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The Australian Parliament needs your help to ban or restrict the use of cancer-causing poison like herbicide glyphosate which is in Roundup 

There is a petition on the Federal government’s website to ban or at least restrict the use of the herbicide glyphosate which is best known for being a key ingredient in the weed killer Roundup. The use of Roundup has also recently led to multi-million-dollar damages claims in the US for causing cancer and there are cases pending in Australia.

It is a petition everyone should sign because poisoning our plants isn’t making them healthier to eat and its’ also killing bees around the world which is a crisis waiting to happen if we don’t act as we need bees to pollinate crops. (Click here to see the petition on the government’s website)

The petition was started by cancer survivor Zara D’Cotta who publishes a website called Oh My Goodness which promotes healthy living. Zara originally set up a petition on and had almost 50,000 signatures but parliament considered it a non-conforming petition so a new petition is on the government’s website so it can be tendered to parliament but there is limited time to get as many signatures as possible as it expires on the 13th of November 2019.

In the below video Zara D’Cotta is outside a Bunnings store talking about the dangers of Roundup.

In the below video Zara D’Cotta talks about the petition and why you should sign it.

Under her video on YouTube Zara said the below :

I’m thrilled to be able to share with you that another e-petition to request to restrict the use of glyphosate in public spaces in Australia has been approved by the House of Representatives.

We have just 27 days to get as many signatures as possible before the petition closes on 13 November and I’m going to need your help.

Here is what you need to do:

1. Please go to… and sign the House of Reps petition

2. Check your email inbox straight after you sign and click on the confirmation link (check your spam folder if it isn’t in your inbox) – you must do this within 8 hours of signing the petition.

3. Please share these petitions far and wide, post in relevant Facebook Groups, reach out to like-minded businesses and community groups, and ask them to share via email and on their social channels.

This could be the most important 27 days in Australian history in terms of the use of glyphosate in Australia and I have every confidence that we as a collective, can change the course of history by following these simple steps.

There are 170 lawsuits waiting to happen against Monsanto in Australia – according to Carbone lawyers.

The tide is turning. If you know anyone whose health has been impacted by RoundUp that may be willing to travel to Canberra with me to meet with MPs and raise awareness about this issue in the media – please get in touch with me.

You can contact Zara on her website by clicking here.

I wouldn’t write an article about a petition except for this: It is well known that Roundup is found in honey and Capilano Honey started their SLAPP lawsuit against me in 2016, in part at least, in an attempt to conceal it from the public. The SLAPP lawsuit continues with no end in sight.

I have first-hand experience of a large company, Capilano Honey, abusing the law in an attempt to hide the fact that there is poison in the food they are selling to the public. If Capilano Honey has to abuse the law to conceal it from the public then they are saying that even they believe it is a massive problem. So please sign the petition and help put pressure on the federal government to ban it or at least restrict its use.

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  1. 2 house blocks next door to each other, both used roundup often, 5 instances of Bone Marrow cancers. First my daughter then 15 diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia and told by Bone Marrow Transplant Consultant at Brisbane Hospital that the chromosome changes indicated she had been exposed to some type of toxin and advised to read book “A Civil Action” (Jonathan Harr) . A few year after her passing my mother in laws partner (next door) diagnosed with Lymphoma, followed by man who purchased our house diagnosed with Leukaemia (CLL), then my mother in law also diagnosed 2016 with Lymphoma and my ex (lives with MiL) now diagnosed with Jack2 Gene a protein in the Bone Marrow which can be a pre-cursor to Leukaemia and other myeloproliferative cancer (myeloproliferative neoplasms).
    Medical profession/Governments not interested in causation only treatment, possible cure/covering their butts..

  2. I believe glyphosate has a half life of about 93 days. Stop using it immediately and let your gardens recover. Plant out your gardens with fruit trees and a few years later when the glyphosate is gone enjoy fresh, poision free food. Real fresh healthy foods (not the garbage you buy in the supermarkets) can actually repair and reverse many illnesses.

    By the way, cancer is not an incurable “disease” in many cases, it is basically a long term imbalance in blood chemistry caused by bad diet and foreign chemicals. And the known “treatments” which are pushed by the sickness industry is s total fraud, and often makes you much worse and ensures your death in the short/medium term. A MUST READ reference for everyone:

  3. If Roundup is as deadly as you say then why aren’t hundreds of Aussie farmers suffering from this product not mention thousands of American farmers that have used it and where is the scientific evidence of your claim not some claim of people who have not come in contact with or have used very little of it and on top of that you do not offer an alternative that is as effective and as economical

    • They are, but this is being kept quiet…I am one of those farmers, and my life has been turned upside down as a direct result…of its usage…it is not biodegradable as those with vested interests would have you believe…research at Charles Sturt University…and one now lives with MCS – it is a case of not one is allergic to, but what one is not allergic to…thankfully do not have cancer…

      With increasing links being made between occupational organophosphate-based
      pesticide exposure and carcinogenesis, the need for a screening test that is
      more sensitive than the standard cholinesterase test has become apparent.
      This project has identified such a test, through the enumeration of Howell
      Jolly bodies (chromosome/DNA fragments) within erythrocytes, using blood
      taken from a finger prick sample. Since many users are unknowingly exposing
      themselves to the pesticides, a successful screening test will enable safe
      handling practices to be monitored and adjusted as necessary. This
      application is anticipated to make a major impact on the prevention of many
      environmentally induced cancers.

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