Royal Commission

Judgement day at the Royal Commission on Friday. So who’s going to jail?

The Trade Union Royal Commission will start reporting on its findings on Friday and expect all hell to break loose over the next couple of months. Careers, reputations and lives will be destroyed because that is what happens when criminals are held to account. And if the criminals aren’t held to account then there will be many on the law enforcement side with plenty to answer for.

Jeremy Stoljar’s submissions will also be the start of a major escalation in the war of words between the Unions, the Liberal Government and the Labor Party.

The RC issued a timetable on Wednesday (29/10/14) for submissions, starting this Friday with Counsel Assisting Jeremy Stoljar SC publishing his submissions, up to December 15 when Commissioner Dyson Heydon will publish his interim report. (Click here to read the full timetable)

The area that the Royal Commission could have immediate influence is the Victoria State elections that are due on the Saturday 29 November 2014 although most voters have probably already made up their mind with only a month to go.

It could also have an impact on Bill Shorten’s support/financial base at the HSU Victoria Number 1 Branch which is still to have their elections because of legal manoeuvring by the current management.

Some are suggesting that Tanya Plibersek will use the findings of the Royal Commission to challenge for leadership of the Labor Party which is probably doubtful short-term but more likely long-term.

What has or hasn’t been achieved by past Royal Commissions gives little guidance to what can or will be achieved by this Royal Commission because a lot of this Royal Commission has been driven by social media and blogs. And it is also social media and blogs and their continued output that will have a large say in what is achieved long-term.

Even the unions acknowledge the influence of social media by the fact that they have trolls pushing their propaganda on a daily basis on social media sites such as Twitter and a number of blogs etc. But, by and large, it is rookie hour and the unions don’t have a clue on how to use social media from a strategic viewpoint and are poorly advised.

Commissioner Dyson Heydon and Jeremy Stoljar SC need to justify the over $60 million that is being spent on the Royal Commission and if they can’t their reputations will take a battering along with the Federal Government who instituted the RC. They have a lot of ammunition to work with and I cannot see them stuffing up, but the next six weeks or so will tell.

Right now there would be dozens if not hundreds of people sweating on what happens at the Royal Commission over the next few weeks as it could have a major impact on the rest of their lives. Just think of Lisa Zanatta who confessed to perjury a few weeks ago and was sacked and she will always be remembered as a perjurer. Come Friday there will be others looking at the same consequences in the very near future. An example being is that if there are adverse findings by the Royal Commission against Cbus CEO David Atkin and/or other staff the Cbus Board of Directors will really have no choice but to sack them.

The real big stick that the Royal Commission has is to refer people to the Director of Public Prosecutions for criminal charges for perjury such as Lisa Zanatta who admitted perjury and others whose evidence was nothing more than a bad joke such as Maria Butera. I suggest they should do that in the Interim Report in December as it will likely make the next 12 months easier to get to the truth as witnesses will be less likely to perjurer themselves. The chances of criminal charges ultimately being laid from evidence uncovered at the Royal Commission would have to be extremely high, but perjury will do for now.

I have the impression that the Royal Commission will really heat up from now on. There is plenty happening in the background as there is a lot riding on it for a lot of people.

There have been many highlights at the RC so far but my favourite is Julia Gillard’s ex-boyfriend Bruce Wilson taking a swing at a photographer outside the Royal Commission. The absolute stupidity of it, which achieved nothing, sums up a lot of the witnesses and their evidence at the Royal Commission.

Bruce Wilson punch

Bruce Wilson attacking a photographer at the Trade Union Royal Commission


Admin: I am back in court on Friday with Kerry Stokes and his B-grade legal team. It’s another directions hearing as Mr Stokes is on the run at the moment avoiding a hearing. We’ll see what happens on Friday.

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16 replies »

  1. Great to read your news Shane.
    Let us hope that Shorty, Zanatta, Butera, Wilson, Atkin et al get their just rewards asap and the MSM actually report some stories and facts.
    In Melbourne I have not heard or seen much reported for a while about this RC so would love to get a few main page stories and then watch the culprits squeal like stuck pigs all the way to prison…….PLEASE!!

