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Backstabbing begins at the Royal Commission. Cbus shaft 2 staff for perjury & CFMEU 1

When crooks and criminals start backstabbing each other you know its game on and where it ends no one knows. People within the union movement are now pointing the finger at each other for such crimes as perjury in submissions to the Royal Commission which were released on Friday (14/11/14). The submissions make some great reading and lots of laughs are to be had for the sheer stupidity of some of the submissions.

With a lot of sporting matches it is the last few minutes of the game that are the most exciting and the same can be said for the Royal Commission as it leads up to its interim report on December 15. Some big cracks have opened up as far as the solidarity within the union movement at the Royal Commission is concerned. This has split the union comrades who are now attacking each other. There is no honour amongst thieves and it is every man and woman for themselves.

It is one thing to disown an employee and another to actually accuse them of lying to the Royal Commission and that is what super fund Cbus have done in relation to Maria Butera. The CFMEU has ditched NSW Secretary Brian Parker which was revealed on Thursday but the reason only became apparent on Friday. And Lee Atkinson seems to have had a parting of the ways with his fellow criminals at the HSU Victoria Number 1 Branch. (Click here for all the submissions by interested parties)

CFMEU and Dave Noonan shaft NSW Secretary Brian Parker

On Wednesday I received an email from the media section of the Royal Commission which read “The Commission will hold a short directions hearing tomorrow in relation to the timetabling of submissions. The hearing will commence at 1130am, Thursday 13 November.”

On Thursday we found out that Brian Parker had been shafted by the CFMEU and their lawyers Slater and Gordon due to a conflict of interest. We were not told what that conflict of interest was. The reason for the directions hearing was because Mr Parker now had his own lawyers and they wanted an extension of time to file submissions. But it all became clear when I read the submissions by Cbus to the Royal Commission on Friday.

Mr Parker along with 2 former Cbus employees, Maria Butera and Lisa Zannatta, have been recommended for perjury charges relating to the same matter. The matter being the stealing of personal data and giving it to Brian Parker and the CFMEU.

Maria Butera

Anyone who watched Maria Butera give evidence at the Royal Commission would have cringed. She was so obviously perjuring herself with no shame and she was clearly doing this to protect the Cbus CEO David Atkin.

So when I started reading their submissions on Friday I found it jaw dropping that they had sold Ms Butera out so badly. They had done the same to Lisa Zannatta but we knew that from a few weeks ago. Below is taken from page 20 of their submissions:

Cbus re Butera and Zannatta 2

(Click here for a full copy of Cbus’s submissions)

The Cbus submission is riddled with the continual blaming of Butera and Zannatta for everything that went wrong at Cbus and them lying at the Royal Commission. It becomes extremely embarrassing the more you read it. If CEO David Atkin had any self-respect he would resign and if the Cbus Directors had self-respect they would sack him.

Maria Butera and partner after giving alleged perjured evidence at the Royal Commission

Maria Butera and partner after giving alleged perjured evidence at the Royal Commission a few weeks ago. She does not look confident.

Maria Butera had a lawyer make a submission on her behalf and she has denied any wrong doing. All I can say to Ms Butera is: “Good luck with that, you’ll need it”. (Click here to read Ms Butera’s Submissions)

Lisa Zannatta

There is not much to say about Zannata as she admitted to perjury a while ago and was sacked by Cbus which I wrote about previously here and here.

Cbus sacked Zannatta, and it looks as though they have sacked Butera as well, and have dropped them in it for lying to the Royal Commission yet have taken no action against the CEO David Atkin. How gutless the Cbus directors are is beyond belief. It is also sad to see that there are people like Butera and Zannatta who are stupid enough to take the fall for their bosses.

But all roads lead back to Rome or in this case CFMEU National Secretary Dave Noonan who is also a director of Cbus.

Dave Noonan – CFMEU National Secretary and Cbus Director

No one could work out exactly why we had the directions hearing on Thursday and why Brian Parker had been cut loose by the CFMEU. Well it is obvious now reading the Cbus submissions. By Cbus nailing Butera and Zannatta for perjury they have also in effect nailed Brian Parker for perjury.

As a Cbus director Dave Noonan would have become aware of this and subsequently moved to cut Brian Parker loose. Dave Noonan could not have the CFMEU lawyers defending Brian Parker against perjury in their submissions while at the same time the Cbus submissions confirming Parker’s perjury.

