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Scott Morrison and the Liberal Party’s lies about electric cars signal tactics for the 2019 federal election

The Scott Morrison government has kicked one of the biggest own goals on record criticising the Labor Party’s electric car policy when the Liberal’s own policy is basically the same. Instead of backing off on the issue the Liberal Party has doubled down and wheeled out one of Australia’s most disliked and dishonest politicians in Michaela Cash to front the attack on the Labor Party.

To prove to yourself how bad the Liberal Party lies are do an internet search for “Josh Frydenberg electric cars” and you will find a long list of articles of former Minister for the Environment and Energy and current Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg talking-up and promoting Australia’s transition to electric cars. You’ll even find on Josh Frydenberg’s own website a copy of an article he wrote for The SMH and The Age in January 2018 which says:

Stand by, Australia, for the electric car revolution is nigh

Opinion Piece

Date : 13 January 2018

Author: The Hon Josh Frydenberg MP


We live in the decade of disruption. Technology is transforming our lives at a rapid rate with no sector immune from its impact.

In communications it’s the iPhone, in data management it’s the cloud and in energy it’s renewables and storage.

In each case, Australians have been among the early adopters. But there is another area of exciting technological disruption with real economic and environmental benefits that is yet to really take off here at home. Electric vehicles.

Capitalising on a declining cost curve, new investments in recharging infrastructure and significant improvements in battery capacity, the industry has now real momentum in Europe, Asia and North America, which will inevitably be replicated here.

The numbers are illustrative. Today, there are two million electric vehicles on the road around the world, a tenfold increase over the last five years and these cars represent around one per cent of new annual vehicle sales.

But it is the projections that are staggering. China is the largest vehicle market in the world with 25 million annual vehicle sales, with an expectation that electric vehicles will make up 10 per cent of new sales by 2025 and 30 per cent by 2030.

France and the United Kingdom have announced that they will end the sale of new diesel and petrol cars by 2040 and Norway and the Netherlands aim to do so by 2025. California has mandated that there be 1.5 million zero emission vehicles in that state by 2025 with already five times as many electric vehicle sales as the US average.

Car manufacturers are also on board. Volvo has said that it will only build hybrid and electric vehicles from 2019, General Motors has announced that they have 20 new electric models under design, Jaguar and Land Rover say all their new model lines from 2020 will be electric and Volkswagen, the world’s biggest car maker, is targeting three million electric vehicle sales per year by 2025.

But in Australia, the emergence of electric vehicles is a different story. Currently, there are 4000 such vehicles on the road, making up just 0.1 per cent of new vehicle sales. Indeed, New Zealand, which is one-fifth of the population of Australia, has already similar number of electric vehicles on its roads.

With regards to range and recharging, the Chevrolet and Renault models already travel around 350 kilometres without needing to be recharged and using the increasingly prominent DC recharging stations, an electric vehicle can be recharged in less than 30 minutes. Indeed, it’s the view of Australia’s Chief Scientist that by 2025 there might be electric vehicles in production that can drive 1000 kilometres on a single charge. This will be remarkable.

Not insignificantly too the fuel cost of a 300-km journey in an electric vehicle is currently about a third of that of a petrol-fuelled car.

A global revolution in electric vehicles is under way and with the right preparation, planning and policies, Australian consumers are set to be the big beneficiaries.

Josh Frydenberg was the Minister for the Environment and Energy when in 2018 he wrote the above article which I have edited down. (Click here to read the full article on Josh Frydenberg’s website or click here to read it on The SMH website)

On the 4th of April 2019 it was reported:

Govt admits own high electric car goal

The government has a pollution reduction goal based on an electric vehicle take up of 25 to 50 per cent of all new cars by 2030, senators have heard.

Despite criticising Labor’s electric vehicle target of 50 per cent by 2030, the government is using a similar policy to project emissions reductions.

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg says significant funding is needed for Labor’s policy as the energy grid will need to be strengthened to cope with a dramatic increase of electric cars.

But Environment Department officials on Thursday confirmed to Labor senator Kristina Keneally the government is eyeballing the same target. (Click here to read more)

The first video below is Labor Party Senator Kristina Keneally on Monday the 8th of April 2019 exposing the Liberal Party for being hypocrites in relation to their electric car policy.


