking .god give me breath the a b c is not left leaning but that could change if they sack a few of the right wing directors from ita down

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