Prime Minister Scott Morrison

Scott Morrison published Australian and US Government secrets regarding AUKUS. So why has Morrison not been charged?

Scott Morrison leaked US and Australian government documents in October/November 2021 to embarrass US President Joe Biden but Scott Morrison has never been questioned or charged regarding the leaks unlike others who have done the same or similar.

Julian Assange and Daniel Duggan are both in jail and in the process of being extradited to the US and whistleblowers Richard Boyle and David McBride are facing charges for leaking Australian government information.

Even Donald Trump has been charged with illegally having classified documents so why is Scott Morrison above the law?

On the 4th of November 2021 I published an article titled “Scott Morrison leaked a 15-page US government document to embarrass President Joe Biden” that starts off:

Scott Morrison leaked a 15-page US government document to embarrass President Joe Biden, but the Australian media are totally focused on French President Emmanuel Macron calling Scott Morrison a liar and Morrison then leaking text messages.

Given our trade and defence ties with the US are the most important we have, then the leaking of the 15-page report could likely end up being a lot more damaging than the controversy with France.

The leaking of the 15-page USA government document report has only been reported by the ABC’s 7.30 Report on Tuesday (2/11/21) at this stage to my knowledge which I have also reported in the below video that I published on Wednesday (3/11/21): (Click here to read the article)

Julian Assange

The Australian government are doing virtually nothing to help Julian Assange except paying lip service to keep the voters happy.

But last month “The US secretary of state, Antony Blinken, has pushed back at the Australian government’s calls to end the pursuit of Julian Assange, insisting that the WikiLeaks founder is alleged to have “risked very serious harm to our national security”.” which I think tells you who is running Australia’s foreign policy. (Click here to read more)

I think most Australians would be happy to swap Scott Morrison for Julian Assange. Send Morrison to the US to do some jail time for leaking US documents. All Australian media and politicians should highlight the double standards.

Australian citizen Daniel Duggan

“Duggan, 54, a former US marine pilot who is now a naturalised Australian, was arrested in October at the request of the US government, which is seeking his extradition on charges of arms trafficking and money laundering arising from his alleged training of Chinese fighter pilots at a South African flight school more than a decade ago.”

“The flight school where former marine Daniel Duggan allegedly helped train Chinese fighter pilots insists all of his teaching was legal, in line with international standards and “totally unclassified”.” (Click here to read more)

I make no judgment about the Daniel Duggan except to say he is being treated very poorly as there is no reason for him to be in maximum security jail which he currently is just like Julian Assange in the UK.

And if the US case against Daniel Duggan is as strong as the US case against Julian Assange, then it is not very strong at all.

Donald Trump – Classified documents case

Donald Trump has been criminally indicted four times with over 90 charges in total but for this article it is the Classified documents case that is relevant. The BBC reports:

Mr Trump is facing 40 criminal charges over his alleged mishandling of classified material after he left the White House.

Thousands of documents were seized in an FBI search at his Florida estate Mar-a-Lago last year, including about 100 that were marked as classified. The charges are related to both his handling of the documents and his alleged efforts to obstruct the FBI’s attempts to retrieve them.

The majority of the counts, are for the wilful retention of national defence information, which falls under the Espionage Act. There are then eight individual counts which include conspiracy to obstruct justice, withholding a document or record and making false statements. (Click here to read more)

I think it is ironic that Donald Trump’s government pushed ahead with using the Espionage Act to charge Julian Assange and now the Espionage Act is being used to charge Trump himself.

If the US government can use the Espionage Act to charge Julian Assange and even former US President Donald Trump, why hasn’t it been used to charge former Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison?

Richard Boyle and David McBride

Richard Boyle is accused of leaking Australian Taxation Office (ATO) secrets, that exposed abuse by the ATO, and David McBride has been accused of leaking defence force secrets that have exposed war crimes.