The below video is Liberal Party Senator Michaelia Cash doubling down the day after the above video on Tuesday the 9th of April 2019 continuing with the Liberal Party lies which, Scott Morrison who is in the background, has to take full ownership of the lies given he is the Prime Minister.


The most telling point with the electric car issue is not the electric car issue. It’s the total and blatant lies being told to win an election even when faced with the truth Prime Minister Scott Morrison and The Liberal Party will just keep on lying.

A lot of voters will be asking if the Liberal Party are willing to so openly and deleiberatly lie about electric cars even after being caught out what issues won’t they lie about?

Some Liberal Party supporters will pull out the 2 wrongs equal a right argument and tell everyone the Labor Party are just as bad with their lies. So what if they are? People can vote for minor parties and independents. It’s time for the lies by all political parties to stop but the parties still haven’t woken up to that yet.

Scott Morrison is going to take his party to a new low to try and win the election and the only thing he is going to achieve is long-term damage to the Liberal Party’s reputation as he’s turfed out of government.

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  1. The term is “wheeled out”, and I do wish you’d stop bagging the Libs unless you want 2007-2013 revisited upon us, only 5 times worse!! We all know that Cash is a drop-kick, but spare your criticism until AFTER the election. Regards, Chris Ottaway.


  2. You are so right. But nothing surprises me anymore after 6 years of lies from this horrific lnp.

  3. Oh I just cannot get enough horseshit from Michaella Cash and that smirking Sco mo character next to her. Please Johnny do everyone a favour and take those two dropkicks for a ride in your ute and dump them some where in central Australia so that we won’t have to look at or listen to them for the next few months. I am sure you will be driving an electric ute in the near future whether you like it or not and I am sure that Michaella won’t be driving your ute around Canberra promoting the Libs any time soon.

  4. Short memories ….if I remember correctly the last time Labour were in power they almost sent the country broke …. any suggestion they and their union colleagues be put back in power once more will signal tough times and a definite drop in the standard of living of all Australians possibly forever
    Wake up Australia you have never had it better – just look at what the left has reduced strong economies to throughout the world – that is what they are wanting to do to our great country right now !!!

  5. If only bull biscuits was electricity, all the bull biscuits spouted in Canberra would supply free power to all of Australia,these 3rd rate actors we have now would never win a seat without all the bullshit they let their mouths run off

  6. The problem is the government won’t admit when they make a mistake instead of fixing the problem they do what ever they can lie manipulate change documents intimidate bully mislead and in some case even purger in Supreme Court I have all evidence to back this up So the only way to to eradicate this behaviour that is in our government at the moment is to vote them out and make them accountable
    I would be happy to meet with anyone that is interested in the real truth as I said I have the proof!!

  7. One of the issues with electric cars which NOBODY is discussing is how are they going to replace the revenue lost from taxes on petrol and diesel. Don’t know amount, but is sure to be BILLIONS. More taxes on electricity??

  8. No wonder it is non sensical. Both Cash and Fry-burg are lawyers. They have a double disability when trying to communicate about energy policy. That is that they have been trained as lawyers which inevitably means they make up stories and they have zero understanding of science. Thermodynamics, heat transfer, overall energy efficiency are not part of their vernacular and they should never have been allowed any where near this field of expertise, a bit like getting a Russian tank to weed the potato patch. In Australia we do not have an industry plan and we do not have a government department to formulate and manage the nations usage of energy. The problem is that both major parties are driven by the corrupt legal tribe after all Bill is also a lawyer.

  9. Notwithstanding al the projections made in the associated articles, the fact is a significant percentage of Australians have a different perspective and association with wants, needs and association with their choice of the vehicles they will buy.
    The most expensive car I have purchased for myself and family and I am in my 70th year is my current Subaru Deisel Forrester a 2011 model bought 2 years ago for $18000. Before that older model Ford Falcons on gas. IF, IF I a given the same years as my parents, 85, I and my wife ( 12 years younger) living happily but very prudently on an annual income of $34,000 will not be waiting a good deal if not all my life for an electric vehicle to be available for the historic relative price range we devote to the purchase of a vehicle.
    BTW no one is talking about the carbon dioxide ( NOT CARBON) cost of making these cars, the cost off replacing their batteries OR THE ULTIMATE IMPACT OF DISCARDING OF THE BATTERIEsS.
    Also what about the Gray Nomads and other living their lives towing or driving pretty heaving ‘homes’ around the vast distances rof Aus, especially it’s more remote destinations.

