Craig Thomson

Craig Thomson MP HSU / escort news. Michael Smith interviewed by Victorian police and signs statutory declaration.

Craig Thomson lied to parliament in the first minute of the speech he gave to defend himself of the fraud and theft he committed while employed at the Health Services Union. How do I know he lied in the first minute? Because of an interview he gave with Mike Smith at 2ue in August last year. This is important as there is currently a parliamentary inquiry afoot to determine whether or not Mr Thomson lied to parliament in his speech.

In an interesting developement Michael Smith has been interviewed by the Victorian police and has signed a statutory declaration in relation to the Craig Thomson interview.

But first lets look at what Craig Thomson told parliament in his speech.

The mainstream media nor any other media have reported this to my knowledge. Maybe it is because Michael Smith also started asking some serious questions directly to the PM Julia Gillard about her involvement in a fraud at the AWU in the mid 1990’s. (Click here to read one of my previous posts on the matter)

Mr Thomson at the start of his speech clearly implied that he was advised not to make a statement 4 years ago and that he could not a make a statement until FWA had finished their investigation and finalised a report. Slight problem with that is he did an interview with the radio host Mike Smith at 2ue in August last year. The interview blew up in Mr Thomson’s face as Mike Smith was able to get Mr Thomson to make some damming admissions.

Given Mr Thomson did an interview with Mike Smith he should have been prepared to respond in full to parliament a long time ago in relation to his crimes. And how does he explain the Mike Smith interview in August last year given he said in parliament last Monday words to the effect that he had decided 4 years ago not to make a statement until the FWA report was finalised.

Mr Thomson’s speech starts off:

“‘Go cut your wrists or, better still, hang yourself.’ ‘Go out the back, cut your throat—that’s the only way.’ ‘Have you slashed your wrists yet?’ ‘You are dead. A bullet between the eyes will save taxpayers’ money.’ ‘You have unleashed the lynch mob and you have fanned it and for that you’re, ultimately, responsible.'”

“These are the types of emails, letters and phone calls that my family, myself and my staff have received. Since these allegations were first raised I have consistently and on many occasions made it clear that I have done nothing wrong. I have, in fact, wanted to make a statement for some time but sought counsel, sought advice, from a variety of people—including legal advice—and took that advice not to make a statement. Can I say that is something that I probably regret in hindsight. I did not realise that this was going to go four years, but once that decision had been taken, of course, then the next opportunity to speak really is when a report is concluded—and Fair Work have done that.”


Above is the video with the exact moment that he lies which is only a minute into his speech. (The above video goes for 1 minute and 38 seconds)

Mr Thomson goes on to say in his speech:

“What you do not expect from journalists is the 12 stories that have been written about me in the Fairfax media without coming to me for a comment, without seeking my side at all.” This is stupid and contradicts his statement above that he would not respond until Fair Work Australia finalised their report. What would have been the point of the journalists contacting him if as he said he had decided to say nothing until the FWA report.

He also says:

“We should never be in this situation again where the rule of law is trashed completely by a parliament. What do you think you are doing here? Are we going to have parliament ruled by the mob?”

I agree with Mr Thomson on this, although I am taking him out of context. We should never allow a government like the current one to openly abuse the law. And I am sure a lot of people would agree that the current labor party could be classified as the mob. (To read Mr Thomson’s full speech to the Australian Parliament click here)


Above is the Mike Smith interview that he did with Ben Fordham on radio station 2GB a couple of weeks ago where he talks about his interview with the Victorian police, Craig Thomson and other interesting issues relevant to Craig Thomson. (It goes for 15 minutes and is well worth a listen) Why have the other media not reported this? I think they do not want to upset the PM.

The channel 9 A Current Affair program say they have interviewed one of the escorts that Mr Thomson paid and have a statutory declaration signed by her. But is also well-known that they will pay her if the story goes to air which will undermine her credibility. Meanwhile Mike Smith has signed a statutory declaration and has been interviewed by the Victorian police so there is no credibility problem with Mike Smith but A Current Affair have not interviewed him . Makes me wonder who does the thinking at A Current Affair.

Craig Thomson was caught out lying about other things in his speech but the above lie has not been reported. Other lies included still getting support from Ella Skinner (click here to read). In fact a lot of the people he named in parliament refuted their support and/or story he told about them.

