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Daryl Maguire’s corrupt hands extend to the federal government who have been secretly dragging their feet on a federal anti-corruption commission

The federal government is investigating possible links to cash for visas scam run by NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian’s former boyfriend Daryl Maguire while the Australian Federal Police are investigating federal government employees over a $30 million fraud scam which might also involve Mr Maguire.

Daryl Maguire’s corrupt dealings are making him look like a man who could possibly bring down both the NSW state government and also the federal government as his name has dominated senate enquiries regarding corruption allegations over the last week in both governments.

Daryl Maguire’s corruption and his links to government helps explain why the Morrison Government have been secretly dragging their feet on a federal anti-corruption commission since December 2019 when they were given draft legislation which was revealed in the Senate hearings today (21/10/20) as per the below video. Although the video does highlight other corruption that the federal government has been hiding from the public.

Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development and National Party leader Michael McCormack’s involvement in the $30 million fraud scam also needs clarifying under oath given he defended it publicly saying it was a great deal.

The Guardian reported

Michael McCormack has defended the government’s decision to spend $30m on a parcel of land near the Western Sydney airport worth just $3m, arguing in time it will seem a “bargain”.

The deputy prime minister made the comments on 2GB Radio on Monday, after a scathing auditor general’s report accused unnamed officials in his infrastructure department of acting unethically over the sale. (Click here to read more)

As the below picture shows McCormack knows Daryl Maguire well which he tweeted on the 8th of June 2016.

And here’s another McCormack Tweeted on the 3rd of December 2016

So exactly how well does Michael McCormack know Daryl Maguire?

The Rural website reports (21/10/20):

Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack, whose federal electorate overlaps with Mr Maguire’s former state seat, confirmed the pair had previously spoken about road projects.

“Yes I have had discussions,” he told parliament.

Mr McCormack said their conversations had nothing to do with land acquisitions or the cash-for-visas scheme.

“N-O,” he spelled out in response to questions from Labor. (Click here to read more)

The SMH reported (14/10/20): A former staff member of Daryl Maguire who told a corruption inquiry she was instructed to delete material from his electorate and parliamentary offices is now working for Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack.

The Independent Commission Against Corruption last week heard Sarah Vasey was employed as a media advisor in the electorate office of the former Wagga Wagga MP when he told staff to “get rid of everything” following his resignation from Parliament in 2018. (Click here to read more)

Daryl Maguire and Michael McCormack know each other extremely well and McCormack has been up to his neck in various funding scandals such as the $100 million Sports Rorts scandal so when he said that $30 million fraud scam would end up being a great deal and a “bargain” you have to wonder if he has his hand in the pie or was he protecting someone he knows is involved.

To top things off Daryl Maguire has even had the Prime Minister’s office jumping. Scott Morrison initially said he and the various department’s he had responsibility had no communication with Daryl Maguire and then one letter was found unrelated to possible corruption. Not a big issue, but embarrassing anyhow.

Gladys’s dodgy secret affair with Daryl Maguire exposed

Daryl Maguire’s possible links to federal government corruption are starting to be exposed at the same time Gladys Berejiklian’s lies about her relationship with Daryl Maguire are becoming more embarrassing by the day.

Sally Rugg had an article published in the SMH today titled “Spare us the damsel defence, Gladys. It’s an insult to women” and said:

“I’ve given up on love. I’ll never talk to him again!” a schoolgirl might weep. “Sure, he wasn’t even my boyfriend, but I thought I might marry him!”

Chances are, a version of these words were uttered this past week by a teenager grappling with the souring of her first crush. My heart goes out to her. But this dross was splashed across the gossip pages of The Sunday Telegraph and it was the NSW Premier, Gladys Berejiklian, assuming the role of “lovesick schoolgirl” as she fought back from the most humiliating week of her career: her disclosure, before the Independent Commission Against Corruption, of a five-year affair with disgraced former Liberal MP Daryl Maguire, who admitted to conducting a string of dodgy deals from his parliamentary office.

It’s not just bizarre that the Premier resorted to this defence. It’s offensive. (Click here to read more)

I watched Gladys Berejiklian’s evidence in the witness stand for a number of hours last week, as I have with others many times at various Royal Commission’s and Inquiries, and it is normally very obvious when people are lying under oath and that’s why I published the article titled “Gladys Berejiklian perjures herself at ICAC and admits to “friends with benefits” relationship with corrupt former MP Daryl Maguire“.

Other journalists were also immediately aware that Gladys Berejiklian was lying under oath but her interview for the “gossip pages of The Sunday Telegraph” was the final straw for many where she said she was in love and hoped to marry Daryl Maguire. But she told ICAC that “I’m a very private person and I didn’t feel the relationship had sufficient substance for it to be made public.”

Daryl Maguire has confessed to several crimes in the witness stand at ICAC including evidence destruction and attempting to pervert the course of justice by having others destroy evidence etc. and he is in big trouble facing almost certain criminal charges and jail time.

The only real question left is how many people Daryl Maguire takes down with him and there would be many worried people in politics and government in NSW and Canberra.

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  1. Australia has transformed over the past thirty five years from a healthy well run nation into a dung heap. Lawyers and economists aided and abetted by criminals facilitated this destruction and now we are forced to observe while locked up in our homes in Melbourne Victoria, the very source of this corruption.
    Victoria was once the manufacturing center of Australia that has now been transformed into a massive builders yard by speculators and criminals facilitated by crooked bankers and law firms while the politicians crow , jobs, jobs, jobs and when we see them appear on the screen of lies they dress up as builders.
    Democracy and capitalism have always had a balanced relationship but when capitalism transforms to criminalism the stability of democracy is undermined and the resulting outcome is revolution.
    This destructive cycle is inevitable and bought about by the likes of these incompetent’s and corrupt fools who we have allowed to run this nation.

  2. The Liberal Party has been shown to have many corrupt by negligence or by design politicians. Those same politicians rub shoulders with others of the same ilk or who are in fact criminals.
    That we have two ex-prime ministers whom have supported a person charged with paedophilia shouts volumes. Note the ex-liberal politicians now holding positions with companies under investigation or whose image appears to be tarnished. Maguire is a boy scout by comparison to some that may well come to light.

  3. And most say they are serving at a State or National Level for the “good of the community!”

    Has anyone else noticed since this came out in the open last week, a whole range of unrelated issues, have dominated the airwaves as a distraction; and slaps on the back!

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