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Alleged paedophile Alan Jones settled defamation case with SBS after they filed a truth defence and Australian media covered it up

Alan Jones settled his defamation lawsuit, the day before Christmas 2020, against the SBS who he claimed had in effect accused him of being a paedophile for sending love letters to schoolboys when he was a teacher at The King’s School in Sydney in the 1970’s. Jones’s motivation to settle seems to have been when the SBS filed a defence that included the truth defence which meant the court would have heard evidence that Jones is a paedophile.

Jones refused to deny having sex with children when I emailed his lawyers and barristers last year asking relevant questions regarding his lawsuit against the SBS. That question and others I asked were always questions that Jones was going to be asked in the witness stand so he wasn’t going to be able to avoid answering them forever.  (Click here to see the full list of questions)

Jones instituted proceedings against the SBS in October 2020 and I wrote at the time in an article titled “Alan Jones sues SBS for defamation for implying he is a paedophile, racist and liar. So where’s the defamation?” and said:

Former 2GB radio announcer and current Sky News host Alan Jones is suing the SBS and SBS presenter Alex Lee for defamation which seems to be an attempt to re-write history as I personally can’t see a problem with what they have said about Jones. I put 30 questions to Alan Jones’s two barristers and lawyer as per below which they failed to respond.

The SMH reported on Thursday (15/10/20):

“Veteran radio and television broadcaster Alan Jones is suing public broadcaster SBS for defamation over a television segment which he claims “greatly injured” his reputation by wrongly portraying him as a racist, a misogynist and a liar.” But they left the paedophile allegation right until the end of the article and gave no explanation what it was about although other media did.

The Guardian reported on Friday (16/10/20):

One of the alleged imputations was that “Mr Jones was a paedophile in that he had written a love letter to a schoolboy” and another that “he was a hypocrite, in that although being a broadcaster he had sued for defamation countless times”.

In the segment on The Feed, which has now been taken down by SBS, Lee said Jones “made a career out of bullying people” and “spread lies and fake news”, according to court filings. (Click here to read more)

SBS filed a defence in early December 2020: “In a 36-page defence document filed last week, SBS denies those claims and says the claimed defamatory imputations are based on honest opinion, are protected by fair comment, are contextually true, and were justified under the Defamation Act.” (Click here to read more)

At roughly the same time SBS filed their defence they also subpoenaed documents from Alan Jones that he would have had to hand over in early 2021 which obviously rattled Jones so he walked away from the defamation case. 

Disturbingly, Australia’s old media have covered this up with only 2 news stories on Jones withdrawing his defamation claim in The SMH and The Daily Mail which copied the story in The SMH. Both The SMH and The Daily Mail refused to mention the paedophile part of the defamation claim and gave the appearance that Jones only sued because he was “wrongly painted him as a racist, a misogynist and a liar“. 

It was Alan Jones claim and he raised the paedophile part and there was nothing wrong reporting it. So why have the old Australian media not reported the so-called settlement and why did The SMH and The Daily Mail not report the paedophile part. It is the media protecting paedophiles in their own ranks. Jones gets a mention in my book Australia’s Paedophile Protection Racket which I am sure he knows about but he hasn’t said anything.

The same small Sydney law firm that Jones used to sue the SBS is the same law firm that threatened me last year, on behalf of Alan Jones’ boyfriend, for publishing on the 12th of February 2020 an article titled “Alan Jones is back grooming young male students for his sexual pleasure“. After the legal threat, I followed it up with another article titled “Alan Jones’s 22-year-old boyfriend Jake Thrupp sends a legal threat to journalist“. The original article was published on the 12th of February 2020 and the legal letter was dated the 19th of February 2020 and you only have 12 months to sue for defamation which has now expired so they have also walked away from the legal threat against me.  

Alan Jones received nothing in his settlement with the SBS. No apology and no compensation. SBS had already taken down the show from their website that accused him of sending love letters to schoolboys which is a waste of time anyhow because the same allegation is still in the book Jonestown which was written by Chris Masters and published in 2006. And the allegation is still freely available on this website in numerous articles including the article I published in 2015 titled “2GB’s Alan Jones sent love letters to a schoolboy. Why has he never been charged with grooming?” which starts off:

Sydney radio station 2GB’s Alan Jones sent love letters to schoolboys, had boys in his room late at night and perved on them in the shower when he was a teacher at The King’s School in Sydney in the early 1970’s. This behaviour led to Alan Jones’ forced resignation in 1973.

That type of conduct would be considered grooming today and the police would be called for sure. And if it was anyone but Alan Jones the matter of the forced resignation by The King’s School would have been given a start at the current Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

Jonestown: The Power and The Myth of Alan Jones – Author: Investigative journalist Chris Masters 

Extract as written in the SMH regarding Alan Jones time teaching at The King’s School 1970-73:

“By 1973 Alan’s impassioned support of some and lack of empathy for others became too great an issue to be ignored. There was deepening anxiety about continued late-night excursions to Jones’s room. Chris Simkin was often in the room with Alan until late at night. “I was in there for hours. The door was never locked.” Simkin says they used to watch The Ernie Sigley Show on television.”

“Scott Walker, another constant visitor, began to feel violated. “If you had muscle strain he would insist on strapping your legs. He would take you into the shower and tell you to take your clothes off. I was shattered with awkwardness. It was weird and uncomfortable and seemed voyeuristic.”

“Housemate Brian Porter says: “I never saw a breach of fiduciary duty. I never saw evidence of predatory behaviour. But he was manipulative and voyeuristic. He would love watching athletes on television and film. He saw the beauty of the human form in full flight. He loved the strength, the freshness and the vitality of boys.”

“Disquiet about Jones’s attachment to some boys grew during a term break when one of the masters found a letter, written by Jones to a boy, that had been left behind in a classroom desk. In it Alan spoke of thinking about the boy late at night, expressing his love. While love letters to boys were hardly appropriate, neither were they regarded as smoking gun evidence of misbehaviour.” (Click here o read more)

If a teacher had children is his room late at night on a regular basis nowadays the school would have no choice but to ring the police. The police would also need to be called if a teacher was sending love letters to schoolboys and making boys take their clothes off to shower so the teacher could have a perve. (Click here to read the full article)

Where were all the other media when Jones settled his case against the SBS? Yes, the settlement was announced the day before Christmas which is a standard ploy to make sure it does not get much media coverage but other media should have picked it up since and haven’t. That’s Australia’s old media protecting an alleged paedophile in the case of Alan Jones. It’s not just politicians and the judiciary protecting paedophiles, the old Australian media are too and have been for years.

Alan Jones is now working on Sky News with his mate Andrew Bolt who is one of Rupert Murdoch’s best-known puppets. On the 7th of February 2021, Bolt published an article with the below heading: 

It was responded to on Twitter with:

That’s Rupert Murdoch directing Andrew Bolt to defend paedophiles in the News Corp papers and on Sky News. The same Rupert Murdoch whose personal phone numbers were found in convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s black book.

The editors and directors at The SMH and The Daily Mail should be forced to explain why they did not report the paedophile part of Alan Jones’ defamation claim and the other Australian media should be forced to explain why they did not report the settlement at all and Sky News should be closed down.

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