As a federal politician Craig Thomson is a law-maker and other law-makers including the Prime Minister have committed crimes in an attempt to protect him. So why should we expect anything better elsewhere like the judiciary for example.

Obviously it is a big effort to be caught lying in the first minute of the speech that went for about 58 minutes. But Craig Thomson is the type of professional who is up to that sort of challenge. When it comes to lying they do not come much better than Mr Thomson. Apparently he is representing Australia at the London Olympics in the long distance lying event. Given he has managed to drag these lies out for over 4 years he should be a big chance to do Australia proud and bring home the gold medal.

Yes the previous paragraph might be a bad joke but the Craig Thomson affair is an even a worse joke. Mr Thomson is no longer embarrassing the government. The government is the one embarrassing itself. And if the opposition do not have a royal commission into the scandal when they get into power they will also be tarnished.

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    • Below comment was put on the wrong post. I have transferred it to here.
      Thanks for your continuing efforts to expose the cant and hypocracy of this Labor government.
      I listen with close attention to the “story so far” on ACA, and I’m certain that I heard the journalist in charge of this story say that he HAD got a stat dec from the lady inquestion; moreover she understood that to misrepresent anything in a stat dec could lead to prosecution and imprisonment.
      I await their further revelations with avid interest

  1. Coming from their previous jobs as union management, most of our existing ALP members of parliament would be accustomed to being exempt from any strict rule of law. It is a common belief among union leaders that actions taken by unionists are not always treated to the same level of judicial focus as ordinary individuals would be. Assault, lying to investigators, disposal of union funds, and, in the past, crime on the docks or in the markets was often regarded as too hard to prosecute. As with all criminal cultures, it is so difficult to obtain evidence from, or on criminal members of underworld groups where the code of silence is an individual’s only hope of survival. What we normal constituents regard as ethical or honest behaviour is not regarded the same way by people from the union movement, and who have known no other culture during their adult life. No excuse for their behaviour, and we only have ourselves to blame. We voted for Kevin 07 thinking that we would get a change for the better.

  2. Thomson’s pathetic rant last Monday did NOT address the FWA findings.
    In his carefully worded LIEbor Party speech he did NOT state he did NOT use the HSU Credit Cards for prostitutes or that he did NOT phone them on his mobile or hotel room phones, nor address the hundred thousand in cash withdrawals.
    His rant was about causing doubt to prolong the LIEbor Party & his own job not to defend the implausible, because it is indefensible.
    There was NO setup.
    Investigations into misuse of HSU funds started after an Exit Audit was done and the monumental mismanagement was discovered, which was after Thomson had won the seat of Dobell & had left the HSU in 2007.
    Before this the Unions had put resources time and money into Dobell and Thomson had the FULL backing of Labor and the unions as their candidate.
    He has ridiculed the FWA Findings as some sort of elaborate conspiracy against him, which is absolute rubbish.
    It was Thomson who encouraged anyone to bring forth any evidence & they have complied.
    It was Thomson who asked for video evidence, now the TV station has made a video with a witness about an alleged encounter with Thomson.
    Is this just the start?
    Why is the pathetic teary overacting pathological liar Thomson complaining to the media & telling them to back off for or suggesting he might be sent over the edge?
    All is own doing!
    This is all after he had been informed of a new interview that was going to be aired with a hooker that allegedly HAD been with Thomson & had been prepared to sign a statutory declaration.
    Is Thomson prepared to sign a stat dec also against all the findings of the FWA?

    Kate McClymont has done some brilliant work into the Craig Thomson fiasco.

  3. Oh, that radio interview is priceless – Craig shifting, stumbling, stuttering … what a piece of ….

  4. Craig Thomson has done more damage to the
    (a) ALP
    (b) Union movement
    than any predecessor, congratulations! As a result all Unions should be Audited and given
    a 100% Proberty check.
    Why should the hard earned wages of our lower paid workers be stolen?

    • RANK FRANK, it may sound callous of me, however, the media has been reporting these sorts of financial discrepencies involving union officials and member’s fees for decades. A former Labor Leader reported the labor Party as being aware of this for the past 20 years. I think union members contribute with an open mind, those who arent bullied or subject to threats that is. So should the question really be “Why do the HSU Members continue to pay union fees?

