Senator Linda Reynolds

Senator Linda Reynolds lawyers discuss the Kangaroo Court of Australia website in WA Supreme Court case against David Sharaz

Linda Reynolds’ lawyers discussed this website, Kangaroo Court of Australia and its publisher Shane Dowling (me), in the Supreme Court of Western Australia last Thursday (24/8/23) in Reynolds’ defamation case against Brittany Higgins’ partner David Sharaz.

The Linda Reynolds v David Sharaz defamation matter was set down for an interim hearing with Sharaz’s lawyers arguing that Linda Reynolds should be made to put up security for costs in case she lost.

One of Sharaz’s lawyers arguments was that Reynolds also has a defamation case against Brittany Higgins afoot and Reynolds has also sent a legal threat to Federal Minister Tanya Plibersek and myself. It was argued Reynolds might run out of money and therefor it was argued if Reynolds lost her case against Sharaz he might not be able to get his costs back so Reynolds should be made pay a certain amount into the court’s accounts for security.

Background to being named in the WA Supreme Court

The reason David Sharaz’s lawyers knew at the Thursday hearing (24/8/23) about Linda Reynold’s threatening me is because that morning at about 7 am I published an article titled “Senator Linda Reynolds sends a legal threat to the publisher of the Kangaroo Court of Australia media” which has a copy of the letter I received from Reynolds lawyers the day before, Wednesday the 23rd of August. (Click here to read the article

I had also put a message on Twitter on Wednesday (23/8/23) afternoon which said “I have received a legal letter (threat) from Senator Linda Reynolds’ lawyers. I’ll have more to say tomorrow”. (Click here to see on Twitter)

The legal threat related to an article I published on the 20th of August titled “Did Senator Linda Reynolds’ perjury in the Bruce Lehrmann trial cost Brittany Higgins justice?” and the lawyers letter says my article “is plainly grossly defamatory” and “My client demands that you remove your article. Any further publication is at your peril” (Click here to read the article)

Media reports naming this website and myself reported last Thursday 24/8/23 after the hearing:

The defence lawyer also noted statement concerns notices had been issued by the plaintiff against Federal Minister Tanya Plibersek, asking if the Minister would also be the target of a defamation case.

The matter of a potential legal threat issued to controversial blogger Shane Dowling was also aired, amid revelations on Thursday morning that Senator Reynolds was considering defamation action against him.

Mr Bennett said Mr Dowling had published an article about Senator Reynolds on his website, Kangaroo Court of Australia, before contacting Mr Bennett earlier this week with a series of questions for the Senator.

“I wrote back to him and said, effectively, your article’s defamatory, you know it’s defamatory, if you’re going to publish your article, you do so at your own peril,” Mr Bennett said.

But he also indicated nothing would come of the threat.

“I can’t speak for Senator Reynolds,” he said, “but you can’t sue every fringe commentator,” noting Mr Dowling is in a “unique position” over his apparent willingness to go to jail.

Mr Dowling has been imprisoned a number of times for contempt of court, and was once described by NSW Supreme Court Justice Helen Wilson as a “zealot, and one who is legally uninformed and factually deluded.” (Click here to read more)

Why would Reynolds’ lawyers raise my so called “unique position” over his apparent willingness to go to jail”. What does that have to do with the alleged defamation by me?

Why did News Corp add the part about me going to jail a number of times? It is twice, for the record. But they failed to mention there is a current and dodgy arrest warrant is NSW for me which was issued on Kerry Stokes’ and Channel Seven’s instructions.

And why did News Corp add the part about Justice Helen Wilson giving me a free character assessment? Wilson gets her own chapter in one of my books for her corruption.

I publish a judicial corruption website naming and shaming corrupt judges so it should be no surprise that judges attack me. An example is an article I published in 2020 on Justice Helen Wilson, the one News Corp quoted, titled “Supreme Court judges Justice Wilson, Hulme and Hamill give paedophiles a get out of jail free card during the Coronavirus crisis” giving a paedophile a suspended sentence because Justice Helen Wilson was worried he would get covid in jail. (Click here to read the article)

The next day I had gone from “controversial blogger Shane Dowling” to “fringe political commentator Shane Dowling”, as per below, which I take as a promotion but then again maybe it’s a demotion.

The following day, Friday the 25/8/23, Justice Solomon handed down his decision not requiring Senator Reynolds to put up security for costs. reported in relation to this website and me:

In a hearing for the security for costs order, held in the same court on Thursday, Mr Sharaz’s lawyer Jason MacLaurin argued Senator Reynolds could be made “financially uncomfortable” by her other defamation suit, and potential future suits that could be brought against Federal Minister Tanya Plibersek and fringe political commentator Shane Dowling. (Click here to read more)

I felt this article was worth writing because it shows how quickly the whole Bruce Lehrmann, Brittany Higgins and Linda Reynolds court cases are snowballing. At what should have been a simple hearing in the Linda Reynolds v David Sharaz matter somehow Federal Minister Tanya Plibersek and myself made guest appearances.

I can fully understand David Sharaz’s lawyers raising Tanya Plibersek and myself as it supported their argument Linda Reynolds should pay security. Although the argument failed. But the number of court cases and number of people involved is getting out of hand.

To top it off, former ACT DPP Shane Drumgold has instituted proceedings against the ACT Government in a matter known as “SC/0347/23 – Drumgold v Board of Inquiry – Criminal Justice System & Ors” which is set down for a directions hearing on the 14th of September 2023. I published the below video about the matter:

(Click here to watch the above video on YouTube)

The 14th of September Drumgold v Board of Inquiry – Criminal Justice System & Ors hearing will only be a directions hearing but we will find out more such as who will be subpoenaed to give evidence etc and there will a lot of people worried they might be called to give evidence as I point out in the above video.

I would expect the Shane Drumgold matter to expand to other courts cases and claims such as compensation and possible defamation especially if he wins the first matter to have the Board of Inquiry findings by Walter Sofronoff quashed. 

Linda Reynolds’ threat to sue me for defamation is still a live possibility and if she does I will fight it.

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  1. Q… what’s the best way to describe the calibre of Australia’s judiciary?
    Q… what’s the best way to describe the calibre of Australia’s Parliamentary members?

  2. What’s with all these sudden defamation cases over a failed trial?

    With the flurry these cases, it looks like someone and/or Party has lots to hide. Whether they do or don’t is beside the point, the perception is what counts.

    Is there any penalty for Jurors, who despite numerous warnings, still flouted the instructions of the Court.

    Regardless of the outcome(s) quite a number of people and organisations are now damaged goods. And for the next couple of decades the Media, if it gets past its current LNP bias and the forthcoming wholesale blitzkrieg of AI, will periodically publish “where is xzy now” along with all the gory details.

    • security for $ is complex. Its not just about IF they lose, but their alleged inability to pay has to be proven. Reads like that was just too speculative.

  3. You’ve gotta wonder what Reynolds motivation could be?
    The Liberal Party lost 20 Seats due to the Higgins Scandal at the last Election, it should be the last thing they want to remind women voters about.

  4. From Linda Reynolds first speech in parliament:

    “… my parents … supported and raised me and my brothers … with strong Christian values.”

    “For a healthy democracy, Australians must also have confidence in the integrity of our democratic institutions.”

    “You never take a problem forward without having options to address it.”

    Leave it with you!

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