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Why “it’s time” to vote Independent so we can take back Australia’s democracy that’s been stolen by the major parties

There can be no doubt that the Scott Morrison government is so corrupt that nothing they say can be believed and they are in the process of systematically destroying Australia for their own greed. That means after the May 2022 election, given Australia’s current political system where we really only have 2 choices, we need a Labor Party government.

But we do have a choice of whether it is a majority Labor Party government or a minority Labor Party government that is supported by independents who would have the balance of power like the 2010 to 2013 Julia Gillard government. As we know from the Prime Ministerships of Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard a Labor Party Prime Minister does not control the government, it is the faceless backroom players who have their own agenda to benefit themselves who are in control. And we can’t afford the risk of potentially having corruption stay at the level it currently is because we already have huge problems that need addressing urgently that Morrison is putting off for future governments to deal with.

The benefits of Independents having the balance of power

  1. The Labor Party will tell you how the Julia Gillard government was one of the most productive governments in a long time given the amount of legislation it passed. Based on an article and analysis by The Guardian that seems to be true. (Click here to read more) But what they don’t point out is that the Gillard government was a minority government and the reason they don’t point that out is that it supports the arguments that people should vote independent to make sure independents have the balance of power.
  2. Many people argue that “politicians are all just as corrupt as each other” and I would agree, except for independents, until the Morrison government came along and took corruption to a whole new level, and they are refusing to introduce a federal ICAC in an attempt to hide their corruption. Given Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard could have introduced a federal ICAC but never we should make sure all the independents who are promising a federal ICAC have the balance of power, so we not only get a federal ICAC but get one that is fit for purpose. There is no point having a Claytons ICAC that does nothing or very little.
  3. The Liberal and National Parties argued we shouldn’t vote for independents as we cannot afford a hung parliament which would give us a minority government. But as the independent for Kooyong Monique Ryan has pointed out we already have a minority government that relies on the support of the Nationals for power which is why Barnaby Joyce has so much influence on the government.

A little bit of Barnaby’s form was reported recently as per below:

Joyce quietly appointed Liberal fundraiser to plum board job in final days

Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce quietly appointed the head of a Liberal Party fundraising body to a plum job on a taxpayer-funded board in the 46th parliament’s final days amid a flurry of other government gigs handed out before Scott Morrison called the election.

Ryan Arrold, who chairs the Hume Forum, which raises funds for Energy Minister Angus Taylor and the Liberals, was made a non-executive director of the Australian Rail Track Corporation on March 30 — the day after the federal budget. (Click here to read more)

Update 13/5/22. I just published the below video on Youtube relevant to this article:

Anyone who disputes Liberal Party corruption and why we need a change should watch the below video by The Juice Media or just go through previous articles on this website.

Anthony Albanese seems like a decent person, but he failed badly to read the room and did an interview with Alan Jones on the 9th of May 2022 which he promoted on Twitter as per below. Why any politician would go anywhere near Jones is beyond me and Jones has always been seen by many as a liability for the Liberal and National Parties who he supports.

I published an article about Jones in 2015 titled “2GB’s Alan Jones sent love letters to a schoolboy. Why has he never been charged with grooming?” and an article in 2021 titled “Alleged paedophile Alan Jones settled defamation case with SBS after they filed a truth defence and Australian media covered it up”.

(Click here to see Anthony Albanese’s above tweet on Twitter)

Many people were critical of Anthony Albanese for doing the interview with Alan Jones and made comments such as “Here Alan, have my credibility” and “Mistake AA. Mistake” and “I’m the guy who’s into both moderate left Labor politics and neonazi propagandists.” and “Just having a nice chat with the bloke who helped incite the Cronulla riots.” (Click here to see on Twitter)

Grace Tame tweeted:

(Click here to see the above tweet on Twitter)

What was interesting is that Grace Tame then came under attack from Labor Party trolls for criticising Anthony Albanese the same as she comes under attack from Liberal Party trolls when she has criticised Scott Morrison which says as far as trolls are concerned not much will change after the election no matter who wins the elections.

