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Christian Porter, John Barilaro and Alan Jones’ barrister Sue Chrysanthou SC is found to be corrupt by the Full Court of the Federal Court

Christian Porter, on Thursday (14/7/22), lost his appeal in a unanimous decision against Jo Dyer in relation to having his barrister Sue Chrysanthou SC restrained from representing him at his 2021 defamation case against the ABC and journalist Louise Milligan.

For a barrister to have to be restrained by the court from representing a client because the barrister thinks they are above the law and they are caught lying to the court under oath doesn’t get any more corrupt than that.

Sue Chrysanthou SC has not only represented alleged rapist Christian Porter but also alleged paedophile Alan Jones and fraudster and thief John Barilaro who now has multiple crimes under investigation by the NSW ICAC.

The old media regularly refer to Sue Chrysanthou SC as a star barrister and/or part of a star legal team when in fact she is a dud who has done major damage to her own reputation as well as the reputation of her clients and the legal fraternity as a whole.

Below we’ll have a look at the three clients I just mentioned that Sue Chrysanthou SC has left worse for wear which says a lot given all three had extremely poor reputations before they met Sue Chrysanthou.

Christian Porter’s defamation case against the ABC and Louise Milligan

Sue Chrysanthou SC had every opportunity to stop representing Christian Porter but she refused which left Jo Dyer with no option but to institute proceedings against Christian Porter and in the end she had to be restrained by the Federal Court of Australia from representing him.

The reason Sue Chrysanthou SC refused to stop representing Porter is that she thought she was above the law and never believed that Jo Dyer would follow through with an application to have her restrained by the court from representing Porter.

The defamation case related to reports that Christian Porter raped the now deceased Katharine Thornton in 1988 who was a friend of Jo Dyer.

The defamation case settled in 2021 and the only purpose for Christian Porter appealing against having his barrister Sue Chrysanthou SC restrained from representing him was so Porter could avoid the $430,000 of costs awarded to Jo Dyer.

Ms Dyer wanted the restraining order because she was going to be a witness for the ABC in Porter’s defamation case against them and Ms Dyer had previously been represented by Sue Chrysanthou SC over the same issues regarding an article written in the Australian Newspaper that was possibly defamatory of Ms Dyer.

That meant Sue Chrysanthou SC had confidential information about Jo Dyer and it was a huge conflict for her to represent Porter. But Christian Porter and Sue Chrysanthou SC are both so corrupt they didn’t care and they underestimated Jo Dyer.

When Jo Dyer took legal action both Christian Porter and Sue Chrysanthou SC were respondents and from memory, Sue Chrysanthou SC said she would not appeal after they lost the original decision. But based on the information reported from the decision on Thursday Sue Chrysanthou SC did appeal and also lost along with Porter. (The whole judgment hasn’t been published yet)

Alan Jones and his defamation case against the SBS

One of the funniest things I have ever seen in the legal fraternity was in October 2020 when Alan Jones sued the SBS and SBS presenter Alex Lee for defamation with some of Jones’ complaints being that they had implied he is a paedophile, racist and liar in a segment that lasted a few minutes. Jones used two barristers, Sue Chrysanthou SC and Kieran Smark SC, to draft a statement of claim in an obvious attempt to intimidate the SBS with his hired legal guns. 

I emailed Jones’ lawyers and barristers, Chrysanthou SC and Smark SC, on the 16th of October 2020 a detailed list of questions to which they never replied, and I published an article the next day titled “Alan Jones sues SBS for defamation for implying he is a paedophile, racist and liar. So, where’s the defamation?” (Click here to read the article)

A few weeks later the SBS filed a defence that included a truth defence which left Alan Jones all boxed in with nowhere to run as all the facts would spill out in court during his defamation case. So, the day before Christmas 2020, Alan Jones discontinued his defamation case. He received no apology, no costs and no damages.