      • Frank- ‘So why do workers continue paying Union Memberships to HSU?’
        Time to call them dinasaurs , just hope Craig Thomson will not be seen in a museum!
        (It would be in the small member /big ego / hyper liar section)

  5. Proud Aussie , there is way more to this story than what the press have been telling us . Kathy Jackson the whistle blower on Thomson is up to her neck in this. Her partner Michael Lawler is the vice president of FWA who took 4 years to investigate Thomson. If that’s not a conflict of interest I don’t know what is. It’s worth noting that the day Thomson spilled his guts to parliament Lawler took “long leave” whatever that means.

    Kathy Jackson lied her guts out to Chris Ullman on the 7.30 report ,she does drive a union paid for Volvo and the union have paid for her children’s childcare bills . You can read all about this and more at ( independent Australia ) it’s a small online news service and like Shane they’re not scared of printing the truth .One other thing that bothers me in all of this is the credit card receipt for one of Thomsons alleged brothel visits that was produced in court by Fairfax in there defamation case with Thomson . The receipt is from an old slider where the card is inserted and swiped ,the carbon Fairfax presented Thomsons name spelt Thompson .Have a think about that for a while and how that could be . At first I thought Thomson was guilty but after a bit of digging I’m not so sure .

    • Credit Card companies and Banks often get the spelling of names wrong. Nothing unusual for people named Thomson to have their name accidently spelt with a P added as the spelling Thompson is the most common way to spell it.

      • Shane that is impossible the originall copy and the carbon copy are taken directly from the details on the credit card this is no common occurrence or bank mistake . The receipt clearly reads Thompson , I smell alot of rats

      • You have not understood what I said. The card could have the wrong name on it. That is quite common. The bank could have sent him a card with the wrong name on it so of course the original and copy had the wrong name on it because the card did. But to date that is about the only thing he has in his defence (which is why people know he is guilty) except to try and muddy the waters and blame others.

      • I think it’s a bit odd that nothing has been said about this card before not even by Thomson . It will all come out sooner or later. What I find interesting in this case is Kathy Jacksons connections to the liberal party . One of her lawyers is Stuart Wood a renown union bashing lawyer and a member of the HR Nicholls society a liberal party think tank dedicated to smashing the union movement. Don’t you think it a bit odd that Kathy Jackson retains this guy on a pro Bono basis ?

    • Regardless of the spelling of the card that by the way Thomson ordered without board approval according to the FWA Report, the card transactions appeared on the HSU Credit Card statements.
      The charge on Thomson’s HSU C/W Bank MasterCard for $2,475 was subsequently charged after Thomsons HSU Diners Club Card had been charged several times then the same amounts reversed and then charged at a higher charge to the MasterCard on the same dates.
      ALL same signature, which appears to be Thomsons from known signatures on the public record.
      Jackson’s partner Lawler does NOT work at the tribunal.
      Jackson’s remuneration & any benefits has NOT been disputed by the HSU Board so has obviously been approved, regardless if it is generous.
      The ONLY finding against Kathy Jackson in the FWA Report was for late lodgement signing off the records when she took over Thomson’s position, which she explained was because of the multitude of questionable expenses and cash withdrawals for this period that she sent to auditors.
      Have you actually read the FWA Report Eric?
      Thomson is a manipulator and is trying his best to cast suspicion on anyone but himself for the misuse of HSU member’s funds.
      He has refused to assist police.
      He has NOT signed a statutory declaration, but has only said he has done nothing wrong.
      The police have already made a statement that Thomson’s Credit Cards were NOT stolen or misused but USED by the named person on the HSU Credit Cards.
      Obviously they concluded this by verification of Thomson’s signature!

      • I have read the FWA report in to Thomsons affairs and it is very damming . What needs to be investigated is the people who crafted the report . I hope it gets a royal commission because it has been corrupted by the likes of Michael Lawler and Kathy Jackson

    • Your grasp of the facts is rather wobbly Eric Kathy Jackson’s partner had nothing whatsoever to do with the HSU report. He works in an entirely different section This was proven through a series of checks. The real author has taken leave and is not coming back until February 2013 and did not make himself available for the current Senate enquiries. You are in la la land I think. Jackson is being made the scapegoat and true to Labor’s ideals she is considered a Labor/Union rat.(even tho she was sticking up for her MEMBERS) It was not her that spent $500,000 of the members monies. Just how you can possibly come to a conclusion that Thomson is innocent because Jackson drives a volvo and had childcare paid for (as do all the senior officials) is beyond ridiculous.