I tweeted the above 2 articles I mentioned above about Jones and his alleged paedophilia. I then commented on the Anthony Albanese tweet of his photo with Alan Jones as per below and received a response from “The Sage”

(Click here to see the above tweet on Twitter. I think it may be deleted soon)

My interpretation is “The Sage” is saying Anthony Albanese is reaching out to Alan Jones “to unify Australians”. And when he then says, “His supporters aren’t all pedophiles” The Sage is saying not all of Anthony Albanese’s supporters are “pedophiles” like Alan Jones so that is OK. And then The Sage says, “We may disagree with most of their beliefs, but somehow we need to live together and he must govern for all.” which I interpret as The Sage saying even though we don’t agree with “most of their beliefs” of the paedophiles “somehow we need to live together”. And Anthony Albanese must “govern for all” which includes paedophiles, so “The Sage” is saying it is OK for Albanese to meet publicly with a paedophile.

I don’t know who “The Sage” is but he is a disgrace and its shows that there are some Labor Party supporters who do not care about anything other than winning the election and they are happy to get down in the gutter to defend their leader Anthony Albanese. What is also concerning is that some of the supporters like that might have an influence on the government if the Labor Party win power which is further support of why we need Independents to have the balance of power.

While we can’t afford Scott Morrison anymore we can’t afford to put all our eggs in one basket with someone like Anthony Albanese who can’t read the room with someone like Alan Jones and who doesn’t control the Labor Party anyhow.

People quickly forget that in 2007 a lot of voters were sick of Prime Minister John Howard and had high hopes when Kevin Rudd was elected Prime Minister but that only lasted a few years before he was on the nose with voters and the Labor Party got rid of him. Let’s not make the same mistake again and make sure we vote in enough quality Independents to have the balance of power.

There are numerous independents in the above picture but a few others are:

It’s not too late to volunteer to help the independents and I’m sure they would be happy if you give them a call and volunteered on election day at the booths handing out how to vote cards which is very important to help them get as many votes as possible. In fact, as I was finishing this article, Independent candidate for Kooyong Dr Monique Ryan Tweeted asking for volunteers for election day (Click here to see) If you know more independents, please add them to the comments section below.

The starting point for any discussion about Australian politics should always be that we have a choice between 2 organised crime families, the Liberal / National Parties or the Labor Party which is the reality of the situation. If you know and understand that you won’t have a hesitation in voting for an independent.

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  1. True in many regards, Shane, but I will vote Labor, as I have always done (with a bit of shame…). Labor has moved to the right so much that it makes my vote regrettable. But this does not mean the debate is not there.
    One example of extreme cowardly on Labor’s side is its lack of support for Nuclear Power to replace coal. They do not even mention the Nuclear issue, out of fear: they are scared of losing the Greens’ support. I think the same happens with the ‘Independents’. All afraid of the Greens. So, for one, will stay w/Labor and keep arguing in the media.

    • I agree with you Chuck except for the bit about voting for Labor. I couldn’t vote for independents as I believe they only add to the chaotic state of the present parliamentary representation, and weaken Government.

  2. Voting for Liberal or Labor is a vote for corrupt Lawyers and an entrenched Judiciary which perpetuates exploitation of the people and the environment. A vote for independent candidates is a small glimmer of HOPE.

  3. The Australian electorate has proved over history that it is not powerfully revolutionary. Conservative governments have traditionally been “the natural government” of Australia. Every so often, the electorate gets fed up with the Tories and takes the big stick to them. Not often enough and it doesn’t last long. Politically apathetic and uninformed voters (“they’re both the same”) are content to live in that pile of manure because it feels safe and warm. The Independents have sniffed the winds of change and identified an opportunity to take a seat in Parliament. They are lukewarm. A Labor landslide would allow the probability of a two-term government which could take on the Herculean task of attempting to right the wrongs of successive Liberal-National administrations.

    • Spot on. Nothing will change while the Neoliberals are in power but Labor has good policies and competent, experienced ministers. Imagine the chaos in the US if there had not been a competent alternative government to pick up the pieces after Trump’s destructive term! Most of the Teale candidates espouse Labor values but don’t have ANY policies; without a Labor government to support, they will be sadly ineffective. If you must vote for the feelgood Teales, you must preference Labor in order to change the government. We all know why Labor keeps a low profile on very contentious issues: Kevin Rudd has shown how disinformation and character assassination by commercial media manipulate public opinion in Australia.

