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The Voice “No Campaign” is driven by the lies of spineless News Corp CEO Lachlan Murdoch

The Voice “No Campaign” is driven by the lies of spineless News Corp CEO Lachlan Murdoch and his puppets Senator Jacinta Price and wannabe Liberal Senator and Murdoch employee Warren Mundine.

News Corp CEO Lachlan Murdoch, who is the son of Rupert Murdoch, is using his propaganda media to promote the “No” vote at “The Voice” referendum on the 14th of October 2023 for the Murdoch’s own benefit.

But 2 of Murdoch’s propagandists, Jacinta Price and Warren Mundine, have been popping up on other media pretending to be independent indigenous Australian’s who believe in the “No” vote when in fact they are Murdoch puppets pushing Murdoch’s agenda.

So even if you don’t watch the Murdoch’s Sky News or read their papers you will be hearing the Murdoch’s propaganda on Channel 9, Channel 7, Channel 10, the ABC, the SBS and most other media as Jacinta Price and Warren Mundine are the 2 key “No” campaigners that the media are interviewing.

In the video below you will see Northern Territory Senator Jacinta Price, from the Country Liberal Party, grovelling to Lachlan Murdoch, billionaire miner Gina Rinehart and others in a speech she gave at Murdoch’s and Rinehart’s propaganda outfit The Institute of Public Affairs. The Speech was in March 2022: 

Warren Mundine has worked for the Murdoch owned Sky News for a long time, and still does as per below and at one stage had his own show on Sky.

Warren Mundine Sky News

(Click here to see the above picture on the Sky News website)

Mundine was they Liberal Party candidate for the seat of Gilmore in the 2019 federal election and recent media reports say Mundine is looking at a Senate spot:

“Prominent No campaigner and Indigenous leader Nyunggai Warren Mundine is shaping as the front runner to replace moderate senator Marise Payne when she retires from politics, with powerbrokers hoping the former ALP president can unite the conservative wing of the Liberal Party.”

“With Liberal MPs anticipating Payne, a senator for NSW and the former foreign minister, will exit politics in the coming months, Mundine did not rule out the prospect of running for the vacancy when contacted by this masthead.” 

“After serving as president of the ALP for six years until 2012, Mundine’s political fortunes have soared as the No campaign has established a commanding lead ahead of the October 14 referendum to establish a Voice to parliament.” (Click here to read more)

Given Mundine was “president of the ALP for six years” and is now a Liberal Party member loyalty is not a big issue for Mundine which might explain why he is pushing the “No” vote for the Murdochs.

In Australia the Liberal Party is the political arm of Murdoch’s News Corp and the politicians in effect work for News Corp.

In 2013 it was reported:

Warren Mundine has been accused by his ex-wife of saying that she was “too Aboriginal” in the final bitter disintegration of their marriage five years ago.

Mr Mundine, who has been chosen by Tony Abbott to head the government’s new Indigenous Advisory Council and with plans to radically change the direction of uneconomic Aboriginal communities, denies making the comment, saying it would be a “bizarre” thing for him to have said.

But Sydney University academic Lynette Riley, speaking for the first time about the break-up of their 26-year marriage, said, “He absolutely said it. It is seared into my brain. I was really shattered. I always thought of Warren as my soulmate. I thought we were always heading in the same direction.”

Unforgiving in her comments about Mr Mundine’s rise, in an intimate and revealing profile of the indigenous leader published in Good Weekend today, she said: “I think he has sold out his family and his culture. I think he gave up his good Aboriginal wife and kids so he could do that.”

In February (2013), at a lavish wedding at Sydney’s Luna Park attended by 450 people, including miner Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest, Mr Mundine married corporate lawyer Elizabeth Henderson, divorced daughter of Gerard and Anne Henderson, directors of the conservative think-tank The Sydney Institute. (Click here to read more)

Gerard Henderson is a Murdoch propagandist at The Australian newspaper and he is also a defender of George Pell on behalf of the Murdochs.

If Rupert Murdoch and Lachlan Murdoch told Peter Dutton, Jacinta Price and Warren Mundine to now support the “Yes” vote do you think they would? Answer: Does a dingo shit in the woods?

The Murdoch’s have never tried to hide their blatant racism especially against indigenous Australians. An example is Murdoch puppet Andrew Bolt continually running articles attacking indigenous Australian even after being found guilty of breaching the Racial Discrimination Act which included making up lies to attack indigenous Australians.