      The lawyer who is now representing her is doing it pro bono because he perceives an injustice is being done to her, with all the bullying and lies and cover-ups. Thomson’s bills are much more than hers and are well over $200,000. His legals have cost hundreds of thousands and the point is, who is caring about the thousands of workers he ripped off? Certainly not the compassionate, caring, principle union leaders or the Labor Party. They seem to be well and truly pulling the wool over your eyes.

  6. Good work Shane. To-day I read Penberthys story and it might seem trivial, but I was annoyed that he had twisted the story of Thomsons “threatening e-mails”, by stating that the “UNHINGED people” threatened to ‘slash his wrists, cut his throat etc’ when it was not threats but suggestions! I commented on this being taken out of context or a deliberate lie…but don’t expect it will be corrected by David Penberthy! Now you have confirmed my statement in your column, thank you. The LEFT is nothing but LIES and the media (most of them) are no better than the corrupt government. To TELL someone to harm themselves is not as frightening as a a genuine threat to harm to we don’t need media lies in Thomsons case and they can not make him appear innocent!

    • Penberthy is a long time LIEbor Party media luvvie..
      He is also the partner of Kate Ellis Federal ALP Minister.
      The Federal Police had already investigated supposed threats months ago and had determined they had NOT been threats, but meer ‘suggestions’ from disgusted voters and rightly so!

  7. Following on the most accurate comments by Colin Spencer (this site 27th May) can I muse that Mr.Thomson is unlikely to ever face criminal proceedings unless the HSU members can raise enough interest to commence civil proceedings regarding misuse of their membership funds. Long term mismanagement of large sums of HSU funds appears pretty obvious from details aired so far but to this day no one has shown that any HSU rules have been broken to challenge the oft repeated Thomson statement “I have done nothing wrong”. We can only hope that someone is carefully examining HSU office bearers sworn responsibilities.

    Note the finding from the AEC investigation, the use of HSU funds to attain a seat in Parliament might be an affront to lots of people but does not contravene the laws in place.

    Misleading Parliament is another and seperate matter and I suggest that is the most likely reason why Craig Thomson has trouble sleeping and complains about mental torment.

    Keep up the pressure Shane.

  8. Keep up the great work Kangaroo Court of Australia exposing corruption in our Justice system

  9. Are you sure Craig Thomson doesn’t work for the Liberal Party already ?
    Kind of spooky like some thing out of the Manchurian Candidate.
    I will resign my Union membership as a direct result of this sorry dirty saga.
    Congratulations Australian Labor Party, by supporting and funding this sociopath you have managed to achieve what Howard’s Work Choices couldn’t .
    Declining Union membership !

  10. It is a human fraility to be in denial with some expectation that it will all go away. Generally,the public are in a state of perennial denial of their circumstances encouraged by the agendas for those who are in control.
    I suspect that the denial here is at the behest of those who have their own agendas without regard for the interests of Mr. Thompson and his family. He has been compromised by those who do not wish truth to prevail. They are using him, possibly he knows it but is stuck. He has been unwisely counseled by those with their own interests and it is they who are complicit in the outcome. A royal Commission is required.

  11. thank god for this possibility for us residents of dobell,to hear some true facts instead of a constant load of spin and outright lies ,you find it hard to believe how long this disaster has been going,dobell must be the laughing federal seat in australia ,how embarrising keep it up to resolve this,william.

    • as I posted on Catallaxy files…

      “I am trying to imagine what the electorate of dobell is thinking…wanting! Strangely there is no way of seeing or hearing what anyone has to say. How come there is no media coverage outside his electoral office, no interviews with the people of dobell? Is this purposely being kept from the rest of Australia? Why have we also not had media coverage with interviews collected from all those union subscribers who are the real victims…the ones who we should have sympathy for…NOT Thomson”.