You would have thought that Jones’ so-called expert defamation barristers, Sue Chrysanthou SC and Kieran Smark SC, would have told him that was the likely outcome. All Jones and his lawyers achieved was admitting that someone who sends love letters to schoolboys is a paedophile and given Alan Jones did exactly that in the 1970’s when he was a school teacher he has in effect admitted to being a paedophile. (Click here to read more)

John Barilaro – The crook that keeps on giving

Most people would think that John Barilaro had a huge win when he was awarded $715,000 in his defamation case against Google and Friendlyjordies but what he has done is locked himself into perjured evidence he gave under oath on the witness stand that was never tested because Google admitted guilt. 

But now that evidence could end up being tested in multiple inquiries which includes a NSW parliamentary inquiry and numerous NSW ICAC corruption inquiries into Barilaro’s handiwork.

Mr Barilaro’s barrister was also Sue Chrysanthou SC and I think history will show she helped John Barilaro dig a huge hole for himself that led to his jailing. He should have been advised never to sue anyone for defamation because even if he wins he loses.

Nothing happens to Sue Chrysanthou SC

People will say that nothing has happened to Sue Chrysanthou SC but a quick check of social media shows her name has been trashed. And when the old media again refer to her as a “star barrister” or similar social media will do what it always does and raise her dodgy history to shoot down her reputation with the truth.

Christian Porter and John Barilaro could both end up also facing a federal ICAC when it is introduced which might also mean close scrutiny of Sue Chrysanthou’s conduct while representing them.

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  1. All four of these criminals should be put away.
    Keep the pressure on, mate.
    You’re doing great service to the community. Thanks.

  2. What`s the hardest thing to find in the legal profession? No, not integrity. That comes second last. The hardest thing to find is a solicitor/barrister to sue another solicitor/barrister. If they exist (and I`ve hunted high and low), they never advertise along with their other wares. Word of mouth doesn`t work as any lawyer thinking of setting up as a counter to legal corruption soon dives out of sight as the pressure from his/her fellow criminals-sorry-confreres comes to bear. Nope, the honest lawyer may not even exist so we can`t call it an endangered species. You may say lawyers employed by the Public Service may qualify with their earnings assured, but think about it. Who makes the loopholes in Government legislation so that their mates out in the cruel world can exploit the flaws for their wealthy clients?

  3. In your piece about John Barilaro above you say “Mr Barilaro’s barrister was also Sue Chrysanthou SC and I think history will show she helped John Barilaro dig a huge hole for himself that led to his jailing.”
    It might be my failing memory but was Barilaro ‘jailed’? Cheers

  4. Great work again .with such a corrupt nsw government, it would not be rocket science to to work out that there legal people would be the same

  5. Christian porter ,God i would love to whisper in his ear,(keep swimming not far to go) your next Bazza

  6. Great work KCA, please keep it up! IMHO, this publication displays true courage … something very sadly lacking (amongst other things) in the inferior and worthless lower forms of journalistic rag newspapers that are served up on a daily basis in Australia and internationally for that matter. This is my honest opinion.

  7. Lawyers, like Career Politicians, should be proscribed from entering Parliament on the obvious grounds that they have a vested pecuniary interest in the outcome of their legislation-making endeavours.

  8. Great work, KCA, you really know how to connect the dots and make a convincing case. “Keep the MPs Honest, eh? A full time job as you rightly defer to.

  9. Bret Walker, SC, Arthur Moses, SC, and Rebekah Giles were also major contributors to Porter’s demise and took a large sum of money also. Giles seems to quite aggressive in her approach. Some of these characters have their snouts in the money trough of Roberts-Smith’s failing court action

  10. An update on Sue Chrysanthou. The NSW Bar Council resolved in July 2023 that she be reprimanded for unsatisfactory professional conduct relating to her decision to represent Christopher Porter in the defamation case against the ABC, despite a clear conflict of interest. Not a good look for her but she’s still practicing her craft and most likely as corrupt as she can get away with.

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