Any self-respecting indigenous Australian would go nowhere near the Murdochs, but Jacinta Price and Warren Mundine have and still do.

The key element of the Murdochs business plan is selling hate and using fear to intimidate the public which they are also using in relation to The Voice.

There is nothing to fear from The Voice as it is an advisory body and that’s it. The same as the government uses many advisory bodies for many issues.

The below video is from Uluru Statement website with John Farnham singing You’re the Voice:

For Peter Dutton to say people are confused because they don’t know the details he is lying, as he always does, because I found the details below with a quick internet search. Is Dutton really saying the public are too lazy to read or watch a video?

If you want to educate yourself on the details of The Voice there are many websites to find all the information as per below.

The Voice website (Click here)

Australian Electoral Commission Referendum page (Click here)

Official referendum booklet (Click here)

Reconciliation Australia website (Click here)

Uluru Statement website (Click here)

If you want the truth about The Voice from an indigenous Australian watch the below video of Marcia Langton AO on the Indigenous Voice to Parliament at National Press Club (6/9/23):

If people think voting “No” will get rid of the issue and unite the country, they are wrong. Peter Dutton has promised another referendum on constitutional recognition for indigenous Australians so it will be an issue and divide the country for years. And that’s the way the Murdochs like it.

I’ll publish another article on the issue before the 14th of October vote but please don’t listen to all the lies people are saying in the media and on social media. Do your own research, on the links above for starters, and make up your own mind on which way you want to vote.

The Voice is an advisory body, and that’s all so there is nothing to fear, so I will be voting “Yes” as it will hopefully lead to better living standards for indigenous Australians.

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  1. Please tell me why we need another body in Parliament (The Voice) representing the rights and welfare of Indigenous people when we already have one ( that costs billions of dollars a year to run?
    Cheers Len

    • The agency you link to is run by the government. It is not run by Indigenous Australians.

      That is the key reason for The Voice. They don’t want the government advising them on what is needed anymore which has failed for decades. They want a body where they can advise the government on what is needed.

      You should watch the Marcia Langton video in the article if you want to know the facts.

      By the way, were is your evidence that the ( “costs billions of dollars a year to run”.

    • Len, it was Morrison’s LNP that developed and funded the voice with $7 million, look up “Morrison funds $160 million for voice to Parliament”. The voice is LNP policy ask Ken Wyatt or Julian Leeser! And it’s a voice to Parliament not in parliament.

  2. So many named persons who are just horrible horrible people, a blight on Australia as a nation.
    Wonder if former PM P. Keating regrets allowing one media outlet to own more than one business in a state, effectively allowing monopoly media ownership in the country…

  3. Mundine and Price AKA, Mr & Miss Information!
    Here is a simple message to all those people still listening to and or using Dutton’s shadowy far right groups and their already fact checked mendacious No Vote misrepresentations. The whole of Australia and the world are watching you and this will be recorded and remembered! Several groups are now recording many of these misrepresentations and by whom and which media companies are responsible and the worst offenders. New laws are soon to be introduced, what you are doing now, may well be used to draft legislation against misrepresentation, disinformation and lying in our media!

  4. November 14th SHOULD be the new Australia Day if murdochs’ moronic molls and dud’ns dills don’t vote The Voice down… A quick search revealed that Nov. 14 was only one of a few dates that there wasn’t a massacre, mass poisoning, etc. during “frontier wars”. Now that WOULD be a date to remember.

  5. This referendum is not needed. The 1967 referendum gives the federal parliament power to legislate a Voice. Since we are stuck with one, I will vote yes. The consequences of no result will be what?

  6. Get Mal Brough back and send in the army again that fix it all up just like last time. NOT!
    Why does Australia have to suffer these horrible people?

  7. Sadly all the lies from Murdoch & his puppets are making traction -my news feed is full of people parroting the misinformation & ignorance -but I suspect most of them are just using the lies to justify their racist @ss. Most people who are voting no are clinging to their reasons and won’t change their minds even if the facts hit them fair in the face. Iam so tired of hearing the lies.
    “Mundane” & “I can be bought for a Price” are an absolute disgrace -how can anyone trust those who have sold their souls for personal gain? They’re only being used so the racists can have an excuse to vote No without exposing themselves as racists. The Murdoch’s will likely keep them hanging on their puppet strings, at an arms length, feeding them just enough crumbs to keep them at their beck & call for next time they need a token Aboriginal to propagate their lies.

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