Royal Commission

Perjury at the Royal Commission given green light by Cbus industry super Directors for employees

Lisa Zanatta who confessed to premeditated perjury at the Trade Union Royal Commission a few weeks ago has been sacked it was revealed on Thursday. CEO David Atkin confirmed Ms Zanatta had been terminated as an employee of industry super fund Cbus.

The evidence shows that it is not the perjury that concerned the Cbus Directors but the fact that she was caught. The Directors are in a lot more trouble than they realise and their days are numbered.


I wrote about Ms Zanatta a few weeks ago in relation to her perjury on the 3rd of October. The article is titled “Lisa Zanatta – Perjury Queen of the Trade Union Royal Commission”

“The Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union CFMEU managed to obtain personal data which included contact details for the customers of Cbus (Construction and Building Unions Superannuation) who worked for the company Lis-Con. The CFMEU wanted the data to use in an industrial battle with Lis-Con. It has been alleged that the CFMEU wanted to contact the employees and make trouble for Lis-Con.”

“As the facts show Cbus employee Lisa Zanatta who lives in Melbourne had the data printed out and couriered to her house on a Friday. The following Monday she flew to Sydney and hand delivered the data to the CFMEU Lidcombe office at the request of Brian Parker who wanted the data.” (Click here to read more)

Lisa Zanatta was caught perjuring herself in relation to giving the personal data to the CFMEU as is shown in the transcript in the previous post.

On the 9th of October Cbus issued a statement which said that Lisa Zanatta had been suspended:

“On Friday 3 October, a Cbus employee admitted under oath at the Royal Commission into Trade Union Governance and Corruption to wrongfully supplying personal information, including contact details of Fund members’ who were employees of Lis-Con Services and Concrete Construction, to the CFMEU.” 

Admission of sacking by CEO David Atkin

It was not known in the media that Lisa Zanatta had been sacked until Counsel Assisting the Royal Commission Jeremy Stoljar asked Cbus CEO David Atkin while he was giving evidence on Thursday what her current situation was. Mr Atkin replied that Zanatta’s employment had been “terminated”.

Mr Atkin had an obligation to say a lot more about Ms Zanatta’s termination before he was asked when he was in the witness stand. But the situation is really a Board of Directors responsibility now although they are hiding behind Mr Atkin at the moment.

Cbus Directors are liable and are in breach of their Director Duties

Cbus Chairman -Steve Bracks - Former Premier of Victoria

Cbus Chairman – Steve Bracks – 2013 salary $102,020 –  Former Premier of Victoria

There is a crisis going on at the $27 Billion Cbus and Chairman Steve Bracks and the other Directors are nowhere to be found. If you have a look at the Directors list it is full of Labor Party and union boys and girls. (Click here to see the Directors list and pay)

The Directors have legal obligations that they need to abide by and they are clearly failing and should be charged themselves. The lack of action by the Cbus Directors clearly shows they are protecting the CEO, staff and most likely one or more Directors from being exposed for criminal conduct. They have clearly given the green light for staff members to perjure themselves at the Royal Commission as long as they do not get caught.

Questions Chairman Steve Bracks, and the other Directors need to answer:

1. Given the evidence at the Royal Commission why haven’t the Directors sacked or suspended the CEO David Atkin?

2. Has the Board of Directors made a complaint to the police in relation to Lisa Zanatta stealing the personal data of the Cbus members and giving it to the CFMEU. If not why not?

3. Has the Board of Directors made a complaint to the police in relation to Lisa Zanatta perjuring herself at the Royal Commission given she did it as a Cbus employee? If not why not?

4. Given the Royal Commission has been investigating the CFMEU, have the Cbus Directors employed at the CFMEU stood aside as Cbus Directors until the end of the Royal Commission. Those directors being: Dave Noonan, Rita Mallia and Frank O’Grady.

Numerous ways Lisa Zanatta can be charged with perjury and other crimes

The chances of Lisa Zanatta facing criminal offences would have to be extremely high and one would expect if she does she might roll over on others. Cbus themselves should have made a formal complaint to the police. Commissioner Heydon can refer her conduct to the Director of Public Prosecutions. Members of Cbus can make a complaint to the police and relevant authorities and the company Lis-Con can also make a complaint to the police

Commissioner Heydon warned another Cbus staff member, Maria Butera, on Thursday of the consequences of perjuring herself. So unless Commissioner Heydon was bluffing then Cbus could find a current staff member being charged as well as former staff member Ms Zanatta.