      26 May 12 at 10:15 am

      and this…in reply to “Gab” who says there was a petition with 7000 signatures signed…where is it now?

      “Gab…Big Brother is watching. So, I suppose NO media coverage will ever be seen…no petition, no voice or protest ever heard of…until the next election. Representation for the people of dobell is non- existent”.


      26 May 12 at 2:56 pm

      William can you please enlighten us and indicate what people are saying around you?

      We hear nothing from Dobell!

      Heartfelt sorrow for you all! Hang in there William!

  12. Great post yet again…It sticks out like bulldogs balls that the mainstream media are terrified (Maybe via their GM’s) that they will never again be granted an interview with the current yet soon to be gone PM Gillard.

    There is no other explanation when they are prepared to send other politicians to the slaughterhouse, yet massive angles on current news is totally ignored, and we get “Bra stories” on CA and TT…

    It is very sad that blogs like yours, and to a smaller extent, my own, have to make the effort to expose what is going on around the traps…

    There must be a hell of a lot to protect within those walls of Parliament when Australians battle to expose the truth in 2012.

    Keep on keeping on, as the saying goes…

    • I resent that I have no political affiliation what so ever . You watch all the slime from the conservative side of politics get dragged out from underneath their rocks when the truth starts bubbling to the surface . Lawler and Jackson will sing like canaries

  13. How do you know when (some) politicians are lying ?
    Their mouths are moving.
    Or is a case of absolute power corrupts?

  14. Of course the worry is that the focus on Craig Thompson, who is ultimately inconsequential as a person and as a politician, is keeping the focus off other, potentially more pressing issues. Corrupted governments love distractions, even if its one of their own in the spotlight. Just something to keep in mind, fellow travelers. Watch them.

  15. Shane, I am a former member of the union now known as HSU East but formerly known as HREA (Health Research Employees Association). The corruption in the union is deeply entrenched and extends back at least into the 1990s and involves many other people besides Craig Thomson. HREA used to cover employees of NSW DOCS (the Department of Community Services) and I became a member when I worked for that department caring for people with physical and intellectual disabilities. I came into conflict with DOCS Management after complaining about staff abusing assaulting and maltreating the disabled residents. I contacted HREA expecting advice and help in my fight against DOCS Management. HREA refused to do anything and the union officials became more and more hostile to me the more I insisted on my rights as a fee paying union member. I was sent to the union lawyers who at that time were McClelland’s and was told that I was on my own. I was also taken into a room at HREA Head Office in Pitt St Sydney and confronted by a union henchman called Bert Colquolon who again told me I was on my own and said in the exact words “You are fighting the system.”
    (This was February 1998) Mr Colquolon was flanked by a McClellands solicitor.
    I subsequently received a letter from union secretary Michael Williamson officially stating that I would receive no assistance. When I rang him about the letter he dropped the phone on me. (Mr Williamson is now under investigation for corruption and misuse of union funds.) I had informed all of these officials of the circumstances of my conflict with the DOCS Management including staff abuse and assaults against disabled and they knowingly assisted DOCS to remove me from my employment and destroy my career and cover up criminal misconduct in the Department. Midway through 1998 HREA lost coverage of DOCS employees and we were transferred to the PSA (Public Service Association). I got exactly the same treatment from the PSA and its lawyers (Staff and Jones.) I believe that the kind of corruption found in HSU is prevalent in other NSW public sector unions such as the PSA the Teachers Federation and the Nurses Union.

    What has angered me the most about the NSW branch of HSU under Michael Williamson is their failure to protect NSW ambulance officers from victimisation harassment and bullying within the ambulance service. The extent of this problem was uncovered in a NSW Parliamentary Inquiry in 2008 prompted by the tragic suicide of Nowra Station ambulance officer Christine Hodder. There were other suicides in the service as well. whilst Mr Williamson and his cronies were it seems too busy rorting union fees and setting up empires to protect their members . Mr Thomson was part of the NSW Branch and then national secretary. He was around also when the union was putting the boot into me. I believe he was fully apart of the corruption that resulted in my career in DOCS being destroyed and people like Christine Hodder being driven to suicide. I was disgusted when he tried to make out in his speech to Parliament that he was some kind of brave white knight who tried to clean up the corruption in the union and as a result became victim of a conspiracy. This claim alone appears to me to be a huge barefaced lie and the full truth about corruption in the the HSU (and the complicity of union lawyers in this corruption) needs to be exposed

