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Corrupt federal MP Angus Taylor faces defeat at the federal election as “Vote Angus Out” group targets his seat of Hume

Angus Taylor is easily one of the most disliked and disrespected federal MPs in the country and he is facing a major challenge at the next election as the Vote Angus Out group is attempting to unseat him from the NSW electorate of Hume. In the below video I interviewed Alex Murphy who is one of the founders of the Vote Angus Out group and we talked about why and how they intend ending Taylor’s political career.

I have written numerous articles about Angus Taylor’s corrupt conduct (Click here to read more) and if any politician is susceptible to being outed by a grassroots campaign it is Angus Taylor.

There are grassroots campaigns popping up in numerous electorates around the country where voters are sick of government corruption and Vote Angus Out is one of those groups, so I thought it was worth having a look at what they are doing. They have a website set up at, a Twitter account at @VoteAngusOut, a Facebook page at and a Facebook group at

If you agree Angus Taylor is unfit to be a politician one of the best things you can do to help get rid of him from parliament is share this article on social media and if you are in the Hume electorate, think about joining the Vote Angus Out group.

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  1. It is not enough for Taylor to lose his seat. He should be thrown in jail. The only reason why he continues to be in Parliament is because the two major political parties refuse to establish a federal ICAC.

    • Nope, you’re wrong. Only lnp is against it. Labor promised ICAC with real retrospective powers if they win the election

      • A federal Icac has won support in the past from independents, the major parties have shown a distinct lack of support for such a body, perhaps because they are all involved in corruption whilst as politicians. The ALP show support in opposition but when in government they make no advances toward an ICAC. The Morrison Government have proposed a federal ICAC draft last year which the Labor/Greens criticised didn’t go far enough.

    • Anthony has said under his government one will be set up. So, I don’t know if I would class that as refusing. However, I’m not sure how likely it would be that it would happen. And, I agree, he absolutely be in jail. I also wonder how corrupt his wife is as a barrister.

    • Check out Albos page. It is a core policy with retrospective powers for 10 years and the power to lay criminal charges. It was a policy at the last election but Murdoch was too busy telling lies about Shorten to report on it.

    • Only one party is determined not to have an ICAC federally. The most corrupt government in Australian History the LNP COAL ition. Labor is for an ICAC with teeth. One that can prosecute the current pack of criminals.

    • Shorten promised a retrospective federal Icac before the 2019 election. But enough people preferred handing free franking credits to wealthy shareholders and elected this sham of a government instead.

      • Yep the lemming voters for the LNP. They believe if that vote LNP they are a better type of person with assets to protect. What they don’t realise is they are not mates with the top hoods in the LNP. They are little people who will be stomped on by the jack boots of Neo Liberalism.

  2. With 6 State and 2 territory governments in Australia with a population of around 25 million (less than several individual CITIES in the world) the plethora of our politicians makes oversight a difficult task. An ICAC with teath must be mandatory to weed out the bludgers and crooks among them.

    • And if we want to claim to be a democracy, Australia also needs to implement a proper Bill of Rights. We, the people of Australia have no rights other than what the political and judicial classes grant us… ie. none.

  3. We desperately need an ICAC like Hongkong had for many years before the 1997 take over by the corrupt Chinese Gang in Beijing.
    Australia did bring a few of the senior ICAC people to Australia, but the Government worked out how to manipulate it and be able to over rule its finding. The senior Hongkong ICAC members left in just disgust. The Australian Government be it LAB LIB CP GREENS live a protected life of theft and total disregard for honesty with no reprisals.
    Sadly we live in a very corrupt country.

  4. It is going to be hard task loosening rusted on Liberal voters. Taylor won the 2013 and 2016 election with 60% of the votes. The Libs have always held close to 55% of the vote count since 2004 with the exception of 2007 when labour made a gain of 8%. Even with the vast evidence to show how corrupt he is, the LNP media protection racquet will print fluffy stories and “it all labor’s fault” front page spreads to distract and deceive.

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