The Saturday Paper reports:

But right now in Australia, courage costs too much. Two whistleblowers, David McBride and Richard Boyle, are on trial. In November, McBride will be the first person on trial in relation to war crimes committed by Australian forces in Afghanistan – the whistleblower, not a war criminal. Boyle faces trial next year for exposing unethical debt recovery practices at the Australian Tax Office. Both have been vindicated by independent inquiries; both face jail time for telling the truth about government wrongdoing.

McBride and Boyle are the most high-profile current examples, but they are only the tip of the iceberg. Research shows most whistleblowers suffer workplace retaliation for speaking up. Some are sacked by their employers, others sued into submission. The psychological toll of speaking up can be enormous, and the financial cost – in lost earnings and legal fees – can be crippling.

Right now, wrongs are being committed in Australia that would make front pages, spark royal commissions, and lead to regulatory investigations. But they remain hidden because, faced with the prospect of jail time, lawsuits or being sacked, witnesses are staying silent. (Click here to read the article)

As The Saturday Paper says “witnesses are staying silent” but that’s only half the storey because the media and politicians around the country also stay silent.

A prime example of the media and politicians staying silent is Scott Morrison. Where are the TV shows like Four Corners and 60 Minutes with their in-depth reports on the widespread corruption during the Scott Morrison years? Where are the papers like The SMH and The Australian with their stories on Morrison’s widespread government corruption? There are none.

I’m an independent journalist and I published a book titled “The Jerilderie Letter Part Two” which covers a lot of Morrison’s corruption which in some regards is more than the old media have done in shining a light on Morrison overseeing systemic corruption when he was Prime Minister.

The reason the old media stay silent on a lot of the corruption is because they are complicit in the corruption and the same can be said for the politicians. Who are the federal politicians demanding a Royal Commission into Morrison and his widespread corruption? There are none.

The biggest leakers of government information are the government of the day who does it all the time when they want their propaganda in the media but no one is ever charged or investigated for the leaks.

So, back to Morrison and his leaking of government secrets. Scott Morrison could and should be investigated and charged by both the US government and the Australian government. If they don’t charge Morrison it will make it harder in the future to justify charging others who might leak AUKUS documents.

The reason Scott Morrison is protected from the consequences of his leaking is because leaking is only bad when the government says it is. If Morrison was held to account, it could put the AUKUS agreement at risk because the US and UK governments would wake up to the fact that government secrets aren’t even safe with an Australian Prime Minister.

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  1. Morrison has always and will always remain a con man in my eyes . Our government not only are they are corrupt but are very week and obviously no morals . It is no longer a country that our diggers fought so hard for during the world wars ! I feel so sorry for those that lost their lives for what has become of Australia today .

  2. Turnbull’s French Subs deal was a dog from the get go, so perhaps Morrison’s, er, skillset was right for the times?
    Plus, he demonstrated that Labor’s Anti-Nuclear Policy is a joke.

  3. When the NZ PM stiffened and tried to back away from his advances, a crystal clear image of scomo appeared right before our eyes. And Lisburn Street, the joke’s on you if you can’t bring yourself to accept the reality that this creep made Australia the laughing stock of the world.

  4. I’d say Morrison and that failed NZ P.M. are peas in a pod, but my point was that ditching the Sub deal with Japan, who we sold $52B. in exports last year, to sign on with France, who we only sold $2B. to [and that was a highpoint], was symptomatic of the dismal Turnbull leadership.

  5. IMHO, I cannot waste any more time on this man-child … the solution is bleeding obvious …

    Drawing on my childhood, playing Monopoly, there is an instruction on a CHANCE card: “Go to gaol Go directly to gaol Do not pass GO do not collect $200”. IMHO, I think that this is the most fitting solution to this scenario.

    Oh, and the “Get out of gaol FREE card” should be removed from the CHANCE pack.

    Otherwise, “If HE doesn’t wish to do that, HE can go,” Mr Speaker”.

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