    • I was an Employee of the Victorian psych services long ago, then covered by the old Hospital Employees Federation no. 2 branch. It was basically a closed shop and not joining the Union was only an option for the very brave. The No. 1 branch covered the big Public Hospitals and going back to the 80s operated as a crime gang would, with rorting, standover etc. Like the Nursing Federation (even today) disputation is generally saved for when non-Labor Governments are in power, as recently seen in Victoria. They are no longer Unions for workers’ protections, and haven’t been for some years.

  16. Seems The HSU and its predecessors have never trully served its members, only the nedds of
    HSU officials.
    How many other Unions are the same?
    Makes me ashamed to be an Aussie – clean up your act – you are nothing more than
    Liars , Cheats and Thieves

    • The AWU is the same! They did not help me me even when I had to stand alone and fight corruption in The NSW National Parks and Wildlife. I Won my case at a commissioners hearing but the AWU refused to support me. The only sense in the matter is Corruption

  17. Live on Foxtel “A-Pac” (continuing from 10.45 am) Senator Abetz is questioning Fair Work Australia officials regarding the Craig Thomson report (including payment by the Labor Party of Thomson’s legal bills)

  18. Yes of course you did, agreed. But the ALP will lie, cheat, deny facts and do anything to obstruct justice.

    • Yes Shane has brought the matter of Thomson’s lying in Parliament to the public via this site – agreed – but the Senate Committee is getting to the nitty-gritty to definitely prove lying occurred and thereby something can be done about this guy.

      • My last comment was only meant as a joke. Me competing with Abetz. The reality is other media wrote about his lies first although I knew straight away Monday night when I watched his speech he had lied in the first minute. But other media wrote about other lies he said in the speech and missed what I believe is a key lie which I point out in the post.
        It was always going to be up to politicians like Abetz to drive the issue in parliament.

  19. Yes Abetz (a barrister) got a lot out of those FWA people which clearly provides evidence that Thomson was lying and misleading Parliament as Shane has rightly stated.

    Shane’s photo of Thomson’s snivelling face is quite appropriate!

  20. I note from the conversations re Craig Thomson’s Credit Card amount that the question was asked. “Did you authorise this transaction and his answer was “Yes I did.”
    Isnt this damning enough as well. He is just digging a huge hole for himself.!!

    • Yes Glen it is damming, but the compulsive liar Thomson says he did not do it ‘knowingly’.
      The FWA Report states the Admin staff at the HSU would send each card holder their statement every month and the staff member would check their statement, acknowledge their transactions & send back any receipts & Thomson would authorise all credit card statements for payment.
      After authorising Thomson’s own credit card statement for payment, Thomson now says he did not notice the numerous transactions on HIS HSU Credit Card were payments to escorts, so did not do it knowingly..
      Isn’t doing something ‘KNOWINGLY’ what his boss said years ago about the AWU missing $1Million of members funds?
      After Gillard working as a senior partner at Slaters & Gorton & had the AWU as a client, setup bank accounts for her boyfriend Bruce Wilson secretary of the AWU and he allegedly emptied these accounts and disappeared.
      JuLIAR at the time in her mid thirties said she acknowledged assisting Wilson & setting up the accounts, but she was young & naive and did not do it KNOWINGLY!
      Although JuLIAR Gillard has stated all of this is on the public record, Gillard has not responded to questions where on the public record these events are, the investigation, the whereabouts of Wilson now or the recovery of the AWU members missing funds.
      Maybe Paul Piggy Howes could enlighten AWU members and the public where the members money is and what steps have been taken to recover these funds?

      • Thomson’s job was the union secretary; to act with a degree of care, skill and diligence concerning use of the Union’s funds. If he authorised the payments, then he had been given the power to do so in his role and basically he is liable for the result – otherwise his role would be redundant and the accounts would be prepared and signed off by a clerk or bookkeeper.

        “Knowingly” and “intentionally” are just smoke screen words to avoid criminality.