NSW Brian Parker 

Dave Noonan Brian Parker - 2

Brian Parker and Dave Noonan at the Royal Commission on Friday (24/10/14) They had a good chat after Brian Parker gave evidence. Probably had a good chat before he gave evidence as well.

If Cbus sacked Lisa Zanatta for perjury then the obvious question is why haven’t the CFMEU sacked Brian Parker for clear and blatant perjury. (Mr Parker was previously caught lying when they asked him questions about threatening to bash a whistleblower which he denied. They then played an intercepted phone call of Mr Parker making the threat.)  Why Mr Parker has not been sacked is a question Dave Noonan should be able to answer given he is a Director of Cbus and National Secretary of the CFMEU. Unless of course Mr Parker is protecting Mr Noonan. Rita Mallia might also be able to answer the question as she is President of the NSW CFMEU and also on the payroll of Cbus as a Director.

The situation at Cbus will heat up over the next few months after Commissioner Heydon publishes his interim report in December. Commissioner Heydon I would expect to be writing beside many witness’s name the words “not a credible witness” and/or “the witness gave deliberately false evidence”. Watch Cbus explode if he does.

While there is no evidence of fraud and theft of members money at Cbus it makes you wonder when senior management are so obviously corrupt.

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  1. UNIONS in Australia STINK. Is anyone able to produce a flow chart to show how the unions and labour are connected to each will be interesting to publish it so that ordinary people will get up and revolt against the unions….. it is treasonous that the abc AND OTHER MEDIA are suppressing the important news. they are failing in their duty to tell the news in an objective manner.

  2. Once again Labor party people involved in these unions – yes good idea – let the public know which member or ex member of the labor party – eg Steve Bracks – is now involved in unions – they are all in it up to their necks.

  3. When you look down the list of directors and look at their remuneration etc it certainly a “job for the boys”. I thought Steve Bracks would have been above this activity but it appears Labor in Vic. NSW has no bounds.

  4. It seems to me, that really the CFMEU should be disbanded.

    There should be a complete clean-out of C-bus, this is money, which does not belong to the Union but to the contributors.

    There may not be any proof (at the moment) of actual theft, the number of persons on the
    Board and the obscene payment they receive is in my opinion ‘theft’.
    Mr Bracks does not only receive a salary, there are other payments as well! At least another $ 100.000 from Cbus alone, let alone all these subsidiaries they have such as Mebank etc.

    The people who work for Cbus are also paid extra-ordinary high salaries, especially when compared with positions in private companies of similar status.
    The same goes for the salaries paid by the unions for their employees.

    T believe that the Superfunds should be enquired into immediately and made accountable, the same as companies.

    The same goes to unions, in addition unions should also be made to pay tax like everybody else.

    It also should be looked into as we have seen some of these people who run these organisations, that they really do not have the capacity nor the capabilities to run any organisation.

    The fact, that the ABC has not seen fit to publish anything very much about the royal commission at all, really requires another royal commission and to think, that we are paying for this omission of news is disgusting.

    I would have thought as a public broad-caster they would have televised the hearing, the only hearing they showed, was the day with Gillard, so obviously they noticed that one.
    The royal commission is paid for by the public in the interest of the public, who why is it not televised by the ABC?
    They have plenty of channels!

  5. I should have added, that in regard to Ms Zanatta, it would be interesting to find out, whether Ms Zanatta has been paid out and how much;

    It would also be interesting to see where she gets her next job, as I am sure, that they need her to keep her mouth shut, the same as they have been doing with Craig Thomson.

  6. Labor – Unions – Cbus incestuous nest of vipers and criminals. This says a lot of the brain dead idealists that vote for them.