  2. Surely not…Plibersek to challenge Shorten if the RC creates spill in Labor Party. Our country does not deserve ANY of their current lot.

    • Agree! God help us Plibersek is the best they can do! As a person she is contemptuous, and as a politician she thrives on sourness and negativity! I truly hope that this RC is a resounding success and that the barrel is cleansed of it’s foul bottom!

  3. I cannot believe that Australia would accept a woman married to a man sentenced to 9 years maximum detention for drug trafficking as Prime Minister.
    To think that David Marr hounded Tony Abbott for an alleged wall punching twenty five years ago, insinuating, because of this vague allegation he was not fit to be PM.

    Plibersek, nasty and sour as PM I don’t think so.

    • The media loves Plibersek. She only has to flutter her lashes and they forget every skeleton ever to pass through her closet.

      • Fibbersek would have to be one of the most negative people I have ever witnessed in Parliament and so obviously an Emily’s lister as they all seem to have the same attitude (Wong, Lund etc) The voting public will tire very quickly, listening to her negative whining that she would not make it as PM. Everyone would be thinking Gillard Mark II.She is inferior in every way compared with Julie Bishop who is an outstanding MP, Woman and Statesperson.

      • Plibersek definitely not PMaterial…none of the Labor front bench are anywhere near Libs back benchers.

  4. I am patiently waiting for the perpetrators, (pirates) listed by Shane, to be punished appropriately by ‘walking the plank’ and dropping into the shark infested sea of disgrace, well away from the good ship Australia.

  5. It will be very interesting to see the results and recommendations of the Commission an see if they refer a few to Dept of Public Prosecutions viz Zanetta and others.
    They have committed a crime and therefore should pay the consequences.
    Or will they be able to weedle their way out? Will Justice prevail???

  6. How disgusted I was to hear some in the MSM today saying that Gillard has been cleared of all wrongdoing in the AWU slush fund case as if she was squeaky clean just like she has always declared she was. They then forget to tell us that she was found to have acted unprofessionally and her actions were questionable in that Blewitt and Wilson could not have set up the slush fund without her support and that some of the money had been used on her home renovations. She lied by saying that she had paid for all renos money from Wilson LIE!..she lied when saying she witnessed Blewitt’s signature in WA while she was actually in Sydney. She wrote a letter in her position as a solicitor to WA government department that allowed the slush fund to be created…and on and on and on. How can anyone with an ounce of honour or respect think that she is not guilty of wrongdoing. Her relationships must be very unlike normal man/woman relationships in that she did not know what was going on, did not overhear conversations between Wilson and others in regards to this matter….She has lied so much for so long that she actually believes her own lies and her lies have now become her truth. How warped is she?? How wrong have the RC got it so far? Hope this is not an indication of what is to follow.

  7. Looks to me that if Gillard gets cleared its rules for some people and rules for others .Protected species as far as the Judiciary is concerned!!!!

  8. A bit off the title topic I know Shane, but have to totally agree with Suse.
    I really think that Juliar has been telling porkies for that long that she really has conditioned herself that she is telling the truth!…and what about the marriages she has destroyed.
    Believe me, she will get her comeuppance after her final day when she wanders alone in the dark in Hades forever….and I know!
    As for the other Labor trolls like Plib and Wong etc., they couldn’t hold a candle to the most inept Coalition backbencher methinks. Bishop could have the lot of them for breafast without any toast!

  9. How was the launch of the joint AFP and VicPol investigation into the CFMEU hey?! My particular favourite part was when Tony Abbott called on Bill Shorten to give his support since, after all, Billy did demand a joint police investigation six months ago. Poor Shorten, hoist by his own petard, careful what you wish for Billy, you may just get it. And it sounds like several other states will be announcing similar actions shortly. I bet Campbell Newman can’t wait to sign up especially since the unions up here donated funds to their bikie enforcer mates to fight the laws shutting them down.

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