        The funniest thing is that the auditor, Mr Dick (yes, that’s his name apparently), was only paid $2,500 to do an audit – a ridiculous pittance as auditors are usually paid ten times that – I think he just checked a few MYOB transactions and was off out the door.

        If Thomson has received all this extra money for his personal benefit, apart from his annual salary, what of fringe benefits tax? I hope the ATO have a good look at him also.

  21. Nothing new in union corruption for me. It dates back to WW2 when the unions refused to load war supplies unless paid treble time, with the result badly needed ammunition arrived four days late for a major battle causing the deaths of hundreds more men,stole food from the docks meant for our troops, refused to let ships full of wounded soldiers dock unless they were paid extra. They even stole money from our soldiers going into battle in the guise of posting last letters to their loved ones, pocketing the postage and dumping the letters.The list goes on and on, and always will.

    • This sort of thing also happened in the UK and came to a screaming halt when Soviet Russia was attacked, funnily enough.

  22. Thank you Shane for the great work.

    I would like to point out to Craig that if you are going to tell lies you have to be in posession of a very good memory. “I did not do it knowingly”. Oh really? You did not know you were picking up a pen to sign something you had not read. You are a Secretary of a very big Trade Union and you sign something you have not read? or You are a 30 something year old Solicitor employed by a very big Law Firm and you unknowingly set up a bank account for your lover? Really? Did the law firm sack you for being such an idiot? This is the standard of some of our Parliamentary leaders and representatives. (I suppose we get the Polititions we deserve).

    A Royal Commission will never happen while Labour/Greens are in Government. However, when Abetz gets to the bottom of the outrageous lies Thompson (sorry) Thomson told in Parliament then he might then try to get to bottom of the lies our Juliar told about that bank account she set up for her poor, misguided lover at the time.

  23. His “poor me” speech was atrocious and I hope we never have to see such a pathetic, grubby exhibition again. I am hoping that Jackson gets her right of reply, that she is entitled to (can Labor block ?)

    All I can add is that Thomson must be delusional. His performance was pretty good – the script -not so good. Full of easily checkable holes, wild claims and mis-directs. And he played the sympathy card trying to get everyone off his back. If I lived in Dobell I would be organising a huge rally and show him how the people of Dobell are ashamed and angry to have him as their MP.

    I am also cranky that they are blaming Tony Abbott and bringing in the “S” word (suicide) which is a very low trick, by making out he could be mentally fragile and Abbott would be at fault. Two things 1. If he is mentally stressed or sick he should take leave and get it sorted out. 2. The problem is not caused by the Opposition. He is the one that has done the wrong thing and Julia is the one forcing him to stay in Parliament . Really they have no scruples.

  24. So there’s a misuse of approximately $500,000 from 2002 to 2007. Yet Kathy Jackson is earning herself $270,000 per year. Who’s the one that is abusing funds?

    “The slip with no authorisation code, a rejection code (211) written on it, and a misspelt surname.” Why would it be saved?

    Source 2:
    Kathy Jackson delivered the HSU records to FWA investigator Terry Nassios. Why was she doing a courier’s job and did she deliver ALL the records?

    Don’t forget that Tony Abbott appointed Michael Lawler as the vice-president of FWA in 2002. Michael Lawler is also Kathy Jackson’s partner.
    There was also a case where Carol Glen accused Michael Lawler of hacking her email.

    Thomson is the scapegoat behind all this.

    • You must be related to Thomson or work in his Dobell office.
      You must be the only Australian who is so stupidly naive to support this disgraceful liar
      and cheat.
      We have a Diarchic Government

      • Hi Rank Frank,

        Firstly no, I’m not even related to any of the people in this case. I’m not even from the Eastern states or hold a political job.

        Am I the only Australian to support Craig Thomson? Read the links I’ve just posted and the comments regarding it. I did not comment in either of those article links provided.

        If you don’t take my word as truth then you would either fall into one of the following categories:
        a) Troll just trying to piss me off
        b) Stubborn idiot
        One advice Frank. Put more FACTS in than just adjective accusations because your criticisms are so un-constructive. Then again you probably have a prejudice mind.

      • What happened to the author of the “facts” when he was required at senate estimates . There are some questions that need to be answered about the “facts”.