  10. To be quite honest, I think, EV development will be self adjusting! no amount of governmental “force” can compel people (except the sycophants) from buying into a system that costs more than they can afford. Unlike Labor, the Liberals are not spruiking firm targets but, at this stage, are simply projecting a possible development based on international data. The USA/Canada have similar terrain and vehicle usage to Australia and by no means are EV’s usurping the ICE vehicle. Perhaps some bloody-minded Green cities (LA/SFO) are attempting to force a faster uptake but the country folk remain to be convinced. I’m happy to see Labor squirm!

  11. “and by no means are EV’s usurping the ICE vehicle”

    This is in fact being actively legislated in Europe.

  12. All these politicians are nothing but self serving and have no inkling to help the australian people because it doesn’t get them what they want. Its a bloody farce! Electric Cars ! my goodness are we in a communist country that I will be forced to purchase! How will that help me in the country with cows and stock.. How about housing the poor ! how about aged care packages actually being available that a elderly person can use. How about stop destroying our country with greed!
    Most of these politicians should be jailed for the things they have done to the australian people. Country’s all over the world are uprising against their governments and I think we the Australian people need to do this also. We need to stop selling off our assests, stop allowing other countries to have rights over our land and water. Stop politicians getting lurks and perks once they have gone. Stop the the us and them. If we have to wait till we are 67 for a pension then so do they. They need to work up to this age to deserve a pension also. No more hand outs. you leave parliament then you lose ! simple – so go get a job. No more of the Australian people paying for politicians when they leave. – FOR ANYTHING.

    • Bloody Oath, too right, every word.

      What makes me laugh out loud is the EV rubbish, no one, not one polie seems to address the issue of how we generate electricity.

      SA is a basket case now thanks to a Labor Green Mafia and yet these idiots talk about EVs like we can just plug them into a GPO in the garage, assuming of coarse you have a garage, bit difficult if you live in an inner city apartment, but I guess the mafia won’t allow you to have a car then.

      All these EVs are going to need additional power generation and windmills aint going to do it, plus the infrastructure will need tearing up and cables etc enlarged, how are they going to pay for that, by doubling the cost of electricity that’s how, they think we are stupid and frankly many people are.

      Time we got a Trump to drain the swamp, if Shorten wins god help us.

  13. Again I have to say that we do not have political servants, we have corporate individuals dictating their own rules to suit their own agendas and not complying in any way, shape or form with The Constitution Of Australia based on The Magna Carta, a copy of which is in the foyer of Australia’s Parliament House.
    The Australian Federal Government, every Australian State Government, every Local Council are private corporations each with an Australian Business Number. ABN
    Also with an ABN, private corporations include Centrelink, Australian Tax Office, Australian High Court, Australia Post are on the list.

    It is also time for the majority of Australians to stop the ‘barracking’ clap-trap for either the Liberal Party, The Labor Party, The Greens or other parties who uselessly promise to give but can never give anything, corporate rules apply.

  14. Look at the hypocrisy of ALL politicians. The small amount of people protesting in Melbourne, 39 arrests for disrupting 1 intersection. Then look at the union protest march, shut down streets (plural). No arrests and the Premier was marching with them protesting against himself.

    • Add to the hypocrisy rodjac when only 25 million people have different governments in each State with varying rules and regulations and a Federal government which doesn’t have full control over every one of them.

      Vehicles registrations and driving licences is just the beginning of the list, then add the mockery of time tampering from winter to summer among different States.

      • Quite right Jonde, all up it’s a bloody mess. IF Shorten gets in, I think it will be time for me to quit this country. What with Unions running the place, more unions with more power under dear old Bill, we might just as well await the complete takeover from China. They are now building bases in Antarctica, just off our Southern shores.

  15. We all know that all politicians are liars. Self serving and dont care for the australian people just their own wallets. While all this talk is going on about the cars – it is taking the focus off other underhanded issues that we may never know about until it’s too late. We need to sack the lot. We need a ” no confidence” in our parliament notice issued to the governor general. Most politicians should be jailed for what they have stolen from the australian people. This is our money from our taxes – not for them to continue to milk from the system once they leave. There is no fair system. If we have to wait till 67 to receive a pension then so should the politicians. If they leave they should lose their rights to receiving a lifetime pension.

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