  4. It’s Time was originally a Labor slogan used for the 1972 election to vote for a Gough Whitlam Labor government after 23 years of a Coalition government. It’s time again to vote for a Labor government and not for Independent candidates.

  5. Surely every political party since Federation has had some elements of corruption?
    The teal independents accepting largesse from Holmes a Court has an element of corruption?

  6. At this point I will be voting Labor simply to ensure that the current lot aren’t re-elected. I would consider voting for an independent but don’t know which ones are LNP ‘plants’.

    • It’s not hard to work it out, place your own preferences and number them all, independents first then the current sitting party last in your electorate. So at least if an independent doesn’t get in, there’s a higher chance of overturning the sitting member.

  7. A Vote for Independents
    This article has deviated from its headline. The political mantra that a vote for an Independent is a wasted vote was coined by Howard and is contrary to the intent of the ageing Australian Constitution.
    But first a look at history. The UK had a need to reduce its “criminal” element in the latter part of the 1700s. Transportation to a military penal establishment in New South Wales on the East coast of Australia was seen as a solution. Hargraves’ discovery of Gold in 1851 led to oppressive policing and mining Commissioners. A a miners’ revolt followed. Miners were gaoled and mistreated. In 1854, the murder of James Scobie saw the owners of the Eureka Hotel freed of murder charges. At a stockade at Eureka, under the miners’ Southern Cross flag, miners burned their mining licences. The troops’ Commander ordered a charge in which 25 diggers and 4 soldiers were killed, and 30 diggers and 4 soldiers wounded. The Australian War of Independence was over in 20 minutes. The Queen called on all her subjects to assist maintain Social Order. The bells of change were ringing.
    Australia became a collection of democratic, representative, self-governing, colonies by Imperial constitution acts passed in 1855 and 1856, half a world away. Social, labour and economic conditions in each colony were dissimilar. The gold rushes were settling, the steam power was being developed, travel and transport were improving rapidly. Each colony was seen as moving towards democratically elected representative “independents” in their legislatures. Parties were not envisaged, nor ipso facto a need for Parties to select Leaders. The Queen remained ruler of the Australian colonies. The need for an overriding Federal Parliament was not foreseen until some time after Federation. Independence from Party politics and dogma with more representative Independents in Parliament ARE required.

  8. My goodness, it is no wonder Australia is in political trouble, also corruption trouble. You are all too lazy to do a bit of research. KCA has done most of it for you, and still you can not be bothered to find out, about whom is an independent in your area. SHAME on you all. YOU will be the first to complain when things go wrong. Morrison and his team are so corrupt they do deals which make them money and you are all saying it is OKAY. Labor is so involved in all sorts of things, charities/red cross. But there again that is too much for any of you to look into?
    KCA has done a lot of research, and yet you all read what the politicians are doing. But sometimes I wonder if anything you read sinks in?
    If anyone thinks Albanese has not got a handler, you are all mistaken. COME ON AUSSIE WAKE UP. Andrews in Victoria is Labor and look what he is doing.
    Sorry am not meaning to insult anyone, but this is the people’s time, please stop and think.
    Thank you KCA for all your hard work.

  9. Thank you Linda, my sentiments exactly along with KCA’s, thank you for your investigative journalism and analysis, we have to “keep the bastards honest”

  10. One of my concerns if ALP manages to win a majority is that key positions in Government will be stacked by party hacks. The Coalition has filled key positions in bodies like AAT with party hacks. Its just another form of corruption and i hope many of these positions will be declared vacant and filled after a proper selection process. They have not said much on this issue
    Meanwhile on 22/5 i guess we will wake up and find the extent the Coalition has used legal gags to block discussion on Millers payout and Frydenbergs corruption
    So much for freedom of speech: this has been an appalling election

  11. It astounds me that people will agree the system is so rotten, then turn around and say they are voting Labor because they can actually form government or they are less corrupt.

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