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Former Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison leaks story to the ABC to promote himself. Again!

Former Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been pushing propaganda promoting himself, via the ABC and others, in an attempt to help rebuild his shattered reputation so he can get a job and out of politics.

Morrison has been trying to get another job for at 12 months, and likely since his party lost the election in May 2022, but he has failed so far as he be the most unemployable politician in Australian politics, and he knows it.

So, what does Morrison do? He leaks a made-up story to ABC defence correspondent Andrew Greene about how Morrison gave a speech at a party room meeting on China and foreign affairs and how the other MPs were impressed.

If the ABC’s Andrew Greene had half a brain he would have known it was all lies by Morrison to help promote himself and Greene almost certainly did know it was the normal Morrison lies but didn’t care and ran the story on the ABC website anyhow.

The ABC article was published on Friday the 8th of September and is titled “Scott Morrison says Anthony Albanese shouldn’t rush to visit Beijing this year”. The only newsworthy parts in the article are the bits about Prime Minister Anthony Albanese visiting China but the ABC’s Andrew Greene turned the whole story into a promotion of Scott Morrison.

The article has quotes for what Morrison would have supplied himself:

The ABC can reveal that during a Coalition party room meeting earlier this week, Mr Morrison cautioned against “the government’s acquiescent and concessional approach” towards restoring relations with Australia’s largest trading partner.

“the former Liberal leader addressed his colleagues about his growing concerns at the authoritarian actions of Chinese President Xi Jinping and his military build-up.”

One opposition MP who listened to the former leader’s speech inside Parliament House told the ABC it was generally well received by Liberal and National party members.”

“He was warning us about [President] Xi and his regime – urging us to hold the line, and not follow Labor’s approach,” the MP said. “Scott told us he continued to be proud at how his government stood up to China and that other countries followed our lead.”

Another MP said the former prime minister was keen to stress that “keenness to restore relations with China would be interpreted in Beijing as Australia being concessional and acquiescent”.

But today, Opposition Leader Peter Dutton said it was “appropriate” for the prime minister to accept the invitation to visit China.

Next month, Mr Morrison is expected to travel to Taiwan to address the Yushan Forum, two years after former Liberal colleague and prime minister Tony Abbott also spoke at the event, where he described China as “a bully”. (Click here to read the full article)

What the Prime Minister is doing and what the opposition leader says are newsworthy facts to write about but for Andrew Greene to turn the storey into what Scott Morrison says on the issue is pure propaganda to promote Morrison.

What makes Andrew Greene’s propaganda worse is that Scott Morrison did damage to Australia’s reputation with China and cost $billions in trade.

Morrison also did damage to Australia’s reputation with France, the US, News Zealand and most Pacific nations yet Greene still chose to write Morrison’s own leaked lies about his speech at the party room meeting and how “it was generally well received by Liberal and National party members.”

Are they the same “Liberal and National party members” who previously said how Scott Morrison destroyed the Liberal Party or have called for Morrison to resign?

I published the below video on Friday (8/9/23) about this issue:

Ultimately corrupt politicians like Morrison should be charged and jailed for their crimes but until then shining a light on them and who they are does help hold them to account to some degree.

A big reason Morrison is unemployable is that any company that employed Morrison would be attacked on social media 24 hours a day 7 days a week for years. That shows that the public do have some power in holding corrupt politicians to account like Morrison.

I published an article on 27th of August titled “Scott Morrison published Australian and US Government secrets regarding AUKUS. So why has Morrison not been charged?” which shows how untrustworthy Morrison is and would put off most potential employers.

In November 2022 Attorney-General and Cabinet Secretary Mark Dreyfus even had to write to Scott Morrison warning him to cease leaking after it was found he had leaked “cabinet and national security information” to News Corp journalists for a book.

Any future employer would have real concerns that Scott Morrison might sell company secrets given his history of leaking as Prime Minister. Not only does Morrison have a history of leaking cabinet and national security information but Morrison has a long history of leaking against people he doesn’t like or he wants to silence.

A quick internet search “Scott Morrison” or Scott Morrison corruption” comes up with hundreds of articles about how dodgy Morrison is which would put of any employer.

ABC’s Andrew Greene’s puff piece on Morrison is the start of a long process or writing many articles trying to blur Morrison’s long history of negative press.

But can the ABC’s and Andrew Greene’s own reputations survive writing any more propaganda to help Scott Morrison? I don’t think so, but time will tell.

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  1. This is, of course, the shameless meanderings of a narcissistic tw@t on full throtlle.

    I worked with manifest failures like Morrison for most years of my working life. (i.e. near to useless performers with devious levels of self-promotion).

    The sort of people one would not trust to water the garden while one is away for a long weekend!

  2. I guess his ego was too big prior to the election to set himself up with a job with one of the donors he’s so generously gifted our money, as so many Liberal politicians before him, did. Now, nobody owes him anything.

  3. Looking at that physiognomy he could have a role with some corporate dental mob. Or better still he looks as if his grin is set in cement and he may not open his mouth again. A miracle? Just when you think the political class couldn’t sink lower once again am proven wrong. You do a good job KCA and all credit to you.

    • But let’s not forget the other Liberal embarrassment, the most embarrassing PM in Australian history, the Hon Tony Abbott who still gets air time thanks to his master Rupert M and the other Liberal PM the lying little Rodent Hon Johnny Howard (description from former AG the Hon G.Brandis) all of whom continue to be subservient to Master Rupert M and mates from C9 &C7 and ABC.
      Sad reflection on Australian history with this collection of Liberal MPs…all living the high life at our expense…

  4. This article performs a valuable service by reminding readers of Morrison’s chicanery as well as the lamentable news reporting standards now applying at ABC Australia.

    A long history of seeming self-serving leaks accompany Morrison’s career from his time in tourism, his bid to enter politics at the expense of Michael Towke, and the undermining of his then colleague Joe Hockey after the 2014 budget, as reported by Annika Smethurst.

    Reporters like Andrew Greene would do well to read Smethurst’s book, ‘The Accidental Prime Minister’ or Sean Kelly’s ‘The Game’ to see how astute journalists exercise the quality of scepticism when reporting on the activities of an untrustworthy subject like Morrison.

  5. Yeah – jail sounds like the ideal solution for Scotty! Justice would be served and he could finally get a job – making car number plates in prison!

  6. Morrison is nothing more than a professional con man . Who was ran and was in charge of the most corrupt government in our nations history

  7. JIM.
    Spare a thought for Andrew Greene. He is probably worried about losing his job if he doesn’t slither to the right like the ABC itself. The latest indication of the ABCs slithering is the setting up of No 1 moron, Annabelle the Crabbe (do crabs slither?) to make a potato look almost human.

  8. I’m sorry but I cannot spend any more of my life, time and thoughts considering anything about this untrustworthy purveyor of, IMHO, graft, rorts, inhumane behaviour, ridiculous visions, corrupt behaviour, negligent self centred egotism, false personas, incorrect historical data, unlawful federal processes, etc. … I could go on but what’s the use.
    I wonder if he will ever be able learn any of life’s lessons … I really don’t think he is capable or indeed willing … BE GONE WITH YOU! …

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