Julia Gillard

Julia Gillard – Double Take – 9 to 9

The below video is a parody of the Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard when she was Deputy Prime Minister and Kevin Rudd was Prime Minister. It is a bit off track for what this site is about but I think it is a very funny video and what she says in it turned out to be spot on in a lot of ways.

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  1. I think you might have been had, mate. This video was made by the husband of the Addison’s lawyer who sent you the letter re: Kerry Stokes.

    • No I have not been had. I put the video up after I received the letter and they are totally unrelated. But if what you say is true it would be an amazing coincidence.

  2. Julia Gillard is a clown she should go back to Wales.This carbon tax is a joke,look at both sides of the science behind climate science.There are scienitist who refute the so called fact of science that beleive people are the cause of warming the planet.

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