The solution? Cut Brian Parker loose and let him get his own lawyers to deny his perjury at the Royal Commission. The CFMEU probably wanted to get rid of Parker anyhow as he draws too much attention to their criminal conduct.

HSU Victoria Number 1 Branch

Counsel assisting the Royal Commission Jeremy Stoljar recommended criminal charges against 7 members of the HSU Vic #1 Branch in his submissions a few weeks ago. But in the HSU’s (HWU for the #1 Branch) reply submissions they say they are representing only six people. The missing person is Lee Atkinson. Has there been a split? Has Atkinson jumped ship so he does not go down with the rest of them? (Click here to read the HSU submissions)

The submissions were only uploaded onto the Royal Commission’s website late on Friday and I have certainly not read everything so expect more highlights to come in the media.

When you mention the words “jail” and “criminal charges” it does tend to rattle some people and Jeremy Stoljar did his job a few weeks ago by recommending charges against numerous people. Now that the dam wall has well and truly cracked the question is will it explode?

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  1. Let’s hope the dam wall explodes this week and we have the lot of them behind bars asap. Noonan and his compatriots need to go as well….it beggars belief that there is so much corruption in a very large super fund…Bernie Frazer did there ads for years, I remember and he was the Governer of the Reserve Bank for ages.
    Thanks for keeping us all posted Shane as we get next to nothing in the press.

    • For years they went out of their way to ensure no one realised the “Industry” super funds were union playthings and lied about the fees and charges by disguising them under other names. So the corruption goes back to Day 1 when the unions and labor introduced compulsory super donations via EBA’s. That’s why they had to work so hard to get rid of Workchoices.

  2. How deed does the corruption go? and for how long has it been going on? Unions riddled with corruption it appears – we can only hope the RC

  3. I read the HSU response re Kitching and Asmar sticking to the line that everyone else is out for revenge and lying and demanding the RC change it’s submission that they and others should be recommended for investigation citing the fact that Kitching and Asmar have started a court action to stop FWC looking into their misdeeds. So basically they don’t want anyone to have the right to look at what they have been up to.

    Unfortunately for them they cannot find anything bright and shiny enough to make everyone look away now as FWC have determined to proceed with their investigation anyway and the RC doesn’t need to meet the courtroom standards of evidence to recommend someone be investigated and/or charged.

    Will Bolt get conjugal visits?

  4. This will go all the way to the top of the CBUS board–Mr Steve Bracks and naturally, like all acts of contrition—the CEO with the mojo, Mr Atkin has to go.
    Next can we have an expose on the Federal Secretary Mr David Noonan. No one holds that job with the alleged corruption now exposed.

  5. Yes, it is all coming out in the wash.

    And then Dan Andrews, refuses to divorce himself from the CFMEU.

    The worst crime though is the MSM, especially the ABC, there has not been a word about this!

  6. I emailed Cbus regarding Maria Butera at 3.58pm and asked:

    “Can you confirm that Cbus have sacked Maria Butera and if so when and what was the exact circumstances?”

    I received a response today at 5.10pm which read:

    “our submission to the Royal Commission makes clear the status of the two employees at paragraph 38; Ms. Butera makes her own submission; and Ms. Butera remains under subpoena to the Royal Commission.”

    Paragraph 38 of the Cbus submission implies that Butera has been placed on leave and directed not to perform any duties. Click here to read:

    I would have to suspect that Cbus have not sacked Butera because she is still under Subpoena to the Royal Commission. This is even though they admit in their submissions that she lied to the Royal Commission.

      • Hi CR- the fact that Ms Butera is still subject to subpoena leave CBUS with little choice. Will be interesting to see Ms Butera back in the box and not withstanding [ alleged ] tutoring by her legals, what may be offered under cross examining. If it was me i’d be packing my toothbrush. Regards.

  7. This RC is a godsend to anyone interested in fair play. Backstabbing you say, well it is. Everyone seems to have been caught in the headlights of reality here. I just don’t believe the amount of salary these people get!

  8. I have often wondered about CBUS. They spend such an inordinate amount of money on advertising and marketing that that are ‘protecting’ the superfund’s money – at times we get completed bombarded with their ads that it has made me suspicious of their motives from that simple over-commercialised act.

    Who are they really protecting has been my reverse question. I wonder if their paid advertising ‘gurus’ subscribe to the methodology that if we see their name enough they are placed above suspicion? Haven’t they ever heard, that it is the fools who must put it on display for all to see?

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