  7. Ms Zanetta is having a break (holiday) to allow the heat to die down a bit before taking up her new position. I’m sure everyone is aware that a well paid job is already waiting as part of the deal done between her boss(‘s) at Cbus and those in the Labor/Union movement. In fact you can expect to see her salary grow substantially. It is a pity that journalists cannot access Tax Office records to find out who new employers are for these corrupt people and more of a shame that the RC will not bother to follow up to see where she ends up employed and the relationship with Cbus and the unions/Labor party etc. She will not face any charges and she knows it because the Unions including the police union and the judiciary all stick together and are all in the pockets of the Labor party. Just like Shorten being accused of rape was not properly investigated by Vic. police with witnesses not being interviewed or even contacted etc. as has come to light recently.
    (Moderator: This part deleted as off topic)
    As for LIsa, she has bounced back without a second thought. She has been well rewarded for her services rendered.

    • Times are changing. I doubt Zanatta will get away with much at all. The same as Craig Thomson is nothing more than a running joke now, whether he goes to jail or not. Zanatta will end up the same way and a poster girl for corruption.

  8. The Labor movement in this country is the same everywhere,relying on union leaders for their selection who are already trained in ripping off the public and corrupting the whole governance and legal system and walking away with a bucket full of cash and no chance of being caught or even paying back the stolen funds. A national disgrace the whole mob starting from the top to the bottom, unions should be treated like the Mafia and Bikies and Ebola. Stay away even if you are as “Saxon” so eloquently puts it “brain dead”. Unions are bad news and are an unnecessary evil and with all the human rights currently currently present in law totally irrelevant to workers rights.I have seen in my seventy odd years too many good industries crippled by union action led by demagogues like Arthur Scargill and Co.We need a” Maggie Thatcher ” in Australia to put them in their place.Allan from Myalup WA.

  9. Update: Maria Butera who is mentioned in the above post as receiving a warning from Commissioner Heydon for perjury is back in the witness stand tomorrow. It was just announced. Has she rolled? We’ll find out tomorrow.

    Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union

    A public hearing of the Royal Commission is scheduled to take place on Level 5 of 55 Market Street, Sydney on Tuesday 28 October 2014.

    The witness list is:

    Tuesday 28 October (12.00pm – 4.00pm)

    •Maria Butera

    Please note, this list may be subject to change.

  10. It was interesting to read the KPMG “investigation” of this, done before LZ got done over at the RC, and read their conclusion that said they could find no “widespread” misuse of personal information and then in their “Next steps” part suggested not cleaning out Cbus but going after LisCon and “interviewing” the whistle blower. Lowlifes all, together feeding off each other at the bottom of the labor union cesspit.

  11. I agree with The Climate Realist……..Trouble is these “left wing, self-hired” corporates are making a poltice out of all of this….it is just more pure greed to feed among the swill like they are all doing (and I apologise to pigs when saying that!). Let’s hope they ALL get their just desserts in the end…although methinks that is highly unlikely given our lily-livered judicial system and its operators.

  12. From the SMH today 28/10/14:

    Cbus official Maria Butera rebuked for ‘comical’ answers at royal commission into unions

    A superannuation fund official has been accused of giving false evidence and “comical” answers to a royal commission when asked about phone messages she sent to a colleague who had leaked confidential information to a construction union.

    Commissioner Dyson Heydon described Cbus official Maria Butera’s denials of her involvement in the leaking of information about fund members as “comical”.

    Confronted with records of text messages she had sent to her former colleague Lisa Zanatta on July 29 last year, Ms Butera said she had no memory of them.

    Read more:

  13. This Maria Butera should be sacked immediately by Chairman, Boshevic Bracks to join her comrade Zanatta in the dole queue with no leaving entitlements. They all have their huge snouts in the stinking swill! This lot of CBus management staff have all colluded conveniently and had severe memory lapses whilst the frauds and cons and untruths went on. Why do we, the people, and the Royal Commission have to put up with this garbage coming out of their lying mouths……BP is oil giant British Petroleum……really, just pull the other one Maria it might ring for you!…….. and why doesn’t the leftist “Age” newspaper ever give these stories some front page news for me to enjoy reading daily when I do their crossword over coffee every morning?

    The total episode is just a joke and a sad endictment of where some Unions have taken this former “Lucky Country”.

    • This RC Bazza has to hit hard and hit often. Those that attend appear to be well briefed and thus insular. Regards.

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