  25. The author of the report regarding the facts went off on some sort of leave and left his female subordinate to appear. FWA is a quasi judicial body paid out of our taxes so the report, which took years to compile from evidence provided has cost a lot of money – The GM of FWA also stated that it cost FWA over a $1M is separate legal advices from the commonwealth solicitor’s office as well as private providers. All in all, we the taxpayers have footed the bill for all this

  26. Allison you seem to have all the answers , answer me this . If Kathy Jackson has had Michael Lawlers school age children from Sydney on the books as employees of the HSU in Victoria are those kids scabs if Kathy Jackson employed them without a union ticket.

    • Eric I certainly don’t have the answers – Kathy Jackson does not come out of all this as white as snow as in my view no union secretary should be paid the $ she is plus the perk of a Volvo when many of her union members would get the bus to work. Kathy Jackson is mentioned in the report also. If you have evidence of wrong-doing, bring it forward because all this needs to be exposed. The auditing of union funds is woefully inadequate and I wouldn’t be surprised what goes on. Just think about the guys pushing trolleys round in hospitals and the cleaners on the end of buckets and mops cleaning up vomit and crap.

      But I do know that the author of the report, should not have been absent for the senate hearing but he was. After all FWA have released their name on it which is a government body and the facts have not been “authored” because:

      a) the source documents (eg credit cards, phone bills, etc) are clearly detailed together with Thomson’s submissions and thereafter analysis/findings are made
      b) FWA spent further funds on separate legal opinions

      I cannot understand anyone in the Labor party saying that these are “allegations” against Thomson – why pay all these people in FWA to produce a report? Why pay all the $ for legal opinions?

  27. This is the first time i have landed on this site and have spent the whole morning reading and am totally disgusted, I am an older lady, who remembers Whitlam and I became an Australian Citizen so that I could vote to get him out.
    They were terrible times, but nothing can compare that with what is happening now.

    Every time I think, now something is going to happen to get this mob out of our Parliament, but nothing seems to happen

    At least after reading all this I have some hope again, that people are still working on it.
    I wish you all the luck in the world and if there is anything I can do, please let me know,.

  28. Micheal Smith (2UE) was a victim of Gillard’s manipulation of the media.

    Quite some months ago now, I was in the process of speaking with him on 2UE concerning the corruptIon of official war records to do with the 2nd D&E Platoon. At the same time, he had in the studio, one of the union officials whose signature appeared on the court documents that implicated Gillard. That official was prepared to spill the beans on Gillard.

    He had all the evidence of Gillard’s dubious past at his disposal (many of us have already seen those documents, and can’t believe they have never been aired by Abbott or any other Opposition members. Why?)

    But in the minutes we were speaking, he advised that he was under threat of dismissal if he continued his expose. His bosses at 2UE had forbade him from revealing those documents or saying anything further about them.

    He vacillated, arguing on and off air for the right of the public to know just what she had been up to.

    In that vein, I chose the opportunity to raise the issue of former Labor Party councillor Nevile Hilton- a local grub who had taken advantage of young teenage girls to work in his Port Kembla brothel. It was a brothel frequented by other Labor Party types.

    And suddenly, almost mid-sentence, Smith was gone. Off air. 2UE pulled the plug on him.

    Just like that, Micheal Smith’s job was gone- and so too, apparently, his career as a a radio commentator and as a regular guest on Paul Murray Live (on Sky)

    Why? Because he had guts- and it’s in short supply in Australian media.

    Media manipulation by Gillard had won the day- and the gutless bosses at 2UE and SKY caved in to the PM’s pressure like all other media has done.

    Gillard then had the gall to charge the media with bias against her and her government, and the brain-dead Greens joined in. What hypocritical pieces of work.

    Now…..Micheal Smith is on a perpetual holiday, fishing and sailing.

    His mates at 4BC and 2UE not only didn’t have the courage to go into bat for him in any respect, or strike, or support him in any way- instead, they folded like tents and went on as if nothing had occured. (Mind you- it allowed others to jump into his position…dog eat dog in the media world. Forget mateship when forging a career.)

    And how did Gillard get away with such maniplualtion?

    Well…it doesn’t take much to work out.

    Licences are dependent on governments. Do what I say or your licence will be revoked.

    Simple as that.

    And then…she’s got the hide to tell major world powers